Solving The Forbidden Treasure Escape Room!!

Solving The Forbidden Treasure Escape Room!!

Solving The Forbidden Treasure Escape Room!

What’S going on and welcome back uh today we are going we’re going on an adventure, basically rented an escape room. This is like a virtual escape room, but it’s the coolest thing in the world because there’s an actual person on the other end like an npc kind of with his hands out that you control and there’s an inventory and there’s all these cool things. This is the escape game. You want to check them out. The escapegame.

om we’ve done one of theirs. Before we did a bank heist in the past, video got a million views, people loved it, so we thought we’d bring it back again. Highly recommend these uh. This company go ahead and click the link below. I won’t be doing this escape room by myself.

Today, i’m going to be using uh the talents of my friend, spidey spidey, who is a behavioralist or a behavioral expert, also a hypnotist and a mentalist, so uh his brain’s gon na be put to good use. You should check him out. I left his link below and obviously obviously wes barker, my neighbor, my best friend amazing person. So these two people are gon na help me uh sort of escape this escape room. I have no idea what to expect uh and if you guys have no idea what to expect, but like this content like it subscribe without any further ado, let’s get into solving this escape rule awesome all right.

So let me get you a quick tour of this dashboard when you find a new item, you’ll hear a fun dingy noise to let you know something new has been added and you can take a look at it and then you can zoom in and out using The plus and minus buttons up at the top of your dashboard. Next to that tab, the inventory tab you’ll see the explore tab. This is where we’ll find 360 degree scans of the new spaces we’re going into if you’re ever feeling stuck. You can always ask for a clue by the way our clues work. I know you don’t want to use them you’re, probably too good to use them, but if you ever need them, that’s why i’m here and you’ll also be able to see your time by hovering over um the little green part in the top right corner to let You know how much time you have amazing.

Are you all ready to start your mission so ready the odds be ever in our favor? This is your pilot speaking captain theodore mcmanus, i’m really sorry for the rough takeoff, but you you never know what you’re gon na get with captain max skye word two all right, but y’all can relax now because it is going to be smooth sailing from here on Out i promise you that well today we are going to be flying over a lush and vibrant tropical jungle, uh host to a mysterious and ancient ruins home of the fabled alari people. Now i put to get a little video for you. Y’All want to see it. I know you do it’s great you’re gon na love, it you’re gon na look all right here.

We go uh fascinating people, the alaring managed to remain totally isolated from the outside world living and working entirely within their massive temple city. It’S even believed that, rather than leaving their hidden city to hunt wow, they relied on luring and trapping their prey and legend. Has it that these folks private, as they were developed a thriving society of warriors and craftsmen and so advanced in many ways. The jealousy and greed ultimately led to their undoing [ Laughter, ] [ Laughter ]. Does everybody have the seatbelt on all right folks, we are going to be taking just a little bit of a detour, all right, folks, we’re taking it down here.

We go all right. Team, what’s going to happen here, our jungle scout’s, going to give us a quick scan of the plane, we’ll start to get some items in our inventory and then it’s your job to get us out of here and tell that jungle scout what to do perfect. Have fun? Good luck if you need me, my name’s liz thanks. Take it away.

Jungle scout your time’s starting now, uh for jungle scout so starting here looks like we’ve got a a rack of benches, some seat belts. What’S that a plane ticket, oh chris, is [ Laughter ], let’s see what else we got looks like we’ve got an airplane door. It’S unfortunately locked might need a tool to open up yeah over here. What is that? It’S like some sort of pre-flight checklist.

All right. Let me have a look. Wiper fluid also got looks like a lock over here. It’S gon na need a key to open up. Okay, all right we’ve got another uh set of benches over here looks like another lock.

This one is a five number lock all right. Some numbers needed a key, no problem, oh flickering, coming from under one of them bench, it’s flickering right here, faulty bulb. Can you can you get a tool in there? Can you open that the thing doesn’t seem to open up without okay, okay, cool and i can’t quite reach in there and grab it? Okay?

Okay, sorry, sorry, one quick question would the tool that’s in there fit through the slot? If you add a way to pull it through, um looks like the bottom part might be a little thick to fit through there. Okay, all right team looks like that’s the rest of that scan feel free to let them start exploring all right um. What’S what’s, uh? Can we can we scan the benches a little more on the right?

Is there something there? Is that a tool right there yeah? What is that that that yeah, okay, that’s the handle, we got a metal handle. Can we pop that in the door see if it works? Let’S leave that there for now looks like that opened up the door rock get back in the plane.

This looks like [ Laughter ]. He doesn’t want to be out there he’s like. Oh get back in there, it’s safe in the plane stay in the plane. Yeah looks like my room when i used to live alone. Um, okay, one you’re, you’re, one!

