The Worst Brain teaser I’ve Ever Done

The Worst Brain teaser I’ve Ever Done

Hi, everyone welcome back to Karen puzzles, so I’m hoping that today’s puzzle is going to be a quick one. This is another brain teaser from Yuu Asaka. It’s called the bird 11 puzzle and I think it’s basically along the same lines as the jigsaw 16, which I just covered um pretty recently here on the channel. You know you get this tray with this time 11 spots, and then you have all of these little bird tokens and you have to try to fit them in so now that I’ve already done something similar with this one I feel like. I should be able to figure this one out pretty quickly, so what I’m going for is.

I really want to beat Katie’s record here on this channel of six and a half minutes to solve a brain teaser. Oh my God wait, you did it. I feel like every time I say that now, I’m just gonna, like jinx myself and it’s gonna be way harder than I expect, but I think this time I think I can do it. So, let’s take a closer look all right, so I decided to put down this blue paper underneath the puzzle, because I realized that these white pieces on the white table were not such a good idea.

They were just like completely disappearing. This board also is like black on black, so I really don’t know how well you’ll be able to see that on camera when it’s moving, I guess you can see it a little bit better, because the background is glossy while the top is matte, but I do Wish they had been two different colors, so these are the birds. You can see that they’re each a circle with three little nibs coming off of them, so there are 11 of them. You know bird puzzle 11. That makes sense 11 of these 11 spots.

So, just like the jigsaw 16, you just have to figure out how to get all of them to fit. You know, in all of these spots, looking at the box, it’s only meant to be a level two out of five and it’s only meant to take you 15 minutes. So hopefully I can use similar strategies as what I did in the last one, and hopefully do this one pretty quickly. Also it’s getting very warm here. So that’s my other incentive to do this very quickly and start okay.

Oh my gosh! Oh, my gosh okay, so I guess, as always, I just have to try. I’m gonna start by just trying some of them. Okay, that one fits there just sort of getting a feel for what we’re working with and where they might fit. So in the last video, a strategy that a lot of you were saying that I could do instead of the sudoku strategy that I came up with, was to start with the ones that have the most like outs. But with this one they all have.

The exact same number are just in different positions, so that strategy is not going to work this time. I do have a little bit of post-it notes right here, so if I get to a couple minutes and I’m really not making progress, I can do that again. Where I literally label every single piece, try it in every single spot and then that’ll give me you know basically a logic problem. So I think I’m going to start with all of the ones that I think are the most interesting and potentially the hardest to place, which are the ones with all of the nibs all in a row. So I’m just going to try those in every single spot and see if that tells me anything yeah this one with the three of them all in a row.

Where could that one go even wait? Where’s a single spot? Where can that one go? I don’t. I don’t even see it, oh no, there it is okay, it can go there.

I think this one. I think you guys are watching my brain work in real time. Okay, I think this one has to be a lock. I don’t think this piece can fit in any of the other spots, so I’m just gonna go with that for now. Oh, my god, I’m explaining too much. I was already at three and a half minutes when Katie set her record.

She, like, didn’t explain to the camera at all. Okay, so this one this one, oh, it cannot fit there. Okay, it can fit there, not there not there. Yes, here, okay, so this one could fit in actually four four different spots, so maybe i’ll set her to the side. Maybe I’ll try this one! 

I didn’t even notice before this spot down. Here has two of these double um double spaces. So this one could also fit there because there’s a lot of extra space around here. This one probably like every single piece, could probably fit in there, but you know what I’m just gonna go for it: okay, i’ll, remember this later, I’m just gonna leave! This one in here, if I end up stuck later I’ll remember that I can move this one around a little, but I’m just going to take a 50-50 chance and say that it goes there.

Okay, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! Wait! Okay! Wait!

Let me just double check: yeah, no we’re good here, so I think this one can only fit here. So this one – and this one I think, are both a lock and those are all of the pieces. We have left those double nibs so which one do I want to go for next? Okay. Well, I officially don’t think I’m beating katie’s record because uh we’re only at I mean we’re already at uh.

Six, six minutes we’re basically at her time. So I’m not even gonna worry about that anymore. Okay, that one could fit there. No, this one could fit a bunch of different places. This one doesn’t even look like a bird.

It looks like the top view of a little pig. It’s very cute. It’s not what I need to be thinking about right now. I need to be trying to solve this puzzle. Oh wait!

Okay, wait! Does this one even fit anywhere? Oh no! Am I already wrong? Oh no, it fits there.

It doesn’t, but it also fits here. Okay, I’m just gonna remember that these two could also fit here, okay, which one next the rest of these all look, basically, the same. Okay, wait. Does this one? Can this one only fit here and then maybe everything else that i’ve just assumed was right is actually right.

