Magnate: The First City Boardgame Playthough Review

Magnate: The First City Boardgame

Hey welcome to how it plays I’m your host, Anthony and I’m Francis and today we’re playing Magnate the first city we’re real estate magnates. We are indeed we’ll see um all right so before we get into the game. Let me tell you a little bit about this game in the primer. Magnate is a property management game where players compete in a limited market to make the most money. Buying and selling properties will create risk and, as risk is accumulated.


The town of humbleburg creeps closer to a crash at the beginning of the game and at the end of every round, new plots will go up for sale. These plots can be purchased by a player for the current land price land adjacent to a plot. The player already owns can also be purchased for twice the current land price. Once a player has acquired land, the property can be developed since the city council recently dropped all zoning restrictions. Players can build any type of building they can afford on any plot.


They own, including plots that currently contain buildings and tenants. There are four classes of buildings each with two building capacities, homes, retail offices and industry. Attracting tenants to unfilled buildings occurs every round and is not an action understanding. How tenants are attracted will help. You understand why we make some of the decisions we do as we play.


Tenant attraction requires certain dice rolls, depending on the type of tenants you want to attract the number of dice. A player gets to roll is determined by the total population and sometimes lowest population of the indicated type on the nearby tenant tokens. For example, when attracting tenants for a vacant home, add up the population icons on office, tenant tokens in all adjacent neighborhoods, including the city center neighborhood, then do the same for retail tenant tokens. The lower of these two numbers is the number of dice you get to. Roll players will mitigate dice rolls by looking at adjacent plots in the same neighborhood and adding one to every die for every bonus feature or up arrow and reducing every die for each penalty.


Feature those are the down arrows. Finally, players can spend advertising tokens to change. One die into a rolled 5. Once players know how many dice to roll and by how much to adjust the dice, they roll for tenants in a basic game. Players are looking for two fives or better for homes and retail, four fives for offices and four fours for industrial tenants for each set of successful dice the player can attract one tenant in the advanced rule.


Set players can opt to attract more thematic tenants. We will explain the changes as we play now that you understand the basic concept once tenants are attracted players claim rent for any tenants in properties they own, including the ones they just attracted selling, is a requirement in magnate not only to make a huge profit, but To drive end game to determine what a player will make from the property they are selling use the following formula, which results in a multiplier to the current land price, one for the land itself, one for any building on the land, one for each population icon on Tenant tokens in the building one per each different type of tenant or feature that grants a matching bonus on adjacent plots, minus one for each matching, adjacent tenant or feature that confers a penalty on adjacent plots and one. If the building has a building bonus risk cards. Will be collected during the property market phase at the end of the round risk cards can be drawn based on empty stacks of available tenants. The position of the land price on the land price zone track how much advertising was spent this round and if players sell enough plots in the round to put the market at risk.


The crash track is adjusted by the red number at the top of each card and at the end of the game, all the blue numbers on all cards are totaled and the land price is adjusted by this amount. All property still owned by players is sold at the new adjusted land price before final scoring, so who will come out on top as the most ruthless and successful real estate? I don’t think any of us were stick around to find out, as we show you how it plays all right now that you know how to be a real estate magnate. I don’t know about that. Well, I’m not a trained professional.


You know the steps we’ll be taking to try to become a real estate magnate in this wonderful city of humbletown, humbleberg, it’s humbleberg, so we’re very humble, but we are going to try to expand as quickly as we can be investing in property building buildings luring in Tenants and then selling the property so basically we’re flipping stuff. We are flipping stuff, yeah responsibly, you’re responsible, causing a crash yeah. We are going to push the real estate market to the brink yeah to the bubble, just like just like an 07 08. You remember those times and today those are dark times dark times and uh, and today we’re actually, you know, witnessing a bubble in in in our world now right and so we’ll push it just as far and see how hard we can make it crash. It sounds good just like in real life, all right, so take a look at the table.


Here is humbleberg. We’ve set it up um. Basically, you could set this up randomly, but we chose to set it up the way that the tutorial tells you to set it up, just so that on your first play, if you’re trying to follow along yeah, it’s a little bit easier for you, because the land Um boards are all the same: the property boards um. So essentially, what we have are the six property boards, the six uh the board in the center, which is already developed right. So we’re basically at our town hall meeting here yes and we’re learning that now all of a sudden properties are going up for sale, uh the restrictions on yeah, no more zones.


You can develop away. We’re gonna just go. Go nuts right! We each have two million dollars in our wallets we’ve each taken the role of a different company different like corporate developer, property development teams that we’re going to go out and just start buying it up. The way you set up the game is you’ve got at least for a three player count.


Now we’re playing with an A.I. uh. We’re gonna refer to the A.I. as your home, but more affectionately is brain, so brain is gonna, be our who’s, a real. He actually is a real estate magnate uh in his own right uh, but he is going to be our A.I. and there’s a really um sort of semi-intelligent property A.I. that we do have to make some decisions for, but we’ll go over how he works. In a little bit but uh for the purposes of the setup for three players, two of us plus, the A.I., you are to put out eight different for sale, markers randomly drawn, and each of these markers on the back has a plot number and letter combination and All the plots are numbered one through six going clockwise starting at twelve o’clock and then within each one. You’ve got a through, I lettered, so it’s more like a grid.


