Wordle the Board Game!

Wordle the Board Game!

Wordle, the app that swept the nation where you have 6 guesses to guess the Wordle using colored tiles to give you clues. Hasbro the toy company base in Rhode Island and The New York Times have partnered up to create Wordle the Board Game!

All signs point to October as the launch date. The major benefit of this is, I actually get to play more than once per day!

The board game consists of yellow and green tiles, foldable dividers so there is no cheating, dry erase Wordle template boards and dry erase markers.

As of now it appears you can play up to 3 players with a 4th person acting as the Wordle Host. Letting the players know if the letters are correct or not.

I for one think this is going to be an excellent addition to board game night and can’t wait to play it! As for now I’ll have to settle for the app.

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