Ticket to Ride Europe: Anne Wheaton, Emma Caulfield, and John Kovalic join Wil on TableTop SE2E19

Ticket to Ride Europe: Anne Wheaton, Emma Caulfield, and John Kovalic join Wil on TableTop SE2E19

Ticket to Ride Europe: Anne Wheaton, Emma Caulfield, and John Kovalic join Wil on TableTop

When someone asks me how they can get their friends into tabletop gaming, I often suggest ticket to ride as an infection vector it’s easy to learn. Has a high ratio of luck to strategy. It’S beautiful to look at and, of course, this and whoever wins gets a Rolex. Oh today, on tabletop Emma Caulfield and John Koval occur here and my wife Ann is back to play a version of Ticket to Ride that builds upon the basics of the original game. While adding entirely new mechanics and strategies all aboard for Ticket to Ride Europe, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ] ticket to ride Europe is asset.

Collecting area control, train game designed by Alan moon. Here what you’re saying it? Internet, okay, well, Wheaton, didn’t you play this game last year, well, sort of, but last year we played the original Ticket to Ride ticket to ride. Europe is a significantly different game here. To tell you everything you need to know about the original ticket to ride is me.

From last year we are railroad barons attempting to connect cities together in the age of steam. At the end of the game, the player with the most points will be declared. The winner, what a novel concept to get those points we can perform one of three simple actions on every turn we can draw cards face up from the board or from the deck of mystery. We can cash in cards of the same color to play a train down and claim a route if a player is feeling particularly saucy, you can draw a ticket if you complete the route outlined on the ticket before the end of the game. You receive bonus points, however, it’s a little risky because if you do not complete that route, those bonus points count against you in the final score, I’m totally gon na join that guy’s fan club.

Alright, let’s talk about the new rules to ticket to ride Europe. Some routes now actually go across water like London to Amsterdam or Athens to Smyrna open water. Ferries require at least one wild card locomotive to complete. Also, some routes have to go through expensive. Mountain regions like Paris to Zurich or Zurich to Marseille.

Mountain tunnels may require additional cards to claim that route. The last major change, which I think is a pretty big deal, is the introduction of these train stations. If a route you need is blocked by another player, you can put a friendly station at the end of the route and use it to get to your destination. This is very helpful when you need to complete a ticket. There is no hand size or ticket limit, but remember that timing is key to victory.

Just like ticket to ride the game will end when anyone player has zero one or two trains left. We will score bonus points for our completed tickets award the longest route and then give bonus points for any unused stations. I wonder who will knock over all the trains today, let’s find out in ticket to ride Europe. My name is John Kubelik. I draw the comic strip Dark Tower.

I feel estranged for the Munchkin series of games. I am Emma Caulfield. I am an actress writer, sometimes producer vlogger, for my damn channel. My name is Anne Wheaton. I run a charity organization that will and I started, and it’s called the foundation to increase awesome.

This is to get to ride. Europe and Anne gets to go first, that’s right! Baby! I am going to start by taking an orange card. Please uh-huh!

The card comes out. I think I will take that blue card, where you very much poop Emma you’re up. I can’t find my spot stupid. You see, I actually can’t it’s it’s. Okay, though I know I know one of them.

I probably got a little bit of an advantage and actually knowing where the cities are on the map, I’m already getting hot, it doesn’t so hot yeah um it’s about 105 degrees in here, I’m gon na say. If I, if I had an estimate, I’m gon na, say it’s making 102, I want to take two cards or two mystery cards. Please I’ll take two mystery cards there. You go alright, John! I am gon na build already already to you, mr

Route claimer I’m taking Athens to Sofia that is the most expensive Athens to Sofia that I have ever seen in my life.

It is, but if it doesn’t sure rice, okay, that’s gon na be three points for you Emma. Would you please move yellow up to the three? Yes [, Music ]? So your turn, so I’m gon na go. I’M doing this.

One look at your lack of organization. I know honey. I got a lot work on. It’S like your site’s, a nightstand. It’S it’s like it looks just like organized.

