He had 0.000003% Chance of Solving this Puzzle!!

He had 0.000003% Chance of Solving this Puzzle!!

He had 0.000003% Chance of Solving this Puzzle!

Any nicer than this second to none wes. I owe you a thousand dollars yo, what’s up before we get into today’s video just wan na, let you know this: video is sponsored by first dot shop, actually save 10 on your order. Use the coupon code cards go here in one word and uh you get 10 off store wide at first dot shop. So only for you guys watching this. Video now enjoy this beautiful commercial.

We put together for you cards go here and here and sometimes here they go here here and here, but most importantly cards go here, no matter where you go. Take your playing cards with you available now at first, don’t shop, yo! What’S up just thought! I’D! Take you through a day of what’s going on in the office today.

I don’t know why i haven’t vlogged in a while, and i thought why not pick up the camera, give you guys a little bit of an inside scoop of what happens here at the office. What the boys are working on, what we got coming up so hit the like button subscribe going looking for on the chip eric’s chip. Oh that’s right! Well, that’s one of these versions! So what happened?

I don’t know i think eric put a it’s like one of those dying battery beeps just beeps at random times. I don’t want to be part of it anymore. Eric a few days ago came by the office and apparently there’s like this little beep going on. That’S annoying everybody, but they’re looking they’re spending their time. Looking for this uh device, that’s beeping!

Right now, and this working hard time, though it’s one of those things too. I know it’s one of those things that when you get close to it, it stops it’s very small yeah. Those things are like super tiny, oh well, alrighty. What are you working on are those working on the podcast dude look at. That is that 4k.

What is that? Was it high quality? Prores beautiful dang got those multi angles these guys. I’Ve never taken you behind the scenes of our podcast. Here these are podcast space.

Let me turn the lights on here. It’S actually pretty dope boom. Look at this. So, for those of you don’t know, uh wes barker and i have a podcast called bottom of the barrel. We’Ve been doing it for over a year, and this is it.

This is our space where we get to chat and it’s it’s adult content, not gon na lie. It’S not. You know, we talk magic, we talk, puzzles, we talk pranks and heists and all sorts of stuff we’re big fans of comedy. So it’s not uh. It’S not a safe place for kids, but if you guys, as adults, want to come check, it out feel free.

These are cool too the problem with dslrs. They stop recording at 30 minutes at 29 minutes like a law with cinema cameras, the cinema cameras are so much more expensive, but dslrs stopped recording at like 30 minutes, so we purchased these, which are about 1200 bucks, a piece which is cheaper than a cinema camera, But what these allow you to do basically is record the viewfinder and there’s an ssd back here, so i can record indefinitely this is plugged in on these things. That’S what we did yep, so we got that going on artie’s currently editing the podcast. These guys are looking for this weird device, and this um you guys saw this – is the puzzles we tackled this week, which were these lego puzzles by cheat three all sorts of little cool lego puzzles, so lee and my brother are basically setting up an intro. We got the little.

This is an essential. This is a smoke machine, little fog machine that we use a lot in a lot of our intros. We got some of these aperture lights. Aperture lights are always dope for mood lighting got some of this. Rubber money looks super trippy, but i guess you’re using it for like a background or something some other things we got going on i’ll, give you guys a sneak peek at some stuff.

This is cool. Well, this won’t be the final product uh, but basically we have these tuck cases. I ripped this tuck case apart. So it’s kind of ripped here, but we’re gon na have full tuck cases that are not glued they’re going to be signed, and this is basically a display that you can display them on and these are numbered from zero to 100. So there’s only 100 of these out there, we’ll put those up uh, probably next month, be on the lookout for that you guys want to see something hyper exclusive that probably shouldn’t even show you maybe i’ll, show you just this check that out.

That’S uh that has to do with the escape room that we’re building i’m getting a call. My brother’s just out picking up lunch, so the escape room that we’re building right now has been in the works for over a year. We worked with a company called immersive tech and basically, these guys specialize in building escape rooms that are high-tech and immersive. Hence the name so they’ve been building an escape room for me out in vancouver like over a year now and we’ve been in development. I don’t know any of the puzzles in the escape room.

I’Ve simply been on board for the design and the look and the feel and everything else and the general story, but all the puzzles and stuff like antoine’s been chatting with them. But this thing’s going to be next level. We’Re talking like six-figure investment into this escape room so makes me nervous, but it’s gon na be one of the biggest uh one of the biggest things that happened on this channel and here’s where it’s going inside here inside the secret room. It has a secret door. The fingerprint scanner it’s going to echo in here we took off the shelves and this whole place is going to be uh turned into an escape room and i won’t uh.

I won’t give you any more details until it’s done, which will happen soon. Give it a few weeks, did you find it? Is that what it looks like is that the device? This is what they’re looking for eric implanted somewhere into the office? How do you think the battery’s gon na last long three years, what three years ago, i’ll hit up eric i’ll make sure we get rid of that?

That is terrible. That is absolutely terrible. Oh they’re trying to find eric’s device because apparently the battery lasts for three years, [ Laughter, ], it’s west. By the way wes came over, i didn’t hide anything came to film some podcasts. He comes by twice a month, film, four podcasts.

