This Sword Puzzle Holds a SECRET!

This Sword Puzzle Holds a SECRET!

This Sword Puzzle Holds a SECRET!

What’S up and welcome back, this is really bright. I’Ve got the camera sitting on a kleenex box right now. My messy office welcome to my little editing space. This is where i, edit all my videos, by the way, uh currently editing a gaming video. This is the thumbnail.

As you can see, i was playing escape simulator, which is uh, basically an escape room that can be done online, real, quick before we get into anything. If you guys want to check it out, i basically stream puzzles and escape rooms on twitch, but if you’re not into the whole twitch thing, you can definitely check out my second channel below, where we post those solves and a special shout out to zydax pcs zydax, Who obviously hooked me up with this amazing rig? This is just a demon like a monster of a computer and, if you’re looking for a computer, you don’t have to go this hard. However, zydex does have you covered. I know there’s a big shortage in 3d graphic cards right now because of bitcoin mining and all this, but they have a bunch of cards.

But, however, you got to you got to purchase a system if you’re looking to upgrade your computer and take it to the next level. I left the link below where you can shop a lot of the systems that zydax pc has to offer. If you want to come see what their pcs can do, you know come hang out with us over there, three karakori puzzles, which i thought were really dope when i purchased them online. I did pay a hefty sum for these because if you’re, not a member, you can’t buy anything from the store after that they go to ebay, which you’re gon na pay. So much more – and this is exactly what i did, because my membership ran out, but we picked up three puzzles the sword puzzle the sword puzzle.

We’Ve got uh flask elation, which is basically basically this. It’S like a syringe and like a thermometer which is really dope. Pretty unique and we’ve got the whale puzzle check out that cute little whale. How cool is that, without any further ado, i’m gon na head over there and solve these puzzles uh go ahead and like this video and subscribe? If you like what we do here, comment your 2022 new year’s resolution below i’ll read through a bunch of them.

I’Ve got a few myself. I think the biggest one is just to try to get back in shape, but you know that’s your average. Whatever, okay, i’m gon na stop ranting i’ll, see you over there. Let’S go all right enough of that. I’Ve been waiting for these uh love me some caracory puzzles, especially when they look like this.

As i mentioned, we got three puzzles today. This will be the first one we’re gon na solve here. Uh the sword, as you can see, sword is sort of stuck. We have to free it. So a few little details here.

You got something uh some markings here. This looks to move [, Music ], so [, Music ]. Oh, oh, it’s a trick sword. How dope is that that is the coolest sword ever just to be like huh and he’s like? No, it’s actually a very sharp blade there for a wooden blade, uh wooden stake perfect for perfect for fending off your local vampire, but this thing still did move here.

Oh, we got something here, a little magnet there and nothing much to see, but a small compartment that you could keep perhaps a little a little message in and that mechanism. There would then lock that last compartment, so there you go, that is solved very cool doom doom and put it back what a cool puzzle simple, not complicated, but elegant and deceiving as it gives you a false little false narrative here, uh very cool sword, very dope. All right next up we’re looking at the whale this one. I just thought looked so pretty look at the teeth! Isn’T that cool?

It’S like a little children’s toy something’s up here with the uh with the tail [ Music ] tail wiggles, [, Music ] made by osamu kasho. That’S his signature, branding there; okay! So oh you can push it in! Oh, that’s cool! So what you want to do!

Wait why won’t it go anymore? You want to open it. Oh flip it upside down, then push it in and there we go. That is really smart beautifully made dude. I love that so much so a little bit devious as uh.

You try to push in the tail here that won’t go in. I won’t go in like this, but it will go in once this is lifted and now and now, as you lift up it sort of uh unlocks. So there are these pins right. There uh, as you can see, they’re kind of like with uh, formed with gravity here, and then they can uh. Those pins can then drop down allowing the tail to be pushed in, and then the pins actually push the top away from those magnets holding it in there.

So very cool, very sweet. Little whale super dope. Little puzzle we’re blasting through these today. Next is one that i thought was really interesting, as karakuri usually does like small animals or little household items nope today, they’re going with a syringe and uh. What is this like a thermometer?

Well, there’s a there’s like a marble on the inside. What’S going on here and then the syringe that sort of pokes out, i heard something rattling around in here – not sure what it is. Okay, does this unscrew this does unscrew, but why does it need to unscrew? I can’t see what’s going on in there. My guess right now is that, like maybe that marble is attracted to this, this might be magnetic.

Then i can sort of move around, but i have no idea what this does. As i can’t see anything happening on the inside, it’s rather dark in there and it’s just impossible to see. What’S going on, let’s try unscrewing this. This has to be unscrewed for a reason, because otherwise, what’s the point of having it, unless you got ta, pull up how strange all right, let’s see if we can, let’s see if we can get the ball, because this makes sense that this would go here. I really wish i could see what’s going on in there.

