These Puzzles are MASTERPIECES!

These Puzzles are MASTERPIECES!

These Puzzles are MASTERPIECES!

Back when I was young, it was all around everywhere. I looked at it and there was now a blank stand and I wondered where the magic’s gone. Yo what’s up and welcome back. Okay, first things: first, let’s get this out of the way. First things. First uh we just launched the first playing cards, holo edition, along with our merch look at that i mean come on.

We worked super hard on this launch. Here. Are the cards? It’S not gon na focus. Is it all of the information about this in my last video?

If you haven’t watched it, go check it out. Look at these cards here. It says cards go here. If you haven’t checked out the cards, yet here’s a quick little teaser: do not go gentle into that good night. Old age should burn and rave the close of day rage against the dying of the light, though wise men at their end.

No dark is right because their words had fought no lightning. They do not go gentle into that good night rage against the dying of the light, all right so before we get into the puzzles that we’re going to solve. Today, I did want to shout something out if you’re looking to uh order a new puzzle or check out some dope puzzles that are that uh that you might be interested in. I hear something for you. This is a kickstarter link that I left below by puzzle.

Master and they have come up with three new puzzle designs, starting with this one here this is the quintus extreme. Actually, this is level 10

This one’s a level 10 so very difficult puzzle. We then have the total eclipse, which is a level nine. This one is super pretty and we have a skull like this. One million look at that.

It’S super heavy by the way, all metal uh. If you want to help support a Canadian puzzle company and the puzzle company that I use quite a bit to get a lot of my puzzles, but I left the link below to their kickstarter as well as their website. You can go ahead and shop. Some cheap puzzles, or some more expensive puzzles totally up to you, check them out to help them fund their kickstarter.

Today, all right for today’s video we’re going to be looking at three different Japanese puzzles by the karakuri creation group, one of my favorite producers of puzzles in the entire world. They are absolute geniuses and master craftsmen in woodworking. Here are the puzzles here. You saw them in the intro uh without any further ado like this video subscribe and let’s get into solving these three puzzles. Okay, all right, I haven’t done one of these karakori puzzles in a long time, so we’ve got three of them today.

First, we will take a look at this now. How pretty is this sort of mid-century modern alarm clock now? This is actually a puzzle box. I don’t know why it doesn’t work. I don’t know where the batteries go.

I’Ve had it in its box since I bought it, so I don’t know anything about it other than it is made from osamu kasho from the karakuri creation group. He’s one of my favorite creators there. So apparently, this is four steps to open and there’s a box somewhere. If you haven’t already liked this video by the way, so we’re gon na go ahead and try and slide all of the sides, hmm should be able to slide somewhere. Okay, see that looks like a oh, maybe this one first, oh there we go boom. So that’s one two i mean i feel like this one should be able to slide.

Then. Oh, it goes forward three and then four there we go. That is the first one solved. So a neat little neat little box here, oh there, it is cool so in behind here this is where the battery goes and then i can. Then I can change the time here.

I actually want this to work. Let’S see what batteries this takes here, i think one triple-a battery would do it lee do we have an aaa battery here. All right, lee’s gon na go grab the battery and we’ll get this thing working, and you know what i will keep this this. Could this? Could kind of act as a timer which is kind of a cool puzzle timer.

I think it’s a triple. That’S a double a or i need a. I need a double A, I think, not a triple. Oh, you might be, yeah , double sorry, my bad. Why are the aaa smaller than double a’s?

I don’t know, there’s more a’s, they should be bigger. Uh. Thank you, sir, and we have a job. Clock is currently 10: 50 a.m so and, let’s make sure that’s the top, yeah okay, seven, eight and 10.

0 boom and a little stash box. How cool is that? Oh, like there is like zero variation in this puzzle and by variation um when building something a variation means like loose space watch how this box fits in here, i’m gon na. Let it go watch it slowly sink in with the like, like I mean that is just master craftsmanship at its finest. A lot of people really don’t appreciate things like that.

I feel like those are. Those are the things you must appreciate. There we go so this goes there that goes back there. This goes up. This goes over and we now have an alarm clock which we will, which will act as a timer, we’ll leave that right there um next up, so we had a smoksho, and now we have akio kamei, which is another one of my favorite creators who made this Here now, akio kame makes a lot of puzzles for karakuri creation group that look like ordinary objects.

Much like this one um this one here being two drawers. This is a simple little piece of furniture, really a little drawer box. So, as you can see, both drawers are stuck. Oh if we push that in ah there we go so very simple um and now how do we get this one out? How do we push this one, ah cool, so both drawers cannot be opened.

At the same time and there’s a small mechanic on the inside, which shows you that uh oh wait, you can push them both in, but yeah you can only open one at a time. That’S pretty cool, very simple! It didn’t take me much like 10 seconds to solve that, but i don’t think this one is meant to be a brain teaser, but more of a cool art piece or a piece of furniture like if this were a giant piece of furniture it’d be really cool. I mean everybody would expect them to be locked. The last thing you’re looking to do with a drawer is push it in even more so it’s a simple yet you know devious little solution there, so there we go now.

Lastly, this is um christmas 2018. One of the Christmas 2018 gifts is with Kara corey. If you’re signed up to the care core creation group, you pay a fee every year and that fee allows you to get a free puzzle around christmas time. But it also allows you to order puzzles that would otherwise sell out really quickly. So you have like uh like these – are all i guess, different uh different puzzles or something i don’t know uh, but they always send you like a little christmas gift and this i’ve i’ve not solved this one, and here you can see.

