This Lock Puzzle is Diabolical – LOKI – (Level 10 Extremely Difficult)

This Lock Puzzle is Diabolical -  LOKI - (Level 10 Extremely Difficult)

This Lock Puzzle is Diabolical – LOKI – (Level 10 Extremely Difficult)

The subject is awake. What uh? What’S this I mean it looks like a regular lock and key what uh? What can you tell me about it? Creative, no Force required no external tools.

All right time begins now. What’S that I’ve got in an hour? What happens after an hour? Okay, oh the key turns the key turns, but uh it doesn’t extract and it does not open the lock. Why did the key turn? Okay?

So, if I’m on this side, the key turns so Loki to the left key turns uh Loki to the right key does not turn it probably has to do with the internal mechanism. Here there is a small mechanism on the inside of this and as well is what looks like a screw over here, something to be screwed in over here. Oh just got stuck all right, so I suppose it has to do with rotating it a certain way where, obviously, this has to be on the left. For that to rotate, I need an extra tool. I don’t know where that tool is yet, I’m thinking.

Maybe the tool might be in here or unlocked, or maybe this whole thing comes out. Hey, am I missing something? Am I missing something? Am I missing a piece clock that stresses me out a little bit? Okay.

So what if Loki on the left? No, it just instantly locks up again exhausted after four minutes, not so bad uh. We found out one thing, one useful thing, so it turns they’ve they’ve actually supplied me with notepads here. So we can write things down. I guess I could just write Loki left, that’s what we know and it locks on the right.

If I put the key in the other way, does that fit? I had a puzzle like this. I think by the same Creator and the puzzle the key would go in backwards um, so maybe that maybe that applies here I don’t know. Maybe eventually, maybe not. Now you hear a Rattle, and my guess is that the rattle is the mechanism that prevents it from turning.

I bet if we turn it on this side and found a way to twist the key, because the twist the the key twists, if uh, if Loki’s over here on the left right over here and it doesn’t Twist on the right. But I’m sure if we could find a way to make a Twist on the right, that’s what would get it open seems like a fair assessment. I don’t know oh hold on hold on oh they’re trying to trick me in the seam in the seam of this bag, so right around here um, I felt I felt something metallic something hard, and here it is. I think we have our first tool all right. It fits in there perfectly.

Let me unscrew it, yes, okay, that’s cool! If this also fits inside here you’re going to see a small metal shift, and that looks like the other end of the pin. This pin that runs through here and there’s a gap in that pin and it seems like there’s something preventing it from going up all right. Let’S see what we can get with now, so still do not turn. Even though we’ve taken that piece out it still turns on this side, oh as I turn the key halfway, it’s going to be hard to see here really hard to see here.

But as I turn halfway, you can kind of see a whole opening, but the whole. If I turn, if I turn a full 90 degrees with the key that hole is on, is on like a 45 

So the hole is here. Let’S say this is the PIN the hole is there if I, if I uh the hole, has to be in between those two points like at a 45 right about here now that hole is lined up. What does that mean? Maybe, oh no!

Okay! I think we got it so my hypothesis was that I would, if I could turn the key with Loki on the right side that it would open, and I think in order to do that, I got ta line this up at a 45 line. The key up at a 45. insert this and it somehow blocks a mechanism so that I can now maybe open this it just opened. You guys saw that right.

Hello, try again can’t do anything from there. It’S weird that it did do something, though, maybe it’s this piece I got to put back in. Would that be fair to say like if I turn this at a 45 and maybe skirt it in more? It’S not it’s, not uh doesn’t want to go any further than it already was in that still locks. Okay, okay, so let me get that out of there with that 45 degree cylinder there’s this cylinder that is in here and the hole is like on a 45.

So it’s not here and it’s not here and I have to rotate the cylinder uh to a perfect spot to where it fits in okay. There was also the other side. We also had stuff on the other scissor button. It looks like I think there might be a piece on the inside. You need to get out. I don’t know what are we at 48? Okay now that is fully in.

Oh, oh, that’s a button. That is a button. I feel that that is going down. Look at that boom boom spring loaded right there, which side was on it was on this side spring loaded button. What does that mean?

I’Ve pressed this. Can I open it, turn it this way, maybe put it face down? Yes, okay, that opened not fully, but you can see the edge of the uh, the lock right there we’re doing good, okay, now, maybe something’s out of the way here. Maybe I can push this in here if I go back down and do this, it’s just going to reset right. That is reset now, okay.

So if I go back to the 45, let’s try to just do what we were doing here. If I go back to the 45, but there should be a button, there’s no button right now. Did I put that in the right spot or was it on the other side at the 45? I think that’s maybe now over here and that’s locked again and if I turn it maybe on this side here. Is it this side?

No, oh, wait because the key gets stuck, maybe there’s a way. I can just turn the key a little without going all the way in. I have to go all the way in to turn the key hold on this might be, I might be onto something here. Okay, I got to be all the way in to turn the key and then once I’m there is there any way to get the key out while still having it on lock. Okay, now I’m pressing the button.

This is allowing me to maybe go back now, we’re just at the start. Oh okay, hold on 45 

We grab the button, the lever we push until we feel there. There’s the button now because I press the button. Can I extract the key and turn it anyways? No, now that that’s open, is there a way to get the key out at all?

Now that it’s unlocked right, it’s like sort of unlocked there we go. I think what I need to be able to do is yeah. I was on the right path. I think I need to rotate the key. I want to get the low key on this site.

It’S getting complicated, rotate the key to a 45 once the key is out of 45. That button found it. The key is my problem: Q45 finds the button. I really want to get the key out of there, while it’s locked. If that makes any sense, I think that is because that’s still springing right now, if I block the mechanism that prevents the key from coming out, maybe somehow it’s got to be a reason why that hole appears there, and this pin goes in and it creates a Little little spring pad there for it.

For some reason, this is getting rather complicated. I’M very kind of worried there’s like a hook kind of like this, where the pin is – and I can push on that – pin and the hook sort of hooks on the bottom of it. But the PIN pops right back out as soon as possible. I need that. Pin to like stay locked in somehow, oh, I finally got it to come out.

While the key is engaged, that’s cool, so the lock has been engaged, but it did come out. Maybe now I have to go 45.. All I did was kind of like rake. The lock a bit my hands are cramping okay, so I just played with it like this and the key came out.

I’M not sure if I had to put pressure on it all right. I got it out again. Okay, now that that’s out there seems to be another pin in there. Oh okay, we got another pin that just fell out this one pushes in a lot further. Can I unlock this now?

No got it with three minutes to spit weight. Why is the time stopping? Oh there’s a pin on the inside here and on this side here. This is how you get the uh looking left, you got a little rotating thing that needs to be open for that to get in there, but it can’t go in there. Can I push that?

Pin, ah all right, this pin goes in as this one. I’m done, one down 


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