Five Tribes: Jenna Busch, Satine Phoenix, and Richard Garriott Join Wil on TableTop

Five Tribes: Jenna Busch, Satine Phoenix, and Richard Garriott Join Wil on TableTop

Five Tribes: Jenna Busch, Satine Phoenix, and Richard Garriott Join Wil on TableTop

I’M going to tell you the story of shakarez on a vis ears, daughter who was married to a Persian king who infamously married a new wife every morning executing the wife he married the previous day. It’S kind of a food. If you ask me, Scheherazade was crafty. According to Sir Richard Burton’s translation of the story, she had perused the works of the poets and knew them by heart. She had studied philosophy and the sciences, arts and accomplishments, and she was pleasant and polite, wise and witty well-read and well-bred Scheherazade outwitted her new husband by telling him stories every night that weren’t resolved until the following day, because he wanted to know how the stories ended.

She survived another night. She did this for 1,001 nights, crafting stories like Aladdin’s, wonderful lamp, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and the seven voyages of Sinbad the sailor. At the conclusion of the 1,000th night, she told the king that she was out of stories. Ah, the king, however, had fallen in love with her, so he made her Queen. I love happy endings today on tabletop Richard Garriott Satine, Phoenix, Jenna Bush and I will travel to the land of 1,001 nights where an old Sultan has died and a prophecy has foretold of strangers.

Who will arrive to invoke the old jinns and claim the Sultanate? It could be one of us if we can successfully influence and control five tribes. Five tribes is a worker placement game with a very interesting and clever maan column, ik anak, designed by Bruno kaathal. If you’re a strategy, gamer you’re gon na love, five tribes, it’s deep and expansive in terms of options and decisions, but this is tabletop and I would not show a game that I thought casual gamers couldn’t get into with a little practice. I know that it looks visually intimidating, but really five tribes runs on three primary game: mechanics and you’ll be able to grok them once you see us playing it.

The first main design feature is the Mon Calamari pick up all the dudes that live in a town and then drop them along a path one. At a time to the place, we want to go using standard, couchsurfing rules. The final meeple must land on a space where they know someone of the same type. So in this example, I pick up these guys from this tile move them through the desert and land on a spot where the blue worker knows another blue worker. Now the second mechanic is the worker placement action.

The last dude, that is in your hand, when you land in a spot, is the action type that you activate. These blue builders get paid to build stuff, green merchants. Let you get resources and red assassins can kill. Meatballs and clear tiles, the last major mechanic is based on the tiles themselves, some tiles. Let you buy more resources at market others.

Let you decorate your property with palm trees to get more points, others, let you summon gins by rubbing on a magic lamp. Also, if you clear a tile of all the dudes that live on that spot, you place one of your control markers there and you earn this many points. The game ends when our meatballs don’t have any more legal moves or more likely when any one player has used all their control markers to quote both Scheherazade and Princess Bride. I’Ll most likely kill you in the morning, but first, let’s play five tribes. My name is sateen Phoenix and I am a comic book artist and I’m known for playing lots of board games.

My name is Richard Garriott, I’m both a video game developer and a private astronaut, I’m Jenna Busch, I’m an entertainment. Reporter comic book author. I used to co-host the show with Stan Lee if it’s geeky, I probably do it. This is five tribes and I have a couple of clarifications to make before we start the game. First of all, generally, when you score a tile, you place down one of these freakin adorable little camels, which the internet calls camels right, but our cameras have a real hard time, seeing them when they’re on the board.

So, instead we’re using these minarets that don’t look at all like little dog wieners guess which decision I was overruled on. So, if you’re wondering, if you’re playing five tribes and you’re like, why are they using player markers? That’S why we’re using these little guys instead we’ll also use them to determine first player, and finally, this is a subject that comes up a lot. When we talk about five tribes, it’s extraordinarily controversial and pretty polarizing among people there’s a card in this game and it’s a slave card and according to the designer and the publisher, that’s not the worst thing in the world, because during the period in which this game Takes place slavery existed and they feel that removing these cards from the game and replacing them to something different would be not. Okay, the game design factor of these guys is that they’re, basically just uses wild cards and then they’re also used to activate genies.

