I’ve Been HOARDING These Magic Tricks for 15 Years!!

I've Been HOARDING These Magic Tricks for 15 Years!!

I’ve Been HOARDING These Magic Tricks for 15 Years!

This is gonna be banned from the magic castle for sure one, two, three: four five dollars. Now, if you were a magician, what do you think you’d do with that? Five bucks you’d, probably change it into one. Two.

Three four five hundred, let’s get cracking i wanted to do some more magic content and being isolated for years, has really hurt my passion for magic, as i’m sure most of you would agree now that things are starting to open back up, especially where i live. I want to kind of get the dust off. You know scrape that rust off me and get back into the groove of things, and so i thought the best way to do that is to go through my old magic tricks and see. I haven’t looked inside these things in a in a while. So, together we’re gon na look inside these uh these boxes, i’m looking at them right now, they’re behind the camera, and i don’t even know what to expect.

I don’t know what this video is gon na, be it’s gon na. Be me looking at old magic tricks showing off some of them some of them. I don’t probably even know how they work anymore. So whatever leave a like, if uh, if you wan na, see more and uh subscribe, let’s get to it, that’s pretty much it um! There’S still still got a ton of stuff just laying around but uh mostly.

I wanted to look in these boxes because i have no idea what’s in them, really those they’re all labeled magic tricks, look at one box at a time and then put the box away. A lot of these things i purchased at uh, we get a bench here. Should i get a bench so a lot of these things i purchased at the magic shop when we made that video, where i spent a bunch of money, but there’s so many things here that i uh that i’ve just collected over the years or people have sent Me and i just kind of threw in the boxes, so i break out some old memories. I guess starting with this. Oh, my god.

The magician shows a fan of cards. Huh huh, that’s the content! You guys came here for some of those pop-up hats of spring hats and when you fold it you can, you can kind of lock it into place here. I’Ll show you there’s like a little lock here and you can kind of like just lock it into place. So in you know in close-up magic, not cool, but if you’re on stage as like a kids magician that look, it legit looks like a card fan.

So what’s in here, this is great. These are uh. These are sven pads, spin pads are extremely strong in the world of mentalism they’re. Basically little notepads that you’re able to force a word won’t get into how that’s done but spend pads. I’M realizing the problem with this video is that i can’t show a lot of it on camera, so i’ve got this iphone.

I can film you with, which is kind of cool and then completely vanishes. Tobias also came out with this. I think he put it out with illusionist one of my favorite tricks of all time, not only incredibly fooled by it. He also fooled david copperfield when i saw it for the first time. This was like one of the craziest things.

I’Ve ever seen, really really nutty. Oh, this is cool. This is gon na, be a long, video dude. This is some memory wire. It just looks like a you can’t really you might be able to see it here.

Actually, yeah. You can kind of see it there. The focus is there you go. I will need a lighter jeez, give me a suck, so you got this wire. I remember doing a video where i like, pretended to pluck a beard hair because it kind of it’s kind of thin and wiry like a beard hair.

Hopefully, you can capture that [ Music ]. How cool is that there you go seven of hearts. That is really strong magic right there. If you can pluck this out of something organic, let’s say you’re at a restaurant or something and pull someone’s hair out or maybe even like you see some dodgy wiring and you’re like bing. Oh, this is a hazard and then you do that.

You force a card really cool, oh cool, that’s all! That is just a ten of spades. It’S actually a ten of spades, but it’s uh, they’re, red, spades, yeah, so kind of cool, don’t know what you do with that, but you can get pretty creative. Oh! This is cool i didn’t know.

I had this. You’Ve got the four diamonds, but if you just give it a shake, [ Music ], it’s really cool. I forgot to have that. Keep that aside. That is a cool trick, a piece of glasses.

I used to use this when uh in a restaurant or anything at a gig. I take somebody’s glasses boom. Snap them off show them the broken piece and then sleeve it alison wonderland book test. Okay, there’s a book test, someone sent me never really got to it. Sorry about that because sent a lot of things.

Oh, these are just like prediction: envelopes trick by jordan: victoria sent me a lighter and he sent me whatever’s in here. Oh cool, all right, so you’ve got a playing card here and you got a lighter. You know if you heat it up just a little bit. You can actually [ Music ]. You can completely melt it through and i mean kind of cool thanks.

Jordan. Sorry, sorry, i didn’t shout you out earlier, so that’s one little box done. Let’S get to the next box, we’re never gon na get the end of this. You guys having fun. I enjoy this, i’m alone right now.

