Tokaido: Jason Wishnov, J. August Richards, and Chris Kluwe join Wil Wheaton on TableTop S03E01

Tokaido: Jason Wishnov, J. August Richards, and Chris Kluwe join Wil Wheaton on TableTop S03E01

Tokaido: Jason Wishnov, J. August Richards, and Chris Kluwe join Wil Wheaton on TableTop

In our modern lives we often race from one thing to the next: never stopping to take a breath. Have a good meal enjoy the company of strangers or sit in a hot spring with a monkey Today on TableTop J. August Richards, Chris Kluwe and Jason Wishnov are here to travel with me to a quieter time when the journey was even more important than the destination. We will all be travelers going from Kyoto to Edo along the East Sea Road in Japan, popularly known as Tokaido ( action. Music, ) Tokaido is a beautiful and perfectly balanced, set collecting game designed by Antoine Bauza and Naade

We are all pilgrims walking the traditional Tokaido, the serene East Sea Road running from the spiritual capital of Japan, Kyoto to the political capital in Edo modern day Tokyo.

Essentially, we are on a Japanese vacation and the player who has the most culturally enriched experience will win. We want to eat the best food meet the most interesting people, relax in natural hot springs and finally restore enough manna to finish off all those art projects we’ve been putting off forever.

Starting with the player who is furthest back on the path we will decide which vacation activity we’d like to participate in by moving our meople to that location? Have a friend begging you to complete their Gurren Lagann figurine collection,
Well, you should probably stop by this town here and go shopping for presents unless you’d rather share war stories, with a real samurai over some green tea Or maybe you’re on more of a spiritual journey and would rather visit one of the many shrines Just like real Vacation there isn’t enough time to do everything, nor is every activity suited for every taste. So players have to choose how they earn points in the game.

Players will also have special character abilities, which will help them score points in certain ways.
So, for example, this pervy old man gets bonus points for spending time in the coed bath houses because um he has arthritis or something Anyhow. There are many different paths to victory, and players will have to constantly balance staying on the road that is best for them, while simultaneously preventing the other players from having their dream. Vacation Tokaido is the most zen-like cutthroat game you will ever play. The game’s journey will be broken into four days where we will stop at hotels and eat delicious food like Donburi and Soba noodles.

On the final day we reach Edo and will give each other bonus points for completing our collections.
In a shocking and surprising twist, whoever has the most points wins So who will get to do all the things in Japan and who will be left drunk in a hot tub? Full of monkeys Rub your lucky cat’s belly, because it is time to play Tokaido

( gong ), My name is J. August Richards, I’m an actor
I’M known for my work on “ Angel” and “ Agents of S.H.

D.” Hi, I’m Jason Wishnov, I’m the lead designer at Iridium Studios and we’re working on a video game with Wil called “. There Came an Echo .

‘. I am Chris Kluwe. I was a punter for the NFL Minnesota Vikings for eight years.
I’Ve also written a couple letters that went viral about same-sex rights and treating people with empathy and respect Hello, everyone. This is Tokaido

We drew to see who would go first backstage and, as it turns out, I get to go first, which is very likely going to be the only good thing that happens to me in this entire game.

We play a very the player who starts last is at a significant disadvantage, So the player who goes first gives the player, who goes last $ 1 to start the game.
Now I’m playing Hiroshige the poor, starving artist, who only starts out with $ 3 and J., is playing Kinko, the ridiculously rich samurai who starts out with $ 7. So somehow I had to give I’m at 99 percent ( Laughter, ) [ Will ], OK, [ J
] And I’m the one percent [ Will ] Yeah. You sure are Right now.

My strategy is to stick with shopping food, obviously, and I’m tryin’ – to give a little money to the temple. It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. So, on my first turn, I can go shopping at the store which is dumb’cause. I don’t have any money.
I can go to the shrine, which is good’cause.

I get two points, but I had to give my shrine money to you.

That’S right, [ Will ]. I think I might go make a friend, You look like you need it. I think I might go make a friend because

No one here is one of those, So I’m gon na make a friend My friend is the Samurai. That’S not bad!
I get I get ( Laugher ). I get. I get three points Rather than go to the shrine and cut my money in half on the first turn, I took a chance to go get a friend who would hopefully help me out with either money or helping jump starting.

My painting, Of course it does neither for me, and I just get three points Chris. I believe you are up. Why don’t you tell the kids at home who you are playing today?
Alright, so I am Hirotada the priest monk, something of some sort. I believe he has a prayer.

Stick there with some ribbons and a very fancy hat. I like the fancy hat

[ Jason ], Pope of Japan, Yeah
He pretty much is The Pharrell of Monks, ( Laughter ). He is the Pharrell Pope Monk, So he’s really good with temples, and since you bypassed all the deities, you know really kinda made them very upset. I’M sure it did.
I’M gon na have to cover, for you: [ Will ] Yeah OK.

