Toys from the 1800’s!

Toys from the 1800’s!! 😱 #Shorts

Toys from the 1800’s!

These are two toys from the 1800s. This one is called head of sack. You get this little sword and you get this horse now this horse is attached to a spring. It does not come off. However, I can take the sword and slice it clean through the base, no magnets, the way that this works, but on this spring here there’s a small rotating hook and when you push the sword through the hook, but it kind of rotates and allows you to get

The sword through this one is known as the magic bank and, as you can see here, 1876, but instead of putting the coins up here, you can actually get the teller to make a small appearance.

There’s the cashier. You take your coin and you place it on his little tray and there’s a small button here when you click this button. He drops it into the bank like this video and subscribe for more cool trinkets


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