VANISH a Playing Card in MID AIR!! ft. Tobias Dostal

VANISH a Playing Card in MID AIR!! ft. Tobias Dostal

VANISH a Playing Card in MID AIR!
ft. Tobias Dostal

Foreign, I promised you guys a tutorial, and not only did I bring you back a tutorial, I brought you back some incredibly visual fun and funny magic by The Marvelous, miraculous and phenomenally astoundingly great magician, uh, Tobias dosto Tobias, is a German magician who’s. Also, an artist and not just I don’t mean artists in the way like magicians or artists, because magicians are also artists. I mean he creates artwork that he sells. He made this beautiful piece for me, uh, which you know literally. Ah, I was brought to Tears by this.


I thought it was so cool, so he’s not only incredibly generous with his art, but he’s also incredibly generous with his knowledge. I’ll leave his Instagram below, as well as his website, where he’ll be selling a lot of his magical effects. So if you’re a magician learning magic and you want to buy some tricks, you can definitely check out his link below. Also don’t forget to like And subscribe and without any further Ado. Let’S watch Toby’s performance of this amazing little sleight of hand to it. that’s a small one, make it bigger. The wind is right, it looks pretty gentle one more time I get it.


It’S gone, I’m going to explain how to do this move and how to do this routine. However, if you guys want to wait till after the tutorial, I’ve also got some tips. I’ve given this about three four days of Performing to friends and family and just kind of seeing where this idea could go and I’ll give you the tips and tricks that I learned as someone who just learned this a few days ago. So watch the explanation and then we’ll get into some tips that I’ve come up with. Okay, we’re here with uh, Tobias, dostile, uh Toby, is an amazing Creator which you’ve probably seen in the other videos, but today he’s going to be showing you something I thought was very interesting and actually super fooling.


Oh it’s! I love this movie so much because it looks pretty like you can stand in front of everybody and try this work here in the Wind. It’S a small one. Make it bigger. The wind is right: it’s pretty gentle one more time I get it.


It’S just gone. Ah, that’s so good! All right! One more time watch this vanish watch this vanish. Okay, it’s!


So it’s so foolish! So what is this move called? Oh, it’s uh! Maybe the elbow no, what is the name of that? Let’S call it uh to the void right, whoa, okay, very dark!


I like it. What are we essentially doing here? What are we starting with? Oh, this is actually a conditional audience to just put all the time. The cards behind your back of the hand and actually it’s just a rabbit Advantage, but if you put the retention right and you put this card on the back, everybody can see it and you’re ready for your retention.

You know it’s for the rubber dab right. You just actually pull the card back like this. Everybody should know a rubber to vanish. So what I’m doing here is I’m just placing it here and now my fingers are just going up and when I see my fingers are just going exactly in the line of the spectator’s eyes. I just steal the card back and I’m acting like I repositioned the card on the back of the hand to be ready for my elbow kick right and then I’m just going like and then when this hits, and there is actually nothing it’s so confusing.


It just plays very well. I’m a big fan of this. You remember this one. You know it’s the same principle where you do this kind of stuff, you’re like ooh, you know, and then you catch them or everything, but there was a great one. I always loved about it was, you know, put them all here and you do the same one of my favorites, but just to make this a bit more simple, but the same magical, effective and just do it with one card and uh, and it has a nice Surprise, because afterwards, the card can reappear from the Top Shot or whatever. So it’s like a cool thing to play with.


There are many ways, also how you get the card on top of the hand you know like with a Top Shot right. You shoot it one here, but it’s the first time and then you already inspect the advanced version and then you do the kick. Let me do it again: oh no, this is smaller, so how you actually do the kick would be also interesting because I’m here, let me show you what’s happening here. Just take the card and when I’m going up, I leave the card standing in the air right. It’S an old move, I think Jeff McBride. I’ve seen it on a VHS somewhere and when the card is just getting thrown up here, it’s standing in the air trying to take my elbow and kick that card that goes up there.


