Lords of Vegas: Miracle Laurie, Angela Webber, and Aubrey Webber join Wil on TableTop SE2E21

Lords of Vegas: Miracle Laurie, Angela Webber, and Aubrey Webber join Wil on TableTop SE2E21

Lords of Vegas: Miracle Laurie, Angela Webber, and Aubrey Webber join Wil on TableTop

In 1946, Bugsy Siegel looked at a desolate patch of desert and said I will transform this miserable land of desperation into a magical land of desperation and just like that Las Vegas was born. Today there are approximately 691 million giant casinos along the famed Las Vegas Strip. All paid for by visitors who don’t understand probability, Bugsy Siegel’s dream came true today on tabletop miracle Laurie Angela and Aubrey Webber, and I will assume the roles of modern-day Bugsy Siegel’s, hoping to turn some empty parking lots into a magnificent chain of casinos and fill them With light, we will manufacture the ultimate dream of easy money and impossible luxury. We will sell basically nothing and get rich doing it, because today we are the Lords of Vegas Lords of Vegas is an economic driven area control game designed by James earnest and Mike Celica. In Lords of Vegas, we are the perfectly legitimate entrepreneurs establishing casinos on what will become the world-famous Las Vegas Boulevard.

There’S a lot of stuff that goes on in this game, and it might seem a little complicated. So just bear with me, as I give you the basics, every turn we will flip over one of these cards. It tells us which property we acquire and, more importantly, which casinos payout each turn players will get paid for every casino that matches this color, plus. Whatever parking lot, they still have. So in this example, the red player is going to get three dollars for this three on their purple casino, plus one two more dollars for the parking lots they still control.

So this turn is five million dollars to red. I know it sounds like a lot of money, but it’s removed then we’re gon na score. Each player that controls a casino of this color according to the size of their casino. For example, one Square casinos are worth 1.2 Square.

Casinos are worth 2 points pop quiz. How many points are four sized casinos worth four points, very good, you’ll notice that on the scoring track there are these break points. This is a really cool scoring mechanic in this game. Up until you get eight points, a 1 square – casinos, fantastic – but here your little mom-and-pop shop isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’Re gon na have to build big and have at least a two point casino to make it past this bed, and you build casinos by spending this money you earn by gambling, on which casino is going to come up next.

This sort of stock market mechanic up here is the main mechanic that runs the game. So purple has already come up three times, but silver hasn’t come out at all and might be ready to pay off. Should I buy into the silver casinos now or should I stick with my green ones? I don’t Oh cocktails, there’s a lot of strategy choices to make, but just like Vegas, if you’re gon na win it big you’re gon na, have to take a big chance. Lords of Vegas has additional rules for corporate mergers, internal power struggles and even sprawling your casino beyond its legal boundaries, we’ll explain those as they come up in play.

The players are going to have all the Handy costs here on this little chart. The Lords of Vegas is a high-stakes game with sometimes wild streaks of good fortune and soul, crushing defeat something I know a little bit about on tabletop. It is a perfect simulation of the reality of gambling in Vegas. Only sometimes you win and it’s a lot of fun when this card comes up in the deck the game is over and we will see who is left standing on top triumphantly so disinfect your leisure suit. It’S time to play Lords of Vegas.

My name is miracle Laurie and I am an actor and a musician, I’m from Joss Whedon’s dollhouse and I’m in a ukulele cover band. With my husband called you Fox heroes. My name is Aubrey, my name is Angelo Weber and together we are a band called the double clicks and we sing songs about things like dinosaurs and dungeons and dragons, and mr

Darcy its Lords of Vegas table time. I didn’t know where to go with that. I did know I didn’t leave myself.

I didn’t leave myself a place to go. I will I do, but this is the second episode we’ve shot today, all right and I’m and and at this point I’ve been awake for 13 hours, yeah so yeah. So I’m just a little it’s appropriate because I feel the way I would feel in Las Vegas. Yeah, that’s great, and it’s great, it’s really bright! No right and all I need is a giant Eiffel Tower full of the cheapest booze in the world.

Before we started, we chose who would go first by picking up all of our little player tokens and shaking them in our hands. It went, and by hours I mean mine, I handed them to Angela Angela drew to see who would go first, and it was Angela. Yes, let’s get started, shall we let’s find out f5 is where you get to go just right here, neighbor guy there and you are gon na get one two three bucks Aubrey is playing the banker today, we’re all very happy about that. We would score, but that’s not happening because there’s nothing to score so that goes here and Angela. You have an option to spend money.

