Tsuro of the Seas: Kevin Pereira, Brendan Halloran, and Andy Hull join Wil on TableTop SE2E18

Tsuro of the Seas: Kevin Pereira, Brendan Halloran, and Andy Hull join Wil on TableTop SE2E18

Tsuro of the Seas: Kevin Pereira, Brendan Halloran, and Andy Hull join Wil on TableTop

One of last season’s breakout hits was a game called sir. Oh players took the roles of flying dragons in a tile laying game that was as quick to play as it was beautiful to look at it today on tabletop, Kevin Pereira, Andy hull and Brendan Halloran are here to play the sequel to sir, Oh, a game that Is just as beautiful but a little more complex and a lot more unpredictable. Today we aren’t the Dragons. The Dragons are trying to eat our hips as we sail, sir. Oh of the seats, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], sir.

Oh of the seas is a tile laying racing game designed by Jordan vice Minh, who brought the world Shadowrun. It’S a modification of the original game, sir, oh by Tom McMurray. The basic rules are the same as sir. Oh, what are those rules? You asked?

Take it away me from last season: this is a path finding tile laying game. We are flying dragons on every turn. We will play a tile on the board every dragon, touching that tile has to follow the path that makes to completion like this or like this. Are you charming and delightful? Alright, let’s talk about what’s different this time we are boats sailing the seas of Japan and those peaceful dragons we used to be may have a fever and their only prescription is eating our boats at the start of every turn.

We roll these dice to see if the dragons wake up on roll of six, seven or eight the Dragons will activate. We then roll the dice again to see which direction all the dragons move. If I roll a two, the dragons are all going to move in the direction marked 2 on their tile. Assuming that you don’t get eaten by the dragon, then you get to move your ship. You do this by placing one of the tiles in your hands in front of your ship, then every ship touching that tile will move to the paths completion, just like the original sorrow.

So I place this tile here. This ship goes here. This ship goes there. If your ship runs off the board, you are eliminated. If you run into a dragon or another ship, you are eliminated.

If you somehow end up on an infinite loop, you’re eliminated, four ships will enter, one ship will leave, who runs Bartertown or the sea. Let’S find out today unser o of the seas. My name is Andy hull. I am a writer and I star on the show space janitors here on geek and sundry. My name is Kevin Pereira and I’m a host a producer.

I run a production company called super creative hi, I’m Brendan Halloran, I’m a comedic actor and for people watching some, probably best known as playing a character named Darby on a show called space janitors here on geek and sundry, Brendon you’re up first yeah. So the first thing that you’re gon na do is place your boat, wherever you would like your boat to be alright yeah, because there’s there’s like dry dry, roads everywhere everywhere, yeah, mostly in the center, though yeah. So the corner seems like a cool place. To be sure, this corner actually feels a bit usually when you play sir, oh of the Seas, there’s an obvious starting place, because the dragons are kind of in one place. Today the Dragons are kind of everywhere place.

On my ship down in the corner, because I want to stay away from the Dragons, it’s just open seas down there. That’S where you want to be felt. Let my opening position was good. I mean the Dragons would have to move several tiles on the grid before they got near my yellow boat of Portuguese passion, so I’m confident and then Brendan. Whenever you ready, you can go ahead and roll for four dragon, we’ll see if the dragons are alive.

Other dragons doing just having a good old nap they’re 9. The dragons are asleep so go ahead and good move all right, great yeah. I think I’m gon na do this and I’m gon na just say a little green boat. Nice move up here. Excellent save all right.

The spice is safe for now. Spices are say is that what your boat is sailing? Spices? Yes, ok, various spices, mostly cumin cayenne, chili, spices, yeah, but the ones that are like readily available yeah every stores, yeah. Ok, all right!

My boat is a smuggling bread that is stored inside bales of drugs. Oh okay, you want! You want opposite on now. Yeah, let’s see if the Dragons wake up 6 the Dragons wake up, let’s find out which way the Dragons are gon na go. The Dragons will move in direction too.

So, let’s see, we’ve got all the dragons have done all their dragony things, which is exciting. Congratulations, dragons and I’m gon na go ahead and move this way. I’Ve changed my mind, my boat’s, not smuggling anything. My boat is carrying tourists advisor, everybody was eaten yeah. Actually, our release that you have to sign is 7,000 pages long.

I love that you finally get out to sea and there’s these most intimidating dragons ever, but this one just rotates. Yeah, that’s intimidating, drag, oppose, move stretch all right here we go. Let’S see if some dragons are up hey. Well, you got to be hitting my boat right, asleep, I’m just trying to knock down Deloria the dragons are asleep and go ahead. How would you like to move I’m going?

