Concept: Rhett McLaughlin, Link Neal, and Joseph Scrimshaw Join Wil on TableTop

Concept: Rhett McLaughlin, Link Neal, and Joseph Scrimshaw Join Wil on TableTop

Concept: Rhett McLaughlin, Link Neal, and Joseph Scrimshaw Join Wil on TableTop

We all have at one point or another, endured a game of charades. It’S one of those things. Someone always wants to play drunk ants, so we go along with it, even though we’d really rather be doing something else like eating paint or punching ourselves. In the face, you know how I know: people don’t really like charades, I mean other than that. One obnoxious kid at the party who’s so relentlessly positive, you’re, pretty sure his parents put meth in his cereal.

I know that nobody really likes it because there are so many variations of it from pictionary the cranium. There are a myriad or maybe just two different ways to accomplish the goal of charades communicate in a non-conventional way to the other players, a word or phrase. Well, today, on tabletop rhett and Link and Joseph scrimshaw are here to join me in the most innovative, unique and fun twist on charades I have ever played today we’re going to see who among us can best get the rest of us to identify the concept concept. Is an innovative communication game designed by Alan Revo, yay and Gombu. Janome concept takes the tremendous creativity in human empathy of Dixit and takes it to a whole new level.

We may only communicate through symbolism and weaving broad concepts together. Basically, concept is pictionary for writers and that’s why I love it on your turn. A player will draw a card and try to communicate an idea written there using only these arcane devices. So let’s say I draw this card and I’m trying to convey a secret word written on it by placing my main concept marker over this symbol with a bunch of animals on it. Players know that the main concept probably belongs to the category animal, so they start rattling off animals, kittens unicorns, nica, tin, Siegfried and Roy okay.

I got to rein this in and refine my concept before I lose any more time. What other attributes can I add, this? Animal to make it easier for them to guess what it is. Okay, so I know that water is important, so I place this little cube here down next to the water symbol and before they go too far and start guessing wrong again, I’m gon na place. Another cube on this little gray paint blob thing down here to indicate that the animals coloration is usually gray.

So now the players are keyed in and they’re trying to guess gray aquatic animals, so jellyfish zombie walkers. What no it’s a platypus platypus or brown wait. Is it a dolphin yes points? We communicated the idea dolphin and our team scores. Some ideas are easy.

Some ideas are hard and some, you think, are easy, but they end up completely shutting down your telepathy and normally you would break into teams and compete for points. But it seems strange to me when we’re playing a game that creates such a strong empathetic bond between players. As producer Boyan says, tabletop games are powered by friendship, so we made a friendship variant for concept where we all play on a single team trying to set a new combined high-score my mind to your mind my thoughts to your thoughts prepare for the Vulcan mind. It’S time to play concept, my name is Rhett, I’m one half of a comedic duo, called rhett and Link link is also here. My name is link.

That’S my real name. I am the glasses half of rhett and Link. We have show called good mythical morning. My name is Joseph scrimshaw, I’m a writer and a comedian, and people probably know me through my podcast obsessed all right. This is concept rhett and Link scrimshaw hello.

Welcome thanks for coming today. I had to be here so the scoring variant we’re playing today is the friendship challenge. Yeah each card has three levels of difficulty on it. You’Ve got the one point, questions the two point concepts and, of course, the very difficult three point concepts we’re going to play. Three rounds, this bowl has 36 light bulbs in it.

That’S the maximum number of points we can score. I think trying to go for that is flying a little bit close to the Sun, so we’re going to aim for 30 points. If we get 30 points, we all get to go to the winners wall, we all get trophies. We feel good about ourselves. If we get 25 points, we all get to go to the winners wall, but we don’t get trophies.

We should probably never speak again. Yeah. That’S right – and this is for friendship, yes, and if we get less than 25 points, then you join me in Loserville, where i spend most of my time on the show it looks great. I know Loserville is nice. I spent so much time.

There are not impressed at all right yeah, it’s important to me, so Joseph you’re gon na go first all right. So here’s your concept, we’re all in this together, where’s your concept being allured. I am glad that this is a team score so that I can blame everybody else when we totally botch this thing, Oh in the time limit right the time limit, for this is shame if you begin to just feel that creeping suffocating lead, apron of cold nut. Shriveling, shame and right that they’re just not getting it. What if you’re already ascended into my body, what I’ll, just I’m from the Midwest, so I’m always motivated by shame.