So I decided that, rather than engaging in the act of using human beings as currency, which I find offensive, we are going to be referring to these cards instead as assistants or as helpers. Thank you very much for all of your patience as I go through all these ridiculous disclaimers. Let us begin the game so Jenna, I believe you are turquoise and you have the privilege of being the first player to bid for first players. One of the mechanics of this game is money, equals points at the end of the game, and I have seen people who could have won the game over bidding to go first and end up losing the game because they don’t have any money left at the end. I’M going to bid eight Wow Jenna really wants to go.

First. Really, you do. I really want to go. Get those builders off the back. Okay!

Very well! Are you very much this will go over here in the bank? Satine, you are pink. Where would you like to go, I bid five Satine is bidding on Yvonne, all right, very good. Do I really want to do I want to go before Richard that much?

I will bid one. Are you going before me or are you bidding zero, I’m going to bid zero? I think that’s a good choice. I like to bid one you can bid zero, but I’ve had I bid zero. Richard would have actually pushed me back and I would have been going last, so it is actually worth it to me two for one dollar to go before you.

So here we go. First player is Jenna, you are turquoise and what would you like to do please? I would like to move right here: uh-huh blue, Oh red, I’m gon na take yes, you know these guys. You’Re are okay, because I would like to have a genie which genie would you like? Hmm, hmm: let’s see what they do: okay, so Bo as well as lets you assassinate white or yellow meeples in front of another player.

Nakir lets you get a dollar when you assassinate someone and sorry too, if you assassinate one, would you assassinate one of his resonates? Huh and uh who’s that down there uh anna knock. Let’S you spare it a an elder or a mystic, and then you can draw three guys at random out of the bag and put them on an empty tile sort. What you resurrect so go: nuts nakir mm-hmm yeah well uh hand me your two mystics mystic, sir, or rather elders. I always call them mystic, sorry, guys they go into this bag of sadness.

I’M thinking right out of the gate. I want to have one good genie, at least to bring in some money. I have the murder genie um, so I let other people do my killing for me and I get cash so teeny you are up. What would you like to do guys think you know what I’m gon na do, but you don’t! Oh, I’m gon na take this this guy, that this guy yep all right and where are you going one two and three okay, and what color would you like to put here?

I would like to put the green there: okay and the white uh and I’m gon na go. You are gon na. Do some assassinating true there you go. Okay, you can assassinate one one meeple up to three spaces away. Only one yeah.

I had this really cool idea that I was gon na go in and then kill everyone would-be assassins, but then I realized it’s just not as powerful as I thought it was going to be. I thought you could take out more people, but really it’s the amount of assassins that you have that’s how far you can kill one guy. So right now you know judge they just got very well all right. You clear that guy away – and you can put one of your little minarets right here. Congratulations you own this tile and have six points did murder just have murder just happen.

I guess thank you for my murder money. Oh wait. I think Jenna’s genie is awesome. She’S, like this mob boss and she like controls the table and gets money every time use the assassin. That’S really cool she’s gon na end up with 15 or 20 points because of assassinations, and she could end up running away with it and she never had to do anything except trouble lamp.

So you actually get two gold there, Madame because the red hand indicates to indicates another player and the white hand indicates yours, see, get it because, like it’s facing you, so it’s like that’s mine and then this like that’s somebody else. Yes, then you get you get another dollar! Congratulations! Yeah! Satine!

Because you finished your turn here. You can spend six bucks to buy two of the first six cards, the $ 6 uh-huh. And what will you be taking out? One of us all right, very good, excellent – and here I go. Ah that’s a lot of points, but it’s not as many points as the thing that it otherwise makes pointy.