That’s all, and it’s very easy to tell where the property markers go. So these are what’s for sale and that’s the only properties we can technically buy right now. There are ways around that, but we’ll go through that later. We’ve also set up the property market board. Now this is going to track, basically how the market’s doing right and our risk our risk and how close we are to crash and what available tenants are waiting to buy into our wonderful new town right.


So at the setup we’re going to bring in one of each office and industry, tenant and four of each residential and retail tenants that we’re going to be able to offer um. You know space to building space. We are going to start the crash track on the 10 spot, which is the s for start, so we’re going to put it right there, that’s where the market’s at so market’s in good shape. Right now, when I hit zero, where crash game’s over the land price right now is 300 000 per lot great deal, which is a really cheap deal right now. So we’re not we’re not really, you know in any danger yet as it starts to creep up towards the red.


That’s where we’re really inflated like yeah and then the property values come to a point where they are today and you don’t want it to be there. So we’re going to just uh on our turn on our rounds. Basically we’re going to get three actions. A couple of different phases are going to occur, we’re going to skip the first two in the first round, so we’re not going to do a turn order phase. We’re not going to do uh and attract tenants, because there are no buildings to offer these tenants um, but we are going to start with the first action.


Now you are going to be player one. I am because I have the construction. You have the vehicle, the backhoe, the digger is something you call it digger. I call it a backhoe, okay, uh or you call it bulldozer, but it’s not really a bulldozer. It’s not really a bulldozer, it’s more of a digger okay.


So it takes it digs holes and digging my fortunes yeah, I hope so uh. So you are uh gray field. I am, and I noticed that we actually dressed matching our companies today. Yes, she’s gray field, I am vector properties and brain, is your home, yeah I’ll say he’s wearing a pink shirt yeah, so I’m assuming he’s definitely wears a lot of pink, so um, but we’re gonna start right off the bat by just taking player actions and On our turn, we can do a number of things. However, one of those things is buying property, and since we have nothing else to build or sell we’re pretty much gonna just start buying a property.


Well, don’t give any spoilers away. Take my action all right! Go ahead and take your action all right, so I’m just going to jump right into it and well then go against what I just offered up and don’t buy property. Well, no, I think a good demonstration would be to show them what else you can do. No, I don’t think so.


I’M going to buy some property um so I’ll reach into my wallet um for 300 000, which is our current land price. I am going to buy um this property right here e, so I’m what I’m going to do is replace this. For sale token, with my um gray field properties sign, that’s like sold, she’s got she’s got ownership, but all you can do is one action. One transaction on your turn and you’re gonna get to do we’re gonna go around three times and then we’re gonna end. The round so you’re home we’re gonna clockwise, so you’re home brain, is next and what he does is he’s just gonna draw he’s level one right now, so he’s gonna play all of his actions.


Out of these action decks and the first A.I. action is always this card that says first A.I. action on it, uh very intuitive uh, but he’s going to oh he’s going to buy land. So this is always going to be what brain does for the first action of the first round, of course, because, as we said, there’s nothing much more, you can do in the first round the very first action in the first round. It’s nothing more! You could do so he’s going to buy land um. He is quite simply going to look at the best plot that has the most bonuses, neighborhood bonuses, neighborhood bonuses and features to it.


So neighborhood bonuses are applied to any adjacent, even diagonally, adjacent uh, plot um and whichever one has the most that’s for sale right now right we can start at one. So there’s nothing here, yeah, there’s nothing for sale. There’s two here and both of them have two bonuses. Actually, this one has three bonuses, so this would be ideal here yeah. It has three bonuses, and this is also ideal because it has two housing, two housing ones.


So do we have anything else with three bonuses? This one has two, and this one is has two as well, so I think this one’s gonna be three bonuses, so he is definitely gonna pick this lot. 2D. So we’re going to place his marker. That’s the ideal slot for him and he’s going to put this marker right here in unbuilt plot, so we can keep track of what brain owns right now and it’s not built right.


Brian, never pays for property and he never pays construction costs. That’s the A.I.! How? Because you know A.I.’s always cheat, and this is how they cheat. They gain money, but they never spend it which is, but he’s also not going to get tenant.


Rent he’s not going to get rent for tenants right, he’s not going to get any income for them so which is fine. I guess that’s the offset now it’s to me. So I’m going to finish the first action with whoa. Surprise, I’m going to do a buy property action for 300, 000 right yeah all right! So I’m going to spend my 300, my 300 and I’m going to look at what makes the most sense on the board and, like we said there are some decent properties, and I think I like this one.


So I’m going to go ahead and place. My marker there, and now it is second action and you lead us off. What are you gonna? Do I’m gonna buy some more land? Well, it’s cheap.


It is so cheap. So for 500 I’ll give you two back. Thank you, and I will I’m trying to think if I want to buy more up here or I might want to grab this one down here next to this office. Just give me some additional stuff to all right, so 4e is not purchased by you. He’s going to go now we draw from his deck and we don’t know what he’s going to do.