Unfortunately, straight ahead, I did not plan my tiles correctly. My boat is packed with Japanese school girls. There are tentacles everywhere. I’Ve got cameras rolling like mad we’re gon na pixelate, most of it. You won’t see much of anything.

Maybe a small anime eye will pop out and gasp, but other than that 30 bucks a month. If you want to see what’s goin down on my sir. Oh alright, let’s see – let’s say: okay, let’s see where they go. They’Re going one dragon is gon na move in the one direction, so this dragon that was spinning around is like oh, look, a yellow boat, I love those and and then this dragon is very excited to come visit. You, okay, that’s happening.

This is happening, Oh dragon. On dragon, this dragon is gon na knock that dragon out dragons like I enjoy eating dragons. Okay, I’m going with this tile. Okay boat is going to Georgia. We’Re gon na pick up a lot of people on the way it’s gon na be a great time.

Also. We might take a detour to carful huh. You have boat sailing music cuz, everybody does their own little jingles you’re, both the generally some dragon protection right about now. Smuggling hot pants, Brendon, Urie Agins, I’m gon na with this move, be able to acquire some cinnamon which will be really nice. You play the cinnamon time.

I played the cinnamon time. Congratulations! Yeah! We were playing Candyland yeah, we’re gon na be boat, sir! I’M sorry!

Yes, candy, Japanese boat dragon yeah all right. That’S the rough translation. Yes, for it super happy, Japanese, candy dragon time. All right. Let’S see you dragons are awake.

Subtitle grocery store. 6. The dragons are awake. Let’S see what’s gon na happen. Oh this is a good day.

This dragon continues to do it. I think this dragon actually is drunk the red dragon is a drunk jerk. What was it driven rotate this dragons gon na fly off, which is super great for me, and this dragon is gon na. Go that way and think about flying off, but that might not be great right because we need three dragons. Oh that’s right.

Without the dragon on the board, yep, which I guess we have to do right now, good point yeah! So, let’s see where it comes out. Okay, it comes out on five and one. Why don’t you roll the sleeve dragon roll to see which dragon comes out sex dragon number? Six is actually not one of the dragons.

So so, could you not screw up and yeah alright yeah three blue will come out. Okay – and this is so rough, alright yeah that sucks for those toriel’s are getting great pictures. Yeah, there’s tourists you’re like this is the most. I don’t know why this got such bad reviews on TripAdvisor. This is great.

Alright, if you look off the starboard side of the boat, you will see nothing, but on the port side, it’s a dragon. Please have those pictures ready here we go. Don’T awaken the dragon dragon for a week. Dragons around man get some melatonin all right. Andy go for it.

The Duke boys are in a sticky situation right now, all right. Okay, all right! So your ship is smuggling Cowboys and play. You know what I mean changing it now we are, we are we have Khaleesi mother of dragons, so I just feel confident about this role. Okay, all right!

So just don’t roll a four. You can roll anything except the four and I’m still alive. Yeah also be great: if you didn’t roll five yeah everybody, you can get a great close-up. Now, I’m a Portuguese male. We are known for being navigators before me.

What you might have spoken, they need spice and I have decided to deliver right. I feel like. Maybe I should have planned this more I should have. I should have pulled the Kevin on this and planned out my sway on who my plan might have failed miserably. I might be thinking right towards border town.

Two dragons are asleep. Um, oh and I have a straight – oh really, good, okay anyone’s ever had of dress, so the thing with tourists is that like it’s, never enough for them, but I’m a good boat operator. I think it’s time to get away from this dragon and let them see what another dragon looks like and also maybe spend some time in a dragon free area of the sea so that they realize how exciting it was to be around one in the first place. Getting ready to send these dragons to visit the gift shop, nein, no dragon dragons – and I will place this tile okay here so you’re gon na go that way. Yes right, yeah, I’m gon na keep doubling back as much as possible that those dragons rotate around.

Let wills tourists take photographs of the dragons, I’m gon na be safe in my little corner. Okay, all right guys, all right, all right, just roll all the way to see where the what’s gon na happen. My buddy, the green dragon, just be my friend for a little while longer dragon number direction all right, so this dragon goes and this dragons like what’s up guys and this dragon is tired of being photographed. Yeah he’s like this is bogus you guys, I’m just trying to swim. I think that I’m entitled with some private time all right well, like you know what guys, let’s get bold.