So I think I’m taking yeah, maybe yeah, maybe I’ll – do that science. Yes, science is like cuz. Let’S see no well, maybe I think it’s gon na be this that this this for these guys and I’m just going to pick up the resource cards that you buy at the market start out not being worth very much. 1 point 2 points, but as you build your set, when you get up to say 6 different items from the market place, you’re scoring 30 points for those cards and it’s extraordinarily valuable. I could do a small merchant.

I can buy one of the first three, for I believe it’s three bucks so now I will spend three bucks and I will buy the papyrus if you’re going to use a resource strategy. The first market draw probably decides that, and I saw very quickly that I was going to be able to get like four or five different resources like right out of the gate, and that was a great way for me to know. I am counting on 21 points. That’S terrific. Now I have a little bit of a buffer if somebody starts to really go ahead of me and geney’s, or really go ahead of me in land, and it’s also a thing that the other players don’t really look at and think about unless they’re also playing the Resource game, excellent, excellent: you didn’t, you didn’t spoil my move, I’m going to take the green, yellow and white guys there yeah, where they had owed my right drop.

A green okay then drop a yellow and go farther there. You go drop the white and then you get this guy which allows you to get a genie. You don’t need to hold these open understand exactly so gon na grab this guy Boaz is mine. Yeah nice old are good. Okay.

This is about my fifth game of five tribes. I have felt comfortable in previous games looking for property acquisition opportunities, which are always hard in the opening move, but I still thought there might be at least getting myself in position to where on the second round, I could begin to acquire property before we do. First player again we’re going to go ahead and refill these things. So all of these cards move down which is kind of cool. I, like that, it’s sort of like stone, Jenna Bush, you get two bids for first player.

What would you like to do? I will bid three alrighty three Satine: where would you like to go high five, alright, five for you? How much do you want to go before me enough enough enough yeah, like a dollar mm-hmm, you know what I’m good well I’ll put a zero in. In that case, yeah no reason to waste the currency, yep very well: okay, first player, satine, okay, so the farms good these guys. Yes, all right, gon na drop a red here; yes all right and then drop a white uh-huh and then drop a blue pick up.

These blues very good, alright, so you’re gon na score hella points four times three you’re going to score 12 bucks. It’S really good to get the blue guys early on in the game, because the blue guys give you money and money equals points and the more points you have, the better you have for winning the game there. You go. Congratulations so Jannah bush huh, I’m contemplating things, have more completely change. Your M.

Hmm! Hmm! Huh! Sorry, there’s a lot of noises! Yes, no, that’s fine.

Make think think about things. Think about what you’re gon na do. I feel like this game involves a lot of noises. Yes, hmm uh-huh, that’s a noise, it involved right, uh-huh, uh-huh, mm-hmm, hmm, okay, oh wait! I think I got it.

Oh! I think I got it uh-huh. You got it before me. Didn’T you yeah all right, yeah, yeah, yep yeah! That’S that’s totally happening yep.

I know uh-huh uh-huh yep yeah, how many this yeah I saw that coming Martine whoa bziers represent one of the more interesting tactics by only having slightly more va’s ears than other players yang to score ten points for every player, you’re ahead of, and so, if you’re, The number one and a four player game. That means thirty points plus. However many bziers you have now. You can also take the tile action, which is to rub a lamp, but you only have one elder. Sadly, Oh rub nothing right, yeah, that’s right!

So good cheer, uh well that that escalated in a hurry, cuz their and Richard. It is your turn, sir. This is not in good shape anymore. I was trying to set myself up so that in the beginning of round two I could start acquiring properties. However, that didn’t work out at all.

Fortunately, however, I I think I’ve stumbled into a position where I can instead start acquiring bziers. I got a nap going from the far corner. Yes drop a red red on those other red red and give me the visitors ears. If I can just capture five or six of us ears, I think that will keep me permanently in the pole position. Mm-Hmm pick up these guys, I’m gon na go mmm yeah yeah.

