A RARE $10000 Book of Magic?!

A RARE $10,000 Book of Magic?!

A RARE $10000 Book of Magic?!

The Bible of card magic, a mysterious and rare book printed in 1902, has captivated the world of magic and professional gambling for more than a century. Authored by a man who goes by the name of S.W. Erdnase, the book’s true author remains an enigma to this day.

This first edition book, which can fetch anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 at auctions, showcases techniques still employed by magicians and professional gamblers at the card table. The author, however, chose to remain anonymous due to the potential backlash of revealing these gambling secrets.

Rather than promoting cheating at cards, Erdnase ingeniously marketed the book as a guide on how to avoid being cheated. He wrote, “It may caution the unwary who are innocent of guile and may inspire the crafty by enlightenment on artifice, but it will not make the innocent vicious or transform the pastime player into a professional.”

Despite the author’s true intentions, the book’s allure lies in its enigmatic history and the tantalizing possibility of unmasking its creator. As the author himself stated, “If it sells, it will accomplish the primary motive of the author, as he needs the money.”


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