Wil’s Not the Flog Ep4 – Halloween Game and Movie Lists!

Wil's Not the Flog Ep4 - Halloween Game and Movie Lists!

Wil’s Not the Flog Ep4 – Halloween Game and Movie Lists!

Tylar the most effective weapon, the puppet well dad, but uh hi, I’m will – and this is my show – not the flog. I was gon na call it a 25 pound bag of dicks, but that would leave out everyone in the world who lives on the metric system. Today, uh, not the flog. I want to talk about some Halloween themed board. Games, RPGs and card games is an appropriate time of year to play these games that are scary and weird and falling off the wall behind me because tape sucks what my friend Warren Ellis says that Halloween is kind of like goth Christmas, and I have to agree With it, this is the best holiday of the year, because one you get to dress up, which I guess for all you cosplayers, isn’t a very big deal, but you know for me it is, and you get to eat lots of Halloween candy, which isn’t that big Of a deal to me, because I don’t really like candy so today we’re going to talk about horror, themed games, we’re going to start out with some of the RPG in a box style, tabletop games that we all love.

So, let’s start with a couple of games that we’ve already seen so far on tabletop. There is betrayal at house on the hill, which is probably the canonical role-playing game in a box for every time you play it. It is different and it starts out cooperative but lends itself competitive. Now I had asked some people on the Internet. Have you heard of the Internet?

It’S great, you should get it. I asked some people on the internet what their favorite horror themed games were, and a lot of people said betrayal at house on the hill and one of the people who reads my blog, and I wish I could remember this person’s name. We’Re just going to call him or her horse face in a column horse, face and he’s represented here by this action figure that my sister sent me check it out boy. They said that the way that they like to play betrayal at house on the hill is in a three-story house with a basement and they actually move through the house. They LARP betrayal, at house on the hill, with no cell phones, plus scary, music, plus only candles for light to me.

It sounds like a long way to go, but it could be a really really good time to bring a game like that to life so betrayal. At house on the hill, a great scary board game, especially appropriate this time of year. The second RPG in a box that we’re going to talk about is the last night on earth. We played last night on earth last season. That’S what this wonderful piece of artwork is from look dude, who gave me this at comic-con if you’re watching this, please send me an email so that I can properly credit and thank you because it’s SuperDuper amazing and I love it.

I don’t know why I was going to say trooper amazing, it’s trooper, amazing. You know why I’ll tell you why? Because I was thinking super trooper, one of the great ABBA songs, that’s scary, but last night on earth is fantastic. It’S a scenario based cooperative competitive game. Where one side is the zombies, one side is the survivors and you move through a B zombie, horror movie or if you’re Felicia make the most useless [ __ ] character in the world.


Hannah and he sits in his office and he jerks off through the hole in his rotting hand, because he doesn’t want to go out and eat any brains, because god, king forbid, a team, I’m on wins the game, thanks for nothing, Felicia, another really fun role-playing game. In a box is Arkham Horror in Arkham Horror, the players are a group of Victorian era, investigators attempting to seal gates and prevent one of the great old ones from coming through into our world and devouring everything. One of the things that I love about Arkham Horror, is its enormous. I mean it takes up this entire table that I’m sitting at and you’re going to play for roughly three to four hours and you’re probably going to lose the game, and it’s not that big. A deal one of the things that these long playing big box games brings up for a lot of people is well look.

If we’re going to play a game that takes three or four hours. Why don’t we just play a role-playing game and to that I say now: you’re probably right but role-playing game in a box. There’S another cooperative, competitive role-playing game in a box style game that I loved from the 80s called the fury of Dracula. This game was originally published by, I think, games work and then it went out of print, but it recently came back into print, although it’s really hard to find and in this game one player is Dracula and you’re moving around in secret, trying to kill and maim And destroy and do sexy vampires sexy things, while the other players are all the investigators trying to find you and track you down and stop you and kill you and prevent you from doing sexy vampire things. I just have a question for all of you vampire investigators out there.

What do you have against vampires sexy things? Why are you trying so hard to stop vampires from being sexy? Have you ever seen True Blood? Do you know that Tru Blood is the best way to get a person who likes vampires to do sexy vampire things with you, you’re welcome a couple of quick honorable mentions in the role-playing game in a box Castle Ravenloft, which is the boxed board game version of The classic gothic horror, a D & D setting from 1990 mansions of madness, which is a Cthulhu themed, role-playing game in a box; a touch of evil which is published by flying frog productions, the same guys that gave us last night on earth and fortune and glory. It’S a very fun game.