But what are you guys doing right now, i’m trying to set up my card sales for what, for my second to none deck, when’s that coming out february, 2nd every second you’re launching your own playing cards. First time ever you want to get people to sneak peek i’ll. Have them that’s such a bad pitch, oh brother’s, here, what’s up lunch is here all right, see the cards wes bit of a parody on the first playing cards, bit of a parody straight up parody. What makes you say that these are second to none chris second to none. It was crazy on my own deck of cards.

It does right all right, let’s show them what these cards look at the inside of the tuck case too yeah. That’S the cool! That’S a really cool part. Look at that second to none. Let’S see the hold backs hold on there.

Oh look at that. Those are actually pretty nice man and they feel they feel really well so good, yeah, so excited february, 2nd second, to none, launching antoine’s, helping them antoine’s, helping them set up pricing right now, and shipping rates and all that stuff right. Trying to yeah like how wes comes here just like copies my deck uses, my friends to work for him. It’S got ta, be some benefits to being your friend. I agree.

Facetime eric leclaire is not answering. Where do you think he put it? That’S really just ask him where you put it, i don’t know you’re so bad at lying. I’M not tell me, i didn’t see him. Do it, i’m gon na go find it all right here we go.

Oh did you hear it? It’S going, beep, [, Music ]. I think it’s in the sound panel. Do you hear that hold on? Let me set something up.

Oh there, it is annoy atron. Oh that’s annoying is that annoying yeah. I feel like barking eric. You got to come up with a better prank dude. It’S pretty funny, though we referenced this on the podcast he’s like.

Oh, i got something for chris. Is that what he said on podcast yeah? I think so. I got some requests i’ll tell you after like, and i thought it would be so good then he’s like he’s like it’s this thing, i’m like all right lunch time’s over good luck. Boys should we get to filming yep, oh yeah!

Don’T ever do that again, so these are our puzzles for the day. What’S the idea here we’re going with like a maze, runner-ish, big walls, epic, look it’s going to be pretty fun. We got a couple props out, okay, figure, something out all right! Add some smoke. You get the pro blends we can yeah after, but for the lego, and then this, like they’re gon na move.

This way no lights going to come through here. I think that’s our initial shot cool. This is what we do a lot of the times we we hook up. Basically, we have the puzzles. We normally shoot the b-roll before sometimes after, depending on like what timeline we’re playing with these ones.

Look simple enough, so we’re deciding to shoot them before and take some time that way i can just set up afterwards and start solving them, but lee and my brother manuel they basically take care of doing all the intros stories, especially for, like the smaller puzzles, the Bigger ones we all get involved and kind of have a bigger production behind them, but these ones these guys love getting creative and coming up with really cool. You know intro shots, and you know everybody has their own little ideas. That’S what’s fun. You can get creative with like these tiny little things, instead of just shooting them in slow motion. You know now they’re coming up with a story like oh maze, runner we’ll have a dude running through these built because they look like buildings and it’s just kind of cool and it keeps it spicy and creative for us.

You know that way. It’S not so boring. Everybody thinks working here is amazing. We have boring days too, you know very boring days. It’S mostly amazing brother’s, like it’s mostly amazing.

Oh look at that light this by the way, my favorite thing ever this aperture light check this out. Look at this color right now, like you can set this up but like have mood lighting it. What’S it at like 10 right now, 25 25, like this thing, gets really bright, but you can set up uh all the lights – oh my god, ah so bright, and do all the colors so for mood lighting. It is really dope. You also have effects and stuff you can do on this thing is the aperture light?

What’S it called, this is the nova p300c. These things by the way are something we use all the time. So not only do we use like the little apertures, but these are really cool. You have so many different colors. We got like 10 of these and we got like smaller ones, but you can have them be warm.

You can do red. You can do all these colors, but they add such a cool mood light, and so, when you place it up against a wall like it gives you like a nice mood right. So if you were to film here, you would have this nice sort of moody light right here and the shadows are even purple on that thing, which is dope. Oh arthur, arthur, arthur they’re, coming dude arthur is so immersed in the other yo. That is awesome.

Yo. That’S sick. That looks awesome. Oh my god, i’m getting there! You know the reflections though yeah it’s like dude.

We have to work on it. No so sick love that arthur not only editing bob all the gaming videos, all the shorts for bob, but also making amazing thumbnails trying. So if you guys are not sub to my second channel yet go check it out, that’s all of arthur’s work. Basically! So go look into it.

These are all puzzles recently that people have been sending me that i haven’t gotten to yet uh. So i do get your puzzles. I just don’t get to solve them all the times. We got a lot going on. Let’S see where the boys are at, what are you guys?

Setting up probe needs a lot of light in because it’s a macro because the probe lines are getting in so close that uh, any mild amount of shaking will show up on camera. So, that’s why you need the slider. In this case you can’t hand held a probe lens. It just doesn’t. Uh doesn’t look good, a lot of work for one shot, which is the case in a lot of these intros.

