UNBOXING the Rarest Cards of the Year!

UNBOXING the Rarest Cards of the Year!

UNBOXING the Rarest Cards of the Year!

What’S going on guys, i mean it’s the holiday season, so art of play sent us 24 mystery decks. The decks that are contained within these include rare and valuable playing cards that either would never be reprinted or only printed for mystery decks or are out of stock and limited, and other ones are available on art of play today, we’ll be checking to see what the Value of these 24 mystery decks are like this video and subscribe. Let’S get into it uh here we go oof baby, oh my god! Oh my god. Look at this!

This is like right here this. You know what this is. This is a thumbnail uh. Usually they come with a wax seal. This year, they’ve changed the packaging up a little bit and they came with a little sticker, which is ah it’s kind of cute, and here we go.

Let’S open her up a po do playing cards. These were uh cardini’s, uh design, cardini, very famous card magician, obviously with a name like cardini you’re, not doing coin magic. You might be, but people know you for your card stuff, the podu playing cards. These are actually really pretty. They have a dope little seal on them right there.

I don’t believe i have this edition. Let’S check this out play now. Some of these may not even be on the website. We might only find them on on like ebay or something so podu, which means soft skin. Here we go turquoise edition 15 for the po.

Do you guys want to have a look and see uh what these look like on the inside? We won’t do a review for every single deck. I might review the ones that i don’t already have, or the ones that i’m really interested in. Oh, the bane of my existence i swear to god – is opening cellophane on playing cards one day, we’ll get rid of cellophane. I swear all right, so you got this cool little seal.

Oh, we can actually peel it back, so it doesn’t get ripped. There’S cardini the man himself here are the playing cards, so we got like this light pink, this light, shade of pink for the red and then black, smaller pips and indices than normal and check out the back design. Isn’T that cool? So that’s one way and that’s the other: oh the way it just like. So when you spread them, you get this nice.

You know that just that’s just really beautiful and obviously, though, if you turn the cards, this way you’re going to mess up the sort of fan, the way that fan looks. But let’s see how a double fan looks like here: double fan all the way: [ Music ]. That’S really pretty! I like that. We already have these ones classic odd bods, just one of the most beautiful tuck case designs in existence.

Oh hi, my name is mark playing cards uh, one of the members of blink182 uh mark last name, but i had him in like this navy blue and i didn’t know they put out a gray edition. So let’s check that out on the site. Eighteen, the gray version of the hi, my name is mark playing cards, very beautiful, uh, very dope cards there. You go three down 21 to go, make sure to leave a comment below which one of these decks was your favorite, we’ll see if they match up. What’S this, what is this?

Oh, these are wild, william stout dinosaur playing cards, art of play, brazil wow. These super retro comic book designed playing cards. Okay, i got ta open these we’re gon na. Have a look at these. I have no idea what these are.

Okay tuck case pretty standard. Oh look at that joker. This is actually really cool all right. We got different, jokers ace of spades. You got the t-rex and we got this jurassic font, which is pretty dope, love the vintage vibe here that is really sick.

So each playing card has its own illustration of different dinosaurs. That’S actually pretty crazy wow. They are indeed different. So every single this is this is remarkable. Uh, look at that, one, that one’s pretty cool, so you’re getting uh you’re, getting a whole bunch of different illustrations.

This is beautiful. Obviously, a lot of work went into this deck and the fantastic worlds of william stout. So oh, it’s also represented by american legacy: fine arts, okay, special thanks to william stout kent, wilson, stout byron price that is really dope. Oh the back design. Look at the back design check this out.

That is actually really nice. I like that. A lot look at that. Oh they would. This seems like a prime design for a marking but uh.

Nonetheless, it has that sort of bicycle or mandolin back uh, look to it and i actually like it a lot, i think they’re dope and they handle pretty well they’re, nice and soft, very nice. I like these a lot. I would rock these all day how cool is it no matter? What card you pick every card’s special and it has some type of dinosaur on it very cool, very dope. We should check the price out right now.

Those are 25 all right, our leader. So far, being the william style playing cards uh, we got 20 decks left 25 deck right there, and and for those of you wondering mystery, decks go for 12. So so far, every single deck that we’ve chosen we’ve had fifteen dollars. Eighteen dollars, twenty four dollars, every single deck that we’ve got so far, the mystery decks have been worth more than the price of a mystery deck. Your odds of getting a deck, that’s worth less is zero.