Guess one careful, careful, careful, don’t move too quick! This place might be booby trapped, oh wow! Uh, can you sorry, i where’s his backpack, because the plane crashed and was there anything behind you originally, when you were on that plane, good question uh: this is the door i boarded the plane in, but right, that’s not where the captain would be. Maybe not thinking. So uh cool, okay: let’s, let’s go back into the let’s go back to the amazon, uh temple yeah!

Let’S get some! Let’S get some uh a scanner here: okay, scott! If you can tell us what you have yeah absolutely it looks like this: is the exterior of the plane see? What’S this? Oh, what’s that seems to be another latch down here, that’s going to require a tool.

Can we use the same tools from the door? Let’S give it a try, i feel like in her tone that that’s going to be a hard, no [, Laughter, ], that’s why you guys brought the behavior. Let’S grab this, what are those like wooden things against the down left there? What’S that? What’S that looks like a rain?

Stick, okay, can you? Is there any way to open it? I need any side of it unscrew, it doesn’t look like it opens in any way all right, karate chop it as hard as you can. No, we don’t want to. No, don’t hurt yourself, your grounds, your feet on the ground there.

What’S this here, this looks like a puzzle. We’Ve got another rain. Stick it’s stone column. It’S got some um, chris, the rain. Stick!

The rain stick is in our inventory, so i want to see if there’s any clues on that, there’s going to be the markings on it. The markings on it, yeah yeah, there’s two markings on it. Look at the next rain. Stick. How many markings is the next rain?

Stick, oh yeah! This is something here. It’S like none! So, okay, there was another. There was some more rain stairs.

There’S two more. I saw two more. Let’S go get all the rain sticks. Let’S collect the rain. Six: three yeah nice.

Okay, here we go great job team and right then one it’s one, two, three four or one: two: three: zero: zero, yeah, zero, zero one: two three: okay! Okay, i mean we can pretend we have them and just like leave them somewhere, and can you juggle for us please, with the rain sticks no okay, uh, let’s uh, look at what they did. They go in the slats. Look at them. They still they’re on the right other big box.

Yes, we have to figure out which ones go where so, i’m looking hold on i’m looking on the uh on the thing i’m zooming in okay, yes, three four uh hold on the number of flowers: zero, one. Three four chris, yes, chris, zero one, three four or is it the number of waves or waves? One two, three one, two three four yeah one, two one two hold on: there’s is there? Oh? No, it’s just four six okay hold on.

So let’s try. Let’S try something: let’s try something. Can we put the one with four on the left? Further left most i have uh three is the three yeah all right: let’s go on the furthest left, no uh, the other left the left right. There uh to bottom left yeah.

There we go: try that one there uh, let’s go with the two up top. Oh, this is not gon na work, we’ll try it, though no up top top uh sorry on left top left left that one on the left. I i do it myself. I was here and the one on the right and then the zero on the bottom. No, no right, yep you’re holding luckily you’re, not there, yeah ruins are scary.

Okay, that didn’t work. Wait! What’S on the what’s on the card in the middle there we go. It looks like it did, work it didn’t work. I got it.

Did you just straight guess chris? What was that educated guess with the with the amount of symbols that were on the pipes? Puzzle, master, ramsey, okay, nice we’ve got stone cubes, they do look like dye. Yep, it looks like esp signs guys. This is my uh.

That’S what i do all right. Let’S see how you do that. I got nothing so we got three symbols. Four, four symbols. Three worms dinner plate, a waffle, uh clear.

Is it a jackal? This is good. Perfect, hey: what’s in the bottom, there’s that another one yeah yeah it looks like we got four total all right: okay, so let’s uh, let’s yeah, let’s hold on! Let’S pick up the last one, so we have it in our inventory. Can we can we do that?

Because i think we only got three here in the inventory there we go touch it there. You go. Oh okay, it looks like a camera sideways um. Let’S, let’s look at the wall right in front of us here, i’m just looking at this pre-flight checklist to see. If there’s anything important, yeah all right good call, keep looking cargo secured, wiper fluid all passenger’s board looks really important.

Oh, what was your magic trick to impress chris looks like something we need to do. [ Laughter, ]. Well, show me: oh, you didn’t check it off. Um, okay, yeah yeah, what’s down, what’s that on the far end there, let’s keep walking. Let’S keep exploring these cubes are going to come in handy in a second, this looks like a giant wall.

It’S got different slots in it. Mm-Hmm okay over here, not interesting. There’S a spot for a cube right there on the right outside. Oh yeah, can we look at that? We look at the markings here.

We have four spots for cubes anything particular about the pieces. Oh yeah there. It is all right. Let’S line up the cubes with the markings inside, please let me grab those cubes for you guys, nice are you facing them in or out. I want.