Let’S do it the original move. I have a very strong suspicion that Andy will die. First, I think he’s done. I literally have no other move to make at this point, and every other move would kill me. So I’m just gon na go flying right into the dragon’s mouth and hope for the best.

I need that dragon to move, though, make a no mistake of it. Oh go ahead, you’re up! No, let’s see, let’s see what yeah dragon Brendo. Let this happen. Let’S keep the Dragons right yeah.

I got some good moves here, set sail for adventure or do anything that moves on my boat. Please up here the cruise into the middle, probably venture yeah Howard address safe move for you great. This is uncharted water or even charter that how this water squiggles. Yet we did this thing: seven, the Dragons here, four one, five huge moves all would be great. A new drag is coming, let’s see which dragons gon na come out.

Number three is already on the board: devastating dragon number five is gon na, come onto the board and right and he’s gon na be to one which is oh. No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I did that wrong. Wait, oh, is that it is that this run. They can spawn that close to the board.

They they can they’re right there. Oh no, he came out and he ate you, blue blue you’re, not I’m totally new ro1 yeah. What play sorry, I didn’t sign up for this. Oh, come on down play a little board game, we’ll roll some dice, we’ll be pals, dragons boats near death, somebody’s making, sandwiches, it’s not there. Mewtwo Yeah right, Oh yep, yep you’re on hold Kevin thought that he was dead and then it turned out.

I thought he was dead too, and then it turned out. No, we can’t count properly. Oh I’m dead, now, the ship’s back in what so it’s to one which we all thought was right here, crushing Kevin, but it turns out it’s not it’s a stream here which kills this dragon so that dragon goes away, and this guy goes here like that. I thought Kevin was gone there and instead it just ate the dragon that was about to kill me so really, no better. So I’m not happy okay.

Here we go ready. No, no, no we’re getting ready to go towards those uncharted waters, because we know how well that works out. You’Re, not so go ahead and see if Danny dragons do drag when a boat is destroyed. Like this one, I probably like 80s action films. It never feels like it’s high stakes because the boat – oh it’s it explodes, and then you just do this for a little while right, just sort of wait and hang out, it doesn’t feel like, even if my boat is destroyed.

I feel like I’m still in this game. I just want to make that week the Dragons, oh, my god, roll that’s war. That was a four yeah sleeping dragon. I’Ve got one more shot at it. Wow!

Sorry, buddy, don’t be sorry. I don’t need your apologies and he has a 22 percent chance to have another turn in this game. Put another way. He has a 78 % chance of dying and moving me that much closer to victory. I’M playing the odds we need to move this dragon.

Eight. Okay, alright, alright, it wakes the Dragons blue blue dice. I need a two, a four or three. Here’S me damage tabletop moment you move that dragon all right move it. We know he’s going as a so a boy all right Kim it odds.

That’S how you do it! You tell that dragon get out of here. Move away bud got to come through here in my cool Japanese boat with Khaleesi and the Dukes number one I like to keep things really calm on my boat, so my strategy is to just sure everyone that we’re gon na be fine. I’Ve read Game of Thrones. I know what happens when you wake the dragon and it’s not good dragons and this dragons gon na go off the boards right Andy.

I got ta say this whole situation down here has worked out very well for you telling you you got ta go at the dragons. You got ta stare them down. You guys, let’s put a third on the board roll it. I roll the dice. Please my place.

My thing first, where we know to the dragon up: first yep, both right yep, five and six, let’s find out which dragon goes, roll roll one. It’S gon na come out on six, there’s no 6 or roll again. 3. 3 dragon number 3 is gon na come out, and it’s gon na be on 5 5 aah sons of make some sandwiches. Oh man will done courtesy.

Oh me: well, the good news is my tourists got an incredibly memorable picture of a dragon. The bad news is it’s actually from inside the dragon and also they’re all dead. I’Ve got candy crush on my iPhone. If you want to know business now, I’m gon na take over the Dragons. Now all right, I get to place of time, yeah really yeah.

I’M still here, I’m just not in the game. Well, it’s like every episode in the first season. It’S really okay, I’m gon na. Do I’m gon na do with this cool move. Yeah, hey dragon!

Wake up! No! No! Damn it dragons! I’M not a big fan of games that have player eliminations, so we play with a house rule when your boat is taken off the Seas, you still get to roll for dragons every time.

This lets people stay involved in the game and it also helps the end of the game, move a little bit faster, so wait. That was your well. That was me well I’ll keep Lola, even though I’m out I’ll keep rolling for the dragon yeah. I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking that I invented that house rule. So I could stay in the game.