Oh he’s going to build okay, very simple: he’s going to build the most expensive construction he can for the property type with the most bonuses he has building here. Would give him a double housing bonus because it’s next to a basketball court and it’s next to a forest yeah? It would only get a bonus of one for retail yeah. So I’d say he builds it. He builds housing.


Now he has a max cost of construction of 1.9 million. There are two levels of every building type you can build for housing, it’s either a single family, home or an apartment, building the apartment, building costs three million. So that’s way above his budget. So he’s going to build a single family home here, you just have to kind of deduce what he’s going to do exactly.


Let’s say: semi, a semi, a aye and we’re just gonna assume. What brain would do here so you’ve got this um housing plot and it just kind of like helps you know, look it makes it look nicer. Put it that way. You don’t have to use these, but they I don’t see why you wouldn’t so he’s got a foundation built here. I just need a house for him, so we have a little house token and we’re going to place that right here.


So now he’s just built a home. Nobody lives there yet, but it’s like you know when you drive by and you see that new house just get put up, that’s where it is all right. So he’s done he doesn’t like. I said he doesn’t pay for this either so cheats. So I’m going to go ahead, I’m not going to build a house, I’m going to actually do the same as you and buy another plot of land, because I think I want to make sure I get in while the gate is cheap and I do like this Area as well um – but I also do like this double housing bus, but he you took that one which is terrible.


So that’s a little bit annoying but I’ll go ahead and scoop up this one, because it’s nice third action. What are you gonna? Do I’m going to build up? What kind of tenants do we have in the pool right now, I’d like to look uh, so we have three students and a professional yeah, so we’re playing um with the advanced rules which gives you um a variation of tenants. So again in the base game – you’re, just it’s, you know an office tenant, a housing tenant and they all pay the same amount of rent um.


But in this case we’ve got like students that only pay a hundred thousand. But then we have a professional couple that pays three hundred thousand oh yeah, because they’re making they’re making a family that pays a lot more, even more so yeah um. So right now, we’ve got that and for the retail we’ve got a couple of convenience stores and a couple of restaurants that are willing to come in. We have a law firm and a chemical plant as well interesting, um, hmm thinking about whether I want to do retail or a nice house – maybe I’ll, just I’ll, maybe I’ll buy a house. So I will spend 400 000 right, so houses cost 400.


That price is fixed; it doesn’t change with the property values. Give you 600 change, which is kind of weird actually uh, not because the cost of materials doesn’t go up necessarily yeah, but have you ever tried to build a house they’re in the bubble? Yeah? It’s really the property and the wood stays the same. We’re assuming wood prices don’t go up.


I guess we’re building our own house because we’re just buying raw materials. Can you grab me a footprint? Please? Well, actually, if you were to build just a standard house, it doesn’t really cost 400 grand unless you’re building a massive house, typically uh lumber costs on a standard size house is about 100 to 150 pounds. Okay, so you’re buying a regular sauce.


Okay, it’s really the property value that gets it, which we’re going to learn soon enough soon enough, we are going to learn that how all the multipliers yeah – I just said – I just feel like I feel like the building price – should go up too, but it’s okay, not that I wanted to okay and then this is gonna stay right there. So I know that that’s my house, I own that and it’s like boom boom boom for real rent, except not really because I didn’t advertise you haven’t advertised yet, actually we need to start with some advertising tokens. Oh yeah, I forgot to do that. So we each get four advertising tokens to start, but they won’t really come into play until not yet until later so, but that is a good call. The A.I. gets as many as he wants so brain again cheats, so he’s going to go again he’s going to draw from his stack one more time.


So this is a. This is a card where you have to make a choice right now. If the market housing market was at 500 000, he would do the above the markets at 300. So he’s not he’s gonna. Do it below so he’s gonna buy land, which makes sense so again he’s gonna just look for the best plot.


That’s gonna have multiple bonuses, so this one only gets two bonuses. I actually can’t buy that because I own it so yeah nothing there. Nothing there nothing there he’s got one plot here up here, he’s got one and one and one so right so um I would probably hmm I mean I can just roll a die because yeah just roll yeah, whenever you uh, you have all the dice bites. Yeah, whenever you um happy here’s three there’s three plots for sale, we’ll do one two three! Oh yeah!


I don’t really need three dice for that. I just need one five for that, so we’ll go one. Two, three, four, five! Six, all right! Three one!


Two! Three he’s buying g, four g, all right so he’s buying a second plot. Um, I’m sorry I get when he built this plot. This actually gets pushed up because that’s how we he tracked that he actually owns uh property on that plot right. So all right cool!


That’s his turn my turn last action for this round and I’m going to also build property but where’s my land. So I’ve got one here and I’ve got one here there. So I will build retail yeah here. So I’m gonna go ahead. Now retail has a choice.


