Anyone can do these quick magic tricks…

Anyone can do these quick magic tricks...

Anyone can do these quick magic tricks

Yo, what’s up guys a quick word from first dot shop uh, if you guys want to go cop, some merch right now, everything is 25 off all the merch is 25 off of the shop and a little bit of a surprise. We’Re dropping in five of these holographic tickets, with a purchase of 50 or more before shipping on our shop five lucky people will receive one of these tickets, which, as you can see here, gives you one brick box of first playing cards hollow edition. That is our next launch. These are the most limited cards we’ve ever printed. I’M very proud of these.

We’Ve been working on them for the last like nine months to get these made and i’m very very excited here’s a little sneak preview. You can see these cards first dot shop 25 off check it out all right. Let’S get to the video. Allow me to read a comment that i’ve received on my channel, how you have a magic show on tv. I don’t understand your friends deserve it.

They are actual youtube magicians. You used to be until you sold out to the popularity of puzzles. However, i did not see any stupid puzzle shows on tv. I see magic shows like the one that you don’t deserve to be on anymore, that bs magic video on monday is not what your fans want: it’s tutorials deck reviews, book reviews, etc until you became a total sellout, you used to be my favorite magician. It’S sad.

I get it, you are getting paid and good for you. I have nothing against capitalism. Clearly, it’s just selling out to the easier buck and leaving your passion that pisses me off. Magic was supposed to be your passion. What happened?

Oh yeah money happened, sell sellout how’s your day going so far. Comments like that they’re not fun to read. I can’t imagine them even being fun to write, but i’ve been doing youtube for eight years and i’ve seen my fair share of negative comments. So you grow an extra layer of skin when doing this type of work you just have to. That being said, it made me a little bit sad because i do what i want for a living, and i follow my passions and i trust that me being passionate about things, will hopefully entertain people out there and sometimes those passions change.

People who know me personally know this about me. I need to keep learning and i need to keep trying new things always so it sucks for this person that my love for magic isn’t what it used to be well, it is my love for teaching magic. Isn’T what it used to be and uh, and he just felt like he had to take it out in the comments. That being said, i also did receive a very nice message. I receive a lot of messages, a lot of really good messages, mind you, but i received one in particular, so this person sends me a picture of her son who’s, seven dressed as a magician, and she writes that he wanted to go as chris ramsay uh for Halloween, and so he dressed the way that he thought chris ramsay would dress for halloween top hat cape magic wand.

You know a deck of cards and his second choice by the way was the green ranger, which i think is really cool, because that was my favorite power ranger growing up, but that just made my day so as much as i can focus on comments from you Know people who are having a rough time it’s comments like those that really make me want to teach magic again. There’S comments like those that inspire me to help inspire other people like that’s that’s what gets me going, but right now i kind of really want to go solve a puzzle over there. I kind of want to go over there sell out solve a puzzle. You know have fun, maybe by myself, even without the camera, i’m going to go, do some sellout stuff over there, but in the meantime, allow me to introduce you to someone who’s going to teach you a little bit about magic. Ladies and gentlemen, the great ranzini.

What’S going on, oh hello, hello and welcome to the magic session, i’m glad you’ve joined me today as i’ve prepared something special for you, uh five of the world’s most stunning impressive, mystifying, terrifying, dare i say even mystifying magic tricks. They are grab from all the corners of the globe and assembled here for your pleasure today. We will take a look at these five tricks all right for the first lesson. Today, you were going to learn the two card monty a very simple, a very powerful trick. A trick i like to call the old switcheroo: we have the three of clubs here and the eight of diamonds, three of clubs, eight of diamonds.

If i take the three of clubs and place it behind my back, what is behind my back? Well, not the three of clubs. Naturally, it’s the eight of diamonds, so the three of clubs is still here i’ll. Do it one more time i’ll take the eight of diamonds place it behind my back and what is here no wrong again. Three of clubs is here.