It’S just a lot of setup for like a one-shot thing, but for those of you thinking like oh, you know like we’re not going out of our way we’re staying in the office. Obviously, the equipment we have is expensive and there’s some stuff that yeah, but we would make do if we didn’t have it and we did make do for years without having this equipment. So it’s all about just having an idea and then having the right equipment to execute that idea. You know thanks to everyone who subscribed to the gaming channel by the way those are set up. Youtube sent me that thanks youtube, what a beast blade runner concept poster one of my favorites x, machina, one of the dopest movies ever that’s where we got these little lights here.

These ones they’re like the longer ones, but we put them for mood lighting in back. Here, because they’re gon na light up the wall, those are pretty cool too, for those of you wondering still unsolved, uh the hazmat puzzle, it’s been sitting here for, like i don’t know, i don’t know how long it’s been. It’S probably been a year. It’S got dust on it and stuff, but basically this thing sits around and people have at it and i’ve i’ve uh i’ve thrown a challenge out to all my friends and everybody that works here. If you can solve it, i’ll give you a thousand dollars it’s at this point, like i’m, i’ve put probably 24 hours into trying to solve this puzzle, so it stays here and it’s kind of like a tabletop piece that everybody just tries to take their shot at A lot of fun, oh, you want to see something cool.

The euler’s disc check this out. This thing will spin, so it’s it’s basically made to lose the least amount of energy possible while spinning it’s just a heavy metal disc. That turns and the kinetic force the weight of it in the flat surface allows it to keep kind of spinning like a coin, would uh. But this goes on for like two or three minutes: how wild is that still going? It’S like speeding up and getting louder.

Wait for it, we had to move the ping-pong table as well, because uh we’re receiving for this escape room. That’S coming up we’re getting eight pallets, so trucks delivering eight pallets. We’Re gon na have to build that escape room for like a week, a gift from my friends over at art of play made by felix you’re one of the puzzle, crafters that we love here. He actually made this the monolith. This monolith puzzle right here, metalworker amazing creator made an amazing chess set check this out.

This is cnc’d. These are brass they’re heavy. It’S got a little felt on the bottom, they’re, absolutely beautiful, check out the different pieces. Here’S the night! Isn’T that pretty!

So! This is super heavy and the chess board itself is also made of like solid metal, just a beautiful piece kind of pricey, obviously, because this is all hand like c and seed made – and you know, there’s only a certain limited number amount of these that are out There so i think they run for about 3 500 pounds, there’s about five six grand for this chest up, but we’re gon na get a nice little spot to set this up. It’S absolutely gorgeous! So if you’re a fan of chess boards, i mean it doesn’t get any nicer than this all right. So these all set up.

You got the probe lens and it’s going to shoot this little guy through these two little buildings whoa, that is dope. Hmm here’s! The final shot, [ Music, ] wesley – i bought this beer mug and it’s a magic trick. Can you keep hold on? Why is it so bright, you’re, just so white, i’m a human white balance you’re a human led uh.

Can you film yeah? This is uh. This is a real like this is really you can confirm that yeah yeah yeah all right, we’ll see if this works. I don’t know if this will work. Oh yo, that is cool.

This isn’t breakaway glasses. This is real glass to watch yourself. That’S great! That is so cool whoa clean up on aisle two, not all fun and games okay hold on a second. We got some breaking news that just happened.

Uh literally, i mentioned this in the vlog, which is funny yeah and wes has been here he’s given it like. Five hours yeah he just caught and i just sat down and just did it for like 30, more seconds where’s, the uh, the other piece. That’S what i thought. There’S nine pieces dude i didn’t celebrate, because i thought i was missing a piece: let’s go dude! That’S one of the hardest puzzles in the world dude, it doesn’t make me smart just makes me lucky, that’s crazy!

Take a picture of it. I took a picture wow sick. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the solution to the hazmat puzzle. Congrats, that is it. You did it.

That is one solution out of like 13 million i mean i’m super smart got that big brain on me. Yo. Let’S go we’ve been on this for months and wes just comes here, lee lee. You got that footage that you showed me earlier of him just solving it on, like you filmed on your phone yeah. Can you send that to me when i put in the vlog [ Music ] yo wes, i i owe you a thousand dollars c-a-d.

I was super skeptical man, i didn’t think i had it because i was like okay, so i’m just very quiet, antoine’s mad because he wanted the grand dude. I legit i’m in shock right now. I feel like there’s a piece missing, but i counted. There’S nine pieces. You’Re good, that’s it!

We were hanging out here. The other night and wes had put so much time into it like hours. While we were just jamming, we kept passing it around dude. This has been literally here forever, and people have tried, and although it looks simple that that’s it man, you found the one solution of this puzzle. Dude i would never could be here another year had never done that the puzzle champ has returned.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s crazy, antoine is so mad right now and i was sitting over there and i’m like what are you and i’m like? Oh did you get? How are you doing on that puzzle? You’Re, like oh yeah, it’s done i’m like what do you mean he’s like yeah? It’S done.

I was like you’re bullshitting and i got up and went to see and i was like okay where’s, the missing keys yeah. I could never do it again. I literally don’t even know what i did. I just sat down and went well. We got it on camera, so you did wes parker go sub to him.

Smartest man alive right here.

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