I feel ashamed right now, all right since we’re starting his friends. Should we just start with hard with difficult choose which like look on there, if you’re gon na be significant, did you see it Poynter that you that you think you can do? Okay, I said that go on for 36 might be fine, a little bit too close to the Sun, but I kind of like the feeling of the wax melting on my wings a little bit and if and if you don’t know, this is absolutely thematically appropriate. So going for it, let’s do this the general concept. It is free, free, its we’re seeing of some sort – okay, quite terrific, huh, oh yeah, and then let’s see the the kind of quota we talked.

You said this quote: it’s is a quote about the conversation. It’S a quote about people, it’s a quote about men and women. This is a lot about gender. This is a no concept. Is it cold, as it is?

Okay? Well, good men affirm. Iceland, women are from wine, and that’s is that about like piety or a religious concept. It’S it’s praying um to the water, you’re worshipping a son. Oh it’s son!

Oh it’s hot, cold weather! It’S about seasons! When hell freezes over women. Stop right! There don’t keep it!

Don’T don’t no okay go find yet um you’re splitting the warm and the cold. I’M overwhelmed with shame. Oh really, you’re, not you’re, deploying dude Bailey! You can do this. Don’T you shake?

You increase your shame threshold, pull it back step away from the ledge of shame. Nobody wants to code, okay, all right all right, let’s just what is being cut off, let’s, let’s process verbally here. This is split it okay, so it’s a quote all right. This is conflict um, it’s whatever removal is a conflict. This is drifting apart.

Yes, this is a couple best as I like those ships passing in the night, um they’re drifting apart. It’S about relationships is it cold yep. This is a relationship. The time bring it on you’re breaking up is hard to do when we you’re so hot, but you’re. Also emotionally cold, so I’m breaking up with you hi, hot and cold.

I don’t I always she’s hot and she’s cold, I’m just trying to move more parts of my body cuz. Oh it’s great! It’S! It’S! It’S cutting!

It’S drifting! It’S a horse, killer power relationship. I still feel shame didn’t see that coming. Why does get comfortable for skin yeah? Thank you.

It’S cold, the man’s all wet cold body, wet body, that’s wet water body, sweat. Is it perspiration to get all that perspire together, no easy way? It says it: a cold, sweat, cold, sweat, cold, red-hot nights, a break over to cold sweat; oh hey, yeah! Yes, what? Yes, that was a shameful break out in a cold sweat.

So when I picked breaking out into a cold sweat for the very first thing in the game, and it just it felt to thematically appropriate to resist so I just went for it and then I immediately actually physically did break out in a sweat. It’S pretty ballsy to go six word phrase right out of the gate, but like go big or go home is a sports thing. People say I know about sports sports, the man and woman thing I was like. I was totally in another place, okay, guys all right, but we got their main idea. Oh is this?

How many points is this ooh three boys? Again? Oh yeah, you wish this is another another set same in what context? Okay, it’s something about food food, a mood! Okay: okay, okay, it’s a Cain!

It’S a cake, sing, lettuce, cake! I want cake, it’s not happy Wow! That was, that was fantastic. Is there a four-point category like 36? Let’S go forty-six, even though I know that’s mathematically impossible.

I feel like we can break the laws of physics at this point. We’Re so good. Oh, don’t hang guys okay hold on yeah. I did sorry taking all that back. I don’t want to be overconfident.

Well, you know we could use that as peace. I was going there yeah, I believe you yeah, then BAM shattering rayon cake yeah over the cylinder that could be can piece of. Can I say that all the time oh yeah, of course food plus cylinder shape equals, can unless it equals cake by looking at the height of rets right eyebrow, while pointing at said cylinder can cake can cake? You see what I’m saying Here. I am going for three all right.

Okay, the main concept is a tool, a tool, okay, whose tool what kind of tool this is a tool primarily as a family, just a tool for families. It’S a gut. It’S a it’s! It’S both men and women use this tool. Everybody else is a condom.

Hmm, it’s a human tool. Men and women use this tool or as a family tool. Cuz uh I mean cuz. That doesn’t mean anything really um, it’s a tool that a man she let me try this again, it’s a hot tool family. Can we go?

Oh is it? Is it a your gun and it’s an iron? Is it an iron, a family to a hot tool? That’S a hot tool: okay, okay! I mean hammer a microwave, wait, let’s refine a little bit.

Is it it’s a thing that use outside when it’s hot nope? Okay? No, that’s wrong! Yep! All right!

No need it’s! Not it! You don’t make food with it. There’S no food, it’s an iron okay and me I mean: can we do this uh-huh okay, lady? Is that on, ladies are on?

Men are both it’s on. This is in between okay, okay, we’ll use the hot tool yep our. Why not? Why should I call white baby blue? Are these?