So I will go to the temple I will put in a money And since my character has special ability, I get a matching donation from the bank.

[ Will ] That’s right. Wow sounds like our church. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet Right. It’S a tithe!

It’S fantastic!
I’M feeling really comfortable playing Tokaido right now. It seems simple on the surface but very complex, underneath This is the first time Chris and I have actually played a game together in person.

We’Re internet friends, but this is the first time we’ve been in the same place together and it’s one of the great joys of playing on TableTop is that I get to bring people together, including people that, like I wan na, hang out with and that’s happening today. It’S pretty great
Wishnov looks like you’re up.

If he’s the one percent, I’m the point-one percent, I am ballin’ out. I have nine gold and I would be remiss if I did not go shopping with this fantastic bankroll. So …

So Yoshiyasu has two things going on:

Starts with the most money, with nine, and also when I reach a traveler’s square, I can pick two cards and pick which one I like the most, But I think, having a lot of money upfront, you really wan na go shopping. You wan na complete that set quickly And just try and specialize in a few things.
I’M gon na head over here and I’m gon na draw three cards One two: three [ Chris ], That’s a very fancy pot, [, Jason, ] Yeah. I do love the pot, I’m gon na take the pot and the Yukata. I think those are in this season.

So I’m gon na take those two

I’M gon na pay four to the bank to cover for that. So now do you get points for that too Yeah I get one and three so four total
So you get four points total and J.. Where would you like to go Now? It is my turn and my special power is that at the inn I get a dollar off.

All of my meals’cause. I got that Groupon ( Laughter ), So I’m gon na introduce the audience to what is referred to as a pimp move. The pimp move is when you go last, but you take the very last space so that you get to go again.
That is called the pimp move.

Because I’m the last in line I get to, I get to make this move to the shopping area to the Beverly Center.

So I have three choices here: OK. [ Chris ] Ooh, look at you!
You got the cheap stuff man, Big money, look at you, That’s what I needed So can I get all three You could, but
.., Would there be an advantage to that Um?

Well, yes, you would get five points for four, which is a fine ya know, that’s worth more

You could get nine
You’D get nine points’cause, you get all three Yeah right. Sorry, Oh, I would yeah I’m gettin’. All of these [ Will ]. You get nine points for four C’mon charge. It ( Crosstalk ).

I just learned how to play the game today and obviously I’m having an extreme case of beginner’s luck.
And now what I said about it being a pimp move, I get to move again so … -‘Cause, you are in the farthest position back along the path [ Chris ] Ten points or nine points.

[ Will ] Uh nine points. Thank you. Luckily, we have Chris here keeping an eye on everyone. Ya know. If I don’t count it myself, I don’t know if it’s right or not, Let’s start out on that scenic moment.

Let’S start, let’s start building that rice patty moment.
You’Re killin’ me Smalls And uh Wishnov you’re up I’m gon na go to the next available space. The Hot Springs [ Chris ] Hot Springs, [ J,
] Get you a monkey. [ Will ] Alright Hot Springs, It’s gon na be two or three. It is three [ Chris ] Uh Bam.

Wow [ Will ] Wow nice draw

Nice draw There, you go And Chris you’re up
Yeah, it’s my turn alright And I like getting monkeys from hot springs. Let’S see if I get one. Oh yeah, no monkeys this time, [ Will ] No monkeys. That is a drag.
I’M going to come here to the mountains.

What I thought you were gon na go to the bank. I can’t go the bank [ J
], Why not It’s right? There [ Chris ] Yeah, it’s one pass. [ Will ]. Oh (, beep ) hang on [ Chris ].

You need some money.
Why are you helping him? Stop it J., You guys are so flushed with cash. Two of you were gon na.

Go to the bank. Just to block me We’re not playing to win we’re playing to beat. You Will
Oh yeah: well, guess what Guess? What Welcome to TableTop ( Laughing ), It’s very common for people to come on TableTop and sort of play against me’cause, I’m the one everybody knows, but I’m playing against three extraordinarily competent gamers

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong,
I’M sticking with my original thing and I’m gon na paint for one point: [ Jay, ] Bam, [, Wil, ] Bam. You know I’m gon na go to the bank because you know I just like that money.

You know what I’m sayin’
Here you go: here’s three bucks from your rich uncle [ J, ], Woo, [, Jason ]. Now he goes before me here. Yep now I get to go before you.
Chris you’re furthest down the path I am – And I do have a lot of money right now. I have.

[ Jason ] Yeah. You have seven right now: [ Wil ]. You have seven money, that’s correct, But the way the world is these days the rich got ta get richer, [, Jason, ], The economy.
Yeah, hey it’s trickle down it’ll trickle down to you guys eventually Yeah right, that’s the way it works.

