Hello all you Board Game and Puzzle Enthusiasts!

Hi, I’m Mark and this is my site!

Are you tired of searching the internet for fragments information on different board games, equipment, etc? We look no further, I created the perfect site for you. I’m creating a central repository of various reviews, information, table play and whatever else your heart desires. If it’s not here and you want it, let me know and I’ll create it just for you!

Puzzle Beat was born during the pandemic of 2020. Without anywhere to go or do I bought a boatload of board games and puzzles to occupy myself during the lockdown. Thankfully my neighbors could only watch so much T.V. and decided to play with me and so board game night was created.

Seeing how life was drastically altered during this time, I decided to create a website all about board games and puzzles.

Everything that is reviewed on this website has an affiliate link to several different makers and retailers. To keep the site going at minimal cost it would be AMAZING if you use any of my affiliate links, earning me a small commission. Even if you choose not to, I still love you and appreciate you taking the time to be on my site!

For business inquiries or advertisement options contact: Mark@Puzzlebeat.com