Doing a Puzz3D Lamp *that actually lights up*

Doing a Puzz3D Lamp *that actually lights up*

Doing a Puzz3D Lamp

Hi everybody welcome back to karen puzzles. Today i have a very special guest. It is my sister katie puzzles, hi everybody. So i’ve gotten a handful of questions over the years asking why i have never showed a puzz 3d on my channel before, and the reason for that is because katie is the puzz 3d expert. So i wanted to wait until we could be together so that she could show us all how to do them, but before we get into it, i have something very special that i want to tell you all about, so today’s video is sponsored by the curiosity box, Which is the subscription box for thinkers?

I was so excited when the team from the curiosity box reached out to me, because i have been good friends with jake roper from vsauce3 for a few years now i love everything that he makes. I know that his team puts a ton of thought and effort into every single thing that they make okay. So this is a subscription box that comes out seasonally and in this one they have not one. But two puzzles two puzzles two puzzles, so we have the snake cube puzzle which starts out as a cube and then, when you open it up, it turns into a snake and you have to figure out how to get it back into a cube. So you have fun with that, and then we also have the diagonal burr puzzle, which starts out as just like a cool coffee table object and it’s easy to take apart.

Well i’ll get that piece later, but then, once you have all the pieces um, you know it’s pretty difficult to put back together. So maybe we can work on this one later so curiosity box subscribers get a new delivery. Every season you get over a hundred dollars worth of stuff in here for under fifty dollars, you’ll get science, toys, books, t-shirts puzzles, and you also get curriculum cards which explain the science behind each item and they give you additional experiments to try at home and part Of the proceeds from these boxes goes towards alzheimer’s research yeah. How are you doing over there katie? This is not easy.

So if you want to sign up, you can go to and this is perfect because i’m home for a week so now we have so many activities to do, but for now let’s put this away and dig into the puzz 3ds all right. So when i was choosing which puzzles for us to do, i wanted to do something colorful, something not too crazy difficult, and so i decided to pick the tiffany lamp, which is an actual lamp. It actually lights up. So we got this one um.

Where did we get this one? I think our dad picked it up at a flea market at some point in the last two decades, yeah, not the last two years last two decades and it’s just been in the house. So once we chose this one though i went on to ebay, just to kind of you know, look at it and i realized that there are two different versions. So you can see that the one that we had is sort of like a vertical box and then this version is like a horizontal box and we realized that this version is made by hasbro. This version is made by revit um.

Why do you think that is revit? The company that first originally made puzz 3ds, went through a couple of business ownership changes over the years yeah, so we’re not quite sure which one came first and we think the design of the actual puzzle is exactly the same. But that’s kind of what we’re gon na find out all right. So now, let’s also just take a quick look at the back, so you can get a sense of what we’re going to be making um. Did you notice any differences between them?

I think they’re. Actually, the same, they don’t show all of the same views. The box i have shows a little bit more of it broken down. We have a couple different versions of the top of it where yours doesn’t have quite as much, but from what i could tell. I think the design is exactly the same, so this one i bought off of ebay still sealed this one.

As we said it was from a garage sale, so it had been done before and actually all of the sections were already together inside the box. We just took it apart before, starting to film [ Music ], all right, let’s see. What’S inside, we have a bunch of cardboard pieces, we have some instructions and then we also have some electronics. So this is the lamp that’ll go inside and the battery pack. I love puzzles with battery packs and then the event we have a bag with all of the pieces, [ Music ].

So there are quite a few pieces in here that are already assembled, so i’m going to break those apart as i go. So what are all of these red dot pieces? Red dot pieces are something that is very specific to puzz 3ds. So the way that pus 3ds are actually created in the factory is they’re printed as one giant full sheet as a regular jigsaw puzzle. That is not a puzz, 3d would be, but with the puzz 3d, you end up with all of this extra space.

All of those extra spots have a series of little red dots on them so that you could go in and separate those out and know that those are not actually part of the puzzle. So something else that we noticed is that the foam on this specific puzzle is a little different from normal post 3d foam uh. Do you want to talk about your theory yeah? So when we opened up this puzzle, i realized that the foam on this is different than every single other puzz 3d. I have ever done my theory on this.