I’M not really feeling too intimated playing on TableTop, I figure.

This is much less stressful than having eleven 250 lb men running at you trying to tackle you, so I’m gon na go shopping here.
And I’ll take another three I’m looking for sushi I’m! This is gon na, be dramatic, [, Wil, ] Yeah Or the fan
( Wil laughing ) Sushi or the fan here, [ Wil, ] Sushi or the fan Nope. That’S a totem! Oh no!

That’S clothing! It’S not looking good for you!
( Everyone yelling ), Oh you got the worst ones too They’re all expensive. Now you don’t have to buy anything. If you don’t want to The odds of that happening are not good.

I needed one of two things in three cards: chances of that happening: 87.
5 percent, seven out of eight All three failed, All three: What are the odds of that? Well, I just gave them so I guess

[ Wil ] J. you’re up. Well, you know I love my friends, so let’s hit that friend’s spot, Damn it damn it you’re blockin’ me on every point: J, [, J,
], I know I’m doin’ my best [ Jason ].

That’S my power ( Laughing ), Oh nice! Oh, that was even better than I thought it was [ Wil ] Your friend is Shokunin and look at that. You get a free present.
Come on Shokunin, Yes, [, Wil, ], It’s a shirt, [ Jason, ]! That’S exactly what he needed And I finished my set.

That’S exactly what he needed: yeah [, J ]. I finished the set. Yes, You got the one out of four you needed and I couldn’t get one of two out of three cards:

I’M so happy right now: Jason is calculating all of these numbers in his head, like we’re playing Texas, No Limit Hold’em, but I’m just the master draw I can just draw whatever I’m looking for, I’m really good at drawing cards, I’m not going to say he’s going To win but he’s got a good shot now Sorry man, But now I’m bummed. I can’t even use my special powers.
Well played [, Wil, ], Yeah, right, (, laughter ).

You are team favorite of the day here, RNG Random number generator
Ok, see I’m the only one at this table that is only like semi-fluent in geek. So I’m going to ask a lot of question. We are going to get you …

We are going to level you up in geek today.
I mean I’m a big gamer myself. I don’t have all the acronyms, like the other guys do, but I know what I’m doing I play instinctively

So I can choose, I have scenery coming up. I have the beautiful ocean view. I have the mountains, I already have a mountain.

Now there is a second spot there, so someone can match me, but I’ll do it. Skipping spots is a little iffy. If you don’t have a reason, So I think I’m actually going to try for the ocean as well.
I’Ve basically been boxed out by everybody right now, and all I have available to me are bad choices, and I have to figure out what is the least bad choice to make I’m a painter. I think that my least bad choice is to go paint right now.

Ok, I’m going to go here: [ J ] Going for the paintings;
[ Chris ], I would not have made that move so … [ Chris ]. Well as long as someone doesn’t block you out of the food, Then you’ll get a third mountain Which we’re gon na.

.., I’m probably …

We’Re gon na do that: [, Jason, ] Yeah, so …, OK! So it’s my turn.

Now right!
Ok, so my only real option is to go to … Hot springs or food.

There’S an availability at hot springs.
Oh, that is hot springs. Well, if I go to the hot springs, it makes me first out of the gate [ Chris ]. No, it does not

[ J ], I mean, if I go to the inn last, it makes me the first out of the gate.
That’S true [ J, ] Yeah.

It makes me first out of the gate which I want to be because I want to finish up some of these projects. I’M working on I’m going to the hot springs, All right.
Let’S find out …

I’m going to get a salt scrub, [ Wil ]. What is it
Boo ya Three points. If I were really at a hot spring, I would probably get like a salt body. Scrub Makes your skin nice and soft, I’m known for my soft skin

[ Wil ] Yeah, you know what we could start is the Occupy Hot Springs movement, Because the 1 % over here ..

– That is just killing everybody
[ Chris ], I only have one choice: [ Wil ], All right, so you take …. The way that we get food here is that we take the number of players plus one, so four plus one three, four five
You look at those in secret And this is the only secret part of the game.

Yep Now you will choose the ones that you want. I’M going to buy some fugu because who doesn’t like living dangerously
[ Wil ]; Oh that’s all right: Tasty, tasty, tasty poison, fish, You’re, delicious! Oh so you’re going to try to challenge me on the food ( mumbles ). I got Food Network [ Chris ], Three, four, five: six
[ Wil ] Jason. I guess you’re going to eat Yep here you go So you got some choices.

Oh no, you have a good amount of money too.

Look: here’s the deal, there’s no second place for most expensive food.
Yeah, let it go [ Jason ], I’m not going to compete there, I’m going to get dollar menu. Misoshiru Chicken nuggets love it. That is the Japanese chicken nuggets.