I want them to be faced out. No in yeah, whatever, whatever symbol you see, put that out right out: yeah. Okay, let’s see what would it be or whatever yeah like that? No, no, no! No yeah yeah yeah yeah!

I like that, take your time but hurry up or should it touch or should it contact? Oh, maybe, okay, maybe somebody’s right, yeah, okay, turn it around wes. I never thought i’d hear the day. You say that i’m just doing it for the cameras got it yeah. I was wrong.

So oh was that something did we hear something? Did you hear something? Yeah? Oh, hey! That’S!

What’S that’s one of the things for the slots? Yes, oh yeah, for the other slot. Okay, wait! Wait! Let’S, let’s do all the cubes!

We got to do all the cubes yeah get. Let’S get all of those. So let’s put yeah. Let’S there we go so that’s gon na the tic tac toe is gon na contact that yeah that one tell the waffle. Oh it’s a waffle.

Sorry, the egg yolk waffle keep trying. Oh there it is there we go yeah yeah yeah. I felt like she was like this is supposed to work, yeah and then yeah dinner plate. All right was that a tie fighter dinner plate – i thought, but okay yeah tie fighter – is better. No, it’s gon na be one more rotation, one more rotation counterclockwise there.

It is boom, okay, push it push, squiggly, yes, and one more one, more, the bacon snakes. Yes like that, yeah exactly exactly so that chris ramsay’s tattoo is facing you. That’S right, perfect, all right! All right, like we got four planks from completing those all right. We don’t know where those go quite yet so i was like.

Is there any chance? That is the treasure and we’re done found the yeah? Congratulations, [ Laughter, ], all right. Let’S, let’s set those aside, we have uh. We there’s that up in the top right, there’s like a circle, hole too right, like you, look up there right there, that’s what’s that about.

That’S, not the jungle, snakes, anything in there! No all right! Let’S go! I don’t feel anything. Let’S all right.

Let’S go to the left and keep exploring all right. I need you to try the wooden planks in every possible permutation spidey spidey hold on hold on hold on kidding. I’M kidding, don’t do that. I was joking. This is our npc.

It will do whatever we ask it to okay um we got ta, be nice to the npcs. You watch free guy. You got ta, be nice to these npcs. Sorry npc, all right! Let’S go uh yeah!

Look at the thing on the right here. That looks kind of like a door or something on the right. That’S your left right there. Yes, something here anything interesting about that door, any secrets uh, no okay! Maybe let’s uh [ Music ] i mean.

Should we go uh, wait down there guys hold on pause, pause, chris’s ticket says, don’t forget to check below your seat before exiting the plane. Oh damn spidey! That’S a good call man! Oh we’re going back back in the plane there. He goes she’s got this smile.

Like good thing, you guys brought spidey yeah yeah it also just it also has uh there’s an emergency brake off and we may want to put that on at some point on the pre-flight. So what is it we’re looking for right under that seat? Please yeah like really under it. I think we’re needing that tool. There.

Oh wait. Does that work there? How do we get it out, though? Okay, your fingers are too big, get some wooden planks in there. I don’t know no i’m trying to see that i’m trying to see what that tool looks like like does it is.

It looks like that’s gon na open the outside hatch, yeah right, yeah, the one in the plane, okay, so it’s like, like a socket wrench sure. So so does that is, there is wait on the on hold on on the left completely of that bench on the left completely of that bench. If you look down right there, okay, there’s! Oh that’s gon na open! Okay, that’s that’s what we need!

We need that to open uh we have okay, we have 99 999 tries all right. Try them all away hold on. There’S got ta, be okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop the checklist! One!

Four! Nine! Eight! There! You go one!

Four! Five: nine eight one, four, five, nine one: four, five, nine eight yep good job, guys, one four, five, nine eight one, four, five, nine eight yeah that’ll! Do it that’ll do that’s gon na. Do it right, it’s gon na be faster, the cop, the confidence at which she’s rolling these numbers is comforting all right. Well, good!

Let’S go! Let’S go we’ll get to the magic trick later. Okay, now now we need you to fit in there. Let’S go yeah! Oh wow wow no hold on guys.

No, it’s simple go, get the plank of wood. Listen! Listen! Listen to me! Listen to me!

Listen, take the plank of wood and slide it use it in the individual slots to slide it all the way down. All right. Oh! I see i like that. Maybe the planks have magnets, oh yeah, that would be nice, wouldn’t it i would just push it.

I would just like fit it in there and just push it. Take one and slide it yeah there. You go just kick it over yeah that’ll work. I have a feeling, that’s not what we’re supposed to do, but we’re doing it. It seems like uh.

It looks like this corner here might be a bit tough with the wood flakes. I could do it. Yeah um. Okay, let’s, let’s look, let’s see, okay, do we have a broom anywhere, i think you’re on the right track, team wes. This is where my metal band wait.