Is that because it’s a lamp, they wanted the foam to be a little bit looser and lighter to let the light through. I don’t know how hot this light bulb is going to get it’s very small. I don’t think it’ll heat up very much, but theoretically, that’s part of it too, to let heat out better. Oh this one does the weird thing. What weird thing it does a weird thing: you red dot pieces that are also these.

What what tell the audience at home? What does that mean? So one other weird thing that i’m noticing on this puzzle as i’m breaking apart pieces, [, Music ]. So now i’m just quickly going to open up mine, but i think it should be pretty much all the same stuff. I think karen’s is actually first because the design of these instructions, i think, is the older version, whereas mine is the newer version all right.

So, let’s just clear some of this stuff off the desk and that will actually start putting the puzzles together. [, Music ] all right, it’s time to get started. So what is your normal strategy when you start a plus 3d? I usually don’t sort out the whole thing at the beginning. I usually pick a section and just start pulling those out.

Meanwhile, i’ve decided that i am going to sort everything and i actually added my red dot pieces back in because we are not building the lamps. Quite yet, first we’re putting together the flat sheet – and i just want to give credit where credit is due. Um you’ve seen me do this in previous um other 3d puzzle videos that i’ve done and katie is the one who came up with this. I only started doing it because she did it first. I realized it would be just really interesting to see how the puzz 3d was actually designed in the flat sheet format, and i decided to put together what the entire flat sheet would look like.

First, before doing the actual three-dimensional construction into whatever building, it was [ Music ]. So i have just finished my sorting. I have all of the brown pieces. I have all of the colorful pieces and then these are the smaller red dot pieces which um there’s a lot of them, so i’ll just kind of work on those as i go. Meanwhile, katie has already started.

Putting it together tell us about your progress yeah. So i’m working on what i think is the base of the puzzle, so i have a good chunk over here. All of these will connect. I’M pretty sure this is just one section and then i’ll move on to a different part of the puzzle, and why do you decide not to sort everything from the beginning? Usually i don’t have enough space.

I don’t have quite the same puzzle studio as you have, so i don’t always have enough room to lay everything out. This is also one of the smaller puzzles that i’ve done. My more recent ones have been more in the 500 to 1000 range yeah. We should say that this is a relatively small pest 3d, it’s only what less than 300 pieces, although that is only the real pieces that doesn’t count the red dot pieces that we are currently working with, because we’re crazy, yeah plus 3ds have a huge range in Size, the largest one that i’ve ever done was the new york city puzzle, which is 3 141 pieces. I spent an entire summer on that in high school, whereas the smallest ones are less than 50 pieces and are more for kids, so katie, why post 3ds?

Why do you like them so much? I like that it’s getting to do a jigsaw puzzle as a normal jigsaw puzzle, but then there’s more to it. I’Ve always liked building things. I went to school for engineering for a long time, so i love that you get to both do a jigsaw puzzle and then also construct a building or something else when you’re done with that jigsaw puzzle. So how many post 3ds have you done?

It depends a little bit on how you define it. I think there are about 38 that i have in my personal collection that are scattered throughout our parents house. Here when i was in high school. My homeroom teacher also had a few in the classroom, so i did another three there, maybe so somewhere around 40 total, which is nowhere near all of them. Let us know in the comments, if you want to see a full tour of her past 3d collection.

Next time we’re both home, hey look. I finished my base, i’m still missing two pieces online. So how did you get started with pez 3ds in the first place? I’Ll be honest, i don’t remember a time before us having pez 3ds in the house. That’S fair!

So as best as i can put together the history of this, because we weren’t taking quite as many pictures 20 years ago, i think in 1998 1999 somewhere around there. Our mom must have learned about these, probably through the bits and pieces catalog, and saw that there was a grandfather clock, fuzz 3d, which she got for both of us. That was our first one. Yes, it was pretty cool, it came with a little clock face and batteries that you could put in it this. This tiffany lamp actually came out right around the same time, so maybe puzz 3d was going through a bit of a phase of putting actual working things into their puzzles.