Obviously, so I
.. (, sighs ), You got it Wil (, sighs, ). Oh, I was tempted to screw you over
You should have done it [ Chris ]. I should have done it [, Jason ].

I know you would have taken the other one. I will eat misoshiru, But I was like I got this much money. I got to use it.
For one dollar, I will also paint He gets to paint while he eats Because I get to paint while I eat I’m going to start here.
[ J ], Oh you’re, moving on to a new painting, [ Wil, ], Yeah, Interesting You’re, coming up to my painting there, which I don’t appreciate.

[ Wil ], I get a point Well to be honest with you. Fighting me on painting would be like me fighting you on food

But anyway it’s your choice. So go ahead! There you go go to eat. Take me to the restaurant.

Here you go.
Bam, Restaurant! Let me get something delicious! Oh nice! You left me some udon, No one ate the tofu good choice.

Tofu’S disgusting Tofu is disgusting because it’s tofu. How much do I pay for that [ Wil ] You’re going to pay two because you get a one dollar discount, So I walked up in the restaurant and my home girl was there waiting tables. So she gave me a deal
I didn’t even tip her ( Japanese music ). So let’s take a quick look at the end of day, one J

Is way up there with 27 and the rest of us have 14 Very good, excellent, All right J
Where are you going next? Ok, so I’m going to go ahead and donate .

. one buck.
No …

I can’t be stingy, two bucks to the temple
That just cost me three points: Hey everybody, I’m going to the bank Yeah what a surprise ( laughter )! Despite being the painter you are not going to the ocean. I wanted to go for the ocean, but two dick-heads blocked me from the bank. On the first day,
You say dick-head, I say competitive player, ( laughter, ). I think these two options are relatively even

For long term play, however, in general, if you don’t have a good reason to skip steps, don’t skip steps.

[, Wil, ] Yeah. I think that’s the right call [ Chris ]. I was really hoping you were going to go for the money.
You know you’d think I wouldn’t even bother right because he has his power he’s going to get to paint one time every time he goes to the inn, but it just gets worked out that the open squares, the ones that were best for me, happen to be Mountains happen to be ocean, And I am not relinquishing that ocean. Where are you going, sir?

I believe you have the honor. I am going to jump on to the paddies
We are attempting to lock Wil out of his very power You’re, one away from that. I’M two away from mountains: [ Wil, ], (, sighs, ), Two points for you. There Look at how beautifully that comes together. It’S been a while, since I’ve played a game on TableTop, where literally every other player in the game was like cooperatively colluding to ( bleep ) me in the ass

( laughter ): This does not happen.

…, it’s been a while. Well we’re happy to do this, for you, Wil

, It’s the new season. It’S a new season, new dynamic, Yeah, new dynamic
I never really thought of this as a cooperative game with a defector, but I guess it is Well played well played Well played All right super. I feel like I’m an adorable little kitten that is dressed up with a little bow tie and is just like meow meow meow. I can has cheeseburger
And I am surrounded by three giant: kitten: killing mecha, robots, breathing fire and shooting daggers out of their eyes and their hands and then also shouting out anti-kitten epithets, (, yells ) Call the “ wah-bulance .” Call the “ wah-bulance”.

You are you crying right now, Shouldn’t you be coordinating with the rest of your opponents. Can somebody bring me a towel?
The chair’s a little wet from Wil’s tears, Cryin’ Chris, where are you going? I think I’m actually probably going to go friends and leave you alone for now. Wil

Because I don’t think I can compete on those two
All right, So, let’s see who your friend is.

That’S me [, Chris ]. Oh sorry, Wil! That’S all right!
I don’t have any friends. Believe me, I don’t have any friends, Let’s see who your friend is, go ahead, go for it.

What do they do? [ Chris ] Bam.
[ Jason ], Oh and they paint you an ocean Value, [ Wil, ] Wow, look at that. Everyone is drawing exactly what they need. Ok, as I’m the furthest away, I’m going to come here and the paint the rice paddies
[, J ] Now what happens if you – and I both complete this – No he’s going to get it it’s over, It’s whoever gets it first He’s got it because he will complete it in the inn.

Whoever gets it first [ J ]. What if I complete it right now? Oh I can’t You can’t the next one’s after the inn.
And he paints while he eats I’m still the furthest away. So I’m going to come up here and paint the mountain

Oh, look at you, Oh man!

This is not going well for me.
I have 19 nuh-nuh-nuh-19 J., you are. You came up The furthest down the path, Good job,
I could get a friend which could be exciting or I could go to the temple and get competitive there Friend or temple (, sighs ). I don’t know I’m going for popularity contest.

Let’S go get a friend All right. Let’S see who your friend is
Your friend is … Come on friend.