Are they white people that, like this tool or everybody likes this channel? Oh, oh, look! This hot thing just makes it a chose. Your suntan thing so delicious Argentina will taste great family, bring the kids wow. That was great, oh yeah, it totally came from my brain tanning bed pretty straightforward and what does a tanning bed do?

It takes white people and it turns them into brown people. I don’t really use tanning beds very often just check this out a little bit uh. There it is not anymore you tanning bed that was exhilarating guys. I couldn’t have gone there without you, it was so clear uh, but I didn’t feel like making eye contact was appropriate when we got there. Okay, I think I can do this.

We believe in you. You cook it here we go ready, we can do it all right here we go, we can do this together, yeah, okay, it’s a place place, it’s a real place or a place. I don’t know, let’s find out, he hasn’t it’s a city, it’s a metropolitan area. You try to Futaba Canaria is ready, ready, ready City, Oh st

Peter three new concept: new concept, this city, this city, we built wizard, built on rock and roll. Oh Nathan, the city has men and women any women and families in it.

It’S very easy, latencies, very inclusive, but they’re, not inside the city, they’re outside the city. There’S no, it’s an abandoned city in Chernobyl. Yes, sir, it’s an abandoned red city. Is it in Detroit and identities. People heisel left the city.

People were killed in this city and there’s no one left. It’S it’s from Game of Thrones. It’S real! It’S a real to real city, Ilsan, real city, real red city that has been been evacuate, vacu ated, the red dozen because of the stars, the red star. So it’s a it’s in it’s a it’s an Asian city.

Oh that has been evacuated. People go in and is in North Korea at the demilitarized zone. Is it in China, Chinese jutted said in fact one Chinese city. I said Beijing’s to do that: hey it’s a musical Galena! It’S!

It is the city. It’S the city, the city, there’s no one in it; oh the Forgotten, the Forbidden City. Yes. Well, why didn’t you say that? Well, yeah, great boy, guys we are nailing this, so it’s just gon na.

Be all three point. Three point: three point: I don’t play basketball, but it’s like throwing the ball thing from the far place where you get the three points. That’S what’s gon na happen. Every time we’re gon na keep on the three train. Okay, let’s get closer to the Sun, I’m full of regret and shame and ready to do this all right, an idea all right!

Oh it’s! Oh it’s another phrase: fantastic yeah! We love phrases very easy. It’S piece of cake. It’S a mr

Fix about it’s about your face roots, about your mind, like a by my some of your mind.

Okay, a mine is a terrible thing to waste in hoodies is nut and it is an empty head uh. This is a stupid person. No, this is not a stupid person. I I didn’t get the in. What’S not I didn’t get this, nothing is in there.

It’S empty air head, it’s empty, but it’s not stupid. But what’s what I know what’s brown, I don’t understand. Yeah help me all right or so the mind the mind mind is boy is: is it’s dark? It’S black and blue black blue. It’S like a blue and green is every it’s lots of colors.

This person is in a Benetton ad rainbow. In my mind, is the hair of bunch of different colors or the brain as a bunch of different colors there’s a bunch of different colors hair, the hair? Is it the John 3:16 guy hair? No hair, hair hair is a word in the in the in the thing. Alright, very good.

We have here um, there’s no hair is it? Is it bald wait? It goes back and forth shakes his head. No, he with the hair. It’S a wavy hair.

I whip my hair back and forth. I whip my hair back and forth. I whip my hair back and forth real. Put, don’t put your hair in the turn signals. No, I’m thinking!

That’S probably not it. Oh feeling, shame I’m going over there. This is where you turn the corner last time: yeah. Ok, ok! So this is something about.

We’Ve got we’ve got hair. Are we talking death deadhead? Is it a tie-dyed t-shirt? Uh, the man, the man that this is about it’s about here is the Saint Saens. With the word hair in it, you will, with I hot direction, out your hair or die.

Is it cut your hair? Don’T cut your hair, get a haircut hippie, um, left and right things are getting hairy up and down uh hair up shaving it hair short hair is long. Your hair’s, the strip you’re moving up here and clonal hair shouldn’t, get your hair up sternal stroke that air cut your hair up, goosebumps, don’t levitate black ha just makes my hair slowly up. I seen with her air house outside in the back of your. I work.

Shane, oh it’s! You know, I am okay. What is what what was it pulling your hair out pulling your hair out? I was pulling. I can relate to that.

I know I really really want to pull my actual hair out, but there’s like $ 50 of gel. In here, ah boy that was hard yeah. What else was on that card? What does that mean? What the muppet show was on that garden into the Muppet Show Muppet Show, because I knew I could not keep myself from just going nuts eating.