The furniture phase sure you can make a whole house out of pest 3d, so we both did the grandfather cloth 3d and then, as best i can theorize, because i was 9 10 years old at the time. Karen was ambivalent about them and i was super into it, so karen did not get any more puzzles. I got some of the mini ones, but i really really loved it also. I would just like to clarify that i was ambivalent about puzz 3ds, but i was very into regular jigsaw puzzles and i basically stopped doing regular jigsaw puzzles and started only doing puzz 3ds [, Music, ] [, Music, ] [, Music ]. So it’s been a little while we think about two hours or so, and here is our progress.

Let me show you this is way trickier than we thought, so both of us have made pretty good progress on these brown sections. You can see we’re at you know. Basically, the same point: i have decided that i need to move on to the colorful lamp section just in order to move forward and start getting these all connected to each other katie. Do you want to talk about why this is so weird yeah? This puzzle is a lot more difficult than i was anticipating, mostly because a lot of the puzzle ends up becoming a dome and when you flatten a dome, you end up with all of these sections in between so we’re ending up with these flat sections.

With a lot of red dots in the middle, which makes it very hard to assemble as a flat section altogether, because you’re not sure what actually connects and what needs a little chunk in between [ Music ]. So it’s been another hour, and this is so much harder than we were anticipating so right now, i’m working on these sections, which i think is the bottom edge of the lamp. The problem, though, is that there seem to be these red dot pieces in between every single one, and that makes sense because over here i’m working more on the middle of the lamp, and you can see that it looks like these all connect to each other. But they don’t quite line up because the red dot pieces in order to make it fully flat, need to fit in between. So i keep getting sections that look like they’re done, but then i have all of these dots that somehow need to fit inside what i’ve already put together.

So this is a big big challenge: [ Music ]. So before we actually start building uh, we wanted to show you a few interesting things about the flat sheet of this puzzle. I really like how these ins and these outs are split. This you wouldn’t expect that to be in two pieces, but this little curve creates the out that sandwiches that little normal puzzle piece and the other interesting thing is that once we build it, this piece is going to look like it connects to this piece. So that’s really tricky when you’re putting it together, because you have to remember that there are red dot pieces that actually go between each one, but they had to design it.

So the pattern repeats so that it looks like you know. Once we take these out. It looks like it’s a continuous pattern, so that’s a pretty impressive design: [ Music ], okay, so it is 3pm um. We sort of forgot to stop for lunch. It’S fun so we’ve been working straight through and i just want to say that i am so impressed because the way that i do puzzles these days is not easy and i’m so impressed that you have like kept up and actually beat me at my own game.

Close, i’m not done yet. Let me show you a little close-up of what we’ve been dealing with, because this puzzle is so hard like i’ve just had the time lapse, but if i had been filming you would have just heard us non-stop being like nope. Where does that go? What’S happening? Okay, so, as you can see, it’s just very, very repetitive, i’m currently on all of these little guys and pretty much any of them since foam is kind of like wiggly, they cannot fit, but the pattern doesn’t perfectly match up.

So everything in here has had to get like rearranged a million times. Also we realized that this sheet is so big that our puzzles are overlapping, which is so fun. So what what do you have left to work on? What are all of these? So i have all of these little brown pieces which are going to go in between these.

I also think i have some errors in here that hopefully these will help me figure out and then i still have a couple of dragon fly wings and some weird shapes that don’t make sense, so i’m still rearranging so do you think this is a well-designed puzzle? Well, i haven’t really done a puzz 3d that ends up in a dome shape before so i don’t really have a puzz 3d. That’S a great thing to compare it to. There are also a couple of just quality issues in my puzzle. There’S a piece that looked very crunched that doesn’t quite fit in the spot where it goes with that damage yeah and since mine has been done before i actually don’t have the scrunching quality issues.

I just have. You know normal wear and tear on a puzzle and like stickers, starting to peel up, so it’s been a little frustrating also. This is how we have been for literally this entire time, just hunched over the puzzle, trying to find like any tiny, tiny little thing that might tell us that something is wrong. I have done it. The dragonflies are done.

Okay. Now, how do these fit in? No peeking at the beginning, we were trying very hard not to look at each other’s work and at this point, like five hours in i’m just like show me everything you’ve done crunch crunch crunch crunch. Did i end up with one of your pieces? Are you missing?