Here I’m going to pick up these builders, I’m gon na score two times. Two is four points which is garbage, I’m going to turn in this little assistant guy, which lets me get a one times more one more time multiplier on my blue guys. So I get three times to actually get six, so I put in one I took back five, so I’m going to just bring in another one like that. Okay trust me, the math works out and my my turn is done decision. Sometimes I instantly regret this bid.

So what are you thinking about? Listen for Sears, yeah sure you do so. I’M gon na go want to pick up these guys here. Okay, so you’re free to get yellow guys, uh-huh you’re gon na come straight. This way like that and what colors would you like to put we’re green all right, green, okay and white?

Yes, wait! Wait! No! Yes! Oh no!

No! We, oh gosh! That’S a stupid idea. Do you want to go back those green and switch these guys? Yeah?

Hey! You want to set somebody up to get a teeny, I started really bad and it’s just going downhill, so I think I’m just gon na I’m chaos, I’m just chaos at this point. There you go, they have two Beziers. So now you and Jenna are each getting 12 points for your Vizier. Is Richard still getting a million and I’m getting zero for zero points, which is super Satine?

What will you purchase? Not this guy, this guy in this guy’s yeah yeah? That’S what I figured so I’ve got some spices. Yes, a shaper! You got very Italian when you talked about your spices, I’m not Italian.

Okay, all right, awesome, okay, Richard! What would you like to do all right? I have a plan. Yes, you do and plan is to leave from here. Yep travel a little caravan over here end up over here, because I’m gon na be doing I’m gon na make you a little money.

Thank you, sir. By doing a little killing I like to have other people. Do my killing for me yeah, of course you do. However, I have a sad note to go along with it. So so so, first of all, I’m gon na kill this little green guy here, yeah, that’s one away!

Green guy dies that green guy does. That gets you to Gold. You get rich two bucks, which is nice, a Mamba. I think that you know it gives me a minaret yep and you get another Hallett and a palace palaces are not normally worth five points at the end of the game. However, there is a genie who will allow you to grow your things to be worth more and now also independent looks like you have some killings.

Well, I gave you some cash yeah. I also need to take care of one of your Vizier yeah. That’S not uncommon. So uh: well, here’s a nursing question though he does. This kill count as a kill for her.

It’S a read, I’m gon na go with yes! Well technically! Well, I thought this might take your epitaxy protection for me so anyway, so you, you have protection and I get murder money. What is that saying? Organized crime Richard was threatening to assassinate me, but once we figured out what was going on, we realized that we’re both sort of in the Mafia, so we’re good.

Now that I have half a dozen fizz ears and a genie which will protect them and that will let me now set that part of my gameplay aside and I’ll focus, probably on another type of gameplay here in the second half of the game Jenna. It is your move. What are you thinking about doing? I would like some blue guys you’d, like some blue guys from where from right over here, yeah – okay, oh no, I’m gon na go from here. You’Re gon na go from here: okay, three!

Okay! So I’m gon na do you guys are gon na go. Are you gon na do that? I think yellow uh-huh you’re close enough. I don’t know why I’m doing this, I’m sorry so you’re gon na wander through the desert yep.

So you started here. You go here and that looks like you’re going here. He’S gon na hang out with him all very nice, okay and then you’re coming over here, also very much that’s also very nice, okay and then you’re going there you’re gon na pick. Those builders up and boy are you gon na score? Some points.

I’Ve got three meatballs. There are a lot of blue tiles around. So I think this is gon na get me some mad cash one. Two three four times three, you get 12 more bucks yeah! Well, you are just all about getting 12 bucks is what you are.

I want top there Jenna there you go and these guys go into the never Neverland because they never never come out, and so you guys, I’m feeling a little assassinating. I’M pleased to hear that the mod bunkroom, nor do I have yeah, I’m feeling like it’s just been so long like Merv Griffin in the man with two brains. I really enjoy killing, go like that. So I’m going to pick these guys up and we’re gon na go build our guys hanging out here, store shop, you guys their shop, you guys they’re, yellow we got in there. Whoo no shopping is there shopping guys their assassin II guys their assassin II guys are all what is your bidding?

