Solving The Hellraiser Puzzle

Solving The 6 MOST Popular Puzzles on Wish!!

Solving The Hellraiser Puzzle

Welcome back uh today I am joined by my co-host of bottom of the barrel, podcast Wes barker. Thank you. Before we get into today’s video special announcement. We have the mystery box coming back, uh, very, very limited supply and in every mystery box uh. I am including a version one v1 first playing card check it out at first.

hop. Today, we’re gonna be looking at uh. I ordered a bunch of puzzles from You want a hand you want to push all that over you’re, not getting a fancy expensive puzzle.

Today, we’re getting no sir we’re getting second-rate wish puzzles. I don’t know anything about them other than these were the ones I purchased. So this one here all right, that’s this is already opening on us there. It’s already opening a little bit yeah this one, i’m showing the top down here. We got this one which okay uh.

We got this one which, which is like a bunch of pieces. You got to fit into the square puzzle box here and this do you recognize this? No, the Hellraiser, it’s uh the lament configuration from Hellraiser, which is uh every time. I’ve ever had a puzzle box on this channel. By the way, people are like careful, you’re opening Pandora’s box and they make a lament configuration.

Uh analogy I mean this is gonna, be the easiest one right here. Do you think this will be the easiest one guaranteed this one’s the hardest? The 100? Let me fire it in there. Okay, all right, you start I’ll.

Just put I don’t know together. I don’t know how this video is going to work, but we’re just going to go with the flow I’ll, just slap. This look at the top down here, make sure you’re in frame i’m gonna. Do it so fast that I figured I’ll just you know, throw it together and let you guys see how it looks at the end. You know you know way too much about puzzles.

You’re, like this is not gonna be. Have you done all these? I’M not? No. I just did the one we did this one when we were on our live tour.

Oh, I wish I was paying attention when the guy solved it yeah, which is why I knew you didn’t I’ll, bring it back. Oh no uh yeah! So you have a go. Then I have a go all right. You got your shot there, i’m bad at narrating.

What i’m doing and you’re much better yeah I feel like that, might be cool. I like the colors, though colors are definitely nice, um, okay, this gets problematic real quick. Doesn’t it yeah definitely feels like there’s like an extra piece or a piece missing for sure that one goes in the corner, this one right? It’s got it. It has to.

Oh that looks nice already. How does that fit there? It does oh baby. Okay, hold on that doesn’t quite fit there, there’s no way that this one doesn’t fit somewhere. What these ones are the most annoying puzzles, because you have the answers, there’s no secrets: how does that fit in there?

I’M gonna do this one here. This is a burr puzzle. Uh bird puzzles are basically uh pieces that, in a certain sequence, go into uh another or fit into each other, but they could be really difficult, so this one actually might be really hard. Oh, my god, there’s no way we’re getting this one back together. Once we get this one apart.

Oh, I know those kinds. I like those, you do yeah, all right. You do this one buddy, i’m on i’m gonna. Look at that. I figured something out here.

I do. No, I don’t know, I don’t think it fits by the way you guys go check out west’s channel left the link below. He also does puzzles. He does riddles. Actually yeah, you, like the riddles, come on all right.

You take this one right: oh yeah, one of the first puzzles I’ve ever had was like this yeah, not this one but same whatever style. You just said: okay boom apart now we got wow. That was actually pretty quick, see if you can get it back. Oh yeah, he says oh yeah, oh yeah, I can do it start with the big piece. Ramsay start with a big piece that square does not fit.

There does not fit there. What does fit here is the same size triangle. This is the same triangle twice. Okay, that’s one of the things about wish, though you’re like was it cut right or yeah like even that, like ah for sure this goes somewhere? These are the same right, so that goes like that.

But then nothing fits in here puzzle. I’M doing right now is all about following the sequence in reverse from the first time, and I really wasn’t paying attention. I was just so excited so uh yeah. Here we go here. We go we’re gonna, be we’re gonna be good.

Chris did you get it just give me two seconds to push this last little bit here: hey dude in front of the camera. I’M sorry, oh yeah! Well, I don’t know, I don’t know how to do this. I just need to line it up. This is the last one as long as I did it.

The I think I think I found the right thing to do here looks promising, looks promising. No, that weird blue, that light blue piece is a really weird piece for that. It’s the same as this one though they’re the same size come on, get in there go to your home, oh so close, so close, i’m still sticking out here! I gotta fix, this gotta fix this, I put them in something’s in backwards. Oh, I know, I know, oh no, it doesn’t sound like you know, you think we’re not racing.