I could build a retail unit for 1.2 million or a shopping mall for 4 5, I do not have 4.5, but I do have 1.2 exactly okay left right. So one point supposed to say that well, if you could have done the math in the first round and easily on your wallet, you’re, not well all right, so I’m gonna take the level one uh retail, building, okay and put it here and we’re gonna Put this giant retail strip mall right there and normally what you would do is you can actually slot these in to the tops of these buildings, like a big sign yeah that was and say, anachrony, bio suit style all right, but you can’t see them if We do that.


No, so we’ll do this! So in the overhead you can keep track of who owns what properties and who owns what buildings. So that is the end of that. We go on to the property market. Now, in the first round, we’re going to skip anything that tells us to draw a risk card right, so we start up here, uh remaining tenants.


If any of these offers are empty, we would draw risk cards they’re. Not so even if they were, we would skip its first round two land price. If the land price is green, we don’t draw any risk cards, it’s still green, so we’re good advertising spend. Obviously, we didn’t have a chance to do advertising yet yeah right players sold uh plots sold by players. We did not sell any plots, but you always use the further the leftmost empty spot to activate right now.


It tells us to push land value up one and to draw a risk card, so we can push the land value up one, but not draw the risk card because it is the first round and finally we’ll prepare for the next round. We draw three new tenant cards and we bring out a lot of tenants, wow. Okay, so they see all this activity happening. We are bringing in a call center, okay here, so they want to build a new call center in our town. We are going to bring in two professional couples, which is nice good, because those students just do not they don’t cut it.


They don’t pay like I’m just not going to build housing for them. I’M sorry and then we’re going to bring in a couple of different options. So we’re going to boutique we’re bringing in we’ve got a restaurant and we’ve got a convenience store. So those three are coming in as well just to kind of mix things up and then finally, we’re going to bring out three new plots. Yes, for sale, okay, so we’re going to bring out one e is that available uh one e is available.


4F is right here and 2a is right. There all right three new plots. This goes to turn order. Now that goes to the next player to brain, and then we start the next round, all right, okay, so to go over turn water, really quick. This is the turnover auction right bidding we’re going to bid so starting with the player one, he gets to choose whether he wants to bid to keep turn order.


Um the A.I. in a three-player game, always passes if it were to. If it were a solo game, he would actually bid um certain amounts, depending on where the markets at right um, but in this case he’s just gonna pass. Now it’s my choice. Do I want to be player? One uh.


I have really no competition right now for my building type so to attract tenants. So I’m not gonna worry about that and you’ll understand that in a second, so I’m gonna pass as well, and I’m gonna pass two all right. So now it goes on to attract tenants now, starting with player one they’re gonna look at every one of their buildings. That does not have tenants and they’re gonna roll dice to determine how many of what type of tenant they can bring in right. So this is where they get where the game gets very mathy and at first it seems very complex, but once you get going, it’s pretty easy to just do the math in your head, so each building type is going to have a different sort of math that You have to do to determine how many dice you get to roll to draw in tenants right, so he’s doing housing right, yep and housing is what yeah so we’re looking at the population, which is which is denoted by these little people, icons on the on their Tenant tokens and he’s looking at the total number of office population and the total number of retail population on his neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods right and the lowest of those population numbers will be the number of dice.


He gets to roll right so yeah, so we’re looking at six. So we have three on each of these tiles here the offices and then we have one two, three, four on the retail building, so he’s actually going to roll four dice right. So yeah keep in mind every property tile is adjacent to one two. Three, maybe other neighborhoods right well, not neighborhoods, because they’re called neighborhoods well, neighborhood tiles, right, yeah, so um there are going to be always a different three, but just so you know, there’s always going to be the middle plus two more yeah, and it’s always the pictures of these little people on the tiles – yes, exactly, there’s too many tenants. Yes, all right cool, so he’s gonna roll four dice um, which I have all day.


Well, we don’t even need to roll dice for him and you’ll understand that in a second. So the A.I. always rolls sixes on every die, so uh you don’t even have to roll dice. You just have to count how many dice he’s gonna have so he’s gonna roll all sixes and he’s gonna get uh bonuses um for the neighborhoods. That are adjacent to his plot and by neighborhoods. That’s the um, the actual plots on his tile neighbors on his tile, so he’s getting he’s getting one two housing bonuses which would give him two additional pips on his roll.


So technically he’s got four eights. Yes, rolled right now: that’s how you do the math right um, so with four eighths. What does he get now? If you look at this card, that house can only hold one tenant because it’ll tell you here: each building type can hold so many tenants right. Pardon building an old five houses can hold one, so you can only get 110 anyway tenant anyway, so he’s obviously going to go for the best out there.


The best tenant is families because they pay the most money and they require two sixes to roll to bring them in he’s got four eights. So now there are no families in there. We know that yeah, but there is a professional couple, who’s the second most valuable, and it only requires two fives now he’s got two more dice that are eight values, but there’s no more room in this house exactly it’s always legally anyway. No so normally now he would also collect rent for every building. He has with tenants based on the amount of money they’re going to provide yep, so he would get 300 but he’s not collecting because he’s the A.I. and he cheats.


So it’s my turn. Yes, because he’s done right so to do the math for retail it’s a little bit different. I look at the same. You know three tiles around me, including my own, and I take um count the number of tenants greater, the lesser number of tenants. It’s just housing, so it’s just housing.


