STEAMPUNK Escape Simulator!

STEAMPUNK Escape Simulator!

All right we’re gonna go and go ahead and try to do sorry. We’re gonna go ahead and try to do the steampunk dlc. Next, the crew quarters episode one chapter, one: let’s go okey-dokey here, we are in the steampunk submarine radio system. Okay, clues! Don’T need that teacup wait.

Can we throw that we can throw that right? Dear father, life on the valor is as good as you can have it here so far from the ground. The crew made a shared cabin which is also from novaki. Can you believe that he’s a big plant buff and they have him working on the greenhouse? Yes, some odd habits, for example, he writes numbers in a very strange way, but has figured out how to read them.

He turns them 90 degrees to the left. Ah, okay. We found something: uh morse code, okay, we’ll be needing that flower says yes, the beans huh. What is this hello can’t seem to retrieve okay, I guess it’s just part of the plant. This is morse code dash, dash dot, dash dot, dash dot hold on dash dash dot g dash dot, dash dot, gc dash dash gc m g c m.

Oh g is over here m. There’S no m g. This last one was clearly m. Oh dash dash dash. Oh well, then that must mean it is: oh cog, perfect all right.

What does this 687 remember? It said turn it to the left: cerulean ruben 687. We are buzzing right now. Oh looks like it needs a light bulb and needs to be fixed as well. Wait, how can I equip these cool things?

Can I equip them? Ah? Is there a way to equip them? You can’t say, no, all right. Four, let four letter four number combination lock there, that’s locked, yeah guns in here I got guns uh-huh and it’s okay.

Oh left glove, we’re missing one. It was blue on top. That is, it is right, close. So that goes on the left here right that one doesn’t exist. So this one is the boot which goes down here and what’s the white one, oh the glove there.

Oh, my god, this looks like my puzzle box. Oh so cool this hey, we got the light bulb baby. Oh, we still gotta fix that wire uh. What are we doing with these cogs too? We got cogs all right, elm, greenhouse engine room, crew quarters.

Okay, wait, maybe the cogs go in here? What time are we looking for here? What time are we looking for here this time? No, it can’t be that time. What is the time lick your fingers and pinch the wires no way?

Okay, that’s something to do with that clock and maybe the can of beans. I don’t know. Ah, we’ve done this. This is a four digit combination. We’ve done the morse code.

Stuff! We’ve done this one too: where can we find a good one? Let me find some good wires around here, one. What’S that cog for oh, is it a clock, oh and the ones there, so that would be 2 30 

We got duct tape, baby, let’s go four, six, three, eight four, six: three, let’s get out of here, dude we got time to 15 minutes to spare four six three eight and we are out of here: oh wait: damn it journey log day and month; okay, one Two three uh-huh some type of cipher here. Oh I see fire flower star.

That’s two stars! Okay, so we need to find the correct date. Would it be? This would be the latest one. C5 b5 b4 get out of here, more beans.

What was on the door? So you have to overlap so boom little zippo lighter all right. We’Re gonna need to figure this out here, uh we’re just playing some escape simulator. We just did a really cool bo, burnham puzzle and now we’re doing this. The lock box is set to open with the cannon firing mechanism cannons one and two have to be fired at the same time afterwards, three and four have to be fired at the same time right.

So how do you fire them? You gotta load them up. First right, I don’t fully understand what’s happening here. Maybe I have to look for this pattern somewhere fire flower or fire flower star. Why does it say a2?

D1? Oh, wait! I do have the match. Can I just light up the cannons or something? No that it just opens levers, hold them down all right.

Let’S get these out of the way here. What levers wait? How do you see levers? I cannot click on the cannons. What levers on the wall!

He says the levers on the wall. Oh these, here no count the symbols. I mean we could try. It’S just weird that the layout would be like this. No, oh wait: if star is a2 and fire is d1 a2 and d1 is what we’re looking for.

Ah a2, not sure a2 is a coordinate. Do I have to go back up here? This is not a map. Why are some of them pressed in a2. D1.

Did I pick up a book uh? No. I only have the morse code book oh well, yoinky, mcster, 2612. 2018. 26.  12. 2008. Oh. 2008. Sorry valor is a proud member of the capitals.

Air navy, as such the queen is ordered the record keeping of the utmost precision. Each day’s movements are to be written in the merch, oh log, to allow easy date searching just enter a date on the cover page and it will take you to the correct record. Oh okay, this is good to know. Three is east. Four south sixes north got.

You so huh okay, so I got to put different dates in so if I have the log which is here, I still don’t understand the correlation between all this, like how do I get from here to this wall to there it could be a different date. Yeah wait just to make sure, though three’s east, four south. Oh wait! That’S the miles! Traveled three miles east four miles south six miles, north okay, all right!

So let’s try that, let’s just try it um! So, okay! So therefore, now we just look at a different date open up 1401. I guess: how do we reset all right? That’S not it, wait.

What matches the coordinates with the symbols on the clipboard, to give you the right date to enter into the book, match the coordinates to symbols on the clipboard right, so we’re on the clipboard to match the coordinates to the symbols on the clipboard. That’S the clipboard! With the symbols on the lock with the grid match the clipboard with the symbols on the lock with the grid match this match the clipboard with the symbols on the lock with the grid. What matches this? I’m missing two boxes!

I understand that they’re right here; they don’t want to fit in their star flower, fire , star flower, fire be a2 d1, but there is no a2d1. I can’t move any of this. I can’t move this, but it won’t go in there like that as far as it actually does go in there, but not very nicely it doesn’t really fit in anywhere. I don’t think it matters if these things are in there or not. You know what I mean: how is fire also d3 and d4?

You now have a pattern that matches the tag on the lock wait. What d1 a2 d2 is that what you’re saying I have no idea how you got there but we’ll listen to you. D1. A2D2. It’S not there.

I can’t turn the boxes. I can’t do any. I can’t touch these at all to match the tag on the lock right. Okay, so fire flower star got it fire flower star. D3.

D2. E2. Not there, wait! Yes, 0305. You guys completely solved that one, because I had no idea what was happening here.

Hey thank you, chat, Jesus wait. What did this say? Again? Cans, one and two have to be fired at the same time, afterwards, cans, three and four. Thank you, air forever.

I was also lost uh caprice, they’re timed differently. I noticed that that one fires first right, so is it the length of the wick? Ah right after that, these have to fire at the same time. Oh, this is kind of cool okay, so these two are longer, yeah. All right, close enough right.

We did it. 


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