This looks like looks like my office during tabletop production. Second, fine you’re sitting, like I’m constantly like trying not to give away my position by the straining that I am doing to try to see the board. It’S fine! Oh! Oh, oh, okay, you know what I’m also gon na claim route from Sarajevo to Sofia.

So now we have to roll three cards off the deck here. When you play a tunnel in ticket to ride Europe, you draw three cards out of the deck. If any of those cards matches the color that you used to claim that tunnel, you have to pay additional cards to make the tunnel complete. This reflects that maybe some accident happened in the construction of the tunnel and you have a whole bunch of day laborers buried under rubble. I hope you’re proud of yourself just a teeny bit aggressive.

Why would he do that? Why it makes no sense he’s got these lousy, two little trains just sitting there. I will like every good Eastern European dissident simply go around the wall. Please move red two points, it’s a little aggressive, but it’s the thing I had to do very aggressive when we get people in to play games how like how good you are how competitive you are generally doesn’t matter, but I really want to win this game today. We decided to start out with an accelerated Rules, variant that lets us start out with six cards in our hands.

So you don’t waste a lot of turns just drawing cards and it’s boring for you at home. So now you know nothing but action-packed excitement happening right. Yeah, okay, I’m gon na I’m gon na train it up using it to Madrid yep except you can’t, because Cadiz to Madrid is orange and these are black. My trains are black. My cars are, I think that will is not losing his mind playing this game.

I think that he is tired and just wants to actually win something, and if you would also please move black up to three yeah three, what God we Jesus, also also move a yellow up to four, because that’s where John should be alright, oh yeah! Would you having him back in the show is wonderful and exciting. For me, she was a huge hit with the fans of tabletop last season and it’s a little selfish on my part. We work so long on production that getting her in for a game means that I’m guaranteed to see her for more than 20 minutes at a time when tabletop is being filmed. So this is a fun day for me.

I’M gon na take a wild card. Please! Oh okay, alright and then that will be the entirety of your drill. I would like to build the tunnel, I’m Sofia, Bucharest, but what color are you gon na build it we’re going with blue? Alright?

Blue? Oh, oh, that’s one match! Alright, you successfully build at your tunnel from Sofia to Bucharest, okay, I am going to take this black card and I’m going to take this black card. Okay and you’re up. Why do we have all these cars that don’t work?

The game thinks you’re me wrong. Wheaton cards, [, Music, ] and Emma it’s your turn. I’M actually extremely competitive, it’s kind of a problem, so I’m like I’m getting more and more like about it. That’S sake. Well cards, please, you mean to me mean to mr

Carson, that’s I’m really dying to pick up one more lavender car and I get one more lavender card and I’m gon na be able to grab this route and then I can really go to town on finishing this ticket.

Did you call it lavender? I do call eleven I like to take a purple card. Please there’s a purple card and it’s lavender for sure it’s pink. I don’t know why anyone would ever think they are pink. When you look at them, they are clearly lavender, I’m actually a colorblind.

So I’m sure I’m seeing it different than they are, but in my in my brain, it’s pink, it’s not lavender, it’s not pink, it’s purple, just geek up and say purple will purple okay and it take another purple card. The pinky lavender! That’S super! It’S not! You know it that’s great that you did that, because those aren’t cards that I really wanted at all and have been waiting, several turns to get so everything’s awesome, John and I are in a cold war right now in Eastern Europe, and it looks like we’ve hit Pretty much a stalemate, but when he grabbed my lavender root, it gave him a significant advantage, and I really think that it might be time for me to consider moving nuclear missiles into Cuba.

We’Re going to build a tunnel from Budapest to Bucharest where I’m safe, really didn’t want to use my locomotive there, all right! So hang on I’m going to wow! That’S impressive! Wow! Sorry, John!

I’M afraid of you. I’M kind of violating one of my cardinal rules about gaming. I’Ve told my kids to really enjoy the process of playing and not care so much about winning, because if you really care about winning you’re only happy when you win, you could see this in Lords of Waterdeep. I was really unhappy when I didn’t win that game, but I really I really really really want to win this game today. My turn with trains going to lay some trains.

I have a feeling that Ann is my biggest threats. She seems like she’s doing extremely well. Okay, I am going to take one of those orange cards. Please that one’s fine that one to do I’m gon na take a wild card. I mean I have blue card.