If you would like to do that, I would love to spend my money. What would you like to spend your money? I am gon na build a casino right here on my C to square. My opening strategy is to go ahead and get out there invest get some casinos start get some people in the doors start spending their money, Angela, but first casino, and so I’m a little worried, she’s good at this game, but not gon na. Let her win.

I’M gon na make it purple all right. I’M feelin terrible! You know yeah for you all right. All right and uh looks like that’s a three pip, so good, I didn’t know they were called pips until I read the instructions for this game. What did you think they were called dots on the dice?

Well, you know that’s. Actually they were cup, they were called dice. They were called dots on the dice until the King James Version of Hoyles rule of games, and then they just changed them to consolidate power. Oh yeah, that’s a true story that I did not just make up. You still have money.

Angela. Would you like to do anything else with it? I not right now. That’S the end of my turn. You’Re done all right at the beginning of the game.

You have to make a choice between investing in casinos right away or just keeping parking lots. You’Re gon na get paid for every parking lot, no matter what so you sort of take a chance. If you get a casino early on and that casino gets drawn out of the deck a bunch of times, then you could leap ahead of everybody else, but at the same time slow and steady tends to win the race. So you got to make a choice: Aubrey you’re up, let’s find out what happens? It’S a purple, car and agile is going to get a point.

Okay. So, let’s start out we’ll start we always start with the active player so Arbour, you get d6, let’s hand out some money. Aubrey you get three space bucks mirakl! You still get to space books. I get to space bugs Angela.

You get five space bucks and you get one point for your one point: casino, so go ahead and do that put that there Audrey. Would you like to spend your money on a thing? Absolutely I’m going to build on the strip it’s great to be on the strip. I have more chances of getting payouts and I’m gon na be rolling in points. It’S awesome to be on the strip, because when the paper strip card comes off, you get a ton of money and points, and it’s awesome and they’re usually hire pips.

I’M going to build myself a brown casino one Brown casino come where the Cowboys go. There. You go yeah yeah here we go new turn and it is gon na be pay the strip. That means me yeah, yeah, okay, so miracle you get d5 yeah. I do just here you, let’s do c10.

Over there, c10 is gon na cost. You nine million dollars. 1 million dollars there you go what color cuz she don’t you like there, I’m gon na go silver. I just felt my first casino and I am elated and I think would make a lot of money I’m going to since I have it five. Six.

Seven. Eight nine ten eleven twelve and I’m gon na sprawl where to where we use for all C seven. Are you gon na it’s? Okay? Alright, there you go over all right and flourish.

My ending it is now your turn. What I really want to do right now is five cane twenty million dollars for the f1 casino, half gold casino. As a general rule, I like to just hold on to parking lots at the beginning and amass money, but in a game like Lords of Vegas, you have to be willing to change your strategy as the players around you change and it was really clear from Aubrey And Angela being so aggressive early on that I needed to get into the casino business or they were gon na take off, and I was never gon na catch up. Who here has a casino everyone? Um, let’s see my mine is themed really.

I would love to come to your casino yeah yeah. I would very much like you and I would very much like to wager two million dollars at your casino okay. Here we go ten, oh hey the man, I’m gon na use it to buy c11. I deserve that. Okay and that’s also gon na, be a gold cuss.

You know, hmm, hmm, excellent uh-huh, all right and, as I am out of money, my turn is over. I’M gon na spend 16 to buy this guy, I’m gon na. Really you get a sprawl yeah, that’s a drawl rollin, oh, and while I’m doing this, I’m just gon na say miracle. If you wanted that to like being a line or to stack your chips, no really help me a lot to take you. If you would know.

Okay, not doing it. No, it’s fine! That’S just okay! Your strategy was to take all the dollars from us yeah to just mess with you, the whole game Network. That’S fine!

Just keep your dice in a pile and keep your money in a pile. It’Ll be great! I’Ve known Angela for a really long time, and it wasn’t actually until tonight that I knew that she was so concerned about everything being nice and lined up, and you can absolutely Bank on me using that against her. If I ever get a chance to so, I’m gon na spend 12 and grab e in a sprawl you’re you sprawl to eat you various okay. Would you like a around because you’re scrawling there you go.

Okay, congratulations! Important to sprawl! I get more tiles. I get more points, miracle you’re ready to see what happens all right here we go and Kapow. Oh gold, gold pays.

You get a four well next to the land of green, have fun there. I’M just gon na I’m just gon na run the show over you’re gon na jump in yeah terrified. So I’m going in because I um and my fancy earrings. What did I like cat? Do you wan na play with it?

Do you play turns out? I’M not a cat. I decided to wear my fancy earrings today, um because it is Lords of Vegas. An item is showy and maybe it’ll be distracting. My lord play with him.