My master, I’m like kill that old man. I don’t like the way he smells Wow so he’s dead. I get to place two minarets. I got to go here and I get to go here. One of the great things about using an assassin to clear two tiles is efficiency.

On one turn, with one move, I get to place two minarets and that gives me a head start on people. It also lets me accelerate the clock for when the game’s going to end, because this is the last thing I landed on Jenna, you get two bucks from the bank thanks, sir. There you go and because I ended my turn here, I get to go to the market and when I am at the market I will spend three space bucks and I’m gon na buy some silk. Coz silk is the address. We have fancy trousers.

You know I just thank you very much. Thank you, my dresser yeah. I am so fancy. Dude. I’Ve got a dress.

I’Ve got jewels who’s, our new Djinn, I mean each our of slaves. You hold acts as one wild merchandise of your choice that I had no hello. I love me. I want you to be my special friend. It’S super hard to collect all nine resources.

If you can get all nine, then you get crazy mad. I believe the kids call it hella sick points, but with alameen you can turn a couple of helper guys into whatever you want. So I think I’m at seven things right now. If I can get three more guys from the market, I’m going to be able to have all nine math doing math mething math, I’m doing man hard hard yep that I like math, math dance dance. This is the dance that we do when we do some man, one plus one, is two and two plus two is four, but if you take them away, then you’ve got zero.

Zero is less than four, but I did the less than wrong. I think I’m just gon na bid one family mid. Three. I think the math works out for me to bid three uh all right, I’m in a bid one I’ve made my choice: I’m bidding one Jenna, I’ve, woo Wow jumps right ahead to five wants to do know what I want to do. Yeah all right, Satine, I’m gon na, do three three: okay, what else to do no or eight sir imma stick with zero, all right, zero.

Okay, I show us the terror of your evil ways, mwah all right, not that great okay. So I would like to get a genie yeah. I think this genie that I’m going to get is just because I need to block the genie that I think you want to get. Where is it? Where do you plan to get this genie?

This genie, I believe, will come from here: uh-huh right, yep, all right, so you’re going to take these guys. So, first of all, you do this action, so you get the first two cards that are available here. There you go. Congratulations now you’re going to claim that tile, because you get to have that tile and now you get from the tile action which is spend to elders or an elder and a mystic to grab a gin from gin land and what we’ll be doing gin jewel. Andia gin, Langella hello, yes, I’m mayor Hendrix, I am the leader of gin, land iya.

I overthrew Bombay and also Tanqueray I’ve overthrown it myself. What’S your fit? What’S your gin cocktail of choice, if you had to say oh, do you have one day I want a more of a scotch girl. My favorite gin cocktail is Grandma Hendricks. I had it in Paris.

My favorite gin cocktail is, of course, the Ladin fizz it. The way that you make it is you actually capture a Latin and you just puree a bit of his hand in a blender combine in a cocktail shaker with a freshly released gin and a serve over a staked porcupine, but anyway, back to gin, less Jimin Jimin. Yes, do I want to reset and then choose a card, or do I want to take the card that will take his victory? You just pointed at that. You want to know now.

The last time I was on tabletop yeah, I did a thing that robbed Grant. Imahara of his it was amazing. I am completely maker. You can make it Sean Plott. That was amazing with your crazy [, __ ].

I think he owes me a drink. I think he probably ditches. I know it is a risk, but I think I’m gon na draw, so I will give you back all right, my high gentlemen uh-huh all right, and so that’s the yes, you paid for him all right. Sometimes you got to do what’s best for you and not block other players. I’Ve done that in the past, all right, so you have this guy.

Now, congratulations! You’Ve just paid actually to use him so draw three. We draw you discard the that you don’t keep it’s uh it’s up to. It is up to turn this one around and is it ah lady is amazing. Yeah worth 10 points.

