Three Puzzle Boxes That Have Secret Compartments!

Three Puzzle Boxes That Have Secret Compartments!

These three puzzle boxes are not what they seem. This is a Yosegi puzzle box made in Japan. It is a small puzzle, no matter how hard you force it, it will not open from there.

The trick is actually that this is a red herring and it opens from the back there’s a small magnet there.

This is also a Japanese puzzle box made by the Karakori creation group, there’s actually no way of seeing where the opening is and the only way to open it is to start it on one roll it to two.

Then three then four, then five, then six and the internal mechanism allows it to open.

You can actually see that line like disappear. That’s how well these things are made, and, lastly, is another strong box illusion. See the key is inside and there’s no way of getting it out other than opening it with the key, or at least that’s what it looks like this one doesn’t open from the back.

Like the other one, in fact, all you have to do is really pull on the lock and there are a bunch of magnets holding that in place, and therein lies the key like this video and subscribe for more cool stuff.

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