You know my cats and they’re. Pretty miracle is wearing really sparkly earrings. It’S a little distracting and she also has amazing earrings yeah. Your eggs are diced Jagger, Star Trek hearings on tonneau. I don’t.

I have Lego Lego. Oh okay, that’s equally appreciate yeah. What color is that gon na be color yeah right block gon na, because I’m gon na run the show yep brown? What didn’t see that coming weird yep, weird and there you go that’s a one and are going to reorganize we’re all that kind of crazy dice. Rolling as that just happened as exciting as I was before – okay, that worked out for you, yeah good, for you all right, uh hang on that was in a complete gesture.

I can still do things about yeah. You started like Laura’s premature, premature, flourishing pouch. Thank you. Doctor about future flourishing if you’ve had trouble. Okay miracle, if you come to my casino yeah, I also come to our show.

We have I’m not going to camp. We have a circus show that never working it’s like it’s like lounge air bags, so spearmint, I’m only covering just a semester’s fountains, it’s Cirque de Soleil, but it’s about Dungeons and Dragons. I mean you know what is oh, that isn’t right. I love like I’ll attend to this performance beards. I would put Celine Dion in a pit with a bear to fight, probably as part of the Dungeons & Dragons show.

It would be good to have some divas and some sort of Earth sign going on. I think it would be fun. Okay, no I’m gon na not gamble and my turn is done. Aren’T you flourish end my offer trail sure, anytime. At any time again, if you money, it looks like you’re like it wouldn’t hurt right or just made a huge investment.

Yeah sure – and I just give you the 8 million for that spot and you could use some cash and go, do you know make some things happen elsewhere, don’t listen to her. I do not want Angela to sell this to miracle. If Angela sells us to her miracle joins those casinos, I do not want that to happen. I have to do anything to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Maybe I’m gon na knock a bunch of dice all over the place that should probably throw Angela off enough.

So that she makes the right decision, I don’t think I want to do that. What if I gave you 10 million? What if I counted my money? What if I put these in whatever order you wanted them to be for the rest of the game? What what just happened?

What just haven’t offered me about what you’re gon na do? Oh, no! This isn’t good! You know good now. I know it’s a really good move for her and I shouldn’t really let her have it but she’s giving me a lot of money and also Willa’s knocking over his dice, and there are chips everywhere.

So I’m just gon na go for it and hope that it works out constrict. Thank you. That was fantastic. Oh male, it’s not good. Isn’T I just scary means everything.

Is that is not the decision I wanted Angela to make. I want to sprawl. I have. I have Ferb to be 5: oh you’re, gon na scroll, 418, yeah, all right, yeah, all right, Aubree to this mile, Alvia and purple casinos do purple casino things. Things just got real good for Angela, okay, Aubree, you get c3, which is right there on the strip.

Congratulations now, let’s do points, okay, um! No one doesn’t do you any good. You have a two point casino here that takes you easy one and then a bounce yeah, but that two point casino takes you over that two and gives you ten welcome to the land of needing two points. A turn to score. That’S awesome!

Good for you! I’M going to need to sprawl, I am in prime position to steal angeles casino. Playing with my sister here is interesting. We always play games together, so I know her strategies and I sort of know what she’s thinking and what she has up her sleeve, and I also know that she’s gon na be happy to take stuff away from me, as opposed to somebody else he’s. Taking my face to childhood all over again, ah that’s 20 diamonds, and I get this wonderful, c3 spot damnit.

I really need that casino and now it’s gone and I need to get it back for her. Oh God. One point two points. Three points. Hey guys.

Remember me hi. I was all the way back in one, but now we’re all pals you’re totally. That’S exciting. Don’T say that that’s cruel and nobody else is gon na get any points, because nobody else has the same. That Kyle show that seemed so much money.

I have a lot of money, so just a little video. No, no, no show not have my money well. The first thing I’m gon na do is buy this. I’Ve just never heard never had so much woody before I just I don’t really know it’s. It’S all new to me.

He took my casino ah well. I am going to sprawl into e54 18 million nine. I love this scoring mechanic in Lords of Vegas. That requires you to have two points to get a point and then three points to get a point. In four points to get a point at this point in the game, I have a four point casino.

Unless I get super screwed on a reorganisation, I am set for the next two levels of scoring. So what I’m going to do is one two three. Four. Five million I’m going to repaint this silver of this gold casino to a silver. This you know, and miracle we’re gon na have a rolloff yeah.

We are, and here we go so you’re gon na go first ready around the world around the world and or alright a 50 % chance to tie or beat okay, alright ready. Here we go here, we go here, I go here, I go. Oh, are we dead? You’Re such a cheater. Well, I didn’t see that coming cuz, we’ll always loses what is happening.

