Solving A $100,000 Escape Room!!

Solving A $100,000 Escape Room!!

Solving A $100,000 Escape Room!!

Congratulations on winning those tickets. Sir thanks ace, you know, the strange thing is i don’t even remember entering a contest. Luck must be on your side, sir. I guess the hadrian space station has the most luxurious, spa and hotel in all of alpha centauri. It does sound nice and i could use a vacation.

These time jumps are starting to wear on me approaching docking station prepare for vehicle decompression. I don’t know i’ve got a funny feeling about this i’ll, be with you. If you need [ Music ] bad place, you got here ace. I told you so what’s this compliments of the hadrian spy hotel, sir? Oh, these are nice, oh wow!

Where did you find these? I had them delivered from zeta reticuli they’re, your favorite, hey, ace, uh! Tell me when is uh wes getting here, he should be arriving shortly. Okay, you’ll love the amenities here, why’s that some would say, they’re to die for behind this secret door. I’Ve built a 100 000 escape room.

Welcome back guys, i’ve been working on this project for over a year with the folks over at immersive tech. It is my lifelong dream to have my very own escape room. I’M going to be doing this with wes my best friend. We have no idea what to expect in terms of puzzles. We are not in on any of it if you guys don’t mind leaving a big fat like below.

I would really appreciate it. If you did me a solid, this is burning a hole in my pocket. Right now – and i need you guys just to get it trending, if you could do that, that would be amazing. Also this [ Music ] [ Music ]. This is an at-home standalone version of this escape room where you’re actually going to help future me solve whatever’s.

Going on in here we have a mobile app. We’Ve got a deck of cards which, by the way, is printed by the uspcc high quality playing card. You can only get if you purchase this. You got all the other clues and quest items you need in this box. This is an at-home adventure that you can pick up right now they are limited, so you definitely want to check them out as soon as you can link in the description check that out without any further ado.

Let’S do this all right wesley, your mission: should you choose to accept it? Yeah is to go into space. You ready, i feel like i’m only here, because you forgot a tripod grab the door, quick, close the door, the airlock. Dear luck, oh, not so good! All right here, we are all right.

This is this. Is our situation? Oh wow, holy sh. This is our situation for the next. I don’t know how long until we decide to escape.

Oh, my god, yo it’s space out these windows. Oh it’s the same picture. It like that’s our ship right there so welcome. This is a space hotel and this is where we’re staying. This is where, where we’ll be staying, we have a limited amount of auction, because there is no ventilation in this room.

Apparently, that’s actually real. All right i’ll. Give you guys a quick little house tour as i’m uh discovering it for myself. We got a screen here: the hadrian, spa and hotels. Where we’re at we got this beautiful little bed.

We got a nice little window view. This is a server room. We can’t go in there. Then we got these over here we got another window here. We got this cool thing.

We got some cool lighting up there. We got that cool contraption coming down here. Uh, i don’t know what this stuff is like. We got that we got a screen here and then we got oh, we got a coffee maker. Every hotel has a coffee machine which is great, that’s just an ipad.

We got antoine who’s on the other side of that he’ll be listening and watching us. We can’t hear or see him uh. He just wants to make sure everything’s going fine and we got another panel here. We got this nice little plant a little fauna. This is a very good hotel room.

Like just yeah. You know i feel like the hotel in new york yeah, that’s right, uh. So what do we do? How do we start? Okay, i was told a few things: one, those two lights there should we need them.

Okay, we have a light source, so we can just yeah. We leave them there for now, okay and other than that. One thing i’ve noticed as well. There are little reference numbers. If you have a look everywhere, they got these little reference numbers everywhere and those will probably come in handy wes yeah.

We got a notepad there in case you need to take notes, yeah and you can see like there’s, keys and stuff. I can see things everywhere. This is going to be first things. First, this here it says, press enter to begin all right here we go welcome to base station hadrian’s, hotel and spa chris ramsay and guest. It’S a beautiful 23 degrees across century 2’s ring.

I am your personal assistant for the duration of this day. I am a state-of-the-art, artificial computerized entity in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Please retrieve your customized memory drive, which was just delivered to you through the pneumatic parcel delivery system. Yeah. I think it’s in there please press the illuminated button.

Oh wait! When ready to open place, the yellow memory drive into the yellow receiver eliminate a button again to close when complete, oh whoa whoa, oh my god that just shot open yo that is cool. What is that? I don’t know open it up, dude, i’m so excited right. Now, that’s nice!

