This TRAFFIC Light is a Puzzle Box!!

This TRAFFIC Light is a Puzzle Box!!

This TRAFFIC Light is a Puzzle Box!

, we have a deck of cards here and you can see all the cards are indeed all different. We’re going to take the Four Aces for this trick right here, and the idea is that we leave the four aces in different locations in the pack and as a magician. It’s my job to find them, and this is also the reason my friends don’t play poker with me, because they know that I can shuffle a deck of cards properly, but not only that. They might assume that I can also track where the cards are and if you can track where the cards are and give it a few Cuts, you could probably end up finding one, two, three Four Aces yay yo. What’s up guys welcome back hope you enjoyed that trick if you did leave a like subscribe uh today, we’re looking at a really cool and interesting 3D printed, sequential Discovery puzzle now.

Sequential Discovery means that there is a sequence. There are also tools to be discovered. This puzzle is made by creative Works shop ca. He makes a lot of cool 3D printed puzzles, I’m really looking forward to this one. It looks super interesting, also guys if you want to check out some playing cards and some merch shops fully stocked check it out.

Link in the description at first dot shop without any further Ado, let’s get into solving the traffic light puzzle. This is a traffic light puzzle by um creative works. You guys make some cool stuff and uh. Oh we’ve already got a movement happening here. Let’s read the instructions before we get started.

Why don’t we give thanks for purchasing the traffic light puzzle? Traffic light is a sequential puzzle solved which means there. There’s a sequence to solve and remove the yellow, red and green cylinders then find a way to open the top cover and access the compartment within rules of no banging or shaking. That’s nice, no pin picking, no external tools required. It never said no spinning.

Okay. Now the traffic light covers are for decorative purposes only. Yes, these aren’t actual traffic lights. You can have a look at his work at creative Works shop, CA, I’ll, leave the link below and that’s all we get that’s what we get nothing on the back here we go so we got traffic, light, creative Workshop CA and we got this little hole which My guess is what he didn’t want is pin pricking in that one as well. So these do turn.

Okay, all right. These all come off, not sure. If this is meant to come off or not huh, I feel like no, so this middle one doesn’t move at all. Maybe it’s like some type of combination, lock, 3D printed puzzles always feel a little bit frail to me. Well, that’s actually nice.

The reflection on the back I’ve never seen a 3D printed puzzle with a reflective surface. That’s interesting! He probably coated something over that. That’s really nice, but they always seem a little brittle. Oh, I am in some type of Groove here.

That’S I guess the top. They want us removed. Is this piece here that is in some type of Groove here, as I turn it boom see, I turn it and, as I’m pulling it right, there it’ll click into something. Now I’m into something else – and I don’t know what that is, but there is something very interesting there that there’s nothing else to really do here. Hmm, you would also get stuck there all right if you were at a traffic light.

What would you do? How would you open right? That’S so we gotta keep asking ourselves here if I was a traffic light, how would I open myself? Well, I would probably stop it. This is upside down.

These are supposed to be this way right. Maybe that’s the trick here. I think I’m trying to figure this out like a DJ dude. I mean one thing we haven’t tried is actually spinning if they did not say no spinning, okay, let’s go there actually and look at their pins on the inside. Ah, you son of a gun. Let me get those pins back in there.

A lot of pins in there put this one right back, because as soon as these start falling out, oh see, I guess I should just take them all out. Oh there’s one more! Eight! Ah, the centrifugal force is very nice, very nice once the pins get ejected back into the sides out of these little holes in this compartment, and that is number one cool does seem to be something on the inside here there I’m betting. That is a magnet, oh, maybe not!

Oh, it is a magnet. This is a magnet, oh small, little circle here. Listen these things are getting prettier just fitting in the magnet in different spots to see something gives here,  that would be kind of clever. Maybe these were for orientation. Actually it was like this at first right, so maybe it’s got to be like this.

Yes, please, thank you so much. What is that cool? So we got two two out of the three pretty good, pretty good. Finally, that gets locked in there somehow , I’m not sure what the hell, I’m not sure what happened. Oh, my God, so many pins falling all over the place is nice.

So these were some Stoppers and I guess we’re like here. Ah, those were on the inside and then I guess the magnet with the magnet allowed to do was uh. So this magnet here once I put that there and rotated it attracted another pin or to track this here. Ah, that’s what it did, and so I just had to rotate it at the right spot so that the PIN could be extracted at this spot here. Very clever, very clever indeed, but how was the other one?

How is the other one attached? There Are two of them? Oh, the other one was on here. I guess oh well. First, we got to get the top off right, uh, not so easy, not so easy.

All right. There are still. There are still Stoppers going on uh, okay, see how this one is green and this one is red. I guess here. Oh it’s an opposite magnet.

Do I put them in the opposite direction, because if I put the red on red it’s giving me a push, maybe that’s what they want me to do. Maybe I have to hold them there and the magnet pushes the other magnet. No. What, if I put them opposite, though that seems more like it, no huh. What does this thing do?

Also we have two holes here and do we have two pins that are different? Are they all kind of the same, they’re all the same? Let’S take these pins. Can I get this one out, wait that came out earlier  little little pins in here will do anything, but why else would there be a hole there? I’M hearing like a little tick here, intuitively, to put the red on the red because it’s repelling, but maybe that’s what I have to do.

It just makes it a little bit hard. So many are stuck here. Oh it’s stuck now. Why would it be stuck now? It’S unstuck, okay, wait!

There’S something happening on the inside here  : let’s go! Ah, I did have to repel them otherwise, or I could just spin it like. I didn’t know that actually spinning it wouldn’t work, but uh repelling them did work. Apparently there you go neat little storage box, woo, all right, not bad, and there you have it. The traffic light puzzle solved the hot dang.

There. You have it, ladies and gentlemen, the traffic light puzzle solved a total of about 20 -30 minutes , not so bad. I would give this a solid 7 out of 10 for difficulty, a lot of fun cool, little storage box that you can have. I would love to see this. You know the fun thing about 3D printed puzzles is that they are good templates.

If you want to build one made of wood or metal, I would love to see this done in water metal. That would be so cool, but either way, if you guys want to check it out, I left the link to his shop below where you guys can try it out for yourself, don’t forget to like this video subscribe if you’re not subscribed already and we’ll see you On the next one, 


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