The Three Visually Impaired Rodents Puzzle!!

The Three Visually Impaired Rodents Puzzle!!

The Three Visually Impaired Rodents Puzzle!

Hi and welcome to another episode of Mr. Puzzle today was kind of an unusual looking packing puzzle called the three visually impaired rodents designed by ham Hersh and made by Eric Fuller and his team at cubic Dissection.

The tray is made out of two layers of acrylic and black and white two pieces of cheese and three mice that somehow need to get this cheese into their den. The description of the puzzle on the website. Looking like this saying three visually impaired rodents is a packing puzzle inspired by the classic nursery rhyme song of a similar name, and these poor unsighted creatures here haven’t a tough time getting themselves and the cheese back into the den they can easily manage to pass. Two of their family and all the cheese or all three mice, and only one piece of cheese, but they need your help to get everything inside before the cat returns.

Can you help them? I’m gonna try my best and of course, if those mice would not be mice, I mean they would just maybe eat half of each piece and then they would easily fit inside, but they are mice, and so we have to to help them. I guess to get themselves as well as the two pieces of cheese inside, which is the task of this puzzle, looks quite interesting, quite an appealing design from my point of view, not sure how difficult this is. I mean it’s only three pieces and two pieces of cheese does not look too hard from my point of view, but we’re gonna find out, and if you see all these little hairs here, this is not from the remaining’s from the fur of the mice. This is coming from this bag, where the puzzle is shipped in and for some reason half of the back is still sticking to the puzzle.

That’s it for the introduction and after spoiler, break you’re gonna see my first attempt trying to help those mice and get them together with all the cheese inside of the den, but now now we’re gonna start. Let’s see if this is a level one. Two three four or five: let’s have a first try. So what happens? If I put them in like so it’s the cheese fit in here.

Yes, it fits in and this is already the solution. No it’s, of course not. Maybe I should try to fit in green mice and one cheese, and if it’s the right configuration, I should probably directly see where to fit in the fourth cheese. So now I can get no. I cannot even get any three three at a time together with one of the cheese get in these one of these ends into the corner, yeah to compensate as much space as possible uh.

Maybe this is not the case here, you know, would not be the first puzzle in such a misleading shape here in the corners and then in the end you need to completely you need to pack it completely different. Maybe let’s try like this by the way they are not the same right, so you see here that at those three pieces – and those two here are also not the same as you can see, and this one I mean this one, you can directly see it’s also Different, so definitely not a symmetric shape, and this also makes it more tricky, because every piece seem to have is its exact place, which makes it of course, more tricky than all pieces would be the same, and you can just mix them up. Maybe something like this. Probably will also need the cutouts here between the pieces that you can. You know like compensate as much space as possible.

Oh, I got an number one of the cheese other one’s still missing. Oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh wow! Okay! This was maybe Preston.

I think this, no it’s okay, but the last one. What if I put the cheese here in the corners, let’s put the cheese in the corners and try to fit in the other pieces. How can this be so so tricky I mean hey. You have any idea, comment below, I’m pretty sure we don’t need this symmetric solution, pretty pretty sure about that, but it looks so beautiful. I know symmetry is just something nice, oh wait, foreign!

It’s let me exchange those two. No no ah come on. Look at this. Doesn’t look too bad or come on? No, how close?

Ah, maybe just say I can force this one in, but I don’t think this is the right solution. Ah, I’m not really convinced if this is correct, yeah because it fits in it fits in as you can see, if I’m putting it perfectly vertical, it fits in, but I slightly need to push it, and this is usually an indication that the solution is not right. Therefore, I will continue and try to if I can find another solution, what about those pieces, if I maybe exchange them somehow, I might be able to create a better solution. Let’s just see I have had this before. I know, but maybe like this.

Yes, this is it this is it now everything is in now everything is in, and this looks much better than before. Look how much space I still have here. Those are quite tight down here, but they are not like blocked or something every piece fits and loose. Just to show you and demonstrate you, as I expected from this puzzle, it was not too difficult and so long it took me maybe like 10 minutes. So from my point of view, I think I would rate this one with a level two to three something between two and three out of a maximum of five on my personal difficulty rating scale.

The good thing is: even beginners are also rewarded after some time with a solution. So if you give them a killer puzzle afterwards, they will not be that disappointed. So that’s it for today hope you, like this video hope you, like this puzzle, comment below. Let me know in the comments what you think about it. Let me know, and let the designer and the maker of this puzzle know what you think about that’s it for today and until next time, keep on puzzling


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