And the final number of missing pieces is…

And the final number of missing pieces is…

The final number of missing pieces is

It is finally time to finish up this puzzle and see how many pieces are missing once and for all. Well, i think we have a sixth missing piece because that shape – i don’t see it over here. Oh no, a seventh missing piece! All right. I have three pieces left well, the box is empty.

I double checked the floor. Here is the final count, one two three four, five, six, seven, eight eight missing pieces and look. Everyone is commenting like that’s what happens when you buy puzzles from eBay, i buy so many puzzles from eBay. This is the first time I’ve had like more than one missing piece. So this is very rare honestly at this point, I’m not even mad.

I just think it’s so ridiculous. It’s kind of funny

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