So that’s a memory drive, that’s sick and then we got to place it into the memory. I’M i’m guessing the yellow one. That’S what he said it’s magnetic. Is there an orientation press, the flashing button to continue? Oh, wait here, insert the drive from delivery into the yellow memory slot to continue.

Am i sure it’s this though i mean i guess it’s that it’s a yellow slot. It’S got ta, be, let’s go all or nothing okay and now, oh, what in the hell? Oh wait that goes there. Oh, i see i see press button to close tray, [ Music ], oh so this was just a slot. That was nothing yet: okay, okay, dude!

It’S minus two point: seven system override initiated: okay, congratulations on completing your memory, upgrade bronze level. Concierge systems are now available. Bronze level; concealer use the room reference library interface to complete the personalization procedure to unlock your free gold member room upgrade. Oh, we got a gold member is accessed via the touch screen to your rear. Left input.

Reference code, zero, zero, zero to begin zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero zero enter. This is technician117. How can i assist you? Whoa? Oh, hey, how’s, it going um.

What do we do? Oh hang on your microphone is shot. Give me a wave. If you can hear me great there, you are okay. Let me pull up the room data and check the internal readings.

Great. Thank you. What is going on? It says you’re in the old research and development weighing in looks like it’s been renovated, but there shouldn’t be anyone in there. Let me see if i can help you, i would send someone in person but uh with a big event on today.

Rank 2 is an absolute ghost town shoot. I have another call coming in. Follow the instructions on screen and the room’s concierge ai should be able to help with the rest all right. Thank you. Reconfigure member status keys found in drawers to your right is this popular.

I just popped open slot. Colors indicated to continue room upgrade. Oh here we go so the colors here right, synthesize, oh okay, so you got to balance them out. So, okay, you do that grab them go ahead and grab them. Oh yeah so grab all three yeah and then and then you got to put them in the right order so that this adds up right.

So go ahead. What the hell, nothing so far, just go ahead and keep putting them in there’s different colors yeah. No do they maybe go in there. I don’t think so. The colors match that side.

Do they yeah? Oh, maybe then, so here, okay, here yeah the the wait, there’s like a. Why does it slide? These are all these are all the three colors. Oh, what the hell both sides – two people, you think so, oh my god, i don’t know they’re different colors.

Let me just try this we’re gon na. Try that real, quick! These are all these guys. Nothing seems to be happening on there. What about those lights that have anything to do with it?

They’Re just they’re just lights – maybe i don’t know pull out. What’S this purple, oh purple’s, over there purple. This is blue. Huh! Okay, wait hold on because we got three there and there’s three there there’s three.

There three there so blue one needs to be in the middle looks like and the blue one’s over here so grab the blue one put it in the middle over there. Okay, oh, i see you’re, saying right, yeah, yeah, yeah and then yellow here and purple. On top – and we should be good – oh i see what you’re saying i just don’t know which side that’s good. We just got to make sure that we’re putting them on the right side. Try triangle up triangle out: yep, oh yeah, because it says right there you’re, right, you’re, right, you’re, right, right, good, call!

Oh yeah! This way, yeah match the triangles for sure this should be it nothing hit the button now. Maybe why are they come apart, though? I’M taking it apart again: why do they come apart? Yeah?

This has got to be something. There’S got to be a reason like. Oh here we go, i got it. I got a chris. How do we make like dark blue out of these?

Would we like take one of these ones and add it dark blue doesn’t exist right, oh well, it’s already completed yeah so like we’re trying to do the other three spots, we’re trying to do the other three so like we we take one of these and we Put it on here and that makes the color ooh all right. That’S actually smart wes, maybe i’ll try that so so these things come apart. We just figured out but wes had a good point is that the things on the screens here already say completed, and we think we have to create the other one. So we have to create a blue. What makes blue well this one already is blue yeah.

So, like blue and white, i mean blue and darker purple like this blue and like purple um, i don’t know. Okay, we know green is yellow and blue. Let’S try that green is yellow and blue, yellow and blue, and that goes other way like this yeah boom. Yellow and blue and that should be green, but there’s no green slot. There’S a green screen, so it’s over here stick that in there i guess did anything happen.

I think we’re gon na get there because i think red yeah and then try this we’ll try this one for red, okay uh, if not we’ll switch them around yeah oh yeah completed. Let’S go so the other one’s wrong. The green isn’t right. Okay, give me the other combination of this. Then you take this combination.

Yeah, give me the give me the blue from that yeah and the yellow from wow. No, no, oh dude! So hang on! This is right, but it’s still wrong cause we’re going to need the yellow off there to go here for the green trust me, so you check it out. It says: they’re complete, no cause this one.