Yes, you know it’s funny, seeing the genie that allowed me to summon other genies to pick from. I didn’t even really think about what I was getting. I just sort of grabbed the one that had the most points really really happy. I got that one so Lamia yeah, I like her. Okay, seven points 10 points and when you have to place a home tree, you can place a palm tree anywhere even a space that doesn’t call for a palm tree.

So, for example, if you were to land, if you were to, if you were to end here yeah, you could put a palm tree there. Planting trees is a really a public service yeah from the person who wants assassination well we’re in the world. Trees are nicer. Blood fertilizes, the soil. Yes, that’s true yeah!

We have to have five. Oh that’s, really, nice all right! It’S a tea and it is your action. What would you like? What would you like to do now?

I’M just gon na start scattering things. If I was really smart, I would just hoard all the resources. That is something that I would do, but because I’m trying to play so many different things this time, I’m not hoarding. As many as I would like one. Two.

Three: four: five: okay! No! You can do that. Okay, super! You may know who’s gon na go here.

Whatever haha blue cuz, there’s water, there’s gon na go there. Alright, yellow and yellow is gon na go here. Okay and who’s gon na go here. You know what a white okay White’s gon na go there. Thank you um and then red skin right here and greens gon na go here.

Okay, okay, that’s great! I really appreciate you setting me up for a move that I really desperately need. So thank you um. If you’re going to go to the villains room, be the good guys to be neutral, I’m the evilest of all uh, all right. So now you get to go shopping.

I really don’t know what I’m doing anymore and all I can do is just collect things. So I like shopping, I’m going shopping, that’s my only solution. You get to take the first three things this: how that and that? Congratulations! That’S very nice!

If you have an elder and animistic which you do you can draw one of those gins, I’m gon na get that guy this guy, that what you get okay yep. So there you go! Okay! So give me these two fellows here very good. I think, for the first time in this game, sex, it’s actually a fairly straightforward decision.

For me to go pick up these two elders, I will place a minaret on this square, which is worth 15 points and on it. Oh thank you. You get the assist on that. You know: okay, okay, wait these guys! These guys stay here and uh; okay, oh and also I’m gon na take a gin moment.

Oh that’s right here and I’m gon na put those guys in the bag. Did I get it? You get to BA resources there you go. Congratulations! That’S great!

That went much better for me that I connected, which is nice. Look at you, you back in the vizier game. That’S terrific! You’Re! Ahead of me!

Now and and relative to Jenna. You took 20. You took ten away and hang ten, so that’s like super powerful and you can go shopping. I’M gon na just do this. How much is that three um it’ll cost you three yeah all right Richard?

Well, I’m trying to think of what moves exist other than the white. I had a great first half the game, my strategy for building up lead on Beziers and then locking a name with a genie, I’m not sure I’m in the leadership position yet, but I think I have the basis where I’m still within shot of winning the game. That’S going to give me something right: yep you get these two things, that’s actually pretty good fit. Actually it is. It actually puts me on the board with those versus nothing.

It really does plus you’ve lost again in a rep there, and I, like you, like you, can to buy one of these three. So look at what you have and see. If that’s useful, for you um, no all right, everyone, it Jenna yeah. It is your move. Gotcha so many freaking genie points.

Well, I was I was thinking about so obnoxious. You know I’m awful yep you’re gon na go there and do that and you’re gon na draw three genies. Is that so she? This is she’s wiping us out in this yeah Wow wow really yeah. Unless offensively for all of us, I could have done.

I just is it gon na sit? I don’t send boy genius really matter uh, so much no no way, but unless you put castles in Ohio, 38 Gini points in front of me. This is like you with his years during the practice game seriously. Just just stop general. Obviously I have the most genies that kind of kicked ass and she has so much money that I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to catch her at this point, I don’t know if I’m even going to be able to score more than Richard.

I think Jenna has got a really strong lead with her genies, but it’s clear we shouldn’t write off. Will at this point he’s moving up, but it’s not clear me exactly how far he’s gon na get. I want to end it. I want to stop this so that nobody can move, but that does not isn’t it further. It is impossible.