One of these no do we have an extra piece. I don’t think i’ve ever gotten an extra piece in a pub 3d before i’m done. You’Re done, i’m almost done and i might not do all of my little squares all right. I think i think i’m done these are real pieces. You got to put those in why, because that’s part of the puzzle – [ Music, ] there they’re in well, i have actually finished mine.

Maybe we can just say that katie is still the puzz 3d master, and so she will have finished hers and i will be 95 of the way there [ Music ]. It is 3 14. I think we started at like 10, so that was a little over five hours straight through of just solid puzzling, so maybe we’ll just take a little break and then we’ll actually build these lamps. This has ruined tiffany lamps forever. For me, i will forever be triggered every time.

I look at the tiffany lamp now all right here we go time for the assembly. Finally, so we have decided that we should probably use the instructions just because there’s this light with the wire running through it and you kind of need to get that in place correctly, or else it’s just not going to work. Also, do you want to share? What’S uh going on with your light over there? Well, it doesn’t seem to work, we just put brand new batteries in it, and nothing happens when i turn it on quality of this part of it was not the greatest yeah.

Basically, hers is just has a whole lot of issues. Um mine does work. This is the one from the garage sale. Remember, hers was brand new um mine does work, but only when you get the wire in the exact right spot, i swear it works. Sometimes i mean it was working, it emitted a very faint light.

You can just picture that in your head, but i think maybe it’s not working anymore, so i mean they’ll still match. They just won’t function yup. So the next step is to get all of our cardboard prepared, which yours mostly is already. I had a head start and my light is still not working. This is garbage garbage okay.

So now we have our cardboard all punched out and ready to use. So, following the instructions, our first step is going to be to fold this cardboard a little bit along the lines now. The next thing we’re going to need is the underside of our base, and now the next thing we’re going to need are our vertical. Our four vertical supports, which is what the lamp wire will go inside. Well then, i assume these get turned into a square like on their sides yep, but don’t connect them all yet because we have to put a wire in the middle and some cardboard a broken wire.

That does not work. Yes, oh wait. I think i just mixed our red dot pieces oops. I thought they were mine. Okay, so before we put this into a cube, we want to take our vertical one.

Yours is mostly assembled already. It’S already done. I wonder who did this previously? I wonder whose yard sale it was, if you remember doing this puzzle in new jersey in uh anytime in the last 20 years. This could very well have been yours.

I assume we’re just folding it into a little square like this yeah, but you might want to put that wire through first before you connect it all. Oh, you could have told me what we were gon na. Do wait. That’S an interesting difference. Look, they redesigned a tiny part of it.

Yours has a little triangle, and mine has a little circle, so they’re, not exactly alike, wait and which direction are these? Is this the top or the bottom? I think that’s the bottom. No, this is the bottom. No, that’s the top, no you’re right, you’re right, pulsar, she’s right!

Oh, oh, my god. I just had a flash of light. Oh oh there it is there. It is. Do you see it?

Oh, do you see it? Are you seeing that flashing? Is that picking up there? It is whenever you’re ready with kevon there. It is look, look at how bright it is wow.

I just have to hold it at exactly this angle, so we’re going to line up our cardboard on the same holes in the base and then on the bottom of what we just put together. We have the same shaped puzzle. Pieces doesn’t matter which the battery pack should go. This way also the holes are different sizes. So you want to make sure that you have the right one in the right spot.

Oh, oh, i see. Let me see okay, you should then be able to tip up these three little arms and slot them into the little slots that are on this vertical. This part is actually pretty well designed. It feels very secure and solid and i have a light and then we want to put the battery pack in the spot where it goes well. Mine has tape on it, so i think maybe the person before me couldn’t quite get it to stay in place.

Okay, i used a secret little piece of tape to keep mine in place. [, Music. ] then does it say where to start um you just kind of go, not sure it matters, [, Music, ] doesn’t matter, it might matter, looks like it matters [, Music, ]. So now we need this more decorative circle piece, and this is the first spot that we get into where we need to pull out some of the red dot pieces from inside, because this is not going to be flat. This is going to tighten up into a little mini, dome, oh and then there’s also another piece in here to fill in that gap.