I’Ve been incredibly lucky, and that is something that tends to come along with people who win Lords of Vegas. I know the losers. Couch is right behind me and I said that and I probably shouldn’t have. That was a bad thing to say I shouldn’t I was going, I’m not, but you know I mean that’s. I wasn’t actually.

I know that I’m I watched the show Angela. Yes, oh so that’s going to be a three-point cocina for me, but if you just move me to ten, please that’ll be enough for you that’ll, be it well I’d like to go more, but I don’t have so I’m excited cuz that never happens now. I would like to reorganize. Okay. Are you gon na reorganize there together, my sister stole because she’s a terrible person yeah I’m a terrible person?

I am a terrible person Angela to get this casino back from Aubrey. I need to reorganize it, so I can roll my dice and re-roll her dice and I will take over roll up all right. So are we have it if you roll first all right all right, good luck, get one! I got more for okay, go ahead. Angela go ahead and roll beat that don’t be that Wow, the 200 that did not go.

The way you wanted to go did not go the way I wanted to no, but I have an idea. I know what you’re gon na do yeah. Yes, I’m buying this one and because there’s a four yep, then we have the same number. What kinda roll I’m assuming you’re gon na make it a purple. I was thinking that gon na make it.

I was like in person Angela go ahead, try it! I dare you horrible yeah. I hope that our B rolls one one: oh the opposite, not work out. Well, sorry, dude and at the same time congratulations goes thanks for making my casino bigger, oh yeah, oh God, probably gon na come in handy yeah. We still have a lot of money.

I do have a lot of money so much my whole thing it’s gon na make me feel better. I have an idea like what alright I’m gon na take over a Miracle’s casino. What are you doing about which one? I think will and Angela might be plotting, especially against me. I don’t know, maybe I’m too chatty.

I don’t know what it is, but definitely there’s something something going on now buy this for nine bucks. I’M gon na build an aqua casino. You sure are yes. I am here, goes your aqua casino. Look at that that I think it looks like that.

Looks like you just built. According to this tile, you built a roller coaster. It’S a trampoline scene. I really wish I had my mom casino back. That’S how I feel about my purple, casinos, it you stole.

Is that how you feel yeah really not mad? I only own one casino. I knows you guys can just stop crying about everything really and you have actual money in front of you, excellent it yeah. I own one casino and I have no money left, and I remember this happen in the first part of the game too, and I don’t know what I’m gon na do to recover all right. Are you feel better?

No yeah. Do you feel better is to make you feel good. She made me she’s like hey, it’s, not it’s just good! This is look at this use this as an example. That’S why you’re winning?

Okay? I am going to take my Fiverr millionaire dollars. Err, I’m gon na reorganize. All right, huh, pray. Okay, Angela, you go first, please!

Oh, I rolled a six. The only reason he rolled a six was to match it to your sixes that are down there that crazy ya gon na do this go you did it? Okay, get this: oh wow, oh wow, two, three! Oh! No!

That was awesome and I don’t mean to brag, but that should not have turned out well for me, and it totally did so. I feel great. You turn everybody new turn. It’S another Brown casino. Are you kidding me will keeps getting points and he says he doesn’t win very often, but he just keeps scoring so it’s gon na be hard to beat him now so to an average person.

Looking at the game right now, oh I’m in the lead like this is gon na be great. No, this is tabletop and it involves rolling dice. It is just a matter of time have to make some decisions I’m going to huh. Maybe you could just share the wealth good. Maybe that would be nice, that’s in Las Vegas.

Thank you right. So don’t, okay, okay, but that’s gon na cost. You 15 in the first half of the game. All you’re trying to do is get money and just sort of like scratch out your little square in Las Vegas. But then the second half of the game kind of represents what happened in Las Vegas.

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, where it just becomes this massive power struggle to get bigger and create monopolies and control enormous pieces of the desert, I’m gon na sprawl here, alright there for 24, 24. Okay big one over here. I want to remodel this to brown. Okay, my turn is over ready. I’M ready, I’m ready, I’m ready, not brown, not Brad, this time, maybe purple yes, purple, I’m back in the game.

I’M gon na buy B, 2 B. 2 P 2 for 12. Okay, know what cause it gon na be perfect purple. No one purple, I’ve noticed all right, I’m also gon na buy b3. I am putting all my chips on purple in this game and it is working out well, I am NOT diversifying which might be wise, but I’m going all-in, I’m looking to reroll that that’s a roll, this, oh yeah, that’s a five, eight nine ten, eleven yeah!