This is kind of cool. I, like being alone another another piece of glasses, uh, evo jesus. Is this fake hair? Is that coming out of there? Oh, it is coming out of there pen through this, is a pen through dollar bill or pen through anything one, two, three.

Ah, it goes through it penetrates. That’S why they pay me the big bucks, and you can see it’s all the way through and yet no cut. You can actually hand this out, because this tip does not come off. That is actually pretty cool. You even do a little bit of pen spinning the force bag by blake.

Voigt amazing thing: i’ve never used. I’Ve always wanted to use it uh. It is a clear ziplock but you’re, looking at it you’re, looking at a clear ziploc bag that is used to force, something which is crazy to me. I’M sure, there’s more things in here by blake that we can check out. There seems to be condoms and a cd that condoms as old as those cds, we better throw this up impossible, foulards, more hokey, magic stuff, any ring vanish any ring anytime by sanders.

I like this, i think i know what this is. This is fantastic. So here’s a handkerchief you can put their ring inside the handkerchief or they can even hold on to it, and the crazy part is, is that you can feel a ring in there. You can feel a ring and then completely gone and disappeared, but you, the spectator, will feel their ring in this handkerchief, simple idea, but incredibly strong anytime. You can put something in the spectator’s hand.

That’S a win! That’S a win boy, blaming book all right pencil through bill all right. I always keep a card with me. It’S my lucky card and i keep it in this weird little thing: your card wasn’t the three of hearts was it and they then they say no. It was a red ten of spades and you go [ Music ] just like that, and that is a red ten of spades, one of the coolest little things ever.

That is the wow gimmick. The wow gimmick spectrum version, so uh this magic shop closed down by the way, the one that we went to a few times. It’S uh been shut down, which is kind of sad, but also this might be. One of the reasons like this is a knockoff of an original product that somebody put out, and the shop was like. Oh we’ll make our own and make some more money off it, which you know isn’t too.

How do you say legal? That’S the wizarding world of magic, for you click. This is cool. I like this. Oh man dude.

This is going to take forever. Is this what i think it is? I think it’s what i think it is so here you see the three of spades and this is kind of one of those things where you’re like uh. Oh, that’s, not my card type thing right, so you can grab your phone and take a picture of it. That is indeed the three of spades.

Well, that’s not supposed to be right back. You try this in the dark at a bar. It kind of like deletes one of the things. I guess a pretty cool principle when it works, but basically you’ve got like this reflective sticker and that’s how that works. And then, when you snap, a picture of it with the flash, the white of the flash matches, the reflection matches the white of the card and it sort of disappears, which is a really cool trick, uh when it works.

But i guess too much lighting, not enough. Alcohol – i don’t know ha, let’s do this. Let’S do this and out of your jacket, you would another way you would produce. That’S not really working is that it that is so bad. It’S supposed to be an appearing stripper pole.

It’S a stupid, gimmick. I bought this back seven years ago because i did a whole video for the company i was working for it was like sex, related magic tricks, and this is one of them. So there you go not the best investment, pretty pricey too impossible location. All right. Oh cool, that’s a uh!

That’S a bill and lemon gimmick, just some more flap stuff. This is dental. Damn! Oh, this was a. This was some some uh dark art stuff that uh i was working with at one point.

Okay, i mean this is bleach. I don’t know tossed out deck very strong trick, not gon na get into it. Rudex another condom trick: wow, just magic, effing stickers. This is cool uh. This is an old idea by my friend uh rory adams, and basically these are stickers and you would take one of these stickers and put it at the bottom of your deck.

Wherever you had that barcode, you would replace it with this and beside that barcode. It would actually give you the order of stack uh, which is uh stack, work, the monika, and so, if you were practicing the monika better to learn it to memorize it, but if you didn’t you’d have that to cheat sheet. Basically, this is cool. That’S a cool gimmick. You can melt a card into another shoe.

Give that out a bitten coin. Uh not restored just bitten, so i guess the other half must be here somewhere. Ah, look now, i’m a true magician. This is kind of cool. Nick lawrence put this idea out how wild is that so you’d have different symbols here, you’d be like look at the symbols.

Remember one and you’d force one and he basically like dooms, and it would like buzz into place, and he had playing card reveals with that. Too – and i thought it was a really cool idea back in the day – had some validity to it, just a card floating. This was another nick lawrence idea, and how cool is that so many things next? Is that even in there anymore, nothing in there cool cool cool, another empty box, i’m just going to throw all these things out. These still work.