Oh, i see the ball. You see it! It’S right there that little metal. Oh, no, oh, wait: [, Music, ], okay! It is so hard to see what’s going on in there.

Okay, there’s a small mechanism! Well, mechanism: there’s like a small compartment where the bead can fit. I think i’m not sure what this does yet. I just need the bead to be in. You see that on the bottom right there on the right there there’s like a little spot for the bead to roll into.

So it’s really just about man. This is uh. It’S actually really difficult just trying to get the uh the bead to fall somewhere here, and i can’t even see it. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong or wait was that it okay, i see it there. No no!

It’S gone. I think i got ta use this to push it around. I don’t know i don’t know. Oh it’s in the starting position. It’S right there is that the starting position.

Now it fell, it’s very annoying. It is magnetic. Oh, this is a mute. This is gon na be impossible for you to see. Okay, all right, i am hooked on to the ball.

Okay, [, Music. ]. All right, something is okay. I can’t let go of anything i want to draw out a diagram. There is basically this maze that goes around and there are ledges in the maze.

I have to lift the ball over these ledges uh or if i push this down, i think it lowers the ledges. Oh, i have to go. I have to push with this. That makes it go lower and higher got it if i could just figure out the proper way of putting the ball in the starting position, because, right now, it’s jumping between these two sides and all around here, and i just need it to come back to the Beginning so uh here hold on oh there it is okay, i don’t know how it got there, but it’s there we’ll leave it there. For now.

Let me draw what i think’s happening on the inside, so we have this. This maze right and if you picture this maze as like a 3d thing um there are these sort of walls. I don’t know if they traverse, but there are these walls and through this maze i got ta pick up the ball and by pushing it, keeps it lower and by letting go it keeps it higher. Now i have to jump over these hurdles uh. However, there is also this, and, as far as i can tell, this, only moves something on this side.

Here doesn’t actually move anything else, so the ball is now in starting position. I have the ball: [, Music ]. No, this is like surgery holy [, Music, ] holy, so i’m, oh, my god, so i’m pushing up and down on the syringe. I know it’s impossible for you guys to see: [, Music ], it’s really hard. Okay, the balls made it around [ Music ].

No no drop to the last second here no way: oh man, that’s intense! I’M running through this maze going like this and up and under different obstacles all the way to the end. Now, once i get to the end, i started pressing down on this drawer and as soon as i pressed down on the drawer, i heard like i felt like a little click, so my guess is: the ball has to be at a perfect height. When i press this down, it’s going to hopefully release a drawer or something that’s like it feels like that type of mechanism. So for now we got ta go back.

We got ta, try to find our way back to the beginning. Here we are raise it and we’re through can’t raise it too high or it’ll detach nope. I caught it. I caught it. What if i just shortcut it here?

Aha [, Music, ]! Yes, let’s go! That was not easy! That was not easy! Okay!

So what i ended up doing was just because this this ball freely jumps around in this chamber and instead of bringing it through all these hoops and loops, it was already here. I basically uh jolted up this puzzle uh to make the bead stick to the end of the syringe and then at the end, once i was here, i pressed down in the drawer and the drawer was aligned perfectly with a mechanism that allowed uh that allowed. I guess there was a locking mechanism on the inside the only way to unlock that was when the, when the syringe was in the perfect space for the ball, to catch it and to open that. So if i were to do it again, look that ball is right. There boom, that is cool, wow all right.

Well, here’s the thing i ended up solving it. Uh camera’s been on for half an hour, so it automatically shut off. So here’s what i’m gon na do, i’m not sure if i recorded the solver or not um, but we’ll go the old school way here: [ Music ] boom wow. That is a crazy, crazy solution. So yeah just all about doing this and making sure the ball doesn’t fall off, because if you go up too high, it gets caught on the edge here it falls off.

If you go too low, it’ll just spin around and roll out really tricky as well. Didn’T expect to have a hard time with the carry query puzzle, but there you are like this. Video subscribe, outro. Well, hot dang, oh my god! Uh there you have it very cool puzzles.

The first two obviously were super simple flowed through those really easily. The last one, however, was insanely like tricky. Like super tricky you needed like like. It was definitely a tactile puzzle in the sense that it required specific movements with your hands. If you were too shaky or tried to rush it, you’re gon na fail uh.

So i appreciated that which is not something you see very often with karakori, so very cool puzzles. Let me know which one’s your favorite and also let me know your new year’s resolution. I really want to read them comment below guys. Have a safe and happy new year. Hope you guys are you know whatever you’re doing whether you’re celebrating with your family or friends stay safe out there, and i can’t wait to show you what’s gon na happen.

In 2022, uh we’re kicking off the year uh with some some really cool projects. So look forward to that thanks again, we’ll see on the next one.

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