Solving a Tiny Piano Puzzle!!

Solving a Tiny Piano Puzzle!!

Solving a Tiny Piano Puzzle!

What’S up and welcome back dope, little fall vibes on that intro hope you guys enjoyed that. You know some little what a jazzy asmr for your wednesday before we get into today’s video. However, a quick word from our sponsors. Thank you to skillshare for sponsoring this video skillshare is an online learning community for creatives where millions come together to jumpstart their creative journey. They offer thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people on topics including illustration, design, photography, etc, but there are also classes for sleight of hand, magic languages, music and so much more for someone who’s been making youtube videos for almost a decade.

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I strongly believe everyone was born to create something in some capacity, and skillshare can really help release that creativity. So, for the first thousand of my subscribers to click the link in the description you’ll get a one month, free trial of skillshare, so you can start exploring your creativity today. This is a wooden piano box puzzle by jean-claude constantine, who is a puzzle creator and if you guys are familiar with puzzle master, which is the site where i get a lot of my puzzles from. I get a lot of questions like. Where can i buy good puzzle boxes?

The link is always in my description. Puzzlemaster.Ca. You got the link there if you click it. It helps me out.

This is a level eight and it’s it’s cute. It’S a little piano box and we’re gon na try and open it. So without any further ado like this video subscribe and let’s get into solving the piano box puzzle, the piano box got some leaves rustling here a little bit a little bit. Asmr huh! I like this uh i like this intro today i like these fall vibes we’re going with.

We got all the nice colors got my little deck of cards, james coffee, unopened, very rare, very rare, see what’s going on in here, [ Music ]. Let’S see if we can pull something off real, quick, okay, let’s try something here we got, the nine of hearts goes into the deck. It was at this moment that he knew it’s actually funny is that he [ __ ] up inside this box is the nine of hearts ooh. I don’t know here. We are piano puzzle it.

Actually, it’s a working piano, listen, i’m just kidding. That was, we did that in post, it’s not a working, piano, looks kind of cool, tiny neat again, i love when puzzles resemble just ordinary objects, obviously very tiny, ordinary object, but still cool. So let’s have a look first things. First, we have this knob here that sort of turns indefinitely got these two little sort of feet. We’Ve got this.

Oh this moves, oh, so it sort of says piano box under there. I don’t know if you really have a piano box. If you move this on the back, we’ve got a hinge here. So, oh so it looks like this whole top half part separates up there, so cool little box. All right – it’s this here.

So it’s got this like little place where you can put like a screw. I’M guessing this unscrews or pulls out or something [, Music. ]! Oh, oh hello! So if i turn it upside down, this uh now sort of ejects doesn’t come out more than that.

It just drops right back in okay! Oh this turns let’s turn! Oh here we go [ Music ] just that one though [ Music ], it sort of goes up higher when that thing is uh sort of disengaged. These things come off this. This one turns, i don’t think they’re screwed in though i think they just kind of turn there i forgot to start the timer.

I forgot to start the timer we’re ready what four minutes into this just checking to make sure looking at all the sides here, making sure nothing is standing out little outliers, i like to call them now. Here we got those springs. You can actually see within there. You can see the springs getting compressed, oh and they’re, on these screws there. Okay, this spring looks like it’s about to pop out [ Music.

]! Don’T want to do that if i can pull it. No, this thing disassemble! No, this thing! No, what would you guys do right now in this situation?

What would be the uh? What would be your move? So we know that if i flip it upside down – and i push this – oh there’s a little hole here – there’s a little gap. I didn’t notice this gap. Will this fit into the gap?

Can i screw this in? No, it doesn’t screw, but it sort of holds there. [ Music ] really sure what the point of that is: [, Music, ], [, Music ]. I can tighten that now. Oh wait: can i loosen it?

It’S coming. Undone! It’S coming. Undone, let’s go [ Music, ] tada. What is this, it’s a magnet.

What is that? How does this work? What what does this do? [, Music, ]? Oh, it is a magnet.

Oh, that’s really clever! So the magnet that’s on the end of this nut right here gets attracted to uh. That’S a really clever method gets attracted to this here, which then allows me to freely rotate the screw through the nut. Otherwise, it would just spin into an empty void, so very cool, very clever, really simple, yet super clever. So let’s uh go ahead and put it back.

I guess it’s just the same thing backwards, [, Music, ]! Is that it, i guess that’s it. [ Music, ], [, Music, ] and that is now tightened boom that comes off. This goes back on here: [, Music ], just like this [ Music ] and boom she’s, now locked wow, clever, simple! I like it well since, since this was a short one, um i’ve been waiting for just such an occasion to solve this little puzzle again.

This is not a puzzle that i would normally make an entire video about perfect for such an occasion. This is uh a puzzle from the ipp23 exchange marcel gillen who’s, a famous puzzle maker – and this is a cigar puzzle, kind of looks like like a mascara, not so much like a cigar, but the goal is to open it, so we will attempt to do so. Oh here we go well that was quick, [ Music ]. How does that work? [, Music, ]?

Oh just – gets locked in there [ Music ]. It just gets locked in there. Somehow [ Music ]. Oh so you got ta turn it to the top [ Music. ], oh, i see [ Music ] do i do i understand that’s going on hold on oh okay, so this little, this little metal part has a little knob on it and there’s a hole here where that can fit in and if it’s not fit in it Will catch on the inside of this there’s a little ring on the inside of that and it’ll catch on there?

So, for instance, i put that there give it a shake yep that should be locked, and now i guess it’s just a matter of finding that sweet spot a lot harder. The second time around when i, when i know the solution, which is interesting, so we know that that ring is in there somewhere, i’m guessing. If i go like this, i think the uh, the dot is up here. So i got ta keep this face upwards, where it says uh. You can hardly read that, but where the writing is, i think, that’s the top and now the thing’s, probably on the bottom.

So i should probably turn this around [ Music ]. There we go and there it is pretty neat puzzle, pretty simple uh, very simple mechanics actually, but neat nonetheless, fun little fidget toy again looks like mascara does not look like cigar, but hey thanks for watching well hot dang. There you have it. That is the piano puzzle box solved. Oh somewhere up there, you you get it um.

Not only did we solve the puzzle, piano box, we also saw this cool little cigar puzzle which i’ve been waiting to solve, but i knew it was going to be a quick solve so also a little bonus puzzle for you, but i left the link to puzzle. Master below, if you guys want to check out more puzzles, feel free to do so. Uh like this video and subscribe for more of these videos. If you want to see more puzzle videos, you know what to do thanks for watching and we’ll see on the next one peace

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