I used to mess with these a lot, so you go out to somebody [ Music ] makes you feel, makes you feel like a bit of a bit of a mime, but they’re uh they’re fun garbage. This is actually a good cleanup. I’M glad i’m doing this. Oh, it’s like a car to wallet where you keep a card in there. Ah, this is a blindfold that you can see through it.

This thing, okay, i’ll, tell you about this in a second magic paperclip, oh cool, oh! This is this is a retracting one. So you would normally take some type of handkerchief and jesus. This is the opposite of an appearing cane. This is uh.

Oh my god. I found a cane, or did i here’s a fake cigarette? I think it’s got a little powder in it. So yeah it looks like it smokes. I can’t see that there, but uh shouldn’t smoke, anyways so get out of here.

This is supposed to be an iphone for like a floating iphone trick, because it doesn’t weigh anything it’s the size of an ipod. It doesn’t work anymore and that’s just empty empty. I’Ve used this once to make a lime appear. That’S another one of blake voigt’s gimmicks, which is kind of cool. You can uh cop yourself.

One of these i mean come on. That’S pretty cool! I’M gon na keep that aside acro index. That’S called making some room here. I like it.

What the hell have we got here, it’s supposed to look like i’m holding a uh a severed hand, the illusion kind of works when you’re not deformed, but now i look like. I have a really tiny hand in this glove. The glove doesn’t fit. It wasn’t me, stick them up fake knife, still dangerous, don’t play with knives. Oh i’ve been looking for.

This legit looks like a bomb, but i’m gon na put that aside. Hopefully i can find some batteries and get that working. Hey you’re, a kid’s magician. You already know, i don’t even got to tell you tippity-hop rabbits magic appearing bouquet of flowers. Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared broke, be prepared to be wowed literally voldemort’s wand.

I literally have voldemort’s wand in here. Okay, so if you thought i wasn’t a powerful wizard now’s the time to change your mind, i’m missing a part of this. It’S a really cool trick. I’M missing a part of that. I’M gon na hopefully find the other part of it.

Next, i guess right whoa! So many cool things here, let me get. Let me prepare this one. This is a good one. This is for uh, i guess kids magicians or if you just want to be uh a jerk.

You have this uh magic hat and i need an assistant. So this i will put this on and as soon as they walk as soon as i put it on, i go whoop and now they’re walking around with a plunger on their head. This is the career i’ve chosen, putting plungers on people who are not deserving of having a plunger on their head, they’re literally volunteering, to help you out and you’re putting dirty toilet tool on their head in front of their friends and family. It’S kind of funny. This is just something you carry in your back pocket.

This is actually cool. You carry this in your back pocket. This is black felt so doesn’t make a noise you’d have that in your back pocket and you’d have something like this and you’d go one. Two. Three.

Four and throw it up there, you go it’s stuck to there, so just kind of cool you can like vanish things, keep it in your breast pocket, whatever you want, but this is like an old uh shell game, but also a magic trick. It’S got these old shells. Well, i never learned the shell game just a bunch of fake thumbs, so gross abracadabra, you mind. Holding this hey. Would you do to my wand?

It’S uh just a breakaway one to you like here and then it goes limp. It’S kind of funny is that another card wallet yeah – this is gon na be banned from the magic castle for sure it’s a uh, it’s a pen from the magic castle and it says academy, magical arts magic castle, and i guess, when paying for drinks, i was Like ooh, that’s a nice pen snaked it as a souvenir, probably not look kindly upon, and i probably won’t be able to return ever again, all right, ah starting with a knockoff version of tiny plunger. Again, just not even going to show that, because it’s not mine to show – oh, my god, so back in the day, this was all the craze was uh electric touch 2.0 by miguel, maseka, probably the most dangerous trick. I’Ve ever done the trick is you can shock people whenever you want not just a small static shock?

This was a genuine electric shock that would like numb your finger. This is pretty strong and, if you’re well grounded like in a puddle or something even stronger, but the setup to this was insane. I had to get my shoes tailored to get that hooked up in there and like there’s this whole contraption. I won’t exactly go through how the whole thing works, but just to show you that, like to wear these at gigs and shock people until this one time shocking just do magic and they were being shocked by this and just the magic really and uh. This kid comes up to me, i’m shocking something he comes up to me and he he freaking pokes me right in the tooth.