Wait. Does this one even fit there? Oh! No! Oh!

No! Oh! No! Oh! No!

Oh! No! Where does this one fit? Does this one fit literally anywhere? Okay?

Well, maybe I have to actually move one of these guys. Okay, maybe not that one, maybe this one, oh okay, so this one, I think, can only fit there, which means that this one has to move down here. Okay, okay, I can’t believe it’s been nine minutes that feels like two seconds has passed. Okay, maybe this one can only fit there. We’re just gonna go with it at this point, we’re just going with it. Okay, wait!

Can this one? Does this one literally? Not fit anywhere that I have left, oh no, oh no, it fits there. Okay, okay, four left! Oh no, I’ve lost track of what I’m sure of and what I’m not sure of.

Oh no, okay, something’s wrong, because this one doesn’t fit in any of the spots that I have left. This is the problem with trying to do it all in your head. Instead of writing it down from the start, okay, so that one fits there that one fits there, is there any possible chance that I can already be done and get out of this hot room? No, no! No!

No! No! Why does this always happen to me? Okay, here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna try this one in every oh wait hang on. Is this one put this one?

Did this one fit here? Is there any chance? No, okay, that one doesn’t fit there. So let me put that back. So I’m gonna try this one in every single spot that I have left and then, if it fits then try the piece that I’m moving in the empty spot come on you’re, so close you’re.

So close, oh wait! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh, my god, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, 13 minutes and 12 seconds. Oh my god!

I did it. I did it without writing it down. I’m so happy! I did it. Oh.

That was a rush that was a 13 minute puzzle rush. Honestly, I don’t even know what I just did. Let me take a minute to cool down and then we will debrief and I’m back okay, so I did a little googling of other people who have done this puzzle on youtube. So here’s how I rank next to them, so in fourth place we have chris ramsay with 27 minutes in third place. We have Mr. Puzzle with 17 minutes and 23 seconds in second place.

We have me with 13 minutes and 12 seconds and in first place is this guy, who has a channel called the puzzle guy? Who did it in five minutes and 13 seconds, which is so fast, I’m so impressed? Okay. So clearly, this puzzle was very simple, which we sort of knew going into it, since it was only a level two out of five difficulty, but I almost feel like it was too straightforward, like usually yuasaka’s puzzles, have something tricky and unexpected, like something being on a Diagonal that you wouldn’t expect to be on a diagonal, or even with the jigsaw 16 having pieces fit where you wouldn’t expect them to fit. But this one was so straightforward.

It really was just testing each piece in each spot to see whether it fits or not, and even though there are some like empty spaces, and there are some pieces that fit in multiple spots, there’s really nothing unexpected. That happened. So, even though I did solve it quickly, I have to say this is definitely my least favorite yuasaka puzzle that i’ve ever done. So I guess if you’re like just starting out with brain teasers, this might be a good one, because it’s not all that frustrating. I mean it’s definitely a lot more simple and straightforward than the jigsaw.

16 was and actually thinking about it. Now I think this one could have been even easier if I had colored stickers nearby to be able to mark which ones I was absolutely sure of and which ones could potentially still be moved around, but clearly that wasn’t totally necessary because I was still able to keep everything straight without any kind of visual aid. Honestly, I’m really surprised that I didn’t need any extra help to get this one done. I was able to keep all of the pieces straight, but it just goes to show how straightforward this one was compared to how clever his other puzzles are. I just can’t say that I recommend this one okay, so I know that wasn’t a great sales pitch, but these puzzles are sold through a site called puzzle master and they have thousands of other brain teasers available on there.

So if you want to get something from there, maybe one of your other puzzles um. I will have the link down in the description. So all right before I go, let’s hear about the puzzling world of building a website and hear from today’s sponsor squarespace. So, as you guys know, by now, I have been working on my future website using squarespace, which is an all-in-one platform to create your own website.

I decided to start over with a new template because squarespace makes it so easy to just try all of your own content into all of their templates, and so it literally took me less than an hour to put all of this together. So I think it looks great. A feature that I really like is this button up here, so you can see the mobile view of your website to see what it’s going to look like on a phone. I also really like how this template has this grid system. So you can literally just grab every single element, drag it around anywhere that you want on the page and as someone who does not know how to code. This is just incredible.

This feels like magic to me. So if you want to try it out for yourself head over to for a free trial and then when you’re ready to launch your site, go to karen puzzles for 10 off your first purchase of a website or domain, and I think that will be it For me, for today, I hope you enjoyed this little uh, quick little brain teaser uh. Let me know in the comments um.

Can you think of any other strategies that might have made this go even faster? Your code word for the comments will be uh 11. Feel free to talk about stranger things as well. All right, that’s it! For me.

I’ve got to go, but I will see you all in the next one.

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