So basically, I’ve got one two three four five, six, seven mm-hmm I would get seven dice yeah can, I have seven days absolutely might as well hand me the whole thing all right, so I’m gonna get. It seems insane to have that many dice, but you do need them later, because buildings hold a lot of people yeah. So I get seven dice and I know that, based on my neighbor bonus, I’m gonna get plus one to my pip count. So I will get plus one to every die. I roll the catch here is that I’m trying to attract in tenants the best tenant is the boutique, and that requires three sixes.


I can get two tenants in this retail building right except we don’t have any boutiques up there. I don’t think oh yeah there’s! No, we do there certainly are because I remember we just put one out, so I have the option now to advertise and this will allow me to turn any die into a five right and I will advertise yeah at least once and I think, like technically you’re, supposed to put it on your plot, where you’re rolling the die, it’s right it doesn’t. I could do that so we’ll put that here and I’ve got a lot of space on there, I’m going to advertise twice, because I want to make sure that I bring in both tenants. You have like that inflatable, like yeah out front, he’s like all right.


So uh I’ll keep that roll whatever. So I’ve got two sixes um. Remember I get plus one yeah, so I’m going to turn this and I get to turn two of these into five, so I’ll turn them into fives right because of my advertising. So I’ve got two sixes two fives two fours and a three and I get plus one to all of them, so I will satisfy them one at a time, so those three that five will become a six yeah, I’m going to take a boutique for that nice. Now I know there’s only one boutique here, so the next best thing from a boutique is a convenience store which requires two fives, which I have right here.


Yes, so I will bring in a boutique and a convenience store in my little strip, mall cool. So that is that all the rest of the dice – I don’t care about these two tokens. If you notice, they have fives on the back to remind you that they become fives but they’re gonna go here as spent advertising for the round, because that’s gonna help bring more interest into the into land. Right now I will add up all my buildings that I have tenants in yeah and add up the money, so that’s eight hundo, so something 800 thousand dollars great for tenant rent. Your turn, all right.


I am going to do the same with my little house, so I can only take one-person family once one tenant, okay, uh, but I get to roll four dice as well. I’M rolling four! I get to mitigate two because I’m near two bonuses, so you get plus two I’ll advertise once okay, just to see what we get here, because we all know that I hate time rolls mm-hmm, let’s see how you go so you’re, looking for anything professional couples, the Only thing out there I get students, the thing is going up for sale, yeah next time. Two fives is what you need and I didn’t get that, but I did well. I did because this three because of these two becomes a five yeah professional.


So you got the professional couple nice, you don’t have to worry about students living in your property. I know they’re gonna trash it all right there. You go. How much money? Are they worth?


300? 000? So you get 300 and rent there. You go. That’s attract tenants, that’s what happens every round so now we’re going to go into um the first actions so he’s going to go and he’s still level once he’s going to draw from the first deck and now he’s going to sell.


If the property value was over 500, which is not – and if not he’s going to buy land, so he’s going to buy more land. So what do we have out? Because we just brought new items out so he’s got this one which gets two bonuses? This one gets one two, three bonuses: that’s a pretty good plot, yeah um, nothing here, nothing here, but we have two here that gets one. They get two bonuses each, but not to like the same type of land right.


Well, like look this one, for example, gets two retail bonuses yeah, whereas this one like when he goes to build he’s gonna have to choose like retail or housing yeah, so this one’s more valuable yeah. In my opinion, I think so too so he’s going to build there a buy there and he’ll take that plot boom. So he’s done nice, my turn, so I could either buy land which I think I might remember. Land is now 400. So this one’s kind of blah, this one’s kind of nice so I’ll, buy no I’m going to buy that one 400 there’s a five I’ll take 100 back, put my little token up there and it’s your turn.


Okay, I’m gonna buy as well. So here is 400 and I’m gonna buy. I think I let me buy this one. Oh wA.I.t. I already have that one.


I’M gonna buy this. What I’m buying this guy right there here all right, so it’s going to go to a second action. He’s going to go again and if it’s at 500 he’d sell, if not he’s going to buy more land, so he’s going to buy land ooh interesting. Actually, I have to look back ah during what I didn’t do is during the attract tenants phase for him. Whatever he has on his card for advertising is what he would bring out on his own, because he does advertising right yeah.


So I look back yeah, so we’re clean now so he’s going to buy more land. So what is there’s only two plots available, which one has them there, both even right. So I don’t think it really matters yeah. I would say: he’d probably buy this one just because that this could be opened up to something else better. Eventually, I don’t know, I don’t think it really matters um all right.


So he’s done my action. Oh man, I’m going to I’m going to buy land yeah, here’s 400 – here by that plot yeah, it’s the only one left yeah. Here we go. Okay, your turn. Okay!


I am I’m going to sell. Oh interesting yeah. I’M going to sell that house that I just missed it’s immediately selling. That’s crazy, bye, crazy talk, um yeah! So the way the selling works is like this.