It’S another one of those games that can be played cooperatively or competitively and really captures some of the great horror movie tropes that we can all identify with and that we all enjoy. This cut is awful. I made butternut squash soup last night and part of making the butternut squash soup was to peel the butternut squash, which is a lot easier to do than peeling a pumpkin as it turns out, but in true horror, movie fashion. I was peeling the stuff and I cut the [ __ ]. Out of my thumb I mean, and it’s like it’s a little cut like that tiny little cut shouldn’t hurt as much as it does, and I know what you’re saying to yourselves.

Well, Wheaton, why don’t you have a band-aid on that? Well, I’ll! Tell you why? Because I only have a regular band-aids and those are stupid and boring, and if I’m going to wear a band-aid, it’s going to be probably a Batman band-aid or at least a Hello Kitty band-aid. We ran out.

Let’S move on to role-playing games. We love role-playing games because they give us a number. Thank you that has been will lip-syncs his barking dogs theater. Do you want to come beyond not the flog? No Anne Wheaton uh, not the flog for you.

Quite honestly, if you had just loved a little more wished a little harder, she probably would have come on show. Then there was that time that my wife locked our bedroom door with no one inside of it. That’S going to be a problem. We are a hundred percent professional here on not the flog. We do not just throw a bunch of stuff in my dining room in my house, this is an actual studio with a large professional crew, and also we have complete control of everything that would affect the environment, spared no expense for you, not the flog viewers.

You know why, because I love you hey, what are we talking about? Oh right, role-playing games. The very best horror, role-playing game supplement I have ever read in my life is horrible’ z, as it is a buffering, it’s basically a collection of suggestions on how to bring a classic horror feeling to any role-playing game. You play from Dungeons and Dragons 2d 20. Modern to Pathfinder to any of the indie RPGs there’s an original edition, which is a softcover and that was published in the 80s and that’s the one that I grew up with it’s cool.

It’S got sort of a skeleton holding a knife on the cover of it, but the new book that came out for gurps fourth edition is the size and stature of a proper source book, and I absolutely love it even if you do not intend to play in The gurps system, if you are interested in horror, role-playing in savage worlds in fate core in D & D. You really should pick this book up because it is incredibly useful. I asked the readers of my blog at Wil Wheaton dotnet. If they had suggestions about games to include in this episode of not the flog and jason said that his favorite horror, RPG is called dread, dread is an indie RPG that has a very unique circumstance to it. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

Let’S just back that up and see what the whole thing fell, apart, very unique circumstance to it there exactly there. That is where it that was where my brain went you’re on your own buddy, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and neither do I you should have eaten breakfast Dredd is a horror, role-playing game with probably the most unique skill test system ever devised. So in a horror game you want to create that sense of dread. Right you want your players to be terrified to open that door. You want them to be running away from that thing.

You want that they’re so worried about getting that car. To start. You want adrenaline and that fear, and that tension dread accomplishes this by using a Jenga tower for skill tests. So, every time you need to make a skill test, you pull a piece out of the Jenga tower and then, as you get further into the adventure that tower becomes much more precarious and much more likely to fall, and when that tower falls, your character dies. So everyone gets really invested in the story and you create that physiological reaction that your character is experiencing.

It is probably a game, a game called dread. Yeah, that’s how I would describe it. Hey Wil Wheaton. Some of you are saying: are there any card based games that are appropriate for Halloween? I sure I’m glad you asked person I just made up.

So I can have this dialogue with you. There are my favorite Halloween themed card game is called spooks. It is unfortunately out of print right now, but maybe this will make it popular enough that it will come back into print. It was published by Steve Jackson games a number of years ago and it’s a trick-taking game where you’re trying to run out of a haunted house. The thing is, you don’t have to be the first one out of the haunted house.

You just have to be faster than the last person out of the haunted house. The artwork on this game is absolutely beautiful. The spiders in this game are so creepy that for a person who doesn’t like spiders like me, I kind of don’t want to hold those spider cards in my hand, because they’re gross and who knows the artwork, might come to life. It’S Halloween weird goes on you guys, but this game is really super fun. I imagine that you can find it used and maybe Steve Jackson will put it back into print.