Oh, your friend makes a free donation to the temple for you,
Yes Friend in the temple Woo, Oh a wild Wil Wheaton appeared. Indeed now will you skip the hot springs to go for the mountain
[ Wil ], I am [ Chris ] Wow a jump, Oh he’s going for it He’s completing his mountains, Which means that now he is going to complete the steps.
I think it was a big tactical mistake for one of them to not block me on that. It would have cut me out of the game completely

Chris, where you gon na go springs, I think I’m going to go to hot springs, [, Wil, ], Yeah think so. Oh you trying to run to my hot springs.

This has not been a good game for me. [ Wil ] Monkey monkey monkey no monkey, So you get two for that And Jason..
There’S only one option for me: I will not let you complete that before me. No matter what The ocean is mine, I am the king of the seas All right, so it’s not going to matter.

I’M going to get there too [ Wil ] You’re coming here. There’S two dots on that: It is an ocean race. It’S who’s, gon na complete this painting. First, I cannot believe with the artist in the game. You guys are fighting for the ocean.


You’Re gon na get two complete sets. First, You know that’s kind of sad Wil, (, laughs ). Are you going shopping or are you going to get money J?

That’S a great question: I need some money Now, that’s good! Let’S get that cash!
Wil – and I Wil was looking at that one I sure was That doesn’t make sense. It makes more sense for me to get first pick of food [, J ]. I like that.

It’S real important that I get first pick of food because everybody’s going to take the cheap food. If it’s available, We have four players, one two, three four plus one, But remember you can’t choose the same cheapy food. That’S true! So misoshiru is gone. Is he happy
Is that a happy face or a sad face?

That’S a happy face Now. The problem is we both have that same one? So if there was another misoshiru that came up, he would leave that. For me.

And I would be screwed, Ah
So I’m going to use my painterly action to paint and complete this beautiful painting of the rice paddies.

Oh you did that already, Which is great
So I’ll take three points for that And then I’ll get six for eating. I really needed to finish that painting before anybody else did The only way I have any hope at all of being competitive in this game is to finish painting before the other players Chris. It is your move, sir.
Are you shopping? I think I’m going to go shop just to keep you from uh .

. [ Jason ]. Well, thanks, buddy!
[ Chris ] Yeah no problem

[ Jason ]. I appreciate that [ Chris ], No problem, [, Jason ], Never watching a Vikings game, (, laughs, )!

That’S all right, I’m not playing for them!
( laughter, ), You have to have a strategy in mind, but you also have to be able to adapt that strategy when things start going badly and despite all the beautiful artwork and everything. This is very much a …

Yeah. If you want to try to screw other players over, it’s very easy to do so: (, laughs, ), Because you just keep them from going to certain places.
So maybe you’re gon na go eat [ Chris ] Num num, Oh Wil, [, Wil ]. You see why I did what I had to do. I see why you did what you did.

This is uh … sushi is one of my favorites [ Wil ]. It’S delicious
It’S delicious sushi, but now I am super poor.

I only have one left. [ J ] You’re broke like a joke. My favorite sushi in real life is absolutely going to be salmon and toro tuna to some extent, but it’s just…

Sake salmon, just so good Chris, are you going to come and eat now? I believe I don’t think I have much of a choice.
Here you are sir, Thank you You’re welcome, Let’s see what we have. Oh, these are all good choices: [ Wil ], Oh everyone loves sashimi.
[ Chris ], I love sashimi, [, Jason ], That’s an interesting choice.

J. you will come in. Do you think you’re going to be able to beat him on the food bonus on the end?
I have a lot of money. I’M gon na stick to my strategy of getting the best food possible because at the end, there’s going to be a huge bonus, and I’m working for that Since I get that sexy discount Yeah exactly that is the right move.

(, Japanese, music ). We are halfway through our journey.
And you will be the first to head on out Sweet. I got two friends waiting for me. I came into this game.

Most afraid of Jason and J. is kicking everyone’s ass, I’m gon na finish up.
Oh all right: [, J ], This painting here [ Wil, ], That’s a lovely painting. It’S a little derivative of an existing work, ( laughter, ), [, Jason, ] Plagiarism, going on
[ Wil ], But that’s all right, so you’re going to get three And Chris Honestly. The best move for me right now is to deny you guys getting any money.

D’Oh Come on man.
Now that I think about it, I probably should have done that.

Oh yeah, Now, for the first time in the game, I am going to meet a friend on the road [ Wil ], All right, super friends Going to need two cards.

( mumbles ) Cash, Oh wow, And there’s only two cash cards in the deck
Thank God. I finally got something: I’ve had horrible luck, this entire game. So far I desperately needed money. I wasn’t gon na be able to get to the bank [ Wil ] Who’s, my friend going to be What are you doing for me friend, A painting for me And you’re painting me an ocean
[ Jason ] As long as it wasn’t Chris, getting that I’m cool It’s going to so hard for me to paint the remainder of my ocean painting, because Jason and Chris are breathing down my neck.