Eight of diamonds is here, and that is the two card money super simple card trick and here’s how this works. You were given one double face card, which is a card that has a double face. Two faces. The other card is a double back. It has a double back, very simple: all you have to do.

You show them the three of clubs and as i switch it over my hand, does this. So it gives off the illusion that i’m holding uh that these are two separate cards, because they’re kind of like switching places just doing that and rotating my wrist. At the same time, three of clubs, eight of diamonds, three of clubs, eight of diamonds. I take the three of clubs now behind my back. I just simply turn it bring it forward, put it back into position and show it off again.

That is it. That is the two card, monty very powerful, very cool trick that you can do at home. Trick number two trick number two: well, let’s do something that isn’t cards. This is cool. We have a quarter and a dime in this very normal, looking uh box, which denomination would you like lee uh?

Would you like the quarter or the dot or or the uh or the dime? You want the quarter, yeah perfect watch as we place. We will place the dime and the quarter here, as you can see nothing else inside that box, and i will take a simple playing card right here and i will place this playing card over top and watch just like that. The quarter has now penetrated and this believe it or not is 100 examinable. This nothing can go through that lid.

It is a solid lid, and that is indeed a quarter and you’re left with a quarter and dime and it impossibly penetrates the top. What more do you want from a magic trick that is freaking powerful? That is a powerful trick. Here’S how it works very simple. This is known as the quarter penetration.

Basically, you need a duplicate quarter. I left a link below to this little trick, which is great. You need a duplicate quarter and underneath the lid is enough room for a quarter to fit. If there isn’t enough room uh, you are also supplied with a bit of magician’s wax. This is a this is an age-old secret uh, it’s kind of like sticky.

It’S kind of like sticky tack, but not as sticky and uh you’re gon na take a little bit of that. Magician’S wax place it on the inside of this lid and then place the quarter there and the quarter should hold into place like so inside the box. You will place the quarter and dime in any manner. This is kind of this is kind of cool. This is actually kind of cool you’re, never showing the inside of that lid you’re only showing the outside of it.

They can name anything if they named a dime. I would have said okay, the dime is going to remain on top and the quarter will penetrate whatever, whatever they want. Once you take that out very very simple, whatever they’re going to say, the quarter is the one that’s going to penetrate through the dime will be placed on top followed by the quarter. Now here is the last part of the trick you’re going to take some of that magician’s wax and place it on the back of a playing card. As you can see right here, i’ve placed a little bit of magician’s wax you’re, not going to show that to the audience and you’re simply going to cover up the quarter, sticking it to the quarter.

You can press or give it a gentle tap, and now, if i lift this away, obviously that is stuck to the back of the card, but i won’t show that i will put it down and now everything here is completely examinable. They can take a look at everything and that is the penetrating dime or the penetrating quarter. However, you like to call it very powerful trick. Very, very powerful trick trick number three trick number three: this is a classic. This is a classic trick if you’re just learning magic you’re getting started.

This is a great trick. Most of you know about this trick. If you’re, if you were a weathered magician, you probably have encountered such sorcery in your troubled past uh. This is the almighty color. Changing book, or as i like to call it fun magic, coloring book, very, very simple: you are given a book and you are also given uh coloring crayons, which is very fitting.

You can show the coloring crayons. As you can see, there is nothing inside this book completely empty book. Nothing and if i snap, my fingers, all of a sudden drawings will appear, but we’re not done yet. As i’ve mentioned, i have these coloring crayons and if i use my magic wand and sort of wave it over the crayons disappear, where have they gone? Where are the?

Where are the colors they’ve transposed into this book? That is the color changing book or the fun magic coloring book. Here’S how that works. Pretty simple! This is uh.

This uses a technique known as the svengali technique, an ancient magician secret, where, as the edges of the paper are tapered in a way that allows you to riffle through them skipping other pages, so they are cut at three different places and then the pages are stacked. At those cuts respectively, so first first one. If i run my finger down the side of the book on the lower edge here, it will show you nothing but clear pages. If i run it at the upper edge, it will now show you the drawings and if i run it in the middle, it will now show you those drawings complete. So if you, if you just go through the book here, one page by one page you’ll see every third page, there will be a blank page, followed by uh drawings, followed by colorings of those drawings, uh.