Please I mean mm, I’m not liking, you very much at the moment. I know this is World War, one all over again. The lines have been drawn. They cut through Central Europe. It’S just gon na be ugliness ugliness.

I will now build a route from Bucharest to suit to Sebastopol. Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first will dumps his tabletop mug all over the set beautiful thing: let’s just all: dunbar water, oh yeah, I’m building the last jiminy Butler. Since I’ve had a daughter, I’ve started singing jiminy yep, you sing songs from various animated movies as well. I do, although I made my daughter when she was 2, a mixtape so right now she can actually do a pretty mean version of the whose squeeze box. Okay, that’s really great.

I hate that you went there because that’s where I was gon na go this journey. That’S why I’ve been trying to draw those cards. I guess it serves me right for forcing you around Budapest. Okay, it’s my turn, so I said like suddenly. I regret walking you there did well, it has an odd strategy in this game.

I have so many frakkin cards. My hand is cramping. A real common ticket to write strategy is to just draw up and hoard a lot of cards until you can grab some routes in quick succession before your opponent’s put together, where you’re going, and it looks like that’s what I’m doing today, but I’m not the routes That get my tickets completed are two and three and I have this handful of cards, and I am one card off of just about everything. I guess that’s what I’m gon na do. Okay, I’m gon na build from Bucharest to Constantinople.

It’S not bollocks bollocks and more bollocks. Are you here’s the tip where’s, mr

Bollocks that my four-year-old daughter sent is his name mr. bollocks. No, I would love it if his name was mr
Bhalla, it’s salty the bear nice salty. The bear he’s just he’s here, for you know your potty mouth, oh yeah, yes, he’s gon na he’s about to get really a really great effective way for mr.

bollocks to keep my language clean would be for him to talk to the deck and tell the deck To give me the mother Bucharest to Constantinople, that is salty needed the wide eyes, because, honestly, mr. Whedon’s language is a little beyond the pale for a general audience. I’M less surprised that Anne had googly eyes for mr

Bollocks than I am that she has not covered every square inch of our set with them, don’t hate the game. Will the Balkans that line is extraordinarily profitable. For you, sir.

I blocked John because I wanted to slow him down and force him to just waste a turn laying down a station. I never thought that he would decide to just go ahead and build around me and I’ve actually given him a bit of an advantage, because now he’s that much closer to getting the longest train, [ Music ] Emma Caulfield. It is your turn. Haller, I’m gon na give these little trains. Are you going from Sochi to Rostov exactly what I’m doing?

Okay, Wow and now, if you would give yourself two more points, actually I’ll do that 35? Okay, boy! Emma! You are rocking the world on this. I’M feeling really really good about it.

I’M feeling disproportionately good about winning a game that should be friendly. Emma is in the lead, which is a little scary, but I think that I’m completing my routes and hopefully I can catch up to work you’re on your way to what we call the European. How many points did you have? No we’re gon na have to recount them because I’ve bumped it off four, eight nine thirteen plus seven is 20 plus four is 24 plus two is 26 wow you’re a good math. So it turns out that the part of my brain that does math is underdeveloped, but the part of my brain that does gaming is overdeveloped, so there is a gaming math synergy.

I think that somehow, through the magic of fake science that I’ve made up gives me mathematical gaming ability uh, I am going to take three of the oh you’re gon na take tickets. All right! Thank you. I just finished both my rats, so I’m gon na ask for another ticket and try to get more points, because I think I need it. I think will – and I probably have the most experience with they could a ride, but we are just going after each other.

Far too much one of the women is probably going to win this. The lines are too long, their tickets will be made and they will just be the charred remains of will and my hopes somewhere outside of Sarajevo. I would like to try to have cards just to be daring little. I think this cold war has really been costly for us. We’Ve not been able to invest in infrastructure.

It’S it’s weird. How this situation in Eastern Europe is mirroring the historical situation in Europe. Let’S pick a fight in the Balkans, what could possibly go wrong has how’s that ever turned out bad for anyone all right to lavender onyx, please and I’m gon na go from okay. Let’S see if you successfully build the tunnel, yes get there! No!