Wait. Can we put the, can we can we put the the the planks together to form like a long plank and then no they’re, not okay, yep? Is that a stick? Is that a stick right there sticking out the wall? Can we just pull on that yep and the other one and the other one too, that looks like it that blended in good?

Can we just put those nice that’ll do it? I need you to use your best chopstick skills here, [ Laughter, ] yeah. This will work. Let’S go here. We go all right, team time check for you real quick.

We have 45 minutes on the clock, we’re doing great five minutes. Uh we’ll be done in five more minutes. I love it. Five more. I hope not [ Laughter ].

All right: well, it’s making its way through here still has a set of planks. Yeah we got ta see what comes out of that we’re gon na see what comes out of that little exactly whatever comes out of that, little hatch is gon na. Tell us how the planks are put in. That’S that’s a guarantee outside to the hatch outside to the house. That’S!

What’S in this plane, i know why we crashed yeah because he was thirsty: 100 backpackers, better [, Music, ], a four-letter, lock, okay for letter letters yeah. Let’S check every pocket or letter four playing three some parts, please there’s a lot of people looking at that bag, please yeah! The bag is probably in the lost thing. Every compartment flip it inside out. Okay, no, that’s it!

That’S all we got! We got to open this lock bag, let’s back up and look at the plate, maybe on the side of the flander system. Yes, exactly four letters inside the plane, we’re missing the m and a captain sees and we’re missing wayward m-a-w-a. What we’re missing m a for w they’re missing captain mack! That’S right!

That’S right! It’S captain mac! Right! Yes, yeah! It looks like aws m-a-w-a we’re missing.

What’S this say hold on skyward, so m-a-s-k mask, i think s-k all right come on. Did we get it felt? So good, no, i know it’s all lined up. That’S t-a-s-k looks like that’s there. You go, oh hey whoa.

I did not think wait. Where did you guys get mask? Well, the ma is missing from the sea. It’S massive max nice job boom. All right so inside looks like we’ve got some sort of journal tiny wooden planks.

Oh, we got the key for later for the no. No, the key goes inside the key there’s a lock inside. Oh yeah, guys are jungle. Scouts gon na get us scanned in here. All right, it looks like okay journal page, i’m i’m on it.

This is amazing. Yo, i’m very excited right now, here spot you look at page number, one i’ll. Look at page number. Two! I got three oh page number two is the planks: oh yeah, okay, first and first hold on we’re missing some though we only have four well, let’s go to the key and the lock of the plane use the key we use what we got come on.

That’S four more planks: let’s go to page two and put the planks in those orders: okay, top right top right, one yep to the left; another one! Take it back now, y’all down in the middle right yep to the left of that uh, the next one to the left, yep straight down to the left and to the left once more. That’S it um ramsay on journal page. One just wait! Wait!

You know this is like those blocks that we had earlier configure on that on that wall. There, okay right there! Okay, can you go there down there, go to the third go to the third block and pull it down straight down that one pull it down and then go up and pull that slate there right way like that, yeah that right, oh nice, pull that! Yes, it goes in the hole it’s going to ride down the planks. Yeah, let’s go cool, come on yeah, oh, oh there it is [ Music!

], wait, don’t touch it look at the plants. First! Oh sorry, i get excited a single flower blooms. The ant searches for its home under fallen leaf, as the sun sets. Okay, so hold on.

That’S the order of the blocks with the drawing so flower first and second leaf sun. Would it be fish, no acid flower and uh home leaf sun? So what does that mean? Is it oh, these are things we press. Are they buttons?

Okay? So listen. Listen to me, listen to me, but there’s also a different wall. Spidey, there’s two walls right. So we’re looking for is there a wall with symbols?

Okay, so guys we got ta. Look at the wall that matches this configuration potentially with sketches on them flower ant cloud. Are there any markings on the walls? I don’t see any symbols on these stone walls over here, cute, okay, so guys we got to match the aesthetic of the stones, the what, for example, the one on the right. I think we got ta find a black light somewhere right that that’s also an option.

Let’S go back to where we pulled that slate and got the ball from. Is there maybe some more stuff over there? Why don’t we pull out that block and see? What’S behind it? Chris i mean that was my first suggestion.

Why would we try that? Okay, let’s go do that then: okay, all right! Let’S go pull out that block. It might be a flashlight like black light or something that’s what i’m thinking doesn’t look like it. It’S able to pull wait, wait!

Okay, that was the flower that was the flower. Then now we’re looking at uh, nice, okay, perfect! So now we’re going to press the west is exactly right. So now it’s gon na be flower first and second, so ant would be uh on the left right next to it, yep press that yep yeah. Then it’s um for its home is home on this.