One of the things that we do in our real lives is the Kermit flail Joseph. So, from a tactical perspective, if they’ll blow it on another three, we lose all right, correct, you’re, very close to the Sun right. So if we, if we blow it on another three, the we cannot fail again again at all cuz, we will not be able to get to 30 yeah, okay going for two guys, all right, all right, all right! It’S a it’s! A it’s!

A tool! Tanning bed cake bed: this is a buddy, everybody uses a stool em and use this tool, yeah all right, a toothpick! Shame I use it, it’s use it is it a toilet, you want. Is it a plunger? Is it a week at drop?

Plunger really hose. Hang on toilet hose bathroom hook into the bathroom, oh boy lit toilet. Okay, we’re got we’re good on Twitter, let’s stay with toilet wine night yep, always late the time, man, the toilet rings twice: oh there’s a toilet paper. Toilet boy see ya nice right on alright. Alright, alright, okay, so Robert says we’re okay, we’re gon na be points for that.

To two points I think I’m going for a all right, we’ve gotten a little gun-shy, just yeah. That’S I want to acknowledge that and yeah that’s fine. I think I might be holding the team back, but I don’t think they know, so I feel very good about that. We do know that you’re holding us back we’re worse firmly squared up on the toilet seat. Yes, it’s a piece of cake: I’m not a piece of risk, pulling our hair out of the toilet, yeah edge of the toilet, hey, hey all right, the piece of game, The Forbidden City, all right here we go yeah, it is a broad concept.

Is a white lady all right, okay, tell us a little bit about this lady. This lady, she is yes Leo is a real burger catcher! No, no! You may not feel like a natural woman. I think she’s real.

I feel like she’s, a real lady uh he’s got a bola uh, that’s not Ambala! That oh well, it looks like uh is it? Is it Gypsy Rose Lee the world famous stripper because that’s you know like sexy Jesus, lady Indiana Jones, she’s, squiggly, lady whip. She got a whip, I whip my hair back and forth. I whip my hair back and forth, no back it back and squiggly she’s.

Just like said she’s like I said it, I’m shaking I’m shimmying my buddy’s on a toilet seat. Yeah, okay, you know what this book of means yeah. You just wanted me to do that. That has nothing to do with the thing right: okay, okay, it’s a Shakira, Beyonce, yeah Beyonce. Is it really yeah?

That’S it! Oh now, I’m gon na go ahead and say that that was bootylicious. It was really easy to get Beyonce because I just had a mental list of shimmy because it was numbered too. On my shimmy list routine. We have 16 points.

We need a minimum of nine. Ok, so we’ve got to start going for threes soon, yeah we got to build their confidence back up from the hair-pulling incident. This card can eat a bagging. Everything on this card is this is a thousand point card, I’m not crazy about going for a two, but I think I have to go for it cuz. I just do not know how to do the 3s on this.

It’S a sauce song mmm, it’s a phrase from a song: it’s a freelance, a lyric about. You shook me all night long highway to hell hello. It’S a happy song. The happy have another day happy your whole day by Beyonce. No, this is a song, a pilot song, their song silence, it sounds, are silence so happy.

It’S. The happy sounds because I want a happy song that you can hear. It is neither happy nor sad. It is happy happy silence is in it. You said yeah.

Okay, it’s a song with silent city, guys silent night, happy sad night, oh gosh, oh Jesus! He is starting over but he’s doing the same thing again and that’s effective. It worked for me. I’M pulling your hair out, it’s a happy! It’S a happy song!

Is it by the oh? It is the song happening. It’S not a happy! Well we’re full of crap. It’S not a happy song!

There’S some other happy song guy element to this. The word happy and the word silencer in it silent but deadly. It’S like an animal that makes you happy. Is it in inaudible song as it says, I have silence and he is sad about nothing like I don’t hear negative. You know that hit.

I don’t hear negativity, don’t hear negativity. I don’t hear no negativity. It was a number one in like a country. I can’t remember what it was called the country. I don’t know how to get you guys to get this.

Okay, oh so it’s our fault. What what kind of song is silent? Emotions is are screwing us up. Is there a word, he was gone with happiness, going with not sad, but it’s silence. Silence is a word and a mercurial song silence the sound of silence.

What kind of what kind of music is it that we’re talking about here? Work? What what period silent night holy night? It is this big battle, because I’m remnant of that silence, sir, oh god! No, I don’t know how to get you guys said: it’s enjoy the silence, Oh with that who else on the crew knew that it was enjoy?