That’s what you think. Oh, if I could only make a triangle out of this square, everything would be fine, there’s, definitely like extra room here. Yeah I mean I was. How does that work? This definitely doesn’t fit like flush.

I was dead wrong about thinking that was gonna, be the easiest. That’s definitely like that. Oh is that, where you were at last time wait boom. Is that it I mean it fits everything fits we’re, not missing a piece. Yes, done.

One piece down one piece down that is not satisfying: no because it would, it would be perfect, would be. I agree, baby, oh so you’re trying to well. This is what I know what I gotta do. I just gotta do that in there?

Oh, so, how do you? Okay, that’s interesting, that you’re working it like that yeah I’ll, try this, and this is also seems like a burr puzzle here. Oh my god! Oh good luck with that! Oh things are just falling out that this looks easy.

Okay, I just ran my mouth once too. I’ve got this one here. This one here has like little plus symbols everywhere, and I just really don’t even think this is a puzzle. Oh, I see what the trouble is insert the puzzle it’s coming for you, oh, but I can’t push that one in oh, so this has to go this way so that the other one can slide through because they’ve got these little holes. Oh, so this one.

Basically, the way that these are made is that there’s little holes here and you got to make sure the other one can line up with these holes and that’s pretty much it so this one, I think, is going to be pretty easy. I’M not mistaken here. I hope so yeah. I think this one goes in like this. It’s a little loosey-goosey.

I see. No, that doesn’t work because it has to be on this side. I’M sorry, everybody, i’m trying! I get really invested in these puzzles. So much so I don’t want anyone else to see what i’m doing.

I want them to know what i’m working on. I remember when I took it apart. It was so easy. That’s the thing with a lot of puzzles this one’s done. I got this one.

The last piece doesn’t have any notches, and so this one goes right through this is the last one boom done, dunzo you’re, just solving all of them. Now i’m holding up the team here, hey, don’t call me Mr. puzzle for nothing. They don’t call you that at all right, there’s two. I already know this one is salt I’ll leave you that one yep you, you might have gotten the hardest. One though maybe, but I don’t know I mean like I – I really thought I knew how to do these because, like I used to have a really complicated one at home and I loved it and did you ever solve it, yeah lots of times.

That’s why I was like so confident about that yeah. You can’t keep solving the same puzzle over and over, though yeah. Apparently, i’m super excited this one’s supposed to go in last this piece here. I know that. Well, it can’t go in last.

If it has a notch, they all got notches. Every single piece has notched. Well then, why does that? I, I think it’s not a matter of which one goes in last. I think they all go in, but then they have to be pushed in one last time like they don’t the last one won’t just fit in you’ve only got four pieces in that puzzle.

That’s what I mean like it seems like. Oh for sure, i’m not i’m not a, not a dummy. You can’t remember the orientation of them. This one looks like I was in a fire. Oh satisfying little play there.

That’s important! Oh, that was nice. There’s one drawer, there’s two drawers or three! Oh you! Don’t tell me, oh, I already moved to there little movement over here, something there.

How does that come out, can’t tell what’s puzzle and what’s wish manufacturing good point? Oh, that’s it for sure. Don’t force it! No forcing Leslie. Are you forcing the puzzle?

I would never oh, oh that’s so satisfying. Oh you got it that wasn’t needing forcing that would need any little intelligence. This guy was stuck in the side there, preventing the little pull apart. That’s cool all right, touché, two shave box maker touché that was well played. Oh that’s, nice!

That is very satisfying, ding or ding. However, you look on the monitor nice. Oh, oh little, spin to grab it here and a little it’s working already. This thing is: okay! Satisfies the angles I like, like angles, that one’s gonna come down a little play there, a little play there.

That’s easy! This is nice very simple done very beautiful, yeah just slid! It slid up and slid around just a couple: moves pull down! That’s nice! Yeah!

Nice little swivel move yeah a little swivel move, but it kind of gets stuck. Maybe i’m missing something here, because I can’t re-create it. It was definitely down and then down. I can’t like recreate that you have a look at that. Why can’t I open this again?

I think I might have flipped something out here again: yeah you’re playing the is it or the definitely feels like that’s supposed to just another trucker, oh okay. Well, that must just be a wish thing. Then, because i’m getting it it’ll slide in oh dear sweet everything uh, I think i’m stuck dude, oh yeah. I think I over rotated it the wrong way.