Okay! That’S a tunnel, oh, are you, are you hose [, Music ]? So did she just loses that turn right right? She gets the trains back. You keep your cards.

I totally didn’t see that and it was right in front of me too. I forgot where I was basically, which is never a good place to be that’s on top of not really knowing where I am, which is I’m already at a deficit. So I really I should’ve just quit. While I was behind, I think God you’re up. Could I have a mystery card mystery card and could I have that little orange fellow yeah?

Oh yes, that makes my decision. This turn very easy. I will now I’m gon na grab this card in this card. There’S your black card, lavender uh-oh! I see what’s happening.

You wanted that lavender card yeah. I guess I keep taking Emma’s cards, which I didn’t know I was doing it all, but it kind of worked out. Well, I think you need to draw cards. I do need a driver, mystery cards. Yes, thank you one and two.


Kavala now it is your turn building London to Edinburgh. Oh, congratulations! Oh look! Who just completed his long route? I mean I’m gon na pretend that that you, you know I don’t know.

Well, I don’t know who the card in so go to my face. Yeah! That’S the only long route that makes that face happen. Yes, congratulations. This is a close game and uh it’s your turn doing it again.

Last time I went to the tunnel. It did not go my way, but this time I think it is totally going to go. My way so mm-hmm fingers crossed all right. Ready, yes, safe, yes, safe come on. Do you want to know?

Yes, I’m sure you want to know come on safe there. You go, go ahead and put your trains in that amazing tunnel from Marseilles to suruc regulations. John! It’S your turn. I’M gon na draw three tickets.

Please Wow there! You are sir, oh crap. This is really bad. The only reason John keeps two tickets. This late in the game is that he has either completed routes on one of them or they’re going through the same city.

Maybe I can’t catch up with you guys with all of your extra tickets, [, Music ]. I love how close this game is. At this point, I’m not gon na, like how close it doesn’t become in you guys reveal all your tickets that I’ve done I’m in last place. I’M very stressed: I’m sweating a lot like profusely your turn, John. I have eight locomotives left, ns7.

Nine emma has nine and john has nine. What is it supposed to get down to whenever player has zero one or two? It begins the last round, I’m pretty confident that I’m gon na run out of trains first, just because my my little pile is smaller than everybody else’s. I think wills gon na run out of transfers. That’S my prediction!

Your turn all right, my lady wife, I’m going to put a train down over there. I can’t see another word whatever the blue is over there, an excellent move. Well, I might I’m in counting territory, oh god, one two, I liked it. I wanted to count everything out and I like to do the math in my head and move it takes way fun. No, it really doesn’t.

If you count out all the points you get to savor that you’re moving ahead, I’m spending two yellows uh-huh and I’m building building a route from Kiev to will go okay. That gives you two points. One two all right: I’m gon na build a route from Moscow to Petrograd, because it is extremely important to me that the entirety of Russia is connected by rail. If I go to Petrograd and there’s not a statue of me in the style of Lenin, I’m gon na be really disappointed. I will take those two red cards that are out there asking dude, sorry, dude, sorry, I’m think about a lot of things.

Right now. Is this suddenly got very intense? No will is beating me right now, but I think that I can pull ahead. We’Ll see. I want to go from high and yep right from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

Gives you another four. So you go one two, three four seven. I did that for you by the way. Okay, yes, you’re welcome. Go ahead, mr

John, I have enough trains right now that if I pull perfect out of the deck I’m going to complete like a 32 or 35 long, a train and I’m pretty sure – that’s gon na guarantee me the win.

I just have to survive one more round. I am going to sorry salty, ah heck and darn. I am going to take a mystery card. Please there you are – and I would like this little blue fellow, where you go. I’M gon na take a mystery card and I’m going to take one more mystery card.

Know what is hands turn I’m going to lay down a train. What’S that have one train gift dad I’m really excited because I just completed my last ticket and I’m not sure if that puts me in the lead or not, but I’m excited that I finished them. An has just used up all but one of her trains. I am NOT going to get the extra round I needed to survive. We are in the final round of the game, it’s your last round.

