Magician Watches “Breaking The Magician’s Code” – Masked Magician

Magician Watches "Breaking The Magician's Code" - Masked Magician

Magician Watches “Breaking The Magician’s Code” – Masked Magician

See how tightly the girl is strapped down, he doesn’t want her to get away, get her latest outfit. It’S a nice one. The magician gives us another look at the girl and for this I’m grateful that’s what we were waiting for, a girl from head to toe in this provocative position and she’s something and here’s a lingering shot of the girl here. She is nice, this time our magician summons one of his lovely assistants using his magical gestures and boy. Is she something he then quickly places her in a trance before taking her hand and levitating her in midair?


The assistant is clearly stunned, as her provocative body floats high above the ground. You could say he swept her off her feet to prove there are no cables. The magician runs his arms dangerously close to her body parts. It’S a miracle. He now takes her hand once more, assuring her.


She is safe and brings her back down to earth with what a stud complete disillusion the magician uses, a technology known as green screen. He asks the busty assistant to make her way. Atop a small box hidden underneath the green screen blanket all she has to do is step up and act pretty all glory to the magician. Once again, all right, ladies and gentlemen, I have something to confess. It’S been me this entire time.


The Nostalgia that that voice over brings me mass magician was a very popular show for those of you, too young, to know what it was. This magician by the name of Valentino who later revealed himself in the final episode of The Masked Magician spent years on national TV, revealing stage Illusions and close-up magic tricks to the masses, myself as a magician, felt a little bit conflicted with all of this. At the time, as most magicians did as well, a lot of these tricks were pulled straight from some of these Vegas acts where they are now rendered completely useless by the illusionists, and some of these tricks can cost anywhere from 50 to 100 000. So even the manufacturer of the tricks would stop selling them and magicians got together and tried to sue Valentino for exposure and loss of profit on their end ultimately lost in court. He had a hard time suing because Illusions are not among the intellectual properties covered by copyright law, but stated magicians and designers of magic tricks haven’t had to take those steps.

A handshake has worked for several centuries, that’s wrong. Actually, whoever the lawyer of that magician needed to be fired, magicians used to run to the patent office when they saw an illusion, even if it wasn’t their own and if they were the first one to patent this illusion. They would then be able to sue anyone else using it now, because patent laws are public. Here’S an example of an illusion that was patented, I think by Howard Thurston back in the day, and there was a catch-22: if you wanted to patent. These you’d also have to reveal it to the masses, but it was a lot harder getting hold of patents back then, as it is now on the internet.


Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into Valentino or, as he’s more popularly known as The Masked Magician and his show on Fox. This is something as a child. I used to watch a lot of them. I was a fan of magic and, although part of me was like – oh my God he’s revealing these tricks. The child inside me and the child outside me was literally happy that I got to learn free Magic on TV.


He said the main reason I did the program was to get magicians talking about the future of magical Arts, as the internet was about to change. Everything as it has magicians had become complacent, were not prepared for any changes that were to come. Programs seemed to be the place to shake things up and get magicians talking sure I took some Flack, but it was good all for a good cause to get magicians talking. I’M gon na call [ __ ] on that. I think the reason he did it was money.


I think that’s the reason most people did. This guy was a successful Vegas performer and got pulled aside by producers at Fox. They negotiated him into doing this and I guess I guess the same could be said about my content. Uh me revealing things you can say man, it was for money, I’m not gon na lie and say yeah, a part of it was. I got ta make a living too, but I also see where this guy’s coming from and it does shake things up, and this guy knew the internet was about to happen and so that he was a Visionary.


In my opinion, don’t forget to subscribe and we got uh. We got new merch at the first dot shop, Which is my first dot shop. Check it out currently sitting at 1.5 million subscribers, so this guy’s and he uploads every Thursday. If you’re watching this Valentino. Please don’t flag this video for copyright.


I’M sending people to your channel fair use, a medieval torture device man. That voice is quite proud of this antique apparatus, and why wouldn’t he be? It’s an egg-shaped cage made of forged bands of iron? Did this voiceover bring back so much Nostalgia? I don’t know about you, but for me, I’m, like I remember, staying up at night and catching this on Fox. This is such a fox show by the way also NBC has performed magic.


Fox has revealed magic 1000. It’S empty now, but knowing the magician, this cage won’t be empty for long. He calls in two of his assistants who come bearing a small rack, yeah we’ll let that one slide. The funny thing you got to know about this narrator there’s always innuendo involved. There’S always a little bit of misogyny, there was uh on TV.


