3 Ridiculous Puzzles!!

3 Ridiculous Puzzles!! 🤔

3 Ridiculous Puzzles!!

Get ready for an exploration of three bizarre yet satisfying puzzles that are sure to pique your curiosity.

Bad Radio

The first puzzle on our list is the Bad Radio. Priced at over a thousand dollars, this intricate puzzle features a multitude of twisty knobs on its front panel. However, don’t be deceived by their presence, as they won’t help you solve the puzzle. In a surprising twist, the solution to this enigmatic challenge lies in smashing it!

Hamburger Puzzle

The second puzzle takes the form of a beautifully handcrafted hamburger from Japan. The attention to detail is so exquisite that it could be easily mistaken for a real burger. The puzzle features a secret compartment, which is revealed when you remove the skewer on top, rotate the button, and peel back the tomato. Perfect for storing a bit of ketchup, this culinary-themed puzzle is both unique and captivating.

Small Dog Puzzle

The third and final puzzle in our lineup is the small dog puzzle, complete with a little bottle of perfume. The canine-themed puzzle springs to life when it gets a whiff of the perfume. Upon smelling the scent, the dog’s nose pulls out, its tongue drops, and its rear end opens to reveal a secret compartment. This quirky and amusing puzzle is definitely one to remember.

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