This one random piece that had to be shoved somewhere else in the puzzle. This is so complicated. This is the fun part, as you can see, uh i am a little ambivalent, [, Music ]. It helps to have little fingers for putting some of this together. I have that next is the rest.

This was step eight to get to here and literally step. Nine is put together the rest of it made the top we’re almost there. We got all that hard work and now we’re just taking it all apart. It’S an extra puzzle within the puzzle: [ Music, ] [, Music ]. So we both have our domes half finished.

What’S next is to take these little triangle pieces and basically finish out the top of the dome? Are you doing them one by one or are you putting it all on at once, um? I think i’m gon na work my way around, so i can keep adjusting the shape of the whole thing as i go right, that’s the thing you kind of have to shape this one, which is a little different from most fuss 3ds, since it’s all curved and Rounded most of my plus 3ds are skyscrapers, which are very much just rectangles up and down all right. So i’ve got my fall. Dome, hello, hello out there hi!

Oh wait! No! It’S a hat! Look cute! The height of fashion, puzzle, hats!

So next we have this little square piece that should just slot right into the top here, and then we have this guy, which slots right into the top. So now i think this will be the trickiest part. We have to somehow get these eight slots the slots on the lampshade, where i don’t even see where they are. Oh there’s one. Oh there’s one!

Okay! Oh i got one. This puzzle involves quite a lot of uh bending and turning [ Music ]. Okay, i think mine is fully attached all right. I guess, did we do it?

That’S it have we done it, we did it well. That was a [ Music ] process, [ Music ] all right. So what do you think of this plus 3d as the resident puzz 3d expert? It was definitely more difficult than i was expecting going in. I like the colors of it.

I wish some of the construction had been a little bit better, and but it was still a really good challenge to work on. It was definitely challenging, especially when you do the flat sheet. The way that we did. I think if we had just tried to put it together like this from the beginning, it would have been much easier and on the box it says average difficulty. Do you think?

That’S true. I think it’s really hard to compare, because it’s just so different from most of the other puzz 3ds that i have done, which are just buildings all right, well, someday, we’ll be back and we will do just a normal, regular puzz. 3D, great also, i don’t know if you guys can tell but um. My lamp is on right, yeah right here. It’S on um.

This lamp is not very bright. Maybe i’ll try to do a shot at night and we’ll see if anything comes through, but i really doubt it yeah, i’m pretty [ Music, ] skeptical, [, Music ]. So, are you going to be adding this one to europa’s 3d spreadsheet for sure i keep a whole list of all of the puzz 3ds that i have done so far and so i’ll be adding this one to the list with the statistics about it about how Long it took us how big the sheet was, if you guys thought that i liked statistics. The only reason i have statistics is because i send all of my data to katie and she turns them into spreadsheets for me. So, let’s everybody just say a big uh.

Thank you for that you’re welcome. So i have one more thing that i wanted to mention. While we’re on the topic of puzz 3ds, so in 2009, which was 12 years ago, i gave katie for christmas, her own custom, puzz 3d handmade by me. So you guys. Don’T know this, but the fun fact about us: um.

We have a caboose in our backyard, a real full-size train, caboose uh. You know it’s been there since i was like a baby. You were like two-ish yeah, something like that. So you know basically our whole lives. So i decided to make katie a cavitt caboose mini puzz 3d, and i planned this out.

You know when i was home over the summer or maybe things i know sometime when i was home before christmas. I had to take photos from every angle: oops. Oh no. I lost a piece you know i i had to take photos from every angle and then i had to build it figure out how it would go together. I had to print it out, cut it out of foam core.

Oh no, i lost another piece, but i just thought that that was a fun little piece of karen puzzles history and one more thing before we go. I just want to remind all of you to head to so that you can get your own curiosity box here work on this. For me, it looks like we have. Our next puzzles ready to go.

So if you use code karen 10, you can get 10 off of your box, so katie as the guest. Here you get to pick the code word for the comment that will. Let us know that the viewers have watched all the way to the end. So what is our code word today? Let’S go with dragonfly.

We’Ve got all these cute little purple, colorful dragonflies on our lamps uh. Let us know in the comments also, if you have ever done a post 3d and if you like them, alright we’re gon na go. Thank you for watching bye. Everyone

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