I have nothing more to spend and there are no more there’s two ways. This game can end. Usually it’s because the player uses up all of their camels, but also it can end if there are no legal moves left and it looks like there will be. No legal moves left very soon, maybe even on the next turn, I’m going to try and just end this game now by making sure that there are maybe two legal moves. These guys come here.

I get these two guys and I get 2 4. 6. 8 bucks for that plus I get 6 for this 8 bucks all right. Now, these guys can go away. That is not a worthwhile purchase.

You got all the land, that’s true! I think land is overvalued in this game. I don’t think that it scores as well as like say, 38 points worth of Genie. I ended up going with the tile strategy because it was kind of the only thing that was available to me. I think I have the most points in cash.

However, wills got a lot of land and that could make the difference, but you do have a lefty enny. I do no listen. I have a lot of land. I’M not gon na lie. I’M proud of my land.

It’S like it’s! It’S like I’m! It’S like I’ve. Put my boner on display all over this. This land, I mean.

That’S amazing. Right I mean like will mini J will head hurt. No magics Berg is a place. People like to visit, I’m not gon na like okay. I will oh, don’t give you that.

I think these three, if you ask me with that and go read, read baby blue red red yeah. Okay, we read round. No, I feel you man, I get it! Okay, let’s take those Reds. Take these guys off settle down greedy Wow Wow, just like let’s maybe breathe a little all right, Wow like if it would be useful to tag anybody out so like, for example, I get rid of this guy.

Then you nobody could move in there and if you get rid of that guy, the only legal move left in the game, as far as I can see, is another assassin action that just gives her more money well weld Lee, but at least it closes the game. After that, that’s true yeah. So let’s look at all else a snake, this guy money. I would like some more money. I really wish you hadn’t done that I really really really wish you had it done.

So sorry, oh really you just find out how much money she can actually make any money game genie, action yep, which genie will you take I’ll? Take that because it actually, it might happen yep. For my turn, I’m going to move I’m going to end the game. I’M going to move here and remove all legal moves from the board. So now there’s will you calm down?

I you know: when will you do the practice game? It looked like there’s gon na be another winner, so if even if it looks like it, it might. Okay, alright, that is the end of my turn and friends. That is the end of this game. Unless I am mistaken, I believe there are no legal moons remaining on the board, one that one okay great.

Now we are going to do the scoring Rev against uh. You, okay, so the final scores: satine 111 Richard with 121 whoa Jenna with 130 and me with 142. Ah, Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

As uh as the host of this show, I will escort all of you to our. Oh, that’s! Well, that didn’t go quite as well as it could have. No, I I honestly cannot believe that I won that game. I kind of figured you would here’s an interesting thing for the viewers at home is that you guys weren’t a super familiar with this game before we started playing, and even though it looked super duper complicated, you guys picked it up really quickly so hard.

I think says something really great about this game. Yeah or or it says something really great about us – we’re both oh yeah. Look at that. I somehow insulted you and actually didn’t. What’S weird is that we are into the green couch, I’m surprised about two things.

I got ta go, I’m I’m gon na go. Give myself a trophy. Oh yeah deserve deserve. Even if you didn’t know I’m winner losing. I feel that murder does not pay as much as one would think.

Murder would. If I had spent some time planting some palm trees, then perhaps I would have won, but I still think you should have used the blood to to fertilizer. So Ellen everything would be fine. Well, you know. If I were gon na go back, I would.

I would fertilize the land with blood. That is a sentence. I never thought I’d say. I think that both of us are very surprised to be here. Very, very, very surprised.

In fact, I don’t know if I could say which of the two of us is more surprised that we are standing here right now, but I’m really glad I’m gon na give us a trophy yay people at all might say this. I’M gon na make a victory speech. I’M finally make a victory speech. I always say that you should never sacrifice the joy of playing in the pursuit of victory and that holds true. Today I had a really good time playing, even when I thought for sure I was going to lose.

I continued to have a really good time playing and until next time play more games, you, you

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