World’s SMALLEST Puzzle!! 😱 #Shorts

World’s SMALLEST Puzzle!! 😱 #Shorts

World’s SMALLEST Puzzle!

This is the world’s tiniest puzzle. This puzzle is actually made of a real dime comes in this little casing and there you go. Oh my god. What have we gotten ourselves into? I’Ve got really big fingers.

I don’t even think i’ll be able to do this. Find all the outer pieces first, let’s see how long it takes me to put this back together. I think maybe i’ll use this and just lay the pieces on top of it. That might be a lot easier. Is that a fit pieces are so tiny?

I think we’ve got our first piece that fits nice switch over to this one. Doing this with tweezers would probably work a lot better. Last piece: there you have it – that is the world’s tiniest puzzle solved in about 17 minutes like this video and subscribe for more of these

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