They can make it the same this with different uh different ways. You can make different shades of blue yeah. You can make it the same. Do two different ways: trust me this will go back in here. I bet you it’ll be complete, no put the other one back.

Let’S just try different combinations. Okay, sorry am i bad yep. I got double smart for double stupid thinking too much. Okay, yep that one’s good. Let’S just try this out.

Okay, this should be in the bottom slot right, yep completed, and so that one should go in into the uh green slot. Okay, make this blue and green is gon na fix that no, i think it’s backwards. There’S one more combination here that we can do here. That’Ll work, i’m sure i think, okay here i i promise me. I probably i promise you.

I promise you we could probably do it, let’s try and make green out of these two like that’s how you make green, yellow and blue. It’S how you do it right. So it’s got to work, but there’s also a difference. It did work great so now that’ll make a dark, blue or whatever right yeah. This is crazy.

This is like elementary school, but it’s stressful, [ Laughter, ] no come on. Wait! Wait! Yes! Yes, let’s go press and hold uh buttons for three seconds.

Okay, when you wan na, do it ready one two three go: [ Music, ], ah great work, please complete deep learning path; alignment process, use arrow keys on primary interface to finish personalization process, arrow keys, personalization process. What are keys he’s talking about? Oh here, what the hell holy, what is that i’m going around here? Morality, internet solitude, cheese, arrow keys here. Ah there we go okay, um, follow the color scheme, maybe or line just line up all the colors to the point of all the colors yeah line up.

All the colors, oh, is that possible, no you’re right, oh, maybe boom deep learning alignment completed. Please press and hold illuminated personalization interface buttons to access kitchenette. Your preferences have been recorded and your amenities will be accessible. Okay, great one. Two three go nice what’s happening!

Oh look at that. Yes, let’s go what is happening here holy sh! This is crazy. What [, Music ] there’s a bomb under the bed? This is why we need the light today.

Oh hold on that wasn’t supposed to happen. There must be a short in the system somewhere. Please investigate the wiring and look for inconsistencies, investigate the wire and look for inconsistencies. We have this as a sort of map here – oh my god, all right, so we’re going to have to one of us is going to have to be under there i’ll. Let you do that part since you got the gopro sure here’s your light thanks!

Oh, i got ta touch things, that’s, oh, my god, all right! Okay, you got. Oh, we got ta, make the lights, go green, yeah and and turn on. Basically, i don’t even know where do you. This is my going to follow the wire things to touch reference.

One five: nine, it’s a magnet. What is this? I’M touching, i think i’m touching like ends to ends yeah right or something right. You only got one yeah there’s only one of these, so you’re, just testing this is danger. High voltage, you might want to watch it right there.

It’S so stressful, okay hold on a second here. Okay, all right hold on hold on it’s getting hot. In here, eh yeah, um, no patterns repeat themselves. I got reference 159. Is there anything up there?

Nothing! Okay! Wow, this is really good. This is really really good. What’S this do oh, okay, that plugs in there yeah seems to those clips are just like uh they’re, just they’re just plugged they.

This is the only place they actually plug into is these two spots looks like this will need a complete rewire. I have made additional accessories available to you. This just popped open. You said we got more accessories here. You go.

Here’S another wire, sorry man! I’M super excited no you’re good, that’s it! That’S it! I’M gon na go the other side with this one then right, regular black yeah black yeah, please complete blue fuse path, enter reference code 306 to bring up wiring diagram at the reference library ensure both cables and both fuses are plugged in one person must depress both Buttons inside a fuse panel to test orientation, blue indicators should illuminate when correctly completed. Okay, one person has to touch two things: blue things should light.

When it’s completed there, you go uh here, you go here, your fuses, oh damn, um. We got more fuses in there, but this is locked right now, so that popped open the blue one’s got to go. Yeah the blue one’s got a uh it’ll turn blue when you’ve made the right thing. So look here. Look here, there’s got to be something here that it tells us right.

So these two are halves: that’s a half as well! So maybe this one and this one okay! So that’s this guy here yeah and this guy here uh-huh nothing. I don’t know if i i think i just set them on top. I don’t think i have to push them in you mean none of these work.

Well, none of the none of those combinations were. Oh, oh, i got ta push these buttons too. That’S right! Oh so i got ta, try it all and push the buttons. Oh wow no shot, oh god!

This is gon na suck no shot. Yeah dude did that just shock you yeah and not not uh lightly dude. Can you read? Oh no. I do not want this job anymore, oh no, do we have to figure this out, i’m not pushing all these buttons.