You get we’re basically going to do some math to figure out what our multiplier is going to be and then we’re multiplying by the land price. So I’m going to get one for the land, one for the house, one for the tenant in the house. That’s one icon right there and then one for each adjacent, neighborhood bonus, so that’ll be like the or the neighborhood unique neighborhood bonuses. So no you get one for each of these. Well they’re, unique yeah!


Exactly because one’s on the woods and one’s on this beach or something um, okay, you know what I’m saying yeah I know what you’re saying I just couldn’t explain that because there’s nothing else to show where you wouldn’t get the bonus. So I didn’t say it um, for example like this one here convenience store. If there were convenience stores all around this plot, basically like per tenant, you wouldn’t you wouldn’t get that bonus every time in any case, so you got a five multiplier times four to be. Two million dollars right five times: four is two million yeah, which would take me a long time in rent to get that yeah professional couple um. So this is actually going to go back onto the property market board, so we can track that we’ve sold some stuff.


This is going to go in my wallet and that’s going to stay there forever. Nobody else somebody owns that property, they bought it developed it’s built and it’s sold for 2 million, so we’re going to the third action of the phase he is going to brain is going to sell. If land was at 500, it’s not so he’s going to buy more land, there is no more land. No so now he’s going to consult, that’s his default and consulting is just taking cash in the value of land, so he’s going to just sit there and take 400 000 Because there’s nothing else, he can do um. My option is to potentially sell.


I could sell my um, my retail store, but I’m not going to. I don’t think it’s the time yet so I’m going to go ahead and just do what he did and do a consult where I just earned 400 grand okay to do like some consulting on the side. Um property market phase. WA.I.t. WA.I.t!


I didn’t get to go. Oh yeah, sorry you’re, the third action, I’m just saying I’ve got things to do. Well, I think. Could you possibly I’m gonna build? Oh okay, um for 1 2 million I’m going to build my own retail units right here.


Oops come on scoot, 1.2 million 1.2 okay and I am going to um. I need to look at something right: radio, um well you’re, going to build a retail unit, I’m building a retail unit, I’m just trying to figure out if I want to build it here. If I want to build it here and I think I’ll build it here – oh yeah, you get the housing bonus.


Well, I get the housing bonus here to attract tenants, but I’m talking about when you sell it, I wouldn’t get a housing bonus for retail. I would for now would you no because it’s a retail unit, oh yeah um, so actually, I think I’m gonna put it here right there um and I’m assuming my small retail center right there with my number on it. My letter, okay. So now we’re done. Yes, property market, so we’re looking up here.


None of these are empty, so we’re fine land price is still green. So we’re fine, nothing happens. Three advertising spend we’ve got at least three tokens. Yeah property is going to go up, one tick boom down. Here we go to the furthest, uh left available spot and we’re going to do what happened so property’s going up two ticks now and then this goes back to the owner and then we go down to prepare for the next round.


Yeah, so no risk. So market is now at 600, 000 Wow: okay: we’ve got a lot of stuff coming in wow, three boutiques and two restaurants uh and two warehouses, which are cheap, yeah, um yeah. I don’t really like warehouses, they’re, just kind of meh and a bunch of retail, so two restaurants, three boutiques, that is insane amount of retail um yeah. It’s like that’s a lot of boutiques yeah, uh, two restaurants and three boutiques wow okay. But I like that.


Dang, look at that all right, so uh bringing out three for sale, markers and then we’ll drop to the next round, so we are looking at 2g not eligible, so I get rid of it. 5C. 5C. Just down here we go no good we’re looking at 4h, like the 4h club yeah 3b, yes good one more 6f, 6 No good 6d, that’s up yeah for sale, okay, and we are back turn order. This comes to me next round.


Okay, all right! I lead us off turn order. I’M gonna pass um. How much is it to bid for 20100? Oh nice?


I don’t know if I want to do all that: well, you’re, the only one competing for yeah he’s, not boutique he’s not filling any housing, yeah. Okay, I will I’ll pay a hundred thousand to he passes so you’re player, one all right cool and he so then you attract tenants. First, okay, um great, so I roll six dice for my homes, um and I will advertise as well. I’M gonna do what are you two um? It’s your retail, oh yeah, nice yeah, so you’re doing all right cool.


So I’m going to do boutique and I want because here’s boutique right for three of them yeah and you can turn those two into fives yeah. So you do two boutiques actually yeah, but I actually want. I want a boutique, but I want a convenience store. Oh yeah, I don’t want two boutiques. I know that sounds weird.


Well. Convenience stores have bonuses, that’s the thing yeah oops. So that’s going to be three that’ll be 800. 000. I don’t get anything for my little house that I sold nope no longer collect rent for that yep.


All right, so he’s gonna attract he’s got nothing. I’ve got nothing and we just start with first action. Okay, cool, that’s me yep! So what are you going to do? I’M going to buy something?


Oh wA.I.t! A minute! Sorry! I didn’t collect rent. I get 800 So you so do get rent yeah.


Well, I did something I probably provided, even if you did nothing um all right, I’m gonna pay six hundred thousand dollars, which is so much money for land right for land and I’m gonna buy this all right. So that is you he’s going to go. He’s still, ah he’s building excellent, so he always builds the furthest left available plot, which is 4j for g he’s building down here right. So what is his bonus? Basically um?