So that’s pretty good all right! Let’S check this one out. Wow, what is that? Oh, these are pretty look at these silva vocate art of play presents eastern forest playing cards text by david g haskell, an illustration by ellen litwiller eastern forest playing cards. Epiphanies await the curious mind, love that slogan.

Let’S have a look: shall we nice little seal on these as well, got a wonderful little little blade here that i use courtesy of craig hill? This thing is just like: we’ve worn the crap out of this honestly helps with tuck case seals, though oh, that back design is actually really nice. Look at that. So it’s kind of like a brown sort of chocolate color. Well, they feel really nice, oh yeah, that is buttery.

It’S just addicting. Okay, that’s my test to see if decks feel uh great, if i can anaconda them right out of the box. That’S that’s what i don’t know. That’S what i like wow, okay, earthworms european colonists. Lumberjust worms devour and thin americas for soil tree of haven.

A colonists from asia grows lightning fast, overshadowing indigenous trees wow. So this is just a lot of information about the forests. We have no the forest in in asia that is actually really cool, so you’re. Just getting a lot of fun facts: every card like this here, the roughed grouse wing pumping display in your chest, starting slow building to a brass trail. Miniature pones as well swish crunch, hear the box turtle approach.

Skunk cabbage is a furnace. It’S heat melting, snow and raising a fetid odor. Every suit is a sense. Hearts are invitations to touch and feel diamonds awaken the eyes to flash firefly gleam of wildflower clubs, open ears to the forest, many howl songs and footfalls, and tree rustles spades, call us to taste and smell yummy, fruit and bitter leaf. That’S really cool nice educational deck of playing cards that also handle incredibly well.

Those are eighteen dollars all right. Next up, oh, are these gold? Oh, these are the standards. Are the makers makers, private reserve makers – i’m not going to open these, because these are like these are pretty rare. Look at that seal on top by the way that is a gold seal.

That goes all the way around there wraps around here super ornate, beautiful. These got to be worth a pretty penny: private reserve, 52.

Baby hit the jackpot on the makers here, all right, let’s go next here: oh, what are these? What are all these new decks? Dude, i’m actually loving this experience.

These are all just as playing cards art of play playing cards. These are art of play playing cards. This is so dope, it’s a long key here. This is really dope. I like these a lot and there’s like a little pinstripe embossing on the on the cover which, which is nice and classy, feels like feels like a nice classy suit.

They just don’t lack ideas. These guys they’re constantly being creative. I love it so they’re like a beige, stalk whoa. Look at that wow, that’s actually really cool. That is really beautiful.

Wow! Look at these illustrations, guys they smell nice. They smell like a fresh pack of hockey carts. If you know that smell it’s a great smell, oh wow, oh wow, look at these court card. This is so intriguing and beautiful, my goodness, what a great job on these are to play there you go and here’s the back design.

Oh just classic love that look at that. That’S like this looks like it would be uh in, like you know, in mad men like on the like on uh on buddy’s desk and mad men, i don’t see them anywhere. Maybe i’ll go to just playing cards here. Dude, like even just the product pictures and stuff they have on their website, is just so pretty so these, i guess, are perhaps limited, perhaps something you can’t even get your hands on pretty dope pretty dope. Next deck, like i said, there’s a lot of surprises in these cards.

You never know what you’re going to get you never know if they’re going to be out of stock, rare or at a print, this one was cool. Last time i reviewed this last year we did the same type of video, and this is one of the last decks we picked out and a lot of you pointed out, hey man. This is from the shining and you’re absolutely right. Now, even the back design of these cars like orange and brown, i think and resembled the carpet and the shining. Let’S get this next one open here, oh what okay!

These are not even on the website golden edition hi. My name is mark playing cards. Okay, i got ta open these this i got ta open. What are these worth? First of all, they’re, not even on the website like check that out on ebay 112 right there 125 deck of cards right here.

Ladies and gentlemen, what a pull playing cards are meant to be played with. Ladies and gentlemen, and i know that a lot of you are like – don’t open it, that’s blasphemy, but hey. Why else do you tune into this channel? You want to see what the cards look like. I want to see what the cards look like we’re going to open it.