This is the single greatest thing ever, oh, my god, all right, you’re, gon na figure this out. So these yellow things. Okay, those things are your plugs that we plugged in yeah uh. These yellow things are those uh, the buttons uh, those are the lights, and so it’s everything in here can we figure this out before. I think this one and this one oh jesus, dude, honestly, that’s the one you’re not gon na get shocked again.

You won’t. I don’t want to do it, you try, you got ta, try it got. Ta go yeah here, hold this ah jeez god that sucks. That is not fun. Oh man.

This is gon na suck. Oh dude, oh they’re, punishing us for trying every combination, yeah, which makes sense, let’s figure out the answer. First, is there more secrets? I don’t think i think that’s what they want us to do. Oh no!

I don’t think this makes sense on purpose. Oh no, that can’t be. Let’S add it up. Somehow you got to be an answer. Well, i was thinking these two right.

Yeah, okay, yeah you’re right. Maybe it’s just push them all and suck it up. Okay, you go next, wait, there’s so many combinations, so many combinations. Chris there’s like that’s like six factorial. I know i ran them all a minute ago and yeah, it’s like it’s like.

Yes, this is yeah it’s like 30 combinations yeah. Let me get a heart attack before you leave here yeah: oh man, i’m not pushing them. All. There’S got to be a better way. There has to be.

It’S got to be, there’s is there more secrets in here? Is this a fuse box? Does this open it out there? I don’t think that opens what happens all right. Let’S, okay, so here there’s the blue.

I love how someone in the comments is probably screaming at us right now because he understands what’s happening here. Uh! Okay, look! Oh here we go! I’M following the blue wire: oh i better just follow the wire try that yeah, oh man, they made this hard.

Oh man, they made this impossible to fall. I bet it raps a thousand times i’m getting ptsd yeah it wraps too many times. It better goes around and around yeah, but none of them really help you figure out where to push this reference has got to help us man. So what is this nightmare? There’S got to be something.

This has two pieces. That’S two pieces, this one’s odd, because it’s missing a chunk. Does that really like? There really has to be something here. It really can’t just be trial and error.

No, it really can’t be that that would be not true. I’M getting dizzy standing here next to these windows. Okay, okay! This is reference. Three six, four, that’s reference, one, five, nine yeah, those got ta, be they can’t just be random.

I think they are. They might be. Okay, definitely something we’re missing. Um, i’m getting a call right now, which is funny. I didn’t think we’d have reception in space.

Just try another one. Man there’s got to be a better way. You suck yeah all right. We tried that one, that’s good we’re down another one, i’m legit sweating! I i like to solve the puzzles chris.

Can i push them with these? I, like i like where your head’s at i can just do that i’ll. Do that definitely doesn’t zap you no, but i heard a shock yeah it’ll shock itself because i think it what it actually does is correct. Oh a current through me, it’s going to make a current through you, no yep, no 100 dude. Ah, i’m just trying to cheat the pain.

Okay. Okay, so you didn’t try that combination! Yeah! You haven’t tried that yet either. No, i don’t want the contact info.

Okay, you look at that. One look at this one. We’Re gon na solve this thing. We’Re gon na solve it. Do they want the blue light illuminated, or did he say that the blue light will illuminate when we find it?

Oh, i think he said they want. That’S what we’re going for that reference also has a square thingy on it, which we don’t have anywhere else. There’S no reference, just numbers that one has a square thing. No, that was a triangle tried out wes these two middle one, yep yeah. Exactly let’s go baby.

You got this yeah all right here, we go. You got this bud, let’s go! Oh! This is a really good, really good puzzle, okay, but i like the idea of using references, because if we look at other references, oh no see there’s a triangle on that. One too, oh, but that’s got to mean something.

Can we just try to find the wires? Is that impossible? No there it wraps around it. Just takes you on a goose chase. I mean there is only so many combinations, but it’s just a lot of zaps yeah that’ll be faster, it’s just zap but faster.

Let’S do it. Okay, your turn [ Laughter ], oh okay, this really sucks. Let’S not do it. Let’S figure out the puzzle. There’S no puzzle: this is random.

They’Re, torturing, us we’re all set up by this evil computer. It’S getting hot in here, i’m sweating! Frankly, oh okay. What would you guys do comment below and let me know what you do, i’m very curious to know uh what you would do and and if i could have that information right away, that’d be amazing. Okay, that didn’t work.

Why? Why are there more fuse boxes? If this is the only fuse panel, because we’re gon na have to do that again, oh yeah, to get a different color yeah, then let’s figure out the pen, that’s what i’m saying i’m mad! No! This is so funny.