I guess this opens in the back uh and this one’s really intriguing, because if you look at the mechanics here notice like when the zipper comes down notice, look watch watch the things here. It acts as a zipper. It’S very cool, I’m not sure exactly what the goal is here. Well, I mean the goal is to open the bottom so by pushing it to one side or the other. It changes the uh, the sort of how the zippers function.

Here you see that a little bit stumped on how this one works. However, like i’m not sure, i see what the uh, what the move is here like. What do I need to do? Is it sequential, oh, that is so cool, so as i go as i go uh up it, it will reset all these little pins on the inside, but watch what happens when i take the zipper and let’s go to the first one here, so we can get To the first one yeah, you see how i can push this little pin to the side here now. If i want to keep that pin in that position there i want to go to the next one.

That’S got ta, be it not okay. Maybe it’s the other side that I have to do. Let’S try the other side then wait first, this last one i feel like so okay. So let’s try the other side then so and as i go back up it resets everything. So maybe it’s like this side, then that side and this side and that side type thing still now.

Okay, maybe it’s the other way so looking on the product page here for the zip check uh, it reads here – and this is rare – this is something that never happens um. This works that design christmas present 2017. With a zipper as a motive, I was able to create a pretty box. The hint is 32

I don’t know what that means, but there’s a hint and the hint is 32..

So one two three four: five: why would it be 32? Let me start at the bottom. I can’t start at the bottom because, as soon as I do a movement, let’s say as soon as I zip that the second I go up it retracts that pin here so I have to start from the top. I’m guessing 32 is the hint that’s got. Ta, be it that’s, got ta, be it so i’m thinking three and two right so 32, be maybe one. Let’S do it on this side.

One two, three one, two that’s got ta, be it bring it down? No, okay! Let’S try the other way. One. Two.

Three one two still no huh. I thought that was it for sure. One three so 32 just means maybe there’s three on one side, two on the other right, because there’s five total, so that would make sense but which three, so maybe it’s just a matter of finding which three, so one two one, two three so do do it’s Just a matter of finding the right combination of three and two: if 32 is the clue right, so we’ll run through all of them, one: okay, how about how about this one one i’ll go two and then one one nope start on this side, one one! One! Two one nope, i think we’re gon na – have to start taking notes here, give me a sec.

So, let’s start over here. This is a terrible way of taking notes. What was I thinking so we have here? We got this, that’s no good! Okay: let’s try the opposite of that.

Just wan na make sure they’re pushed all the way in and get it. Let’S go wow wow what an absolutely beautiful mechanism that is so cool. So it’s a combination lock pretty much which, once you find the right combination, allows you to open it, as that is just absolutely brilliant. So simple here you can see all the pegs here and now it is locked again so once again, the solution being one one one and one boom that is absolutely brilliant wow one of my favorite character solves that is just genius, so simple, also very satisfying uh. The tactile sensation here is extremely satisfying.

Well done, super dope, all right and uh. While I still have you here, I thought this could be kind of cool um. I brought this just in case and I thought yeah. Why not? Let’S talk about it for a bit?

Uh somebody sent me this and it says chris uh thanks so much for taking the time to try our puzzles, katie and inside this envelope was another envelope. It was this here: naughty nice check, choice, escape room, postcards, happy, holidays, app, keyhole, it’s all backwards and merry or asterish clue cards escape room postcards. So here you will get a variety of different holiday themed escape postcards which are super rad. Let’S take this one, for example: um there are letters here you see all the letters a little bit everywhere, which are really cool little elves working in the workshop and on the back it says, santa’s workshop tired of santa getting all the fame recognition for christmas, earl And the envy earl, the envious elf – has locked poor old santa inside of the workshop so that he can deliver all the presents this year. Can you solve earl’s, devious tricks and free santa in time for takeoff?

So here you have. You got to read all this. These are all the clues and whatnot and then here with this qr code, this is super interesting, i’ll show you what this does right now it takes you to here. So this is forgetful. Elf uh, you can listen while you play. What is this?

Oh, it’s a spotify okay, so they give you a little playlist little spotify playlist, which is very cool um and it says how do you start read the whole card front to back uh, starting with the story underneath the title you must fill in the blanks on The tag of each of the presents with the name of the recipient look at each present closely. It may have clues indicating what it is and who it is, for there is no order in solving each present. Okay and then they have uh different hints and the solution, and then they have santa’s workshop and all the other ones. So these are uh meant to be sent to a friend with a message and it’s a small escape room which i think is dope. You know it saves you on packaging.

If you want to send someone a cool thing, it’s thoughtful, it’s pretty, and it’s also really fun that they can probably do with their kids at home. So I highly suggest checking them out. I’ll leave their link below where you guys can check them out. There are a variety of different postcards here and uh. What a cool way to just wish. You know happy holidays to uh to a friend or family member.

By using these I mean they become at home, escape rooms that are as thin as a piece of paper and that ship in the mail. I mean just a really great idea: I’m not going to solve any of these on camera. I’Ll leave the fun for you guys to solve at home. You guys can go ahead and send uh one of these to someone you like or someone you hate something you want to see. You want to see them rack, their brains or something. I don’t know super fun, great idea, check them out all right, hot dang, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, that is uh. Those are the puzzles for today. We reviewed a lot of different things.

Today. It’S a lot to put into a video. I know it takes time to digest it. It’S a Friday upload because Wednesday we uploaded the playing card stuff. So there you go we’ll be back next week with some more uh goodies for you.

We have a lot in store going on over the holidays. We’Re really excited to share with you what we’ve been working on, what we’re going to be working on uh, but yeah check out left that link below help support this channel, like this video subscribe, we’ll see on the next one.

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