This is what we do here. Oh wow, these are beautiful. Okay, so these were your ad cards that you always have, which i always thought were some of the most interesting ad cards. I’Ve ever seen in a deck of cards, just super random, um love that these cards always did handle really well, oh yeah. They are indeed have i never handled a deck of cards, they’re very pretty uh.

In fact, if you look at the face cards which is really cool, you get this metallic ink in the background, there’s a bit of a glimmer back there, which makes it really nice. These are very cool cool deck to collect. The inside of the box looks like the inside looks like a map, which is also really cool hi. My name is mark playing cards golden edition, 125 deck of cards now worth probably about 20 bucks as i opened it. But that’s that’s what we’re here for, let’s go again very cool, didn’t expect that had these modern times beer we’ve had these.

I think the last uh two mystery deck polls that we had in the last like three years or whatever uh we’ve had these ones, which are super original super dope, go check those videos out. If you want to see uh what these cards look like, i will not be reviewing them again. These tempo playing cards – oh they’re, like jazz players, not quite my tempo whiplash, probably one of the greatest movies ever oh, look at that and look at the seal. How it’s like a regular man, these guys are so creative produced and distributed by art, to play designed by combo, never play anything the same way twice. I like that temple play cards, look at 18 dollars a deck available at are to play.

If you want to pick them up for yourself, you’re, a music fan you’re into jazz you’re into jazz and playing cards you’re into none of those two and this seal as well, has like a perfect it’s a perforated seal. So those are really cool because they’re kind of satisfying you cannot, you know. Hopefully there you go there, you go boom and it breaks the seal for you. Oh man, oh cool. Okay, these are the jokers cool jokers and this is the ace.

Oh, that’s a nice touch, oh the little music notes. This is really cool. Oh wow, look how complicated it grows. So it grows from like the two, which has no music notes. The three all right things start to get a little bit.

You know they’re jazzing, they’re, mixing it up adding some things, which is chaos at the end. I love that it’s very creative court cards and again boom boom boom. These are, these are very beautiful tempo, a deck by autoplaying combo, and here is the back design check that out. That’S actually really nice back design very pretty, indeed tempo playing cards very nice moving on! What’S this, what’s this, what’s this, what’s this thunderbird room, fulton’s thunderburner?

Okay, this is like a casino deck. Uh fulton is known for putting out like decks that uh that are well from the fulton casino and they’re, always like casino inspired, and this one is really cool scottsdale. It’S got the uh fulton’s thunderbird room, so i guess that’s like a gambling room in the casino. Let’S have a look here now: what the cards look like, thunderbird room! Let’S check this out 15 deck of cards right here, beautiful seal once again, whoa look at the inside.

It’S got those casino carpet vibes. You know what i mean. I just watched. Actually, the movie casino recently with uh sharon stone robert de niro, joe pesci. What an amazing movie!

I actually read that book a long time ago as well great great story, the lefty rosenthal, it’s a good movie, it’s a good movie classic, but these are really cool. They got that, like they remind me of like um, either a casino carpet or like the bench of a bus. You know what i mean uh, the jokers are really neat. I like the jokers the ace, is really dope. Look at that ace.

That’S a really nice ace. I love the leading lines behind the cactus there. Uh court cards are pretty standard with a different color and there’s extra cards you just get a couple of these, which are like ad cards can act as jokers as well. I guess pretty dope pretty dope, not bad, not quite my tempo but uh. I can appreciate them.

I think they’re kind of cool all right. Let’S go next whoa. What did we just discover here? Whoa now you’re talking now we’re talking my tempo cybernetic playing cards. All right.

We’Ve got some hollow foil there by ivan moskovitch all right before we go any further 204 dollars here, 83. So about 100 to 200 for this deck of cards. Here the cybernetic playing cards wow we’re gon na keep those for a little bit later. I want to open these a little bit later. They are i’m really intrigued by this deck, all right, sorry about that, how to grab a little coffee we’re halfway done.

Let me take a second to say: i am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be able to do this on camera, for you guys, uh, i’m lucky as hell. Thank you for that. We had these ones. These were the uh smoky forest playing cards. We had them.