Sorry, I don’t want to break your favorite puzzle Chris, not that one, this one’s giving me a hard time, i’m like stuck, I think, i’m stuck hold on. Oh, oh you’re, doing it buddy! No, this peg’s in the way I got to get it out, but I don’t know how to I should have stopped when I saw this one. Originally. Okay, very slidy, so happy with this a second ago yeah this one isn’t stuck dude.

I can’t I don’t know what to do. I put it in without realizing what I was doing and now I can’t get it all out. You try. I think I over rotate that one back, I think I just broke it, be honest. Yeah, like it’s supposed to never pass the middle there, but I just push too hard yeah oops.

We had it freeze frame on the solution earlier and you like pull down it’s supposed to. Why isn’t this? Oh! This is something Jonathan’s corncob pipe yeah what’d you do here, why is that like that it just, I think I accidentally just messed it up you’re supposed to pull down yeah there.

You go like that, like that, so okay, so this comes out yeah and then that goes down and then over. But it’s just not it’s not perfect. Hmm! Yes, i’m wondering if it’s by design, oh yeah, there you go so this one. We really just did we sucked it up in this one.

Didn’t we? Oh you got to be on a perfect angle here. So if you do this, oh and then you lift it this uh. This angle will change right. So you can go here until you find there.

You go oh wow right, the right angle here and then it opens up. I was wondering okay, so it is okay! Yeah, it is by design nice yeah, that’s much better. Actually, so it’s here you gotta find that there it is. Oh sweet spot.

Let’s uh, you know what comment below and we’re gonna. Send you this puzzle just like that and you’re gonna solve it. Take it apart, put it back together and you can keep it we’ll sign it. Should we sign it? Oh yeah, all right, we’re gonna sign this puzzle and send it to you and uh we’re just gonna choose one comment below so go ahead like the video you got, ta be subscribed and you got to comment below.

Finally, the lament configuration lee’s very excited about this. By the way he can barely contain himself behind the camera Hellraiser one of his favorite uh children’s stories. So here we, I think this is just like a one move thing. It looks like a Rubik’s cube for the future yeah. I think it’s just this.

I think. That’s all it is no yeah very anti-climactic cool, oh wait hold on. Is there more wait? There might be more of this? Oh there might be more to this.

I’M excited now: it’s stuck here. Oh a little extra, oh rotate, it I felt like I just broke it there. Oh weird! Now it’s like this! That’s how it originally went.

You’re gonna line up the graphics, we’re lined up before they line up. Oh! Is that what it is, maybe there’s like a track inside there, though yeah camera, follow the camera everyone’s like Wes? Why are you bad at YouTube? I’M like well, I forget to film it and upload and upload.

I upload every week every single week yeah you can like whether it’s good or not so yeah. Maybe look at the lining on the inside yeah something about that side. I want to that little trap right there like that little track. I don’t know if you guys can see that oh well hold on, because can you make out the track? That’s on the inside of there?

There is a small track there as well. I see what you’re saying yeah that has to go in there there’s like more moving pieces in there. This does come up yeah that that piece has to move independently for sure, because, like you see it here, when I, when I start doing this watch the top, oh, the lid was coming up a little bit this lid here, because the other yeah, the other side, is definitely attached yeah? It’s not imagine this actually freed, like the gates of hell, like that. One is in now right we’re in like Flynn, almost it’s kind of sharp and jagged so watch your fingers yeah.

I feel like there’s more to this thing, though it definitely comes apart or goes back in, because why have that internal track yeah? If we don’t get to actually utilize it? Oh there’s a loose piece there yeah! So it’s like about lining that up. I guess I think that’s it so that one finally was all the way apart.

I guess yeah. This is a bit more complicated than that than just yeah. I mean even then it’s still kind of ambiguous. I don’t really yeah fully comprehend the point of it, but now it’s locked in oh there you have it. That is the lament configuration underwhelming.

Yes, surprised, not really um, but we had fun. We did have fun. We solved the worlds almost except for this one. We’re gonna send it off to one of you to have solved. We solved the rest of them, whatever uh don’t go to, for your puzzles. Go to they’ve got way cooler puzzles than this very affordable uh. The link is also an affiliate link, so it helps out the channel and if you don’t want to do that, just drop a like subscribe go check out Wes’s channel thanks Wes. Thank you.


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