This Puzzle is a Complete Misfit (on purpose!!)

This Puzzle is a Complete Misfit (on purpose!!)

This Puzzle is a Complete Misfit (on purpose!!)

Hi and welcome to another episode of Mr puzzle today with another jigsaw puzzle, the one I’m gonna try today is called the misfit and it’s made and designed by jigsawholic. If you remember the ugly four puzzle also made and designed by jigsawholic, I already reviewed some time ago a pretty cool puzzle with a pretty cool content and solution. In the end, there was always one part too much, and this seems to also be the case here. More about that, in a minute, this is the packaging it comes in. I already took it out of the box.

The difficulty rating by the way, 10 out of 10 on the jigsawholic difficulty rating scale and the target is pieced together 13 puzzle pieces and beat the misfit only a true jigsawholic enjoys a puzzle Mark with 10 out of 10 difficulty. Are you up for the challenge? Yes, oh yes, I am, and this is the puzzle for today it comes with a little acrylic lid by the way hidden place by some magnets, as you can see quite a cool feature, because in this case it the pieces will not just drop out. But now I have to drop them out and 10 out of 10. This is gonna, be a difficult one.

I think uh by the way this one is kind of a remarkable piece. If you also look at the other ones – and there seems to be only this place here by the way it’s not mentioned, if all the pieces can fit together inside without a gap, so I guess I guess the task is just to fit them in, even if There remains a small Gap or something between the pieces. I think this. This is my understanding according to the task, and that’s it for the introduction and after spoiler, break you’re gon na see my first attempt trying to piece together, as it’s said on the box piece together the 13 pieces of the misfit okay. Here we go 13 pieces.

13 acrylic pieces, and now, let’s see if I can discover anything on those pizzas, so let’s see I’ll just suck without a strategy. This was probably here before. I would assume this one was probably right here. No, it will. Oh, it was not you see how perfectly this fits in here, but this was actually not the right place from the beginning.

Um. I just thought: maybe just saw it um. Maybe this can scan this, maybe somehow fit here. You know a lot of those pieces have some of the same connectors or very similar ones. You see this one here.

It has exactly the same shape down here, so this lower part is exactly the same other, maybe more of them. Oh man, how to design such a puzzle, I mean this is like sounds looks difficult to be honest, use another one also similar, so they all have the same feature here. You see and Sprouts probably also the case with other features. Where could the speed belong here? On the side it could belong here, for example, could it belong also somewhere else?

Let’S take. Those two out again could also belong here could also belong, no, not there or no. It belong here. So many possibilities – and I think the difficulty of this puzzle comes probably just from the pure amount of possible combinations or something I think it’s just very difficult to to get them in. Because of so many pieces can be combined.

And if it’s really a 10 out of 10, given a hint like this one needs to be here, would make it probably a lot easier than it would be if it would place somewhere else. Maybe you need to somehow flip it over yeah another one. No, no! This does not this one does not fit. Look at this thing down here.

Oh maybe this one. Yes, I know this one is not okay and what I’m gon na do now is I’m gon na try to fill as many as possible and then, if one is left, hopefully only one, I will go in reverse and try to exchange pieces that could fit the Same places and then maybe end up with the right configuration you know this is what I’m gon na try now, let’s see, if I take this one out and this one in here, would it be the same? No, it would be different, would be a nice nice place for the black piece to fit in here, but no, no, let’s leave it in there foreign not able to see any or to find any strategy here to solve the puzzle in a logical way. If you, if you see a possibility, please comment below, because I’m really interested to understand your approach now coming close to this to a possible solution again, um, probably last piece won’t fit as with same as before, as you can see already starting now. Ah, this is frustrating I tell you always at the very end.

Maybe it’s maybe it’s about this one, and I just don’t get it. Let’S put this one, there no also not possible. Oh okay, they perfectly replace each other. Oh, it feels like I’m coming closer. Okay.

This one fits this one fits this one does not, but can I replace those two? They have the same shape here on the side, as you can see like so, oh and now fishtail over there? No, yes, no! Yes whoa! Oh!

Finally, you saw how it worked out in the end. In the end, when a few parts are in the right position, it works pretty good, but to get them in the right position. I mean this. One must be in the right position. I don’t remember like here down here and there this one must be in the right position and there’s no trick It just fits here.

It seems and wow this is. This was very tricky. I I agree and I have no idea how I solved it. I solved it randomly and I have basically no strategy how to solve it again. Let me know in the comments how you would approach this puzzle.

Difficulty rating from my point of view, a level 4 out of the maximum of five on my personal, difficult relating skills. So I do not completely agree to the 10 out of 10 Cool puzzle pretty interesting, pretty satisfying to solve leave a comment hit the like button. If you liked the video and subscribe, if you would like to get notified about future videos and until next time, keep on puzzling


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