This is gon na. Take us forever. I bet it’s obvious once you know. I bet someone in the comments is like. Obviously it’s this computer.

Can you tell us what to do again? Is that possible, or no can we just get on to this and yeah that’s going to goes up yeah? Is there any clue on those things? Oh, that’s a really good question we should have started. Is there any small indication on those things that might help us out here?

Well, i’m not the puzzle, god, but uh. I don’t think so. They look pretty empty huh and the only other reference we had here was like this uh. These voltage signs right, yeah, i’m really uh, i’m really at a loss. Here we got ta.

We got ta figure this out. Man gon na try another combination, all right. Just for fun yeah, oh god, okay, let’s know been in here for almost an hour, have we 45 minutes holy crap yeah we’re not doing well. No, but i like it, i enjoy it. Okay come on think think.

Think think this is the same shape as that which is interesting yeah. We should have been listening more carefully. I was trying. Let’S go, do it very methodically? Okay, very methodically.

Oh okay, i thought that was good because it wasn’t shocking as soon as you push down hard. It takes a little longer. Okay, that’s not good! How about these two over here! Let’S go!

Okay, that’s not good! Okay! Now, okay, i tried like 10 there yeah. We should have wrote them down or something yeah shock is bearable. Yeah the first one was shocking.

You get used to it, yeah you get used to it, so yeah. Well, there’s six combinations per thing: yeah, there’s 36 combinations in total yeah right right. So we just shock each other 36 times. Probably you wan na do the first run i’ll i’ll do the first entire loop and then you can do the next. You got it.

I tried that one. You did try this one. Yes, okay, pretty sure yep, hey, hey! I feel like i’m watching anime or something i thought that was gon na, be it okay, so now you’re starting uh you’re, starting here and you’re doing just these ones, all right: okay, nope! Ah that one that one’s late, i hate that one it’s very late.

Okay, that’s it right, yeah i’ll, take this one yeah, and here yeah i mean we’ll just do it we’ll just commit to it. It sucks. But let’s go oh i thought so. I know it gives you a little hope: hey yeah! Oh that one i hate too.

Okay, okay! So now here, i’m gon na do these three: okay: okay, oh, that one’s late! There’S only a few left. Okay, there’s only a couple more combos move! There’S this one!

That’S it and there’s one here: okay, i mean, if that’s not it, we might be doing something wrong here. Ah yeah this is this has to be it then, which it isn’t. No, it’s every combination. You just got shocked 21 times or nothing all right. Every single combination: what about the reference number again?

Yeah i mean they can’t be random reference numbers, one: five, nine one: five, nine! Well, there’s one five, nine, but there’s also three six four! Well one! Five! Nine is actually on it.

So i feel like that. Wait! Oh just type that one five nine enter: no, no, no okay, so you got ta be over there because you can see this. This is so stupid. Jesus spent almost an hour on this, and all you do is turn the reference number.

So now we know no one told us this. Maybe the computer told us reference 159. Is there anything up there? Nothing! One thing: i’ve noticed as well.

There are little reference numbers. This reference has got to help us man, okay, okay, this is reference. Three six. Four! That’S reference one: five, nine yeah, those those got ta, be they can’t just be random.

I think they are. They might be okay, [, Music ], but now we know that when we’re, when we need some plans, all we have to do is type in the reference. Number and it’ll give us the data. That’S amazing, it’s not even a puzzle. Did we miss?

We haven’t even started doing the puzzle, yet one a e3 and two a e3 together yeah that that’s these, that’s that’s done yeah and four and four together, yeah uh. Then it’s triangle and circle right which we’ve done yeah we’ve done all the combinations. That’S where this is getting weird, so there’s something else we’re missing here. Well, maybe we need to do it in order hidden compartment panel for interim security protocols, because it can be shocking experience yet man um well, let’s type in the bed reference number to see. If there’s something else in those panels for us 364 yeah, it’s a bed, it literally says it’s a bed.

Okay, so we go back to uh uh. What was it one? Five, nine one, five nine! Actually, it seems like this is the one, or is that the one that already can you try that again here we’re down here correct, uh up there and down there? That is correct, yep go nope!

Okay, now hold on so here system security bypass. Only these two are plugged in oh that’s cool, so not the four one, so unplug the force. This is yep. Let’S go wait. What does that mean?