There was a healthy dose of misogyny back. Then I mean that’s just kind of like the way TV was back. Then it’s a bit cringe now, but looking back at it, you know we can. We can comment on it. One thing I have to say is that the assistants do so much more than the magician.


Let’S have a look at this music, the lighting, the warehouse, oh foreign. They left the cage from its heavy duty mount. Can we just appreciate Valentino in the back here just doing this watch him look he’s like put that there like he’s floating it, man magicians are so useless. Sometimes look at what he’s done. He’S done nothing sitting down on the rack, oh, never mind with the front.


Half of the cage removed, we can see how something or someone can be placed inside the dude. These are wild. Here’S someone else. Oh he’s summoning her, something sorry once again how horny this narrator is always makes me laugh, I mean Fox knows who their demographic is inside. The back half of the cage – and it looks like there is barely enough room for her to make the tight squeeze he’s done.


Nothing dude. He just keeps doing this now. Two male assistants enter as she steadies herself hey. Why aren’t they shirtless huh for your female demographic out there and some guys you should probably know, have them all oiled up, bringing out props. They replaced the front of the cage trapping her inside.


Look at him, I love this so much. This is a good male assistance and places it into the heavy mount along with its beautiful cargo. What happens next is anyone’s guess, how much this guy’s doing dude or how little rather like, there’s not much going on, still pins again and opens the clasps his other assistants Now cover the sections of the cage. What was the point of putting in the steel if you’re just going to remove it tightly around the cage and no place for a lovely lady to spend an evening alone? Here we go, the Magic’s about to happen.


The magician watches his hands, another assistant, another assistant. That’S seven: everyone comes bearing a razor sharp cross-cut saw just when you thought this device couldn’t get any more torturous. The assistant’s doing such a good job right now magician steps behind the cage, and you get it he begins to see between the two halves and presumably the girl. This is a great illusion by the way this just isn’t her day. It just isn’t her day.


You know Penn and Teller would have had some blood stuff cookies. She looks like a tough cookie. I didn’t tell her, I would have had blood spewing out of that thing. I find this illusion to be a little bit weird, sorry for pausing but uh, because you can’t see the other side of the blade on the other side. I find it to be a little bit weird and uh, but you get the point: you’ll see how it’s done, you’ll be like.


Oh, that’s cool, foreign. All the way through and removes the saw again blood would have been it’s Fox that maybe they’re one takes the saw as the others remove the cameras and there’s the beautiful girl in the iron cage unharmed once the cage is in its Mount. The girl has plenty of room to roll over onto her back and she’s able to slide some of the middle straps away, allowing her to drop down out of the bottom as he sees. The magician uses his skills as a mime to make it look like he’s. Struggling to cut through flesh and bone, this actually saw there.


The girl has rotated onto her back, slipped out of the secret metal bands and lowered herself safely below the path of the saw. You get to see it a little bit more here, so she goes here. She slides It Forward if that thing gets stuck by the way, not a good time for her. So there is some risk involved, see there are two sections where her butt goes down, secretly slide away and give her enough room to slip down in this provocative position. She’S in no danger of being touched, but was that really necessary to call it a provocative position provocative arousing sexual desire or interest, especially deliberately in no way was she deliberately being provocative here other than she had to move out of the way of the saw?


That was going to cut her. This is my magician appreciation video, but not for The Masked Magician. Obviously what he did lives in infamy, and we can’t deny that. However, these aren’t assistants. These are magicians. The term assistant is a little bit derogatory when talking about female magicians and often I have a lot of female magician friends and uh when they tell people they’re magicians.


Some people are like, oh, like an assistant, and it’s pretty derogatory, and you can see why. I think nowadays women are like Valentino, in this case they are the presenter. However, there are still some acts that use women or men as assistants, but they’re not called assistants. They’Re called a Duo, it’s uh they’re magicians and that’s how that’s done she climbs times out. It’S all good.


I really love this YouTube channel by the way. I left the link below. I’m not mad at this. I like this a lot. The National TV enclosure will be the site of the magician’s first illusion tonight. As we can see, the enclosure is completely empty and free from magical gimmicks when straps are securely attached to something you know, they’ll be securely strapping.


Someone and here’s that special someone now The Magician’s beautiful assistant she steps up onto the panel so that we can get a better look at her latest outfit. It’S a nice one. Oh my God. The magician calls in male assistance to help him. Apparently she’s more than he can handle strapping the girl to the panel, just as I suspected at least she’s dressed for it. What does that even mean?


How can you not be dressed for it? What’S an occasion like that calls for what kind of outfit you need to be strapped to a table, the magician checks the strap and does some Conjuring while he’s at it? Is that what they call it? He calls in two more assistants and the four men lift the panel and carry it into the metal enclosure all right. They positioned the panel within the empty steel frame and locked it in place.