So you see it now, it looks from the back one two to get my elbow bit out right. It’S a weird position. We have the best case. It rolls down the arm from the feeling. Look at that right.


Just first, you get it. It’S not really spinning. It’S also windy here. If you do it right, you just you know, boom boom go up, leave it standing very vertically, and then you should get the corner. It’S just something you can train from the middle, but if you hit it, it’s a really sexy thing to catch.


You know all right, so that was the retention, vanish, sort of or Rub-A-Dub um on the back of his hand and here’s the exposed angle. So from over here right, I don’t want to, because I want to take this card. On the back of my hand, it’s needed. I kind of just put it back there, so I have to put it back on the deck, and this is where I’m getting it into my rub. It vanishes right, so actually I’m holding it with my index finger middle finger here and my thumb is able to pull this backwards like this all right. This is the position I want to put it in and it’s really the pivot point here is the index finger.


So when I’m putting this behind my hand, I’m exactly in that position, I place it there and now I go a bit higher with my hand. This is where I pull back and my hands stand still and just act a little bit like I’m. I would do this right, I’m just looking. It has to look like I’m taking the card and putting it in the right position. This is how it should look even from here.


So what are the angles on this like? What’s pretty, it’s pretty good, it’s yeah, because you have your left hand covering this as well. Right, you see it’s. Maybe this guy from the side he’s a bit confused about what’s happening, but from the front. You have the whole hand discovering it.


I think it’s pretty yeah pretty much more than 180 yeah and yeah. I mean what else it’s just something of practice. It’s really! It’S a weird mix of a flourish that becomes really magical as a as a stunt and if you don’t get it right, if you don’t, if you don’t, oh you’re feeling right, yeah, okay, cool, but if you are actually not, if you don’t get it right and It feels like, oh maybe it sucks, but you just say well give me one more chance right and then you do it, but you do the rubber dab right boom. Put it here, foreign.


You don’t have to learn. Actually, the kick if you, if you think that’s difficult for me, so you just do it and you try to do it. You’Re, like oh, wait, give me one more chance right and you just do it then. So then you condition them exactly sort of yeah. Follow that movement?


That’s great! That’s the idea about it, just surprising people, Tobias, an absolute pleasure and honor. Thank you guys. Where can uh? Where can they go to see your stuff?


If they want to go see your stuff? Oh I mean you can learn more stuff on my gum Road. I have a we’ll leave. We’ll leave that uh Link in the description top link. You guys can check it out, yeah and, of course, check my Instagram, happy to follow you as well.


If you follow me, so yeah see you thanks Debbie, when I’ve performed this, maybe three or four times it always gets a what the hell reaction from the crowd. It’S such a perfect transition between a stunt and a trick because both are entertaining and they’re expecting to see the stunt now that you’ve sort of pulled it off or even, if you’ve, not really pulled it off, they’re expecting to see it. So the expectation contrast between what’s going to happen is very large. You’Ve set that up perfectly, you’ve conditioned them perfectly. To think that one thing is going to happen, and then you pull the rug out from under their feet.


So that is a great little premise. However, uh and Toby also vocalized this to me it is an incomplete effect. This is something that, although it’s a weird moment, most people ask me afterwards what happened to the card, and I think it’s a very valid question. I think you need to have that card reappear for the circle to be sort of complete. Now the idea that I’m going to present are probably ideas that Toby’s already discovered.


Maybe he wasn’t too happy with him, and maybe it needed something else. So this is really where you guys come in. You guys practice this and then come up with your own ending, come up with how you want to finish it, but make sure it makes sense and give it some thorough thought. Don’t use the first idea. That comes to mind.