Which they shouldn’t even be doing, they shouldn’t even have tried [ J ].

This here is a hot spring right.
Yeah, I do pretty well at these things: Let’s go on and get that salt scrub [ Wil ]. Are you going to get a monkey? Let’S see, [ Wil ] Bam.
Hey: hey we’re, not the monkeys: [ Wil ]!

I’M going to leave my friends, I’m going to walk down the road and I’m going to come here and I’m …. Somebody should have blocked him.

I’M an artist …, (, sighs ), You guys are super wrong. I’M theoretically nominally back in this game.

It’S gon na be really hard for us to catch J, So Chris …, Oh boy,

, You probably really want that ocean square right, [, J ]. I like how you’re thinking
[ Chris ], But how many mountain paintings are there left in the game? He’S already got the bonus for the mountain

I’M not too worried about that. Chris. That’S seven points that you’re giving up.

If you don’t keep going He’s really trying to convince me,
Otherwise Wil can you go ahead and move me to the ocean square ( sport whistle ), I’m flagging myself, ( yells, ) 15 yard penalty roughing the kicker ( laughter, ), Amazing, (, claps ) Well played
Golf clap, ( laughter ), I feel like we need to go to a replay of that (, slow motion, voices ), So Jason hit me with a penalty flag And technically he was right, but it still kind of stung. So I’m gon na grab the mountain one. Just because it’s a free point,
[ Wil, ], Yeah sure [ Chris ] All right. So I got my free point Now. I need to figure out what I’m going to do.

Because I could just jump straight ahead to that ocean. If you don’t go there now Jason’s going there next and he’ll complete it!
[ Jason ], Actually I’m considering the bank, So you can go …

yeah! That’S fine!
[ J ] All right, nice Well played You know what could be crazy coming out of the inn. One of us might literally jump five spaces. ( bleep ) ( laughter, ), Really painful to jump too far ahead because you’re, effectively sitting out four or five turns while everyone else gets to do stuff.

[ Wil ] Jason. Are you going shopping? You can shop or you can be first food.

Now here’s the thing: if I’m first food, I’m last out, That’s correct, [ Jason ], So I don’t really want to do that and I have the money to eat really whatever food I want. So I’m going to go shopping and hope that I just a little bit better luck than I did last time.

I really want to complete my shopping set. I need cash to do that and I need to make absolutely sure that I get some food at the end.
I’M already behind, if I don’t get food at that last inn it’s pretty much over for me.

I need sushi, I need the food and I need the fan. Yeah give me the fan All right here we go here.

We go Food or fan.
Fan [ Chris ], All right there you go: [ Wil, ], That’s great [, Jason ]; Another fan, [ Wil, ], Less good.
Three fans: Wow three fans [ Chris ]. You got a lot of fans. We’Ll start a club Fan club
( laughs ), I think a fan would really go well.

The ( mumbles ). I really just sit there like that.

Yeah all right and pick that You can either go shopping or you can go straight into food, [, J, ]. Now I’m doing really well at the food challenge.
But I’m going to start another shopping selection, All right, I’m starting a new set right now, because you know it might lead to some extra bonus points and I’m a little concerned that Chris is gaining on me.

So I got ta do something to overturn the apple cart here, Let’s go shopping.
[ Jason ], If you get another draw like you, did in the beginning, man, I’m gon na flip out [ J, ] Yeah. I think it’s gon na go pretty well for me. It’S gon na be expensive, expensive. All the same type Well with expensive, medium and cheap.

This one is expensive.
Ok, medium, Nice! Ok! So that’s a nice little shirt, combo [, Wil ]! Oh!

Look at that! Some nice food right there for you, Four for four
.., OK. Now I want a three or .

Oh [, Wil ]. That’S a duplicate, though

So this doesn’t, do you any good, So I’m gon na buy these two. If you get those two so

OK! Well, all I can do is go eat Which is hopefully not bad for me. ( mumbles, ), (, laughter, ) And five
.. So buy something .

[ Wil ] And, let’s see On the less expensive side, You know what I think goes well with. That is just a bit of yakitori. I think you’re going to be pleased with what you see. I am very pleased with what I see.

I, like it Yep Yep, [, J ]. Did you get another ( mumbles ) pot?
Nice And I just realized that I forgot to paint …

When I was in there, so I’m going to go ahead and come up here.
Get you some ocean, [ Wil, ] Paint me some ocean, so I’ll. Take three ocean points.

[ J ] ( Give me some ocean ). Ok, now, I’m temporarily ahead of you, [ Jason, ] ( Paint me some ocean ), I’m glad you knew where I was going with that wow.

