The HARDEST Puzzle OMG – Walter’s Radio – Level 10

The HARDEST Puzzle OMG - Walter's Radio - Level 10

The HARDEST Puzzle OMG – Walter’s Radio – Level 10

Welcome to the world of Walter’s Radio, a highly difficult, level 10 puzzle that requires between 25 and 30 steps to solve. Created by Deadwood, the mastermind behind the 2021 favorite sequential discovery puzzle, Angry Walter, this new challenge is set in a post-apocalyptic universe and will have you scratching your head as you attempt to find the hidden dead chip.

Walter’s Radio is a beautifully crafted wooden puzzle with various buttons and mechanisms to interact with, but be warned, this challenge is not for the faint-hearted. With a detailed set of instructions that include guidelines like “no force or prying necessary” and “no crying or whining unless necessary,” you’ll need all your patience and wit to navigate this mind-bending journey.

The puzzle consists of a wooden cylinder with a grille on one end, featuring five buttons and a rotating mechanism. Inside the grille, there’s a triangular block of wood with a pattern of four lines behind it. Your mission is to manipulate the buttons and mechanisms to reveal the dead chip hidden within.

But don’t expect this to be an easy task. As you press the buttons and rotate the cylinder, you’ll soon discover that the puzzle is much more intricate than it first appears. With numerous magnets, hidden passages, and mechanisms that require precise movements and orientation, you’ll have to dig deep to uncover the secrets of Walter’s Radio.

One of the keys to solving this puzzle is understanding the role of gravity and orientation. As you manipulate the various buttons and rotate the cylinder, you’ll need to pay close attention to how the puzzle reacts, looking for clues like clicks and changes in tension. It’s a game of trial and error, requiring patience and a keen sense of observation.

But be prepared for frustration. With so many steps involved in solving Walter’s Radio, you may find yourself stuck at times, as the creator of the puzzle, Dee from Deadwood, can attest. If you find yourself at your wit’s end, don’t be afraid to reach out for hints or tips – this puzzle is designed to challenge even the most experienced puzzlers.

So, are you ready to take on the hardest puzzle yet? Walter’s Radio will test your skills, patience, and determination as you attempt to uncover the hidden dead chip. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or new to the world of brain-teasers, this level 10 challenge is sure to provide hours of entertainment and satisfaction.

Don’t miss your chance to explore this intriguing post-apocalyptic universe and challenge your problem-solving abilities. Visit Deadwood’s website (link provided) to learn more about Walter’s Radio and other puzzles in the series. Good luck, and happy puzzling!


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