If we all ask him nicely enough, hi, Steve Jackson, I sure would like it. If you would put Spooks back into print hello, I’m the horse man, I would love it. If you were perfect little bit puts bugs back into print. I am a Dalek, you should put spooks back into print. I would not get a push.

Those bad. I don’t know how sketches are in the world. I’M Batman, hey, I’m that scene from The Twilight Zone. I got to work with William Shatner and I told spooky terrifying secrets about the future and here’s. My spooky terrifying secret about the future.

Steve Jackson gets Sherpas. Folks, back into print – mostly I can we talk, I am a wrench. Normally wrenches cannot talk, but I am so committed to spooks being placed back into print that I have decided that I will talk now anything else to say: wrench, no, our tongue bit, my dog, give you people, gold and all I get back, is eye rolls and Groans, you know what I never got in high school was eye rolls and groans or hand job. Moving on, I asked on my blog about card games and Nicole said these were her favorite Halloween themed games? Now I have to read this off because it’s a rather long list.

Okay, here we go munchkin bytes, munchkin, nomicon, munchkin tricky treats munchkin apocalypse, zombie munchkin and the last night on earth. One of these things is not like the other, hey everybody look who dropped by it’s. My cat, Luna, let’s put her on the table and see how she decides to [ __ ] with us. What are you gon na? Do babe all right.

We are super professional here, we’re super professional and we’re super efficient. I have cat hair in my mouth so that just about wraps it up for some of the Halloween themed tabletop games that I like to play at Halloween and other times of the year like ministry. Once said, I wish every day was like Halloween bop-bop ah-oom bop-bop bop-bop ah-oom bop-bop. So let’s do something a little different on today’s, not the flog shall we normally. We just focus on tabletop games.

But let’s talk about some video games, some really scary video games. I’M talking your pants in the middle of the afternoon and then sit there in your own because you don’t want to get up because maybe the games gon na come to life. Okay, let’s go! Let’S go all the way back to the first video game. I played that genuinely scared the [ __ ] out of me Silent Hill 3.

That is the first game that I played in the dark. With my headphones on, I will never hear the static of a radio again without being terrified Thanks, Silent Hill 3. Are you familiar with the Slender Man mythos? I don’t know why I’m waiting for you to answer second area. Slender Man is one of the first modern myths that I’ve ever heard of and it’s genuinely scary, there’s a couple of webseries.

My favorite of all of them is Marble Hornets, that kind of creates what would happen if Slenderman were real and some guys got together and they made a game called slender. It is a free open-source game, it runs on Mac and Windows. Unfortunately, Amiga is not supported. I would encourage you to Google Slenderman, maybe start at Wikipedia and then just go down that rabbit hole but be prepared. It’S deep and it takes days to climb back out of finally, the absolute hands down pants.

Fist, scary, terrifying, video game of all time. In this timeline in several alternate timelines now in the past in the future amnesia the Dark Descent, it is one of the most viscerally terrifying games I have ever played. I tried to play it in the middle of the afternoon so that I wouldn’t be afraid to walk through the dark house, and this is me in the middle of the afternoon: it’s pretty much how that game plays. It’S really fun it’s available through Steam. You can also buy it directly from the publisher.

There’S a sequel out called amnesia, something about pigs. I can’t remember what it is. Amnesia has a fantastic soundtrack that you can buy and if you want to really have a really good time play the game all the way through. It’S not doesn’t take that long. It’S like seven or eight hours and then go to youtube and watch videos of people playing amnesia.

It is absolutely hilarious to watch other people get as terrified as you just recently were we’re going to end today with some horror movie recommendations from me to you. These are well they’re, horror, movies. It’S a pretty self-explanatory ready here, we go creep, show Evil Dead, 2 event horizon the original Texas, Chainsaw Massacre game change, game changes about how John McCain shows Sarah Palin views running mate in the election. I made a movie about it. It’S called game change, hi, i’m wil wheaton, and this is my think about what I just said face and finally, probably the most perfect horror movie ever made Joss Whedon’s cabin in the woods.

What’S your favorite horror movie as long as it’s not one of those goddamn Paranormal Activity, [ __, ] things tell me in the comments who you know what else is really good. The ring – that’s a scary movie that is legitimately straight-up, scary and then convenient truth is scary. Hey thanks a lot for watching this episode of not the flog, and until I see you next time, keep your hand out of your pants. It’S weird! Oh good.

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