Last time, these are like the limited edition that were not available on the website check them out on the last review. If you want to see what these, what those look like all right – oh another art of play, deck of cards this one. However, i, like the color of this, almost matches what i’m wearing here, almost like a green beige going on again with the pinstripe embossing, don’t seem to show up anywhere. I may have to ask them about this deck because uh again, they seem to show up absolutely nowhere very cool deck of cards so again with that sort of beige tone and the back same exact deck. Okay, put that right back in the box, just a different box same deck next up another odd bodz right on the pile.

Let’S we’re going we’re plowing right through this half here balance, that is pretty it has the word balance embossed. Oh, you see that these are pretty. Let’S check these i’ve never never heard of these. This is like christmas morning. Uh balance playing cards.

Okay, so they do have one deck, which is 15, but it is a pink version. It is not this version, so maybe uh. Maybe we go to ebay again, so the pink version looking about 20 to 30, but nowhere is there the darker version, another elusive deck that does not exist, balance playing cards. Let’S open her up, i’m all about opening these rare decks man life’s too short to not play with playing cards. You know what i’m saying: oh, that tuck case is nice.

That feels nice, like our v2s, that we put out oh wow, look at that. That is nice kind of like a gold metallic and black on the face cards, very pretty very artsy about equilibrium designed by sdco partners, charleston south carolina kind of cool, not necessarily my vibe, but you know it might vibe with some of you guys out there. Next deck, how many we got left, we got seven decks left. I was hoping i got another one of these uh i opened one last, i’m gon na keep one in the packaging. If you want to check these out.

This is if an octopus could palm with a nice little window where you can see the back of the cards there uh one of the best sleight of handbooks out there. Uh was if an octopus could palm and they remade a deck with this art. Like that’s something i’d get tattooed on my body right there look at that! That’S just pretty! I’M gon na keep that one intact.

If you wan na see what those cars look like check, the last review that we had going on i’ll leave that link at the end of the video. You can go watch that one if you like again uh these. Oh these are standards but pink standards. Nice seal once again, i don’t have the pink ones. I have the box of all these standards, 18 standards pink edition there you go [, Music, ], beautiful next feeling and another deck of standards.

There you go, we got the blue ones and those are also 18. So back to back standard, what are the odds of that standards done? Go baby saving the best for last i’m guessing. Yes, i was hoping to get one of these. These are uh james coffee, my buddy um and owner of james coffee, uh, david kennedy has uh.

Has a coffee shop called uh james coffee, you might you might know if you follow peter mckinnon, he rocks that stuff all the time and uh i love. I actually have look back here. We’Ve got another one of his decks, these ones here, and so these these were always so sick and i’m glad i got the orange one, because i really like the color vibe of this fun to take pictures of orange. You know, let’s cut the seal open. I think this one came with: oh, it did come with a seal different seal, though [ Music ], let’s have a gander that is dope.

I love that i, like that, a lot more than the old design, here’s the old design right, which was okay uh, but this is definitely my speed here. This is this is my speed here. Oh look at that the ace the jokers are identical: [, Music ]. Some nice metallic ink on the court cards and then you get uh some quick brewing guide, an ad card and the uh the red is actually like this orange, which is really dope. This is a beautiful deck.

Probably i would say so far. I haven’t seen the cybernetic cards, but my favorite pull, definitely something i can see myself taking photos of carry in my pocket uh. That is definitely dope. I think you can actually buy these on are to play. If i’m not mistaken, i don’t think they’re lim.

I think they’re limited, but i don’t think they’re sold out uh james coffee. Let’S see oh they’re, not they’re not available, so the dark ones are available, but not the orange ones. Hello, okay, uh yeah go for about 45 about 45 dollars. But honestly, i think that’s fair. These are beautiful.

I would i could see a lot of pictures being taken with these, like these are just eye catching the color on them, uh, the simplicity, the font. Everything is right up. My alley. Definitely love these all right. We got three more decks and then we’re going to open these cybernetic cards for you as well, because i’m very curious on what those look like.

What is this the lepidopterist premium playing cards? I have not seen these whoa, so they got that uh standard or the um the same seal as the makers. What’S a lepidopterist from kowaleski and company all right before we open it up. Let’S have a look at the value of these cards. Uh looking between 25 and 50 dollars on ebay, let’s go ahead and open her up nice tuck case embossed.