I don’t think it looks like hummus on this. Uh leaf is next, so that’s the one bottom like on the right. So if you go lower down the one on the right, no, no, no yeah that one and then the sun would be the one on the bottom left. So bottom left yeah yeah that one press that what’s going to happen other side, all right we got. We got the the next journal, all right, all right, wes you take this one, the the bird flies home searching for the moon, so bird uh we get that one sort of in the in the middle.

I guess uh right there uh under that one yeah there. You go that one yep, that’s bird! Is that very crisp, or did you go too low now you did it right bird flies home. So is there a nest? You see a nest.

There boys there is an ass bottom left below the word further furthest. No wait is that no that’s not a nest. That’S not an ass! The tree trees a bird lives in a tree, a lot of right guys. I think it’s one per line, so it might just be bird and moon and that’s it oh because then the other one, it was one per line.

The good flies home searching for the minute. Okay, all right. Let’S do that. Then i mean okay yeah, i’m convinced we’ll see what happens if not it’s going to be bird tree uh bird tree moon, moon yeah. So let’s go.

Let’S do bird tree moon, let’s go bird tree movement, bottom right, bottom right, furthest bottom right, yep, yeah and then moon is right. Next to it up on the left. Oh no, the other ones came back out all right all right hit that one! It’S fine! Okay was right, trial and error uh, that was the uh okay.

Now that one yep right there? Yes, yes, so the ant yeah that one and then the leaf is bottom of those two. It’S the one that just popped out on the right, the one on the right, the one on the right. Yes, this one and then the sun is bottom left now bottom left correct. So now we go to the other, the other wall yep.

Now, on the other one, oh, no, you i mean you’re on the roll here, i’m reading the other journal, page still sorry middle one note down and then no and then all right we can get up to speed wrong middle one. Okay hit this one yep! Do the same thing you just did: do the okay hold on dude yep uh no hold on, oh god, yeah right right and then left most at the bottom, the left one’s the bottom! That’S right! Okay, okay!

Now now back to the other side, okay middle bit! Down middle down, yes, that’s the one yeah, and now we want moon right yeah. So it’s it’s uh! No! Do we want?

No, oh yeah! That’S right! Yeah moon yeah in the middle, like, if that’s a triangle, the middle of it? Yes, is that it yes uh? Yes, let’s do it.

Please come on yeah, hey, hey! We got more than half the time all right team. We are 35 minutes left um head on in there jungle scout all right. It looks like we’ve made it into. Oh, i got one right here.

I can see it already. Good luck, okay, take it away, jungle scout. What are you seeing all right so, starting over here on the right hand, side it looks like we have two urns. We also have a set of stick figures. Moving on looks like we’ve got a rope right here and another set of stick figures on this wall.

These warriors always see their own shield. That’S the main thing. Okay looks like we got three complete warriors some more urns as well. Can you flick me or just one sec, one second, one sec she’s, just giving the uh spidey one? Second, sorry, sorry, okay looks like we have a grid over here.

It’S got arrows in every corner and a stick figure in the middle looks like we have one more stick figure placard above that and then over here we’ve got this giant face: okay, uh, along with two more urns over here: okay, okay, spidey, give me one sec. Um, do we have four urns? I believe we actually have more than one. We have more than four like we’ve got six total, i’m thinking that there might be symbols of shields on those urns. Some of them are painted on the top and the bottom yeah.

It’S just the way they’re painted some of them are painted. Okay, oh so the top one has okay um. They look like they need to fit together. Oh we’re lagging out we’re losing our jungle scout. Here we go okay!

Oh there we go. We got a little. Oh fascinating yeah, oh yeah, so they oh, because some of them are broken on the bottom, so they’re going to fit in certain ways: okay, guys we have them in our inventory, yep and right there look the urns go there. Okay, look: look at the dudes, the dudes have symbols. Can we look at the dudes right there yep perfect?

Okay? Here we go zooming in yes, what that should help us out with these urns? Oh, that’s the up arrow, which means what the arrow is. The left corner wait there’s more of those dudes, oh wow. That map is interesting uh.

I think we can do the map guys the the map, with the guys back the other side, the uh, the little grid thing. Oh right, it’s showing us already so yeah. You just follow the arms. You go down one over one, one over one up one up. One left one: yes, west person, so you wanted it yeah!

You go yeah! You go. You go! Take that block and push it down if it slides down. Does it move at all?

Does the shield move the shield on it? Nope, okay, so well, we’re gon na end. Let’S find out we’re gon na end up here we’re gon na go. We follow that. So we’re gon na go.

Then we go um uh down around just follow the yellow right, it goes left and then it goes once you get to the top of that. Once you to the top of the yeah go left up one, then you go. What do you think chris right? One yeah, definitely right one right right and then right again, so push on the uh push on that block yep downwards: oh yeah, nice, hey! Okay!