That’S not true, although I I do have to say it was statistically likely that I would now be playing the Dragons table top five, no dragons dragons. I had a place of tile, though huh yep, I’m gon na head straight ahead. Please all ahead full! I feel, like all you hear from your know, right now, to see here. Yeah this game is going to get super intense and I’m gon na spark it up.

Seven dragons wake up, dragons are up roll, the roll, the blue one and see what happens here. We go dragon dragon. Just go ahead. Go ahead wrong, see right! You can lay on.

I guess I’m not dangerous dragon. One three is already the board roll again, please or actually no, you know just roll the blue dice just until the play. Sorry dragon number four. Now, let’s see where he goes. I thought it’s a good thing that I had two reroll this cuz.

I would have just killed myself yeah, alright, let’s here he goes blue five one. I had no idea that, while I was just doing champion donuts in the ocean hanging out bothering nobody that one BS roll would send a scaly demon crashing down on my ship of deliciously innocent asian schoolgirls, I roll that a turn. It was my fault, but you know let me know there will be an asterisks on this game. How dare you with a little snafu with the roll, but you know for some player and cab man, I’m sorry buddy, but you know, what’s written in the stars fate. The Dragons gon na eat up your boat filled with lovely young, japanese schoolgirls.

I’M sure that that’s it’s weird that that’s what you said. Your boat was, though, if you look at the roles that took place, role comes out, dragon would have killed the man who laid his hands on those dice but nay, let’s go back figure out which Dragon is going to be someone on the board rerun. Oh whoopsie, once again, Pereira gets it in the rear. I’M gon na rephrase that no it’s already done all right. This game is clearly racist against Americans really yeah.

Well, I did have a boat full of Asian, clearly favors, Canadian, yes, so Brenda human, you guys were sailing on the stupid metric system the whole time. Yes, so many kilometers! Yes, somehow you guys put the letter. U, in seems that doesn’t even make sense how many liters of water are. There yeah doing quite well quite well, here, all right, seven dragons!

Wake up a lot of people have noticed my Canadians, but we’re bold and we like to go right in and fight dragons. Come on your dragons come party on my vote on high for what I’m counting on somehow, both of you being eliminated on the same term, I can’t speak through the wall of anger, there’s a firewall of hate that my words cannot permeate right now. Look, I set it up all right man, oh man, all right, you’re, winning isn’t as satisfying as knocking someone else out of it. I know right: destroy Wayne, Gretzky, you’re, yari, curry. Let’S put the rock put the rock in the net some Americans here.

Can we please? I know cuz hockey is the only sport. I weigh I’m a basketball guy in your another basketball balls in the air, so put it in the basketball hole. I’M the Patriot Act and you guys are freedoms. Here we go.

Oh, my god, I’m coming for your emails! Listening all the time will and Kevin have it out for us, because we’re Canadian then we’re nice, and we just want to have a good time, but they’re American and they’re like no. You are gon na get it from us. Normally, I’m not a big fan of nationalism, however Kevin and I are out representing the United States, Andy and Brendan are in representing Canada. So if I may, USA, USA, USA, ok feels I hate myself right now.

I like to embody that which I hate and in this case I’m a dragon a dragon with flaming Patriot Act, wings, I’m coming for you, I’m taking down your ship, I’m checking all your emails, I’m looking at your Skype sessions, I’m disgusted, but I’m gon na get Those sales put some pants. What do we need a two-for-one drunk roll one? Okay, so let’s go we’ll move dragon number two is like you know: I’m gon na leave. I’M not! I want you to stay.

I like to stay in the game and Dragon number three is like nope, I’m gon na go here and then this dragons, like I’m gon na, go back here and then Dragon number four is like I’m gon na go over here. Andy thanks for looking really good for oh, no, no! No! That’S really, which means that you actually crash into a dragon means that you does that. I think no, you know what I think you’re right.

I think you can try and if you can’t yeah you can. I vote of deliciously innocent asian schoolgirls. This is your fate right about now. Them Duke boys are gon na wish that they had an army of unsullied to take out that dragon else. They’D best be learning how to fly themselves better near dear dear to you.

Alright, here we go rumble in the jungle rumble in the water. Okay, wait! Here’S the thing all right! You are the playoffs! This guy is the Maple Leafs go.

Well, then, this is not gon na help. This isn’t gon na end. Well, for you, okay, okay! Okay! I’M Tom Fergus, your rusk ordinal.