That’S cool! I like the way this looks right now you see how tightly the girl is strapped down. He doesn’t want her to get away because the magician gives us another look at the girl and for this I’m grateful dude this guy’s too much this guy’s a lot. I could just picture in the writing room being like yeah, but we need to spice it up a little. Let’S add something like this: the magician gives us another look at the girl and for this I’m grateful he conjures a cloud of smoke.


A flash she’s gone, the girl in the steel panel vanishes in an instant. That is super cool because not only is she gone, the panel is apparently transparent and, like the tables vanished with her, so not only her because as a spectator, you’re thinking, oh, they rotated the table and she’s on the back. But now you can sort of see through the table, so that goes out the window. That method is Struck from your memory, however, keep watching the first secret is in the sheet metal enclosure concealed in the back, so smart behind, which is a stagehand, we’ll learn more about his role later. Next, the panel is moved to the metal framework inside the enclosure.


First off the straps are real and it’s critical to the girl’s safety that they are securely fastened when the assistants are securing the panel to the frame. What you don’t notice is that they’re releasing secret latches, positioned in the corners of the frame, during the performance. The magician appears to conjure a puff of smoke and an explosion, and the girl is gone. It looks so good, but where did she go? Remember the stage hand hidden behind this secret panel.


At the precise moment, the explosion goes off and the stage end opens his window. Check this out, there’s a lever on the frame that rotates the panel and the girl conceals her from View. Now she is being supported by the pattern that is insane which protects her from falling to the floor below the reflection. The reflection is showing the reflection at the top, and it lines up perfectly. That’S just some good old engineering shout out to all you illusion makers out there. You guys are doing some great work, because that is a great illusion and the way that gravity helps turn it, so you don’t actually have to physically turn. It makes it very hands-off.


The entire mechanism is designed so that this one tiny lever is all the stage and needs to release in order to make the entire panel flip and conceal the girl. So that’s a cool one. I really like that. One actually, three lovely ladies magically appear next. The magician has an illusion for us involving this empty pedestal, as we can see, there’s nothing behind above or below.


For some reason, these tricks are always more interesting when the female assistants are around well, we’ll have to make do with what we have here, unless the magician can help out with a little magic, he invites his male assistants to raise a large sheet. On top of the pedestal, a few of those famous magical gestures and He commands the sheet to be lowered, presto, that’s what we were waiting for, a beautiful girl from head to toe, that’s one sure way to brighten up a warehouse. What is this just a bunch of horny dudes in a warehouse? How could we conjure up some? Ladies, am I right boys who’s got a pedestal, just back up crying for number two, it’s a good illusion to find out if he has the Magic Touch. He does this trick as a real crowd pleaser and here’s a lingering shot of the girl just to prove she’s real wow wow.


That was uncalled for, but he’s not that good. The sheet goes back up now, let’s see if the third time’s the charm, the more magical gestures are in order, and there she is. The third time’s the charm and the Charming [ Applause ]. What happens when you put women on a pedestal? Okay, that was an okay joke.


That joke was okay. I’ll get into that one. Beneath the stage, a small army of men are operating some complex equipment to pull off this elaborate trick. The second the sheet is raised. The backstage team goes into action. This man-powered elevator sends the woman up through a shaft to the top of the pedestal.


I got to be honest. I was like how do they fit three women into that tiny little pedestal, but the pedestal appears to be very narrow. It contains yet another secret, a concealed stagehand release, a mechanism which expands the pedestal and allows the girls that’s cool to check out that profile. Oh, my from the front the pedestal appears circular, but from the side, that’s a cool illusion, very good, as the first girl is being lifted off of the pedestal beneath the stage. The second girl is stepping into the cramped elevator. Two Burly stagehands grab hold of a steel cable and live backward onto the floor all right, so we know how it’s done, how you guys like this so far, I’m enjoying this.


This is fun for live performances all over the world comes his assistants. Do a little dance together here. He comes to a careful , good job, careful, ladies, but no matter how talented they are. He can always use one more here. She is nice, this guy’s killing me. She steps up onto the chair and reclines on a board that is resting between two other chairs.


Now another assistant enters this. One is apparently repossessing the furniture, the magician places the girl in a trance as his other assistants, wrapped her in a sheet that was hanging down from the board. He plays her in a trance very important that he does the trans Friday night 99 is standing on a raised platform, so we can see him work his magic well risers dude that looks so cool the assistants remove the chairs that were supporting the board slowly. The girl continues to rise and looks so cool. This watch passes the hoop around the girl once to prove that there are no wires.