I, like you guys, You assembled the best
I believe it’s your turn. It is my turn. Enjoy those food options. Oh (, laughter, ). Are you serious
You chose to go shopping, Stone, cold, (, laughs, ), Oh, oh, I hate all of you, ( laughter ).

What did I say about liking? You guys. You just said you like. All of us.
What happened?

( laughter, ), [, J ]. I take it back What happened? I had nothing to do with that.
I like tempora This. I can’t even pronounce ( laughter ), Give it your best shot.

Let’S hear it. No I..
[ Jason ] No come on ( mumbles ). That was not bad [, Wil ] You get it.

That’S perfect. I can read
( laughter ), Which one so then that only leaves me tempora right, Yep

All right, I am off to the inn: [ Wil ]. Welcome to the inn, enjoy your options. I’M will be taking

and I’ll do my best …
The ( mumbles ) [ Wil ] Yeah. There you go (, Japanese, music ).

This is going to be a really interesting. Last day: Yeah man, [ Wil, ] Jason. You are first out of the gate. Where will you go, sir?
This is a big decision, because, theoretically this is like kind of the game for me.

I really want to finish that ocean thing I’d be getting the five from the ocean and the free bonus card at the end, but I’d be skipping, so many spaces I’d be giving up a lot of points in those spaces and position.

I don’t know what I’m gon na do. I really want to keep Jason away from the paintings. Maybe if I can like Jedi mind trick him into going to the shrine, that’s good for me.
( hypnotic sound ), [, J ], That’s an option: Uh tough decision, I’m (, mumbles, ), though.

Let’S go to the shrine [ Wil ] Yeah. I think that’s …
[, J ], Oh man, I love this Because remember you get a point for donating too Yeah.

So I’m not really sure what to do right now.
I can go to the shrine or I can go for the ocean. I don’t know [ Chris ], So going for the friend isn’t gon na be good, because then three people will move before me, which means the ocean will get taken. I think my only play in terms of actually playing intelligently is to go for the ocean And finish the set

[, J ] Beautiful Seriously. I really wish you hadn’t done that ( laughs ).

I really wish you hadn’t done that
You hurt us, but you helped J And who’s the biggest threat right now. It’S J. He’s well ahead of the rest of us.
And I get two moves: [ Jason ], I’m saying this is not good And I get two moves. I have had to make a number of agonizing decisions.

All of them have the potential to put me right back into this game or take me out of it completely.
Well, if it’s any consolation, just remember that you’re going to let the entire internet down, if you …, (, laughter, ) Again Friends could give me money a painting or points
Money just gives me money, but I can rely on it.

I’M deviating from my strategy and I’m taking a chance. Ok, uh …
Damn Going for the friend And we get .

( bleep ) Three points: No hey: that’s …, [, J,
] From a samurai

I think that worked out well for you, [ J ], I’m gon na hit that temple praise the lord ( laughs ) That locks it
Ok, so wait.

How did I only end up with one With one dollar No worries going to the bank Bloop. You are the worst
.., I’m feeling pretty confident right now, I’m way in the lead, but anything could happen in this game. Do I go for two points?

This is actually a relatively easy decision: (, sighs ). This is gon na, be money or it’s gon na be points or it’s gon na be a painting. This cannot be a bad card for me. Duh nuh, [, J,
], It’s useless something you already have OK..

That was a bad card for me. Sorry, man, (, mumbles, ) [, Chris ]. Do you still get a point for that, though? No nothing
Once you complete a painting, it’s done [ Chris ], That is brutal, ( laughter ). Oh my God.

It was the next card. The next card was money, [, Jason ] And that’s it for travelers

That’S why I looked Turns out that Daft Punk song, Not about me (, imitating sad trombone, ), [, Jason ]. I could have utilized that I could have utilize it
Because I have a very interesting decision to make right now. Ok, so You could really dick Wil over hard, ( laughs. ) Go with that one.

I don’t know what it is yet That’s why this is such a great game.
I’M already gon na lose. Why would you make me lose harder? I mean just massive ..

[ Wil ]. Why would you do that?
Massive dickery [ Wil ]. Why would you do that? How could I screw Wil [ Chris ]?

So if you take the ocean whose turn is it next [ J
] And where is he gon na go [ Jason ]? Where do you think I’m gon na go [ J, ] Right, you’re, out..,
Well, Wil is ..

He’s not that far behind
.. but …

( laughter ) Come on. It is nearly impossible for you to lose this game. I’M fighting for second dude Right. I think you should go to the ocean.

Shut up Chris ( laughter, ), Yes, I said “, you should go to the ocean.

.” God Go to the ocean. It calls you
Now my only thing that I want now is food, So …

Or a point from the ocean.
Stop talking Chris ( laughs, ) [, J ]. If I go straight here who could earn points [, Chris ] Wil can earn points..
I can get points if you go there, Not a threat.