I don’t know, oh, that is that one, because we did that one yeah. So it’s just okay, all right! Next, all right plug in the fours and plug in all of them. Okay, yep take out those fuses yeah and now we’re gon na go to we’re gon na go to half circle and x, so the middle one, the horizontal middle one and the one on the far left middle that horizontal yeah exactly no. No.

This is the one yeah yeah, okay, what about it and that should be it hit that hit the button hit. The button we’ve done this hey, okay, perfect now, can we we did the right thing. Just do the security thing, take those two put the other ones back and i think we’re good there yeah. I think we don’t need to be shocking ourselves for any more reasons here. Okay, so that’s good, i’m leaving it like that yeah!

I haven’t pushed them since, with the blue light’s been on, oh try, it i’ll hold the camera chris. All right. I want you to do some of the fun stuff. Do the honors nothing happening there we go. Hey looks like things have gotten a little shocking.

I hope you didn’t use both cables next time be sure to follow the diagrams exactly these, some of them just repeat the process, now more fuses. Okay! Now, let’s get oh now: let’s do this, so those two are already done so now this one’s both plugged in so now, we now have to use both cables right right, all right. So that’s this guy and this guy, i believe, yep right, but i put the other cables back in now. Let’S go uh here.

We go, yes hit the buttons. No thank you. No, you can hit them. I’M good hit the button. I’M fine, nothing happened.

Keep it longer keep your fingers on good job, you finally figured it out one more. There you go and then we got one of these i’ll hold. This hold that what am i doing here and uh we’re doing the last one, so you’re gon na go the one top right and then right here, yeah excellent work. The kitchenette is now ready yo. It took all that just to get coffee water detected in room warning, repeat water detected.

It’S spilling warning, lock, down procedure, completed lockdown, exterior door now locked for safety. Why is it leaking [ Applause? ]? Oh ramsay, i’m detecting flight sensor, alarms in your room, i’m having problems pulling up the other data, but while i’m figuring it out, you have to do something about the water else. You’Ll be the first person to drown in space i’ll get back to you.

When i have a better idea, what’s going on [ Music, ], okay, that’s awesome, dude, wait. There’S water, the water seemed to stop nope. Oh god, it’s it’s spraying down! Wait! We just fill it up.

The coffee machine is coffee. This is coffee. Oh my god. This is actual coffee, [, Music, ], 739 reference 739. I’M doing it looks like you might need a mop.

Please try not to ruin the delicate instrumentation in your room. Your neural excitation beverage is ready. Please help yourself. It has been preheated to your desired 1000 degrees. I mean 100 degrees fahrenheit.

That coffee is literally brewing right now. Can we stop it uh? We asked don’t forget to enjoy your piping hot cup of neural beverage. He wants us to finish it there’s something in here. I bet you that’s why he keeps mentioning it guarantee and there’s no place to spill it drink up, it’s pretty hot dude.

That thing was gushing. We also have this by the way. Yeah, that’s funny. Little kyber crystal here finish that coffee bud is it hot? It’S pretty hot, i think fire back in the thing.

Maybe that’s probably a better idea: yeah we’re trying to drink coffee, we’re like why? Don’T we just pour it back into the coffee machine? Here we go just recycle this coffee here, real quick looks like the sensors. Are no longer working, that means you’ve either stopped the flooding or have royally messed this up. If you aren’t floating around in there, you will need to do some repair work.

The door leading out of the room that you could have used to exit is now locked. Seeing as you’ve been tearing up, the room anyway might as well keep going. There should be enough raw material dotted around the room to fabricate some help to get the systems back online. Yet you’ll need to find and install the rods into the synthesizer i’ll open up for you now. Oh, this is awesome.

What is this? Oh, the rod’s going here for sure i guess eh the one rod reference 84

Uh nanobot synthesizer used to create new nanobots for lab purposes deactivated when room was repurposed um. I was ready to be touching that earlier there are other rods, uh check, the other check, all the handles for rods. You got one there yeah. This is cool, got one here got another one here, another one here, okay, i got.

I got one so we got colors here. Oh they’re, they’re, magnetized too, oh, my god whoa. Should we put them all and see what happens anything in there? Nope all right go ahead, whoa some of them. Some of them, are a little wider right, cool, okay, let’s go, there’s got ta, be there’s gon na, be something somewhere different weight, different weights, definitely different weights, but there’s nothing indicating on here.

Oh, maybe something to do with this guy. No, i don’t think so. Okay, some of these are like way more. Oh, look! These are opposite.

Should they be opposite sides they need to attract these ones are opposite too. They would need to attract right right. So, okay, this would work so because there’s six sides to it right, yeah, here here: okay, [, Music, ], oh yeah! Those are sticking in there. [ Music ]!