I don’t know why what came over him, but he went in. I went zap and i went ah and my whole. My whole like front row of teeth were numb. I thought they were going to fall out. I was like i looked so stupid last time.

I ever did that another blindfold you can see through ah hot toothpicks. Let’S go keeping that toothpicks that’ll burn your mouth [, Music, ], okay. So, for instance, let’s say you were to say the three of clubs check this out three of clubs watch the magician reaches into his hat, pulls out a card, and it’s three clubs cartoon really really cool trick flat pack. Oh look at that socks. Let me show you actually an original trick.

Uh. We did this on big trick energy. It was a fun fun trick. Voodoo dolls are cool, a version of the baby hand, except it’s a middle finger. Oh loops, let’s go are these full a couple left fake tongue?

That’S been in someone else’s mouth fake beer, uh it fizzes when putting water, don’t try sneaking that on the plane. Oh, oh, this is like okay, which one do you choose. Then you’re left with this uh, this old hag, which probably tells a better story, is this color monty? Oh, i love color monty, that’s still new! I got to remember how to do this.

You got to give me a sec here. Color monty is one of my favorites okay. So if i’m not, let me try this um, we had the blue, another blue and then the red you got to keep your eye on the red right. So if we take the red, which is on top and put it on the bottom, what is on the bottom nope? It’S blue!

You owe me a dollar or two dollars. I don’t know where we’re at right now, um all right. So then, maybe [ Music ], maybe it’s uh, it’s on top nope, that’s blue as well, and is it in the middle nope, that’s blue as well. Now you might be saying to yourself: there is no red. Well, yes, there is the red’s on the bottom right here all right, so if the red’s on the bottom, you would say naturally uh that the red can’t be on top but you’re wrong.

The red is on top. Well then, i guess the other one must be in the middle nope that one’s it’s red as well. I don’t remember how this trick goes to be. To be quite frank, actually you got a blue one, a blue one and a blue one. You got blue red and uh 14.

If you can guess what the last color of this one is and they will go. Ah, it’s blue. It’S red! You go nope! You owe me 14, something like that.

I’M a little rusty on it. I had to remember that was like my first time doing that in years, but color monty is a fantastic trick, you having fun yet i’m having fun. This is a decoy. However uh you got a cool illusion in this box as well. That’S the packaging and it’s literally just a flat piece of paper.

I like that. I’M gon na keep that aside, look at that just old lecture cds fun because look at this – oh, my god, spidey spectre, look at spidey how yummy was there a lot of these dvds back in the day had the gimmick on the inside of the dvd, which Is really cool like you’d buy the dvd? You get the gimmick on the inside chris philpott 100th monkey principal uh. It’S such a cool principle that you uh that says: education, education, education, that’s his education, no matter how you look at it, except when you look at it from a really close. It says: edu, tactin, ed attackton, you sure you can read what does that say.

Edit actin, no sir education really cool principle. That ma melts your mind. Absolutely keeping these aside wow what a gem, what an amazing principle that guy had he’s got so many routines with it. It’S insane: let’s get it, let’s keep it going. What are we out here?

This is funny, this is actually a personality, uh detector right, so you have a personality detector and what you do is you you just basically uh you tap someone and oh wanker, okay, great awesome, so you have this and just be like ah, and it would imitate The sound of a crack a neck, a nutcracker quantum by kayla morelli got a card got a sharpie. All you can do is find the sweet spot and shoot and it melts right through and you can actually move it around, which is nuts see. And then, if you like, you could even pull it right out. Oh my god, such a cool trick. This used to be flash money.

It’S been in here for too long. Oh, my god, ugh! Look at it! Look at that! It’S like melted!

That’S supposed to be a 20 Ugh i mean you still got a couple boxes left you guys having fun yet sorry i had to take a quick break. Grab a coffee. I didn’t expect this video to be this long. But here we are it’s nice and relaxing honestly to uh just go through all this, and i don’t even know how many of you are watching. This video magic has uh online.

It’S been a different world than when i started, you know, and a lot of people are like hey. Why don’t you watch me back in the magic and it’s just so saturated with uh? Just basically well, you know, and then it’s just one of those things. You know so anyways we’re here to try sure i understand me neither siri we’re here to try to bring it back in good old fashion, yeah spy, glasses, baby, never looked so cool, never looked so cool performing magic. This is the light where you’d show, oh ah, so, cool there.