The silence everyone that dude, I saw a lot of fun – tell us knew what it was enjoy. What is enjoyed, but it’s a song that you don’t know the title of turns out that you have to actually be familiar with the works of Depeche Mode, to name the title of one of their most popular songs from 1990s violator. Ah, that card sucked I’m enjoying the silence – ah don’t weird 16. Well, we need a minimum of 9 to stay out of wil Wheaton’s private den of frequent misery, but it won’t be private this time, no of you what no room we go to 2 to 3. We go three three, three: zero yeah, that’s it can.

I do zero God gon na go for it. Can I just shoot sure you know. I think, honestly, you know what yeah you and I are sort of winning the go: zero game. Yeah like yeah, it’s yeah! I five on that yeah biggest loser um.

Sometimes you just have to celebrate what you can. Even if it’s zero okay, I think I can do a three okay. Okay, I like race. I like cut. This cops, go for it main idea, mm-hmm phrase not embrace.

Please don’t be a Depeche Mode song. Is it baby fish mouth? Oh, wait! What Thunder uh? It is a thunder like storm.

Ah, it’s a storm front. Storm storm, thunder, lightning, lightning, lightning, life asses light. Lady in the box. I was so happy that lightning was literally on the board because there’s a difficult, complex phrase, but I knew if I could just put it on the icon that they would just start saying lightning anything they’d just be like lightning tomato lightning salmon. They would just keep saying lightning things, and it would not take that long at all, like you want to take the you want to take.

Thank you for that. Oh 1. 2 & 3. Okay, right right, good work, Joseph yeah Wow go! Oh, no!

There’S no pressure on me at all. Okay, three: are you going three and you guys are gon na be great you’re? Alright, here we go move to movie. Finally, or is it a movie camera? Is it shot on digital airs it on film?

It’S a Panavision kit. Okay, it’s a hot and cold water in water, iron, water, fire and water. Why are night two different concepts, fire and water movie uh? Is it a song of ice and fire? A game of Thrones looks like a one two, three, four five: five fire and five ice five year lame and vanilla five fire, and I feel, like I faint, really be getting that and it’s not happening a Earth Wind and Fire better than movie life out of Five elements: I knew it was just a matter of time.

Well, when I see the fifth element on my card, I know that the guys could get this easily, but I hesitate to bring it up because it’s such a polarizing movie. So here’s the thing about me in the fifth element: I hate that movie. Oh, I hate it. I hate it so much it’s awful! I every time Chris Tucker opened his mouth I was like turns out.

I can’t hate you more. I love the fifth element. Every time Chris Tucker opens his mouth, I’m like give him the Oscar. You guys were all one two three in black, unless my math is completely off we’re at 22 right now, so we have our only goal at this point is to be not on a couch. We can have slightly later, please for basically playing not to lose all right, we’re playing not on the couch.

Well, we are mathematically eliminated from getting a trophy. It’S a feeling, I know very well, but we’re not mathematically eliminated from being off the losers. Couch. The difference between not losing and winning is like, I think about like like puppies like when you win, you get to take a puppy home when you don’t lose you’re, stopping a puppy from dying so like everybody, would like a puppy but you’re just a monster. If you let a puppy die so this, if I go for three that guarantees, it guarantees that we will be going now.

That’S right! That’S right! If you get two, he only has to give one huh, I’m just you know it’s another way to see it here and one so easy. You know he’s gon na get one, so my intention is to create a dramatic situation, so that link has to make a decision as to whether or not he’s gon na try to take all the glory in the end or share it with will I’ve known link Long enough to know that, there’s no chance that he’s gon na share this with will I’m going for the trio oh you’re, going for the win yeah. If you get this week, okay, all right all right link!

Hey it’s a yes! It’S a dreaded saying: yeah! Okay, uh-huh Kaiser’s cut cut the note page joke hold on. Let them work it out, okay cut in. Is it cut in line yeah?

Yes, that’s we got that’s it. Three push. Gentlemen. Welcome to the winners wall, you’ll notice that we did not go to the losers. Lounge, no, we, this is a very exciting in turn of events.

For me personally now in the first season of tabletop. Well, we had an amazing trophy, but it was in fact so expensive. We blew our entire budget on it and we were not able to let people actually hit it high, but what we would do is we would put a piece of yellow tape on it with their name so that they could take that piece of tape home and Today, although we didn’t qualify for a trophy, we do get yellow pieces of tape with our names on them, so that everyone knows what our names are for the rest of the day, because we’re not losing is right here. We all have our names on us. Yeah, hey thanks a lot for watching until next time play more games.

We’Ll see you right back here on table!

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