Now we got ta, go to the other. Dudes oh find the other dudes in there. So look we got. We got a map ready hold on. Let’S go back to the map go back to map.

We got one here all right: um we’re gon na go right straight out of his yeah right there, uh we’re gon na go up, left, left left and it looks to be uh up up and then that one needs to point up yeah baby. All right. Let’S go look at the other little uh symbol with the dudes on it. There’S another one somewhere. Do you guys have in your inventory two soldier placards or just one just the one right now we got ta go look at the other one about you right here that one right there on the right.

Let’S add that in the dinglings all right spy, do you go ahead and do this one? Thank you, sir. So let’s go to the middle. We’Re gon na go down left up no hold on hold on. Sorry!

Sorry am i looking for that. Sorry. Go back down! Left up yep, no down left and then right twice: no! No!

No! What do you mean? Okay, guys? How do we? How do we know if someone going like this is pointed it’ll, be it’ll, be touching his body if it doesn’t want to be used?

Yeah, okay, so look down down left up up up right, right, right, wait that doesn’t make any sense right down yeah that makes sense right down down. It’S gon na be the bottom right for sure. Okay turn the bottom right arrow uh to the left! Yeah! That’S the one that cause guys it’s down left right right down right down; okay, so let’s go down to the urns, i think or there’s one more symbol somewhere that we’re missing uh these little dudes right.

There got it okay, page four! Well, that’s it! The only one that remains is the bottom left, so down left right right down right arrow, pointing right yeah. Let’S try that to the left, but it feels weird because no way to the to the left to the left, sorry to the left to the left. No to the right to the right, we got it.

Okay, what oh wow! That’S crazy! Oh uh! Okay, let’s back up a little bit here, does that does he sit on the okay? That’S interesting looks like we still have one.

Oh, it’s not gon na head left. Okay, we need another head, we need another clue, not a clue, but like a pull on that rope, yeah, let’s see pull on this rope. I need our guide to remove her head and put it on that statue. Oh, oh, i can’t believe we didn’t think of pulling on the rope we were getting there. We were getting there.

What happened did something move? Oh yeah lights, i love lights. They always use their shield, always seeks. Oh here we go here. We go, mirror left mural right, hey.

Can we take no nevermind um and now we have some murals. We have the urns right. The urns have to be placed in the beginning. Yeah, that’s a good call. Okay.

Can we can we look at where they’re placed? Oh, you know what it where they’re holding their shield. That’S where the urn goes. I think, maybe not. I don’t know someone with the shield.

No there’s there’s, i think, there’s less urns than there are people all right. I think there’s eight turns there’s six. Some of those errands look like they fit together like the way they’re they’re colored invertedly right. If you look at the thing right like some of them, look like the exactly wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, there’s two urns! No okay, there’s three that have the top and two that have the bottom right: yeah, but they’re like pairs.

They are paired. They are paired, they’re, definitely paired so like yeah, yeah grab, yeah find the ones that are like. No, that’s not. The other pair keep checking yeah. That’S a pair.

Those two look like a pair. That’S a match right there right here, yeah yeah, all right! Let’S see what happens here, her tone seems skeptical. Maybe we should line them up and pair them all up and all this oh yeah there we go. We got something: what’s that creepy little thing: diamonds: okay, let’s go to the next one and, let’s put let’s put some more irons in uh, looks like we have poor left right here: yeah, let’s put uh the two that are okay, the one in the furthest right And one on the furthest left together guys one of the shields on the mural is a diamond yeah we’ll get to that in a second, i think we have to first figure out the urines.

So, let’s put, let’s put those two yep together there see if something happens, all right and then yep, let’s see what we got here. Yeah this looks just promising yeah diamonds. Please looks like two more diamonds as well. Nice all right, wait! Uh!

Oh ahead! There’S a head good job: what happened? Those heads have different symbols: yeah one of them has an up arrow. One of them has a diamond, and one of the those are the shields right. It’S the shapes of the shields on their feet.

Definitely the shapes of the shield yep, so we got ta turn their heads to point those shields or something i don’t know they all want to look at their own shields. They got us, they seek their own shield, so you got ta turn their heads to face. Whoever’S on the mural that they line up exactly so so can we uh that one and oh see so just the girls are right above them, so they’re gon na be turning their head left and right? I guess yeah towards the one that matches their forehead. So this guy will go into no.

This one has to be swapped to the other head uh. It looks like it does. Not. Oh okay. Never, okay turn.

It turn it to it’s yeah wherever that symbol is in comparison to that statute. Yes, wait. Okay, hold on mural right hold on it’s probably on the mural right. Give me one second guys. Let me have a look uh.

Let me look at the symbol. Can i see the symbol on his head once again? Uh, it’s almost like a coffin right! Okay, oh he’s, like that’s on the right middle left, yeah right, mural, middle left, guy, yeah, okay, let’s go to the next head uh this one here. Let me zoom in once: it’s like an emerald.