How good is that she’s really floating in the air by Magic? How good is that around her? A second time just to be sure, before the assistant takes it away, that convincer of the ring is so good. Is it if you saw this in real life? Amazing, yeah?


This is either no wires yeah there are no wires. It is amazing, see I’ve seen this illusion in real life and it is incredibly beautiful. The sheet is removed and there you have it, a beautiful girl. You can levitate by Magic. Without the sheet we can see the mechanism supporting the board and the girl, his body hides the mechanism from View, but how does he make her rise?


We did a similar trick to this in our TV show Big trick. Energy uh, where I my whole body, had to basically block the pole that was suspending and levitating uh, my buddy, so we’re familiar with that and it’s crazy what you can get away with by just you know, hiding and playing sight like that. The platform contains the next secret concealed inside is an electric motor that is connected to a hydraulic piston powerful enough to support the girl. The platform’s carpeted top contains the next secret. Two switches are hidden beneath the black carpet when the magician appears to be Conjuring the power to levitate.


The girl he’s simply turning on the power to the motor, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how simple so much magic is. Some people are out there who probably ended up starting a religion after seeing this guy perform before he revealed these tricks and then once he reveals like. Oh, he just pressed his foot down. He just went like this. That’S what he did.


That’S all. He did. The hydraulic piston to raise this part with the board attached to the mechanism. How does the magician make it appear that it’s unsupported by passing the solid hoop around the girl? Not once but twice it’s so good.


The secret here is the design of the steel mechanism. So simple, this s-shaped metal tube is connected to the board when it comes to the end he slides at the part of the ring that is trapped inside the S back around the other side. It’S like a tiny puzzle. Part of me enjoys this, because this is like puzzle building. You have a problem and they solve it using a puzzle rather than you have a puzzle, and you need to find the solution.


They’Re like hey. We have what we want it to be, but we need to build a puzzle and that’s really fascinating with magic all right, one more one more here, one more Vanishing illusion, right out of Harry Potter. Okay, look at the title of this one voluptuous Vixen vanishes! These sounds, like PornHub titles, mature, neighbor, vanishes voluptuous assistant, gets stuck in the couch all right. Tonight’S first illusion demonstrates The Magician’s power to convince the audience he can make his assistants come and go.


So far he’s delivered on half of his promise. How to make them go at his requests that cover this ordinary table with a large sheet. I feel like this is going to be a trick where again, the girls do everything: Museum chair the magician steps up onto the table. Oh sorry, I forgot to not everything to join him on the tabletop. This guy’s got the magic touch, one of the assistants, terrible jokes, the chair, which he places in the center of the table.


He then orders the girl to sit down in the chair and he quickly places her under his spell. The other assistants return with yet another sheet. The magician tells us to watch as he lifts the sheet in front of the girl. We can see that there is nothing below the table, but now we can’t see the girl who whisks away the sheet very well. The other assistants help him remove the chair and we can see that she’s really gone.


This is one Vantage that is going to be difficult to explain. Now they remove the sheet from the table. Top the table is a small platform containing steel. Rollers didn’t see that coming when the sheet was placed on the table. It conceals the platform from view; we can still see it from the back.


When the magician raises the sheet in front of the girl. She secretly gets up from the chair and climbs down onto the platform. This is where she hides, while he whisks away the sheet, but why the steel rollers the magician hands the sheet and chair to his assistants and draws our attention to the empty tabletop. Meanwhile, the girl is sliding across this to another hiding place behind the chair. She does everything to block the audience view of the girl as she takes her position, but her work isn’t finished.


Yet the chair conceals another secret, a hidden platform into the back of the chair and climbs on board. The girl simply goes now. She gets whisked away in the chair dude that magician was insane. She had to get out of view without being spotted. Lay down, roll off the thing coordinate with him.


Go behind the curtain. Uh grab the thing from inside the chair and climb inside the chair. That’S insane! That’S a lot of work props to you. This has been so much fun.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, that about wraps up uh today’s video, I had so much fun watching this. This was a trip down memory lane for myself as a young magician. I remember watching these and being so impressed and I really want to watch more of them if you guys are into it. Let me know please: by liking subscribing commenting uh say you want another one uh we can look into. Maybe some close-up magic that he reveals and – and you know pick that apart, but whatever you guys are into – I really enjoy this uh shout out to the mass magician Valentino go check out his channel uh unless he Flags this video and if he Flags the video, Then I’m gon na be very hour all right, guys, we’ll see on the next one piece 



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