The 10 Year Impossible Japanese Puzzle vs. Mr.Puzzle

The 10 Year Impossible Japanese Puzzle vs. Mr.Puzzle

Hi and welcome to another episode of Mr. Puzzle today with two puzzles, both of them not really new designs, but both of them are still pretty interesting. So let’s put this one aside for the start and let’s focus on this one: first, basically, a classic soma cube. So it means you have like this one seven pieces which need to be assembled into a cube made by NKD puzzles from France. Those are cut with fine details. These pieces are hollow, so pretty lightweight, but the greatest feature – and I learned this – is what’s not actually intended.


They also printed these little golden pieces here and inside there are some magnets, so you can stick together the pieces as you want and – and this was not intended – those magnets inside have some free players. You can hear – and if you put them together like so they provide this nice and satisfying sound, and this I don’t know why. But this is something which is really really satisfying from my point of view making this one. Even if I don’t like soma cubes too much, making it still a very cool and nice and satisfying toy, I will try to solve this problem today. I just wanted to show it to you, because I think this idea with those magnets and this sound wow listen to this very cool.


Therefore, I’m gonna try this one today and the second one is called loop, the loop. This is a puzzle. Actually, that’s probably known by a lot of you guys as also the 10 year Japanese puzzle. There was a puzzle, video or it was actually not a puzzle. Video.

It was a video of a tv show and in this tv show, a very old guy from japan. Tried to solve this puzzle at his, I don’t know doctor or dentist’s waiting room for like 10 years every time he was there and he was never able to get it or to solve it. And then he contacted the guys in this tv show and they tried to find an expert to solve this puzzle. It’S kind of an old video. I never watched it.


That part was the solution, so today will be the first time I’m gonna try to solve this puzzle. Let’S see how long it will take me. Of course, I have some more experience than this old man in the video. Therefore, I hope it will not take me 10 years or even 10 hours, but maybe 10 minutes, hopefully or less so, let’s still try it and it’s going to be an interesting one and the task of this puzzle. The task is to get this ring from this part of the puzzle, somehow to the other part, to the other side of the puzzle like over here, and you can see that.


From the first point of view, this looks pretty much impossible, because if you would move the ring to the other side, you somehow would have to pass it through this hole or over here, which is, of course not possible. So how could this work? I have some idea, but I still don’t know if this works out, so that’s it for the introduction and after spoiler, break you’re. gonna see my first attempt to solve this soma cube as well as the loop-de-loop aka, the 10-year japanese puzzle, okay, so seven pieces, as I said quite satisfying, as I said and wow listen to this – could do this all day long, very satisfying. But let’s now try to solve this puzzle and basically I have no specific strategy.


It’S just like putting the pieces together and trying to somehow configure them that I end up with having the right solution and there are definitely, as usual, on those sonar cubes many possible solutions. So let’s try to find one, and do I oh no. I thought I had it already, but no, I do not if there is a logical way to solve this puzzle. Let me know I’m not aware of one, so I will just as I said, try to solve it some randomly, and I think I got it already. Yes, so this is feasible.


This is one out of. I don’t know how many thousand possible solutions, probably, and do I get it in. I don’t want to break anything. Let’S do it like this: hey what’s going on here here we go so now I got the puzzle solved, so my cubes also, as you see a pretty easy puzzle. However, a pretty interesting one and a pretty satisfying one got the point here, so I would rate this not maybe not with a level one but with a level two on a maximum of five, because maybe it could take a bit longer to solve this puzzle.


As I actually took it, you saw that by randomly trying and moving the pieces you can solve this fairly quick, so the first puzzle solved for today is a rather easy one. Now. You know why I choose to make two puzzles in one video and this one. Oh this one holds already apart, I see now. I know how to solve this puzzle.


What is this? This should probably not come off by the way. It does not come with an instruction and, of course, this here is not possible yeah. So this is not a solution guys, it’s just disconnected, so I put it back on here. I will not glue it in place right now, no time for that, how to do it.


I will put it flat here on the table and I hope this will still work. So let’s have a first look. What I can actually do on this puzzle got the ring here. It can, of course, not pass through this hole. It can go over the top.


So let me fold this one here and fold it a bit, so I need to somehow cross this whole or this loop by somehow manipulating this knot, and I will let me just check out what happens if I put this here on the top. This changes the appearance of the knot, as you can see. Oh, I think I have an idea already. I think I have an idea. If I see this, I will explain it later why I will put this string now through here, like so move it to the top move, this knot back to the other side, get it through here and get it back again, and I think that’s it already.


I think that’s it already. Here we go, I think the puzzle is solved. I hope I started on. I hope I started on the right side, so here yeah, yes, yes, the knot is back and um. I think I solved the puzzle already so another pretty easy puzzle by the way.


How was this rated? This was rated with a level 8 out of maximum 10. I think this is not level 8. Definitely not. It can be level 3.


Maybe for someone who’s not experienced, but for me I would say level 2 was pretty straightforward and for some people it can even be a level 10 or a level giraffe nearly like taking you 10 years to solve it. However, how did I do it and how did I come up with the idea for the solution? You can also understand what I thought when I solved this puzzle, because there’s one remarkable thing that helps you to solve it. If you understand this, you can do it. Okay, so first – and I think, there’s not much you can do – I moved the nod up here – okay, so it’s now up here – and this enables us to actually cross this part of the rope with the ring so that we bring this ring in this position.


Here – and this is mandatory before we do the next step, however, if you want to further follow the rope with the ring, we would have to take it through this hole, and this, of course, is not feasible. So we need to think differently, and this is the key part of this puzzle. You need to bring the rope to the ring and not follow with the ring the rope and what this means. Basically, you take the rope where you go with it. You pull the ring down here.


You go with the rope all the way over the top, and this is also why the rope is that long, I assume and then, when you are over the top, still in the same position as before. We pull it through. Here and if you pull it through here, we did what I explained to you before what I mentioned before we brought now the next parts of the loop or of the knot towards the ring. Now we can cross with the ring these two pieces here now. We are on the other side of the knot.


You pull it back through the loop and it’s in the same position as before like here and now we can continue and cross the last part of the knot like so, and now we are back at the green side can be a bit confusing. I agree, but once you understand how this puzzle works, it’s pretty easy to execute an interesting episode for me to solve these two puzzles. I suppose for the first time I hope the same for you, so no fancy, bling bling puzzles, but still two pretty cool and clever ones. That’S it for today leave a like subscribe if you haven’t, and until next time keep on puzzling


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