Well, good, it’s not my money! No, but I’m gon na do it cuz. I think this is worth. It looks like the reorganizations gon na work. I have more dice than she does so chances are.

I will come out on top Aubrey. You get to roll first yeah, well, robbery, oh boy, high five, strong good balls gon na happen. I mean it’s gon na be when July. Here we go here, we go. Oh, oh, that’s free!

That’S not what you wanted to have happen. No, it’s just that’s! Just like it’s worse, it’s worse yeah! That’S what happens when you try to take over my casino Angela, I hope you’re happy yeah. Oh man is over oh yeah, how many times those dice just Yoko, Ono the DoubleClick’s, that’s terrible!

That’S awful! I hate those dice. I’M gon na finally get some property on this trip and lo look Wow. Do I get to own the casino as well uh? Well, you don’t get to own a brown casino because all the ground, casinos, my goal, is you suck that’s?

Why so? I finally get a chance. I have money and now I’m very excited to build brown and there are no more brown tiles left. All my luck seems to be turning to crap, so I’m just gon na enjoy the show and ride the wave and be happy for the winner. You know in the directions.

It says that each person’s turn is the equivalent of like a year of this. This is a long year that I’m having right now is it very long yeah I mean a lot of stuff. Have a new hire people yeah fire them yeah, some people throw. You know right, train their replacements, like you think, they’ll work out at first. Yes, like wow you’re, stealing first thing that we’re gon na do is we’re going to sprawl here.

Then, I’m gon na buy that for 12 all right and that’s gon na be silver, much smarter. As you near the end game. You want to buy properties that are going to be on the strip, because the game ending card pays the strip and that can be the difference between winning and overtaking the winner. So right now I am looking for ways to get some properties that touch the strip. So I can protect what is not a very safe lead.

You organize this shenanigans back in my old casino, oh you’re, gon na take your old casino ACK yeah gon na take away all of his points. Let’S do this, oh shoot. Hi new lawyer. I got wrong. Six right ready here we go, this tension is killing me man like just to be ahead and know that it could all fall apart on a throw of the dice.

Ah, congratulations! It’S all yours and it does now my cuz, you know again at the end of your filthy, awful turn horrible person. Yes, yes, it’s all right purple. All right me, too, is where you’re gon na go where’s. The e block is that down here um.

What is it? I think? It’S what you oh well, no I ain’t! Yet Oh tom, that was a six window right right. What’S the second six yep there, you go all right.

Let’S pull these sixes out. You guys are gon na re-roll off okay. Here we go five. Four. Am I good at rolling dice?

Have you seen my earrings, I’m gon na sprawl here for 30 sprawl here for 30, which is gon na force, a roll off with miracle you go ahead and roll to y11 for fish? Okay, good of your turn, 18 yeah Angela, oh okay! Now we paint we pay the strip, yes, first, okay, which means nothing to me now. It means yeah. What’S the schedule you get for four points?

What point one one? Oh, you get another four you’re tied with me: Aubrey mm-hmm, you get five four huh technically gold. Oh, it is gold. Sorry, it looked round to my tired eyes here. Um I get three nothing here.

Oh No I’ll be get six! Ah, here we didn’t do so via no, I get six. Ah, what open, tanta dude, dude dude, don’t it to do we’ll? Take it up. Tabletop will beat me just one game.

I knew I’d be here for this. I totally called it. Oh my god. Not only did I win, I also did it throughs. Ladies.

Please sit anywhere you like on the couch um. I wanted to thank you all so much for coming to the show, and I hope that you had a lot of fun playing so listen. You’Re. Welcome to hang out on this couch as long as you like, I am going to go downstairs and give myself a prize yeah. My winner.

Do you think we can take any soda or anything home is like a consolation prize? That’S a good idea! No! It’S not! In the budget, tough winner, congratulations, sir!

It is my great pleasure to present to you cardboard me. This table table certificate of Awesome. Now let me just sign it so that we all know it is official. You look like a happy man and I have to tell you, I think I know how you feel, because this, if you want to where it’s been compared to going to the moon, true story, let me just put a seal on this for you, sir. Now, as you can tell here that I’ve drawn the beer that you are so well known for as well as the beard, I know it’s a little Amish, but it’s because I know how much you wish you could actually grow a real beard instead of the fake One we both have.

Congratulations. Would you like to make a victory speech yeah? I know at this point. It would really just be gilding the lily. I would like to say thank you to the DoubleClick’s and miracle lorry.

I would like to say thank you you for watching and until next time play more games, and we will see you right back here on tabletop. I don’t know how you’re gon na walk away, but I can’t wait to see it.

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