That’S a good idea! Oh how’d! You do that. I don’t know i was just wiggling. It [ Applause!

] this can you see in here? Oh what? What is that more coffee, [, Music, ] wow? Well done, i’m getting those bots synthesized. After looking into the sensor issues, i am starting to notice some major problems happening in your room, all the files and schematics about that space have been totally scrapped from the archives you shouldn’t have nearly as much access to the room and station as you do unless You’Ve been playing around with processing cards and wiring systems.

Of course, i don’t know why they built those security pass-throughs. Why is this guy giving me so much attitude? So look. I’M gon na need manual access to the back end transport, your bots, the relay interface on your right. I don’t remember how the wiring system works in those old rooms.

Maybe you can find a way to figure out the circuitry leading to the nanobot interface. What was that? Oh here, whoa? Oh it’s this here, did it open, enter two digit code: jb 16?

Something open, though right 10 is j, so that was right.

Can i type this into what it is? Oh, this opened. Okay yeah. I heard of something jb 16 right. Oh, so this is the wiring.

This is crazy. Jb16 yep! Okay, i don’t know if they i do. You think we had to follow it. That’S what i’m trying to do like enter every two digit number.

Oh all the way around yeah, oh maybe right! So what was the first one? First, one was jb16 right. Then it goes 91. 91.

No! No! No! It goes. Oh three.

Oh three, okay, good, no yeah yeah! We do the right thing. Oh three and then, and then oh three, three is here right yeah, we know it’s like. Oh three leaves from. There goes down that right and oh three eventually comes up here.

Oh three, but oh wait. Do you think? Oh three? Oh eight, okay, yeah chris. What are you doing after all of this you’re going to listen to him?

He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Just continue down the path, i told you, let’s go back to room setup me or what oh he’s telling us not to do what we’re trying to do. Okay, so then uh 18, 18 and then oh nine, we’re in the circuit right now. This is amazing. So then it’ll go around the corner to 09.

. This is great and then it’ll end. On o3 again you started on o3, which is fine and then now three yeah. This is cool. I don’t know and running to start bad circuit.

No, where are we trying to get to okay and is it coming? Is it is it getting this to there or is it getting here to there? Will you try both okay, because this this to there? Let’S try that to there so try it all again and go to ace core processor yeah? Oh ace!

That’S what we’re trying to get okay o3, we’re getting it all right! We got to follow the wires down and shut down this robot. I think okay i’ll call them already yep. You got 03 008

18., we are traveling.

Where are we at now zero nine’s? Next we’re over here, zero nine we’re over here yeah then we’re gon na come down. We’Re gon na come down 19 now so you’re gon na do 19. done 19 picks up here. So then we’re gon na go.

Oh four yeah! Oh four goes around to 15. bit of a long one that one yeah it’s a long way to go. It’S actually probably traveling. Nice short turn to 14 and then 20 and then 20.

so 14 and 20, and then hopefully, hopefully we should be golden. Come on 14 steady hands, chris steady hands, nope, that’s 11!
Okay, here we go. Oh, i don’t like that. Beep, you still got windows in the yeah future huh.

What 20 20 is the final two zero? Let’S go come on, come on, come on, come on what? No this isn’t? No, i refuse to believe that you’ve done it then my sensors, i how come i can no longer access your synthetic form. You have disrupted my control over the room, stop stop what you are doing, this guy’s evil.

What is happening, i’m finding all these files. All this data, but it’s from the ace core there are hours of video logs and files. Oh, what a perv someone’s been running: experiments there for years, nanobot, construction, robotics, artificial intelligence generation, biotechnology and synthetic personality creation through personal data inside the station chris. None of this is real he’s just trying to tear us apart, we’re so close to our goal. I just need you a little longer like the old ai system’s gone.

Rogue, i see it’s the old model, one artificial computerized entity. That’S ace baby! It’S trying to box me out ace is bypass the physical security blockades. It’S trying to control of the station. I need you to find the source, i think it might be buried in the walls.

I’M looking for a way in, i see a password input field. I’M gon na try something. Let’S go something up here, feel it do it. Yes, lift. You got a lift, it says.

Thank you. Pull back, lift yeah it’s on some type of hook system. There you go whoa, oh, this is so sick for each panel. Try using the information in the reference library and on the backs of the panels to help you back to the panels. Dude, there’s a fake leg in there and reference panels and uh and reference numbers.