So very, very simple. It’S just one two and three and they’re colored, and this is kind of cool uh if you’re, if you’re practicing. This is a very simple uh box, with just like some mock crayons in there, and all you have to do is squeeze the sides of it and, as you run, your magic wand over they disappear. You just let go of the box and they kind of they fall to the bottom. You want to watch that the sound here you kind of mask the sound, so you can go and kind of cover it up, and that is a fun magic.

Coloring book very cute trick very visual magic visual. Indeed, for my next trick number four remember these cards: can you remember these cards? Remember: okay, uh! I’M going to take out! Remember them!

Okay, i’m gon na take out the middle card. [ Music ], which card which card did i take out lee? Which car did? I take up uh four: was it four times? No, you had one job.

This is the three of diamonds, otherwise known as the tree of diamonds huh, and that can be done with any card and it’s a very cool trick, especially when they name the correct card. Because then you can say, did you say tree instead of three doesn’t really work when they say four, but when they say three, you say tree, they go. No three. You go no tree of diamonds, sound like a french canadian uh, the tree of diamonds. This is the tree of diamonds uh, so here’s how this works very, very cool.

You are supplied with a gimmick here and this gimmick simply has a cutout card. That’S kind of aligned like this, so it looks like it’s part of the spread uh when in fact all you’re doing is taking this card line it up perfectly, and that way now it looks like looks like nothing looks like just three cards and here’s the great Part because when you go down – and i take this card out – i’m actually retracting the tree of diamonds and not the three, but it looks like it because it disappears. But now i’m left dirty. So all you have to do is bring those two together kind of like that, just kind of spread them as two and now you can show those cards off right so once again, very very simple trick: your get ready is the tree of diamonds. Behind the three of diamonds, cutout spread, those cards cover it up nicely uh, remember the middle card lee.

What’S the middle card? Ah incorrect, you are sir. The middle card was actually the tree of diamonds again wrong lee terrible terrible assistant. Um. There you go.

That is the tree of diamonds, trick very, very cool, again left the link below to all these tricks. You can buy the whole bundle if you’re just getting into magic or if you want to impress your children, also a very cool thing to do. Finally, lastly, definitely leastly uh. Is the drawer box a very, very simple magic trick? I could get into a little presentation, but i like this one, because it really leaves you with um, with a room to interpret this trick, which is very, very cool.

So basically, this is a box that can have two things inside of it, so it has a false bottom, basically uh. So let’s take uh yeah. We shall take this a piece of a playing card right. You were given a piece of playing card, and this use your imagination. This box can be made to disappear things or it can be made to make things appear.

Okay, so two different things: if we place this torn corner inside the box and oh as you can see it’s here and it no longer is there and you can actually inspect that there is nothing in there. There is nothing to see, and all you have to do is close. It tilt it. This way you can hear a small, audible pin and as you open it, it is back there. So you can show this as empty.

I can leave this here. I can take a corner of a card and make it disappear and reappear within the box and that’s how that works. It’S a it’s a nice little false bottom here on this box, a little bit of a puzzle box actually but very cool contraption. Nonetheless, so there you have it there, you go uh, that is for you to enjoy some some magic tricks that are pretty cheap. Some of them.

You can probably even make on your own at home. Maybe even this one, the two card monty, if you have a double facer and a double backer, you can go ahead and do that so a lot. A lot of fun super super cheap if you’re just getting into magic or if you want to impress your children or if you want to impress your children and then give them the tricks and show them how it works. A great little bonding experience for you and the little ones, so that is all i got for today. This has been the great ramzini teaching you, the basics of magic and for all you other magic trolls out there.

That say there are is no more magic on this channel. I kindly oblige you to hit the unsubscribe and for the rest of you, we’ll see you on the next video peace.

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