So if you have anything at all that even doesn’t connect to anything, hmm just put them down to get points. So, if you have like, if you’ve got like four of a kind, I don’t give a one card. Purple yeah, I don’t have everything. I don’t know you know it might be Holmes yeah, I think I’m host. I would like to say that I’m going to win because I accomplished three different routes and one of them was very long, but I don’t I don’t know John.

I am, please take your final turn from will yet to Petrograd. Oh, I am so glad I decided not to go that way. I would be so very upset right now, so I managed to finish my line off with these four trains going to Petrograd, meaning I don’t have to take any chances. I think I’m in an okay position. I don’t have to fish for any last-minute tickets.

That might give me some extra points, boy boy. This is such a close game, Petrograd to Riga. When I saw you starting to grab the yeah, I used all my trains, but it doesn’t matter, you know, can any points or not? Ok. So that’s the end.

If you would put me up from 65 to 72 okay, why two three four five six! Alright! So now we have completed or less oh yeah! You get one last thing: if you can place that one carriage somewhere, then you get one more point. So the only ones on the board that I can see right now are one lavender and I think that’s it.

I don’t think there’s another one anywhere on the board. I can’t go then alright, so that is the end of the primary phase of Ticket to Ride. Now we will move on to the scoring portion of ticket to ride in the way that we do, that is we pull out our tickets, and we do this in order from who is in last place on the scoreboard to who is in first place undiscovered. So Emma you are currently in last place. Well that doesn’t really mean anything cuz we’re all so close together.

I just don’t want to come in last and Emma and John have all drawn tickets. This is not good for me at all. At least I finished the three, the three routes that I had chosen, I’m just not sure. If I’m gon na win, I was shocked how intense this game was. Everybody threw out their a games.

Everybody was in it until the end. It was nerve-racking, as the points were being counted, [ Music, ] huh. I didn’t this is not how I expected this to go. Okay, let’s find out who has the longest train, I’m pretty sure that it’s John, so I’m gon na count John’s Train. First.

Okay, if you would just maybe do this with your hands for right now, because the last time that we were counting frames, maybe just sit on your hands, maybe just hold your hands and put them okay, good yep, and if you just keep your hands where we Can see, oh God, wait just keep your hands where you see him, I’m gon na. Kick you train, John eight. So that’s four! Five! Six thirty-seven!

Okay! Now, let’s count Emma’s trains because you got a pretty longer to Emma I’ll count. You 1832, for you, John, remains in the lead. Emma you are at one two, three twenty-seven. I was trying so freaking hard to get.

I know if I actually a find if I got yards, that one word. If I got this, I win so I’m gon na count mine does it justice or for the pain one, which is also not enough, which means John you get the longest European Express, which means that we move John from 102 to 112, Luisa, salty, hilt, dude, salty Bollocks, what’s up, I thought we were buds bro. I can’t even call a teddy bear bro! That’S how much I hate it. When people say bro John caval, ik Wow, you our today’s ticket to ride Europe tabletop champion.

Congratulations did you guys have fun. It was very fun. I had a really good time. It was the most intense game ever played, but really was the most fun for sure burned. A lot of calories yeah, just the amount of water um.

So I’m gon na go downstairs and I’m going to give John the award that he earned and you guys are welcome to hang out on the couch as long as you want. We have a kiss before I go. I never because you’re the only person in the whole world and give me kiss okay, okay, bye, bye. What John it is my pleasure today to present to you the tabletop certificate of Awesome. Now I’m just going to sign up.

Do you want me to add mr

Salty bollocks to that as well John caval, ik and salty, okay, and now I will sign this for you and I’m just gon na seal it so that we know that it is official there you go, it’s been sealed and there’s a little dork tower on your Zeal and well sort of it’s sort of a dork tower, it’s a tower and it’s dark because I drew it it works. Would you like to make a victory speech, sir? I think that there are no winners in a war and, except in this case you one of us is holding the certificate. Okay was winning. There are winners in war.

Today it was me and salty the not foul mouth fair. Thank you so much yeah yo you’re. Welcome: hey everybody thanks a lot for watching tabletop, we’ll see you next time and until then play more games.

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