It is look at that. It’S a card reveal how cool is that that’s actually some pretty sweet, specs digital magic, innovative, clearly cool, though oh this one too. This one too, was a cool thing, so we have a joker here, but if you we had joker, but if you take this over the joker you can see. There’S a card revealed yeah. Here you go a dummy phone electric touch.

2.0 baby batteries are dead. I would have done it put this away for another day. I might actually bring this back out. Put that with a shoe scotch and soda pickpocket passport wallet.

The informant the original blue deck of cards, red deck of cards come on. That’S pretty cool leave that aside levitating cup levitating glass, we’re nearing the end of this excursion and we’ve uncovered quite a bit of treasures here into the deep pyro okay. So this was the second part of oh yeah. Of this looks like a bomb i had invented this. This would be stuck to the base of a light bulb.

I would plant it before getting there. This was my idea. Uh there’s this as well. This is uh by chris smith, uh, big bang, where you can smash a light bulb within a ziploc bag, they’re holding the zip you’re holding the ziplock bag and boom it smashes, which is really cool. I wanted to take it a step further and think.

Well, how can i smash a light bulb at a distance right? Because the idea was, i wanted a stage show where all of the hanging lights would just. You know what an amazing thing that would have been, and so i invented this well. I had this invented. Basically, that would be there uh.

You would have your remote here, which looks like a detonator as soon as that rem, i’m gon na hurt myself here that would let go and that would snap boom it would snap the light bulb. So that would be stuck to the base of the light bulb, there’s sticky stuff there, and it would just absolutely destroy bam that light bulb and it actually worked, uh just big and clunky. I wanted it smaller, but this was a prototype i had made. Anybody wants to replicate that idea go for it. This would be hooked on to somewhere and you would [ Music ] for those of you.

That know the pain right. You know what that’s about half bitten oreo, my nesto wallets hell yeah one of my favorite tricks ever coin tradition: oh yeah! This is when i made that video i made a video on dollar store magic and how to just make things from the dollar store, and this was one of those tricks, and all it is, is just a piece of plastic behind there. That’S sort of invisible made that in like two minutes so now i would have the three of diamonds actually come out of there, which is amazing, and the really cool thing with this is that you can take that and hand that out – and that is, that is Examinable, just a bunch of garbage are we on the last box, oh yeah, the burning book you would open it and flames would come out pretty freaking dope. I’M gon na keep that aside the devil’s handkerchief whiplash by josh janowski.

This is pretty cool because you can take like two cards like this, and now it’s just one card, slosh powder blank face cards been looking for these. I don’t know, what’s a normal deck anymore yo this this here was released by peter mckinnon. He would have this little pack of cards and whatever, and this would be like a prediction – you’d give someone and when you showed them, it was just this. Let’S send that to pete you just look like they’re all, just like gimmick, decks and stuff. This is actually pretty cool.

These are all different uh cards that you can use to like force, different objects or items, msp cards, very cool. If you’re looking to do stuff that doesn’t involve playing cards and you just want to force an object or something check this out, this is cool two queens, one, nine felix boden, oh so good. The sleeveless sleever belly strippers i’ll be wondering what the hell that i just said. This is my old gimmick. So basically, i would be this way uh.

I would basically say your card ends up in my pocket, and my pocket is actually here and i would pull their card out. My pocket would jump from here to here and then the card would be inside a fun little fun. Little toy. You got the four spades, a bitcoin all right. Well, i just want to put batteries in this thing, though real quick.

How cool is that? Does that be in your sleeve [ Music ] and it would switch out lightning, quick, look how fast that a is device to be sitting at the table. You would have this in your sleeve. You would bring this in here and then you’d have a different card. Like come on, that is going to be the coolest james bond contraption, you’ve ever seen, hands down.

I could do this all day. Look how satisfying this is you just feed it in incredibly satisfying? Oh, this here well hold on take this card. Oh you. Take this one, sorry, i could literally be here all day.

This is the coolest thing ever all right. I think i’ll call it there. What do you guys think i mean this has been so much fun. I’Ve really enjoyed sitting here, chilling with you guys and just going through all this magic stuff and i’ve put all this stuff aside. So everything you see here, um really is kind of inspiring me to pick it up again.

Who knows, might mess around and go film? Some videos at the barber shop soon do you guys like that, leave a like. If you think it’s a good idea. Let me know in the comments appreciate you guys hanging around. It’S been a long one.

I had to clean this stuff up so uh, we’ll see on the next video, hopefully uh a magic video coming up soon getting back into it. Let’S go, let’s go, can i get a hell? Yeah all right, see ya.

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