It’S it’s the first one on the right mural. It is the first one on the right, mural, so uh furthest to the right uh chris chris. It’S also one right next to him turn that head all the way that way: yeah yeah, that’s the one. That’S the move, all right, team, uh, just a triangle diamond turn that one all the way the other way we have the murals. Oh, it was the first one, the left mural, sorry, i’m on the left, mural diamond, is on the left mural.

So it’s completely left. Isn’T it like no diamond is on the right. Mural diamond is on the left: mural, oh, the right, mural, right, yeah and his furthest on the left; okay, so point yes to that. One problem: okay, yep! This one!

This one is on the also the same same wall, but on the opposite end. So completely right. Look hard, no right, other other right. Looking yeah, it’s definitely looking down there down there. It’S down there, yeah yeah!

This is uh. We might have got the first one wrong, we’ll have to go back and see it. I think you might be right, but i don’t obviously not maybe not. Let’S try this one out this. That one is the last one on the left, mural guys yeah.

No, this is just right right. Next to your own, head yeah turn your heart over yeah there. You go, that’s the move, we got it solved. Actually we may have screwed up the first one. I think the first one did, let’s, let’s go check it out unless something happened, in which case please notification.

Oh, we didn’t do anything with the first one. Oh, what do we got? The first one is that symbol under that pillar thing almost looking like second yeah there. I see it like that. It’S the second!

I can’t describe it point right at it. Yeah essentially point symbols, oh yeah. This is so crazy. Spin. Those heads so cool this is great: oh [, Music, ], oh, what is in there climb on in there.

What’S going on, that was jesus all right. It looks like holy and another room, of course, is happening. Show us what’s going on all right in this room. Right here it looks like we’ve got some sort of scratch marks on the wall. Uh we’ve got this.

That turns like some sort of like spinning cylinder. It doesn’t look like it’s. Turning at the it’s got moment. Different sides on it looks like we’ve got a another scratch mark right there, another etching more there, so two more etchings and three more of these cylinders. Gotcha.

Oh the infinity stones, yep. What does that sound? Another scan is interesting, holy crap, the hall of apparel. Oh here we go take that grab that pull yep. You can grab that go ahead.

What’S on his finger uh, this is extra pointy. Oh, it’s gon na hook us something he’s gon na grab something yep so go in there. Maybe if we can go in there and grab uh yeah, do that there’s something back there yeah do that! There’S a few things back there like there’s some sort of medallion as well yeah. You don’t even need that skeleton hand get in there.

There you go medallion. Okay, this looks like a broken medallion. It looks like a piece of one of two, maybe canvas from skeleton yep. Oh, oh one, one, two, three, four, three, four wait! No one!

Three, four, four one: three four yeah you’re right. You got ta count the little slide across. Don’T do the tally mark one three, five, four, i don’t know. Okay, we don’t know what it means yet can. Is there any wait on that wall in the middle?

Does the medallion fit in there not really that’s a fit good call. Chris, oh and no circles, uh jungle scout. Is that what it’s pointing to on the wall right there? All those red circles are highlighting those etch marks. Okay, oh those are gon na push through.

So then the what do the individual etch marks look like? Can we see them? It’S like this one right over here, all the way to the left, [, Music, ]. So down left right? What did we oh down?

Something has to move down left right on the ground. Oh, it’s a pressure plate, you’re gon na do these. Do you got ta, do a dance for us. You got ta stand on the dance channel. Okay, so look stand facing.

It stand facing the the thing and then are there four. Are there four pressure plates? Yes, yeah. It looks like okay, there’s one right there, one over there spidey one second spidey one. Second, one.

Second, there’s an order here: yeah there is it’s down left right, yeah down left! No, it’s it’s right down left up because it’s a zero! No! No! No!

No! If she looks at that, look, it’s down left right down, left down, left right, okay, yeah! Let’S see it, let’s do down down left left right. What’S happening, come on baby yeah there we go another piece of medallion all right put that in the wall. We know where that goes shove it in the wall.

Yes, what now? Okay? Now, let’s do so now we’re doing um left up left up slowest version of that dance revolution. I’Ve ever witnessed yeah, so good grab it get all the infinity stones. I know it’s.

This is like old school events. Oh we accidentally stepped on the combination. That’S great! Take it all right, so we go uh, [, Music, ], please don’t reference times. I wasn’t there.

It makes me self-conscious. I know it was so much better. You have no idea nice work team. Let’S see what we’ve got another room. Is that treasure?

That’S the fabricated. Take it touch it hold it. Take it, keep it grab it. Oh yeah, wait! Oh no, it is infinity gauntlet guys.