This is a small, creative tip that I’ve that I’ve learned from you know a long time of creating magic and creating content, and everything else is that when you’re jamming out ideas – and you come up with one idea like the first one that comes into your head – It’S one of two things: one: it’s either the most brilliant thing in the world, but two: it’s often something that is an obvious leap, meaning that you think about this, and if you gave this idea to 100 different people, half of them would also jump to this Conclusion so sometimes the obvious leap isn’t the best, because it’s what some sometimes it is, but sometimes give it some more thought. That’s all I’m saying. The first thought that popped into my head was a card in my pocket. Is that a good trick? I don’t know, but it’s the first thought that popped up in my head, I’m just giving you basically what uh what was going on in my head when I was playing around with this.


So, after like two days of practice, I was actually able to pretty consistently nail it and it’s just about lifting the hand, letting go and hitting it exactly like Toby explained. So if you already do the uh the rub, it vanishes now, usually a lot of times I’ll. Do it like this uh, but you can do it like this, which is a lot more clean and open. So it’s just basically about pulling the thumb back and it sort of pivots on the index to straighten out. That’s all.


that’s all it’s doing it’s just doing that. So it’s here kind of on an angle and then you pull back your thumb straight back in a straight line and it’s going to retract the card in a proper position when done under another card or sorry when done under the cover of your hand, it can Really look like your placing it under there what’s interesting about this. First of all, the line of sight is very important. If you come off too early you’re going to see that happen. If you’re too late, you’ll see that this is happening. So the timing is everything as soon as this comes to eye level. that’s when it should be done so here you’re really timing, this so that it looks like you’re, placing it there and it’s gone as soon as that.


As soon as that hand raises up, it is gone for about a moment, but they’ve been remembered. They’Ve been conditioned to think that you’re going to hit it so you’ve got a nice cover there. It’S just so brilliant. So again, the first idea that came to mind was a card to pocket uh. The idea is that you’re here or the idea is that you start here and you go. I’m going to throw your card and catch it in my back pocket.


And then you go like this, and now it really goes close to that pocket, which is kind of cool if you want to pick up the card. Again, it’s the same card. Let’S say it was this one. You say all right. Let me try it one more time: it’s going to go into my pocket now, this time, this time, you’re pulling off the move, damn and now you’ve caught it and now everybody’s like what the hell they’re reacting, there’s a down moment during that down moment.


All I’ve done is Pawn the cart during the moment that we call it an offbeat uh, so there’s a beat there where they relax after they laugh at the joke. They’Re, like huh, astounded, and, during that time you can go ahead and just blatantly Palm off a card. Now, if you want to be secret about it, you can be secret about it and you can go and pull the card out after but honestly once you do that and you’re looking up at the air. It’S such a misdirection, you’re gon na just come here and go whoop and pull the card out, so that was the first idea, which is kind of cool. Another idea uh this one’s kind of interesting as well, so once you’ve done the move once you’ve done this move and you go, you can go like this and on this side, all you’re doing is you’re getting a break under that top card and you’re going to Just kind of shuck your hand downwards, and the card’s going to flip like that, but it kind of looks like it’s falling if you’re, if your eye is following it right, so if your eye is tracking it, you go boom you’re going around and you’re on this And then you’re on this hand over here, Bang and it drops there, which is a really cool and visual move as well and remember, remember the subtlety here to really like try and place it.


I know it’s silly and you’re miming, it’s essentially pantomime, but um. It really helps tell the illusion, bang and now over here, I’m just getting a break, and I’m doing this. So if your eye follows it, it becomes like this right, which is kind of cool. So those are a few tips that I’ve learned and hope that that’s helped. You out in some way – and I really think this is a cool move and deserves a lot of attention now.


This is to keep practicing the rub it up vanish, it’s one of those things that is very magical when done properly, and you guys can use this to your advantage and change it up and create, hopefully your own routine with it and don’t just go out and Copy, whatever you see online uh think about connecting with the audience think about coming up with whatever this is a tool to add to your arsenal of slights that you can mold into your own personal, routine uh, i.



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