This is gonna, be housing, so he’s gonna build another house, his he’s still level one so he’s only gonna build a level one house. Okay, so just put one up there for him. If you will oh, isn’t he supposed to move up every time he sells? Okay right, he hasn’t sold him yeah. He has not once his deck runs out.


He moves up a level or if he sells property right before that, he should be getting close, which really yeah, because we’re over 500 yeah he’ll sell next sell action or he’ll run out of cards. It depends so all right cool, so he has built. So he’s built a house he’s living the dream right now um. I need some property, that’s my problem! Okay!


So what do I have um property wise? I own? I can do you know what I’m going to build, I’m going to build an industrial unit, because we need some warehouses, yeah sure up in this place, um that we just don’t have, and it’s unfortunate. You know, as a matter of fact, I’m not gonna do that. I’M gonna buy for six hundred thousand a plot of land.


Instead, I’m gonna do I’m gonna shift gears here: okay, 600, because the housing property values are going up considerably fast yeah, and I wanted to be able to stick a claim on this property, all right, uh that was action. One action: two: I’m gonna consult for six hundred thousand six hundred land money back, simple, simple turn for you and then A.I. is going to build again wow 2a, so he’s building here. Okay, now he’s got a double retail bonus here: definitely building so he’s building retail costs 1.2. That’s within budget, of course, for the small one and he’s going to build right there.


So he’s the happy owner of a strip mall. So he’s built wow he’s running out of properties um what a jerk yeah so he’s going to get real competitive, real, soon um. So now I’m going to build that wow hold on what do I have here? You know what I’m going to sell. Okay, I’m going to sell my strip, mall okay, and that is going to go for a lot of money, you’re going to keep us from getting lots of risk gardens.


Yes, so let’s see we’re going to go one property, one for the building and one two for the tenants. Okay, now I’m looking for any red bonuses, I get one. So that’s a five times. Six is three million dollars very good, so I’m gonna collect three million from the bank one two three and I’ve just sold the strip mall boom. Your turn for the third action.


Third action: all right: I am going to build for one five: six, seven, eight, nine, a small office park all right for all these hard-working people, one five, six, seven, eight nine there we go 1.9 million yikes small office building um. So I need the little land map small office building. Yes, there you go. Thank you.


There we go there. Now they can go to work. Hooray all right, brian’s turn! Hmm, it is brian’s turn. What is he going to do he’s going to build again on his final piece of line six h here right there, the only one he has left.


What is he going to get? He is looks like he’s going to build another house or I guess he could do house or retail. Let’s roll the dice, um yeah, okay, yeah I’ll roll. The dice odds are house. Evens is retail all right, evens, this retail.


It is so many strip malls. Coming up around here right next to you as soon as the house goes up, strip malls are like come by from us. The thing is still 1.9 right: okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s now level. Two, though, from this point forward, so he’s gonna start drawing from the level two deck and his max cost goes up to three million, so he’s going to get real ugly real soon.


So I guess I should go ahead and think about building here um. But what I’ll build is an industry building? Okay, so it’s from yeah I just I wish I could go bigger. I might be able to how much do I have here? Okay, three.


Two: three. Four, not enough, not enough not enough to go that big um. Do I have a housing property? I do I do don’t I housing mm-hmm, where um you don’t have housing, mm-hmm, 1.9, all right, yeah, I’m just going to build an industrial unit, then we’ll stick to stick to small.


For now, industrial unit will go here. Okay, it’s like the amazon warehouse. It is amazon for any number of warehouses they’re building. Well, we have to distribute to all these strip malls so yeah that cost me a million dollars which I paid – okay uh. So I’m done so that’s the end of the round.


Okay, we’re going to go into this, so we’re still good on tenants. Land price is still in the green, we’re good. There. We’ve got two, so nothing gets drawn at all and um. He owes, that’ll, be for next round.


I already did it for him. Those were his actually um land price is gonna, go up twice: yeah we’re in the red now eight million eight hundred thousand yellow, yellow yep. So that’s mine, uh. That’s not good, not good at all, but no risk cards again this round uh, but I think it’s going to get pretty ugly pretty soon, just because of the market yeah hitting stitching, um yeah, there’s, no doubt: okay, uh, let’s bring out some more tenants, so he’s Gonna be player one, but we are bringing out three more tenants. We have a chemical plant wow, we have a lot more retail, which is good because there’s a lot of retail two families are coming in, which is huge for housing, because you want to get those families.


Families are always good for the housing economy. We’re going to bring in one of each type of retail and a chemical plant chemical plants are always good for the town, and we’ve got a restaurant, a convenience stores and a boutique there we go one of each wow. I guess we have enough to really fill out all these strip malls, though right, I guess yeah, but we’re getting three more properties, so we’ve got 3c 3 c cannot be built. We’ve got, six g is good. Yes, one, okay, four!


I, for I two and one d: okay, three very good nice all right and is on to the next round turn order. Okay, all right! So he’s player one and he passes yeah. Oh yeah, I’m not bidding either, I’m not bidding either so we’ll. Let him be player one so he’s gonna lie.