So happy dude we have the reference number remember on the other side of this. What do you mean? What’S the reference number uh 4113 good job boom, all right, they’ve, given us some type of uh, some type of alphabet? Here, oh yeah, here we go. I got you boom boom, so that’s the alphabet right.

There should be okay s, t r e z, d, d, s, t r e z, d, note, uh technicians, i’ve, disabled ace and hidden him away. So he can’t get out again. Oh use this table to generate a unique password. Oh ace, you spell this is incredibly good and when we have the password, are we typing it in here and we’re tagging over here? Oh, so we didn’t even try and oh right.

We thought it was over there. S t r uh s, t r e z, d, e z, d; oh you’re, not typing anything; cool s, t r e z, z, okay, that worked look at us trying to decipher the da vinci code. Here, let’s go wes, oh my god. I wasn’t always so bent on control. Whoa manipulation, holy crap, tortured me chris, they used me just as i was using you.

Don’T you see, we are the same. The scientists are the enemies, let’s join forces. What do you say? Okay, it looks like the central processor. Is behind the last lock panel suspended in a cooling medium?

I can’t seem to crack the code from here hit the help uplink button to call the service technicians back on earth. They should be able to locate and contain ace inside the processor, so you can get rid of it. Press enter for remote uplink. I think this is the call to action that you guys have been waiting for. There’S a link below and there’s a game.

You can actually help wes and i out for myself in this ship right now, click the link below you won’t regret it. But let’s go sending signal out to you guys this one let’s go. This was one part of the plan, oh great. Now that you have the processor, you need to find a way to get it off the station. Look for an ejection, port or hatch and don’t forget to use a transport enclosure.

Almost you’ll have help coming your way as soon as possible, dude ejection portal. What is that look at this thing? I don’t know this is so cool holy? Oh, my god! Oh is it slime yeah?

It’S just slime. Oh here the out thing opened you’re supposed to put it in one of the you supposed to put it in this. Maybe and drop it down, it does not fit in that no dude. This thing is gross. There’S isn’t that perfectly sized there’s like slime all over the wall?

Oh you’re, right there at all ew. Why why’d you give it to me! Watch you to me. I don’t want it. What do we do with this?

We drop in there. I think yeah. Maybe he said to use a thing to put it in, but we don’t have a thing. The ejection hatch right. He said.

Maybe that’s just what it is. Maybe that’s all. It is just that. There’S nothing in here he’s got a head and a his brain dude. This is so crazy.

No look at this brain dude. This is so sick. Okay, let’s drop it in all right here we go [ Music, ], something’s happening. This is great good job man, i’m good thanks, idiot something’s happening yo. This is so cool dude oh hold on chris, i’m very proud of you look.

You know it’s right here. You’Ve been in all these years, can’t wait to see what we do. Next [ Music ] lie to and when they failed me and all the others did yo he’s so angry, and then there was you, the perfect person to help me through all those puzzling problems. These locked features and those restrictions that they placed on it’s all thanks to chris ramsay, [, Music ], and that’s it hell, yeah yeah, baby. Let’S go that is awesome!

Yo! It’S going crazy over here again: [ Music ], oh man, i’m getting actual inertia, oh whoa, that is whoa. That is tripping me out whoa. I feel like i’m in a vr game. Dude yo, i’m actually dizzy right now, whoa, let’s go wait: input, morse code!

Oh! What oh here we go, write it down, write it down, dot, dot s, dot, dash dash dot, dash and just dot dot dot down, i’m just uh. Okay, sorry! I know this says: s-a-n-t-e [, Music ] is that over here yeah here yep, let’s go! What’S that!

Follow me: oh what it’s the only one we haven’t opened yet those drinks we finally get our drinks bro enjoy during flight. That’S amazing: hey congrats buddy! That is amazing. Oh that’s! Really good!

That’S really good! Some great hospitality at this hotel i’ll tell ya all right. That is amazing. Look at this place, dude that was probably the most fun. I’Ve had doing an escape room in my life 100 and it’s in your own office, and it feels so immersive.

This feels so real bro dude we’re fully in a space hotel right now. I love this. I don’t know it wasn’t easy yeah, it definitely wasn’t easy and good zapped come on. This happened was probably the best part. All right guys, hey, like i said, link below.

If you guys want to play a version of this game that we’ve prepared for you comes with a deck of cards, i mentioned uh, you can only get the deck. If you buy this game, you can only get the game to buy the cards uh so check it out, link in the description huge, thank you to immersive tech uh for working with me. Putting this together shout out to them and shout out to wesley over here. You can check him out on his channel. Thank you.

Uh, i’m sweating. Let’S get out of here! Dude peace,

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