I don’t think that was the move. [, Music ], all right. Let’S go grab the rain, stick and push that ball down no hold on dude. Oh here we go hold on dude. No, oh, my god wait.

The rain. Stick. The rain sticks on the bot. Wait looks like we’ve got a rain. Stick right here with a shield and spear cool okay.

Could we go? Look at okay looks like another rain sticks. I think we got a few on this back wall. Okay, can we push all the rain stick bricks? Is that a possibility yeah, all the ones that have a rain, stick on it?

It doesn’t feel like they push in, but i think okay. Can we go? Take a look back at the where the ball is okay. What’S the next symbol, guys whenever you need me to covertly hypnotize liz to give us the answers. Just let me know: let’s try it!

Oh wait. Yes, these rotate looks like these spin. Now. Oh that’s! Good!

Okay, wait: wait. We got ta match all the rain sticks yeah. So all right, let’s get all these scanned in here for you yep we got em. This is great, perfect. There’S four barrels all right for you.

If we could go to the left barrel yeah and we use the wall hold on, i got no. We got the paper, it’s fine um, the guy holding the shield. No, that’s not him. The arrow, the arrow with the shield. Is there something like that on there uh there’s a leaf hold on see one on that cylinder, but i can look at some of the other ones this one.

Yes, that one yeah now go to the other one. It’S like a like a dragonfly, the dragonflies on the right right here already placed yeah. Okay, wait! No wait! Is it two four cylinders to go?

No! Wait! We don’t! No! Is that dragon yeah!

That’S going there yeah! Is that right? No! It’S going to be the shield on this that guy’s good that guy’s good. Oh something happened it rolled yeah.

It looks like oh wait: what’s this on the fire, fire do the okay, so one of them has the fire on it. Let’S set it to that uh. The fire and the fan is there like a fan or there’s a dragon yeah on the on the right middle barrel? There’S a fan: that’s right right now: okay, all right! What other ones have that fire and we have the dragon which we just had and the left middle has one uh.

The shield one yeah left middle has to make it a shield. Why is the torch yeah, the olympic torch? Nice? That’S the one! Yes, 15 minutes!

This one, this is the right most um yeah. You got that one! That’S the dude yep, oh nice, chris! I need someone that’s barrel. Is it dragon dragon dragon face dragon face there?

You go, oh god, okay! Next, it looks like an urn. Now, an urn okay. We need a dude with a sword. We need uh an axe, so the first one is that barrel’s axe left barrel’s axe, yeah, left, barrel’s axe, sorry, chris you’re, good um, [, Music, ], a dude with a sword, a cockroach [, Music, ] right left, left, middle’s cockroach, then yep, yes, middle is cockroach.

Like that, yes, yeah, okay, no, yes, yes! No, yes, great! No! The one hold on [ Laughter, ] where’s, the other urn i’m missing one hold on! No, is that him yeah.

That is him. Is that the right middle yeah it’s a face. It’S like a buddhist face or something or like uh some. It looks like a helmet or something yeah that that that whatever that is yeah and then a cockroach did that work. Um we’re sideways team, all right, a torch uh, a man holding a spear over his head, all right, um, oh, like uh, some sort of a pen or uh.

What is that, like a knife or a pen uh some sort of stick far right barrel, yeah make it the stick: thingy yeah, that guy yeah a snake and a torch left middle is uh. What is the dude holding a torch yep, and now we need a dude holding a spear over his head with two hands. Yeah holy crap is intense. I am freaking out over here. We’Re cutting it close.

Oh, is it open holy crap? Let’S go! Oh good. Lord. This is intense all right.

Let’S see this room here, jungle scout. What are you doing? This is just this small little room. Uh, it’s got treasure in it great we’re done. Can we grab the treasure?

Oh put that somewhere wait. We put the hand on there. Yeah put the hand there. I forgot you’re holding that clue. Congratulations!

Team! Oh, oh! Let’S go! Thank you! Juggle scout get out of there go make a run for the it get back.

Captain back, [, Music, ] yeah. We did it this whole time. You don’t know what happened to me when old joanna went down and you all were going through finding all the ruins i fell into a tree. Let me tell you right now: we had a better time finding you you’re the treasure captain max some treasure, but every time [ Laughter ], some of the treasure. I would not be upset about that.

I started losing you. I think you’re freezing yeah you’re going through a tunnel. I think i think well there you have it that was so much fun. Honestly, uh literally i’d like to say the next best thing to solving an escape room in person, but this online escape room is a lot more fun than a lot of physical in-person escape rooms that i’ve done. So that being said, so much fun definitely check it out.

I left the link below where you guys can go ahead and book your own, very own, virtual, escape with the escape game uh. Thank you so much to the escape game. Once again, thank you for watching, appreciate it sub and a like. If you don’t mind and we’ll see you on the next video peace

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