Anybody else. Jason will get ( mumbles ) from the ocean For what from the ocean
What are you trying to fish [, Wil ]? He could get mountain and ocean point …

That’S gon na happen, no matter what
Yeah, you can’t stop him from getting the ocean.

But you can stop Wil from getting the ocean. Guess. That’S my only play. Sorry Wil!

Sorry Wil! I don’t mean to be spiteful. Oh my God.
[ J ] And then give me that point: You are as bad as Felicia in Lords of Waterdeep. That does nothing to help you.

( laughter, ) And all it does …. All that does is hurt me
I’M sorry Wil .

. (. We could have had it all ). What was that? Lord of the?

What deep Sorry
Oh and you’re gon na sing Adele to me too, I’m not concerned about karma for screwing Wil right now, Because he’s a great guy he’ll get over it. I don’t know if that was the best move. I don’t think it was honestly, but I was pushing for it. That was a terrible (. Bleep ) move
Ok, that was a .

. [ Jason ], I’m good with it, I’m good with it. Will you be going to the ocean? My good sir
I believe I will be ( laughs ) To the ocean To the ocean To the ocean. You
I am Goldenrod

[ J ], Goldenrod .

[ Jason ] Yeah, that’s my name! Look it up! [ J ], Oh man, (, laughs, ), Oh it’s so beautiful! Finally, my masterpiece.

I was worried. I wouldn’t finish it, but now..
( laughs ), I honestly would not have gone there. Where would you have gone straight to the end Straight to food Straight to food?

Yeah, you should have gone straight to food, But it wasn’t in my best interest for you to do that. Oh my God, I trusted you Think for yourself. Think for yourself!
[ Chris ] I’m going right. There Grab me a mountain [, J ], Oh my God, Great
You have a mountain Terrific, How you doing in the ocean Great Liking.

You like that ocean painting, you got How’s that point treating you good. I know I should have let you …
[ Jason ] Now Wil’s only chance right now.

He has to get a one spot on food.

He has to [ Chris ], So it can’t be uh …
The irimeshi and it cannot be misoshiru, Will we see a smiley face from Wil or a sad face from Wil?

Should we look Or we can’t look Well, we’ll know in a second
We’Ll know in a second ( laughter ), That means lots of rich food. Sorry Wil, Oh no meople just died, Meople just passed away.
Game designer Steve Jackson says every game you play is a role playing game. Therefore it is appropriate that my starving artist, starved on the last turn. I want you to take that painting home with you ( laughter ), And I want you to frame it.

I want you to take that frame and then I want you to eat it. Oh wow

It’S only one part of it: … I’d like to swap my tea out for bourbon And just leave the bottle.

All righty Now the smart play is to go for the food You got to go for it J. I’m gon na take the food right from your mouth.
Welcome to Edo everyone, we hope you’ve enjoyed …

Phew, Let’s go ahead and total up some happy cat bonuses.
(, Japanese, music ). The final score Did I do that In first place, J. August Richards with 79 In second place, Chris Kluwe with 75 In third place, Jason Wishnov with 71
And in ( bleep ), Jason ..

I’ll, take it Wil with 63
I’M not going to say that we were gunning for you, but your death was on lock Woo. He was Charles Gunning for you, ( laughter, )! Congratulations! Thank you! So much
I’Ll see you in front of the Wall of Victory And I will join you all in the Loser’s Lounge.

Congratulations J., (, triumphant music, ), (, smooth jazz, ). Well, gentlemen:
.. Welcome to the Season Three Loser’s Lounge, I’m really glad you’re here and now.

I’M leaving

( laughter, ), Fair enough, fair enough.
Bye Later Wil, Congratulations! Thank you. You take your place along side, a lot of people who are not me,
( laughs, ), The first season of TableTop. We had a glorious trophy, but we could only afford one and we couldn’t give them to anyone And in the second season of TableTop we gave people certificates of awesome.

But this season, due to the generosity of viewers at home, you get a trophy of awesome to keep for yourself, Oh wow! Thank you so much! Congratulations! You have earned it. Please feel free to make a victory speech to the camera.

Well, thank you very much. I want to thank my coach Bo who taught me how to play. I want to thank all the guys for their advice and some of their. You know good advice and bad advice. Oh yeah, they were great.

No, they were super good for them yeah, But it was a great game. I had a fantastic time.
And you know, I think I get to win this umbrella because I made it rain on you, hoes Ugh. That’S what I did. I made it rain Ugh
Yes, So thank you.

I appreciate it. You are the worst winner ever I really am so hopefully, you’ll have me back so you can beat me sometime. Oh, you can count on that.
Fantastic Thanks for watching play more games And we’ll see you next time on TableTop. We did it, We did it.

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