Find The Balance. Solve The Puzzle.

Find The Balance. Solve The Puzzle.

Find The Balance. Solve The Puzzle.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back before we get into this. I do have some very exciting news that I’ve been holding on to for over a year now. Have a look at this. That just happened to introduce the bicycle’s first collaboration over a year in the making. Now I want to talk about these and I want to show you what’s inside and I want to give you all the juicy details: uh.

The truth is these are coming out next Wednesday and a week from today on the 25th of January at noon. Eastern time these will be available in red and blue. If you want more regular updates head on over to Instagram at I’ll put the link in the description on our Instagram, where we post regular updates about our project, and this is the biggest one.

Yet I am so excited about this and there’s a big story behind this, that I’ll save for another video, because today we’re looking at three puzzles, two of which I received in the Christmas exchange. We got the angry lion by Osama kasho, the sliding panels by Akio kame, and we have the balance scale by tatsuo Miyamoto. These are three handcrafted beautifully, designed Japanese puzzle boxes like this video subscribe and let’s get into solving these well here we are: we’ve got the angry line by Osama kasho. This is the sliding panels by Akio kame, and we have the balance scale by tatsuo Miyamoto. These two were actually sent to me because if you’re, a member of the karakori creation group Club, you get to pick your favorite character creators and you pay a fee, and at Christmas time you get a limited edition puzzle.

I picked two creators. My favorite were Osama Castro and Akio kame akiokame, who is actually the founder of the karakori creation group and the president, and this one I found separately, but I thought because these are usually pretty fast to solve. I thought we’d do all three today. So, let’s start off with the let’s start off the line, so here we go okay already. This already looks really simple.

Look at the mechanism here you see his teeth. He’S like getting angry, I’m guessing you just I don’t know. Okay. Is there a sliding mechanism somewhere? Oh, there is more than meets the eye interesting.

So now I’m looking for scenes – and it looks like this bottom part – might come out – there’s also a seam along the edge here, because maybe this comes out entirely – oh tricky. It looks so simple yeah. This definitely moves here, so there might be a magnet or something huh interesting. Thank you. You want to be careful with these not to break them either.

You know they’re handcrafted, so cool man. I love you so much. I’M gon na try to slide this back panel. While I hold this down, nothing seems to budge there. Although the back panel is a little bit, there’s like a slight amount of give there so there’s something locking it into place.

I’M not sure what it is. I’M just looking for other seams, perhaps there’s one along the side of the main. This looks like it might actually come out this top part here. So maybe here maybe we push. Oh here we go.

Ah, if you push his brow, the bottom part unlocks. So maybe we push the brow first and then yes and then we push up the nose which releases the compartment now again dude it’s. So when you look at the inside of these things, you’re like that looks so primitive and simple, and nothing too crazy, but they’re such Master Craftsmen. They figured out what the best mechanisms are and how to how to capitalize on them in a unique way, and so this part here is actually part of the outside um, see here, ah okay, that goes here. So why does that now?

I’M not sure I understand why that so that pushes there then the brow. Why would the brow? Oh, I guess it would just detach the magnet. So the only thing really holding this here is the magnet. By doing this, I could technically, if I got my fingers in there – probably pull this whole thing out.

My fingernails are too short, but instead by doing this and pushing this at the same time, the ledge here, the lip is offering a little bit more uh push on the edge of this rounded wood surface so that it just slips over and ends up pushing out. Very, very clever, Osama Kasha once again, a very clever box. This is such a fun gift for anyone, also great for like if you’re into lions or your girlfriend’s, in a lions and you’re looking to propose very niche market. But there you go. That is the angry lion and it’s funny because the name is well angry, uh, it’s his brow, uh and and his teeth.

You know that make him angry so very clever. Next, we’re gon na have a look at this here. The sliding panels by Akio kame uh. Oh there we go, we got sliding panels they and they’re magnetized. There are magnets here huh I can push on the back.