Here this seal is just genuinely really cool. If i can i’m just going to cut it out with it, let’s go, i get too excited ooh. Look at the inside of that emerald, green uh foil on the inside. That is pretty so i’m guessing lepidopteris has something to do with butterflies, more butterflies here that ace of spades is rad. Look at that the font, the pips and the indices are very pretty.

Let’S see the court cards here standard court cards, but they all have a little butterfly floating around, which is really dope, and then, if we look at the actual, oh look at that. Look at that ace of hearts the ace of hearts very pretty. We got a okay, i actually like this design here i thought that was gon na be the back design and here’s the back design. That is trippy. Look at that.

It’S got this sort of green color to it. This checker pattern, which kind of has that alice in wonderland vibes to it very whimsical, feel really nice. Oh yeah, lepidopterious playing cards available are to play check them out if you’re a fan of butterflies, two decks left, let’s go either gon na save the best. For last mindfulness playing cards, i’ve never heard of these mindfulness playing cards distributed by art to play illustrated by mooty printed in the usa. All right sorry, i got ta get to the last deck.

I’M too excited all right, guys drum roll uh lady, but we already had this deck. I have this deck every single pole. I have 19 lady moon playing cards. They’Re really nice, though super pretty tuck case, probably one of the nicest tuck cases uh with that. That sort of 1950s – you know style to it very pretty uh, but let’s go back and check out the mindfulness playing cards, then real quick.

Since we haven’t seen these yet okay sort of off-white cardstock there and there you go so same back design. That’S what i expected, but really pretty, nonetheless, muted sort of pastel colors with the flamingo in the middle and the jokers are here identical jokers the ace is really cool wow. This looks like some peyote trip honestly. This is like, if you were in the desert. Looking for a spirit, animal on ayahuasca, this might be the deck for you, uh yep.

I could definitely see someone uh taking psilocybin and uh playing a game of solitaire in the desert, with these very cool all right. Lastly, but not leastly, that’s 24! That’S 24! Decks! The moment we’ve been waiting for the cybernetic playing cards, these uh the detail on this is actually wild.

Dude. Look at that like there’s. Writing here like this is this: is a stellar uh design so far, but like the the stock on this is really heavy and thick. Look at that. Isn’T that cool, okay, the inside, doesn’t disappoint, and why are they wrapped?

What is this they’re wrapped in plastic printed? In china, how are these printed in china? Why are they printed in china? This is interesting. I’Ve never seen art of play do this before this is new to me.

The images on these cards were created through a collaboration of man and machine ivan moskovich patented, his harmonograph device in 1967 and soon after his revolutionary approach to drawing was featured in an exhibition. Titled cyberneric cybernetic serendipity at the institute of contemporary arts in london, a groundbreaking visual artist inventor and author maskovich’s work attracted the attention of creative luminaries such as m.c escher and frank oppenheimer wow. He holds over 100 patents for toys and games and his best-selling puzzle books have been translated into a dozen languages. Ivan moskovich is a survivor of the holocaust.

As of this writing, he is 93 years old and still creating new works. Okay. This is a pretty exciting, regardless, where these are made, i think uh. I think the whole point of these cards is to showcase some art and i can’t wait to see it. So, let’s have a look: [, Music ] here the backs very, very strange.

Looking back design, [, Music ], look at that! That is colorful! Okay, so i know these things. I feel like i’ve seen these images before wow they’re all different. This is done by a machine all these drawings really beautiful, honestly, all right!

Well, there you have it! Those are the cybernet playing cards honestly, i was a lot more hyped for the tuck case than i am about the cards uh, but it did help me discover a new artist that i didn’t know even existed, even though i probably am familiar with his work uh. So cool nonetheless, and this uh, this tuck case is just just like the epitome of like sweet design. I love this a lot all right, ladies and gentlemen, that is it for this year’s mystery deck haul. I’Ve left the link below where you guys can check it out.

I you know by this time they might even be sold out. However, if there are some decks in here that you want to add to cart, you can go ahead and check out. They got a whole bunch of decks there as well, and you know we got some playing cards over at first.shop as well. If you guys want to check that out, happy holidays,

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