Okay, all right wait when you heard Bret Hart Jim the anvil Neidhart. Why are you helping me? You want me to die. This doesn’t anything for okay, so this is what’s gon na happen. This guy is gon na go to war, filled it for Wow.

This dragon turns and this dragon forgoes, I’m gon na eat you out and that dragon is gone Wow carefully. This gave us killing the Dragons through passive aggressive means made that dragon eat another dragon. No one has done that in this game. Yet who do you thinks gon na win? I’Ve said really admire Andy strategy of putting Daenerys Duke on his boat, because she, as the mother of dragons, is now making the Dragons move out of his way and he’s gon na die nice flirting with danger and he’s gon na get burned dragons what come on?

Let’S make it interesting, I killed one yeah I’ll kill another one. Yes, let’s go. I feel like these dragons, I feel like their heart’s, not in the game. I’M coming for you all your data logs, all your ships right. No, I feel like you’re in trouble, though, because, like 7,000 dragons here here we go and it’s gon na be one one.

One things are not looking good for you over here and you’re. Part of the ocean for is gon na go like I don’t want to be here, but no no come okay! Well, you don’t have Khaleesi, Duke on your on your shells, really sort of helping me yeah. I just realized that Andy is on a hero’s journey. He had to face down a dragon, he managed to survive his greatest fear and then he went off a little bit and he came back to the place where he faced his greatest challenge like.

If I were writing this. She kind of has to win every hero’s journey has battles with dragons and epic struggles with strife, but Andy’s hero journey as a role of cowardice can’t spell cowardice without dice. So if I’m like, if I’m writing this, you know in the hero’s journey, we were really we’re. You’Ve had a death and but now you’ve returned to the village. I killed a dragon yeah, that’s an essential part of Appeals, yeah yeah right well, the red wedding is gon na happen.

Now wedding was months ago months ago you haven’t seen the red wedding. By now you can’t complain it. You can’t complain about it, Marie no dragons. No dragons great come on sorry buddy. Let me sell estates for you.

I need you to die dragons get out of here. You could die right now. That would be great. It would be very helpful. I don’t think I have the exact thing that I don’t have.

The exact move you need we’re almost done, I feel, like my strategies, has really done well for me, I think Andy did it, though I’m swimming with some dragons right now and he is swimming with clear water. No, I think I just did something bad 600. Buddy you’re in so much trouble. You shouldn’t have done that. I just shouldn’t [ Music, ], spiritually God was once a live as well good evening and welcome to on the losers couch.

As always, I’m your host will wheaton joining me tonight. Are my co losers. Kevin Pereira – hello, Kevin, it’s nice to see you, I understand you’re in a new film with Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot. I am you know it’s a fast. I can’t wait to see it and now our second guest is Brendan Halloran Brendan hello.

How are you it’s nice to see you? I understand Brendan that you have solved a Maxwell’s equation yeah. I have that’s great, really easy yeah! Thank you so much that was fascinating. It’S been a delight having you here on the losers.

Couch we’ll see you next time. As always, I’m gon na Wheaton and I’ll be here. I will I know if the producers they told me to pretend like I was talking to you, oh okay, credits, cool sure doing those things were like you know, someone points in your friend is a cheater he’s, a filthy, filthy cheater, and the fact that you associate With him makes me sick, whoa, calm down yeah, we both give really good shoulder rubs, though it’s just a game. I wouldn’t give you that thanks, it’s a pleasure to play with you a game, more credits, yes, Andy, your hero’s journey was amazing. Thank you.

I think this may be one of my favorite most dramatic episodes. We’Ve done so far of tabletop. It was like an episode of like a like a real show. Yeah right are you seeing table? That’S not normally a real show, like you know, with a story like a narrative, yeah dig yourself out of the photo here we go.

I can dig up I’ve done that going it was it told a real story with real characters. Okay, all right! All right! I’M going to allow that it is my great pleasure to present to you Andy today’s tabletop certificate, awesome scratch so much of it out yeah. Well, that’s I had to fix it.

It’S not heaven left over! So now! Last season everybody got this trophy that they got to hole, but we can’t afford to do that again. So we have these amazing, beautiful certificates that are going to look gorgeous that you can actually keep so here. Let me just put a little seal on there, so it’s all set up for you, so you know that it’s official and now please make your victory speech.

I am honoured to have taken this journey with will and Kevin and Brendan it just so happens. I’M for sure the best at it and – and it was great Thank You, Canada in America and Chile there. It is we’ll see you next time on tabletop and until we are back again play more games.

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