S seem to come off an interesting, oh, very cool, oh, oh wow, that is so cool. I think we just lucked out here because that mechanism it felt like it was on both sides, but it was only on the one side, so I could have been here for a while, but luckily I had it on this side. That is look at that look at that mechanism. Here they locked in and now by sliding up, you’re able to slide it out. How cool is that, so this side, don’t think it matters which side it goes on.

You’D have to oh you’d, have to lift this up like this to slide it in then put it back in wow. That is just an elegant mechanism. Look at that. So once again, I think we slide up our slide down slide up flip it around so that the parts can eject. Then we can extract, and now we have our compartment here with uh accio’s logo.

This is just a beautiful puzzle. I mean that’s something only somebody who’s been doing this for decades can come up with, because that is a new mechanism. I’Ve never seen before, and that’s what I always look forward to with these puzzles is something new they’re they’re, not just using the same old mechanism and revisiting it. They are creating new, interesting solutions to these puzzles such a treat such a joy every single time. Okay, sliding panels by Akio, kame, wonderful.

Last certainly not least, we’ve got this. The balance scale tetsuo Miyamoto, and it looks as though, ah oh dude, if you were none the wiser like. I challenge you right now to find the seam uh and if you put it on this side, it is like I said: the craftsmanship is so precise that you would never see that that shifts over. Is it okay? So it goes one way here we got another one on this side looks like that.

One goes this way a little bit more rigid, and then we have the middle here, but we also have this tiny bottle which looks spring-loaded huh. This is bottle twists and it goes right back. You can hear a little spring in there, so this is some sort of unlocking tool by both panels. Here is there another panel. We must slide somewhere.

Maybe we push this in while we twist and there’s also the balance scale here, it’s very rare. We get uh karakori puzzle that also has metal like this sort of exposed. Normally it’s just all wood. So that’s a nice little touch here. It looks like.

Is there another panel back here? Hmm, as far as I know, it looks like this might push out a drawer here, because this here is a definitely there’s, definitely a seam right there, so this might be the actual drawer. That is my guess. Unless this here is the drawer and it it is sort of spring-loaded out, that might also be the case to so to unlock it. We would have to here – and here laughs – ah and there we have it wow, there’s the inside so a small spring in the back here.

I don’t not sure where this is connected, because that mechanism is hidden. However, ah so there is a small notch back there in the wood, it’s stuck now, but if I twist this bottle and press here that Notch gets pulled up as you can see, and that Notch is the only thing, as you can see here, the wood’s been Sort of notched out the notch is the only thing holding this drawer rack this drawer back from flinging out because of that spring back there. Now I assume the panels on the side were those just red herrings, because I don’t think they have anything to do with anything. Let’S see, let’s see if we can get this back in here, so that is locked yeah. That drawer opens perfectly fine.

So, what’s up with the side panels, just there for a decoy how sneaky oh they go down, they go down like this. Hmm. There might have been a defect here because I feel like I don’t need these to go down. Definitely not interesting, though I thought it was a red herring when you actually didn’t need them. We did kind of figure it out regardless, but that mechanism is just the coolest this here.

It feels like a little magic toy where you’re like boom boom and then that opens it Springs open once the scales have been tipped very, very well done super cool. Indeed, that is the balance scale and those are today’s care. Query puzzles again. Look at how perfect the boxes are for these things: they’re, always so perfect, you’re just getting the highest quality when you order these things so and a lot of you’re like who would pay that much for the I would, and so many other people actually and rightfully So those are the three category puzzles solved. If you want to check out karakori, I left the link below you do have to sign up to be a member, but it is worth it because you do end up saving money instead of buying them.

After the fact on eBay, let me know which one of these three was your favorites in the comments below and stay tuned, for, more updates on our new deck of cards, which I am so excited about. Uh check us out on first dot shop uh at on Instagram and uh have a great day we’ll see on the next one. Peace



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