He’s gonna scoop up a ton of stuff. So let’s look at 2d. I sold it. Oh you sold it. Oh that’s!


Right! Okay, don’t you worry same reason that one’s blank all right, 2d he’s going to go with? First, let’s just make sure we go to property by property, so a b c d he’s got tenants, skip it 4g yeah 4 g. This is house he has nobody down here, so he’s going to roll how many dice, let’s count up his dice. Okay for housing, it’s the lesser of retail and offices right.


So it’s going to be four times gonna be four: four sixes gets them a family. Okay, pretty simple: we can do this really quick, because it’s just there’s no rolling involved exactly 2a there’s fuzz on the board. Two a is here to a so he’s going to bring in yes he’s going to do his retail, so he gets in the number of families right so well, yeah homes right so six, seven, seven homes they’re all going to be sixes yeah. Seven six is gonna get where’s the card two boutiques, two boutiques, which are two of the best boutique shopping centers. It’s very bougie one of those like outside, with, like the rocks yeah stone, face, there’s like a creamery at Starbucks, oh yeah, and like boutiques, and a Panera bread for lunch um.


All right, so he’s done with that. One! That’s 2a right 6h is his last property, which is that other retail outlet, oh here yeah, he’s going to get seven more again, so he’s going to bring in two boutiques. I don’t even know if there are those yeah there’s one and a what’s. The next most valuable, so next would be the convenience store, so he’s going to bring in a boutique and a convenience store, so he ate those up.


That’s why you want turn order ahead of him exactly yeah um. If it comes down to it, because he just scoops up all the tenants, but that’s it he’s done okay, so then it goes to me and I’ve just got this industry to bring in, and industry is the lowest between houses and industry, so housing and industry industries Are lowest at six, so I’m gonna get six dice. Fortunately, okay and you’ll get to um. Add one to all your dice rolls plus one on my dice. Are you advertising um to get the best industry?


I need six fives, that’s a chemical plant! Hmm! I don’t know nah, I don’t think I want to advertise for this. I just think I’m gonna save them for something bigger all right, so there’s one two fives they get plus one. You said yep I get two fives and a four and a bunch of threes, so I need four fours for a warehouse wow.


I don’t even have four fours wow, so you should have advertised. I should have yeah that stinks that does well. You get your rent for the rest of your stuff. I don’t have anything else never mind, so I I’ll take that I missed out on getting anybody in yeah that stinks um all right. So I’ll learn from your mistake and I will advertise um for my small office building mm-hmm see what I can attract here.


So offices rely on the housing yeah. So you get one two, three, seven, four, five, six, seven dice three, four: six: seven one more oops! Okay, seven dice. Ah, let’s see what we get so you need at least four fours. I know for the call center really and you get plus what one I get plus two: okay yeah.


You got that so yeah, so I mean I got yeah, definitely not enough for the law firm, but I got enough for the tech startup. You need four sixes, which you definitely didn’t get well. We don’t think that we have we, you do get a call center. So you open up your very own pulse there. You go not bad um, okay, so you get eight plus eight 1 6 million in rent yeah – that’s pretty good, not bad, not bad, 1.


in red. So that’s it for that. First action is to him he is going to. If lane was at 900, he would sell it’s not so he’s gonna buy land almost, which makes sense. Yeah he’s getting close, so if we look at available plots, this one has a bonus of one neighbor bonus this one, there’s no land here, there’s no land here!


There’s one plot here which gets a bonus of one and there’s two plots there, which get. That gets a bonus of one two yeah. So it’s going to be this one and he goes like that. Okay, actually before I put that out, he has three console tokens for his. I always forget to add his um advertising.


Are you doing math over there? Maths? Okay, so I have some property that I can build. I like that one, but I do like that. I’M gonna buy that plot plots at eight hundred two four six, eight hundred and five one more eight one more plot of land right here.


Okay, now here’s a rule we didn’t tell you about is: if you want to, you, can buy a plot of land adjacent to a plot of land you own at any time, even if it’s for sale or not for twice the price of the market, which is Ridiculous, but you still can do it if you want yeah, I mean if you’re, in a position where you absolutely need it could help um all right yeah, I really don’t wanna. I don’t really feel like buying any more land. It’s very expensive and there’s not much out there. That’s like great, you know what I mean. Oh, I know um, I’m just gonna consult for 800 Consult for 800.


consult for 800., all right, so that is you back to him second action and he’s going to build, which he can do so 6d. He just bought that plot and his greatest bonus is to housing. Yes, but his budget is three million, which is exactly what he needs for an apartment building, oh that sucker he doesn’t waste any time. He really is the man you get some apartments.


He really isn’t because he ends up scooping up because he gets all sixes all the time he just takes. He just takes all the population, all the good population he takes and takes he just takes and takes and never gives back. He doesn’t give back it’s horrible. Oh, I don’t really like that. Don’t like that at all, that’s really hard to fill um ouch yeah was that close man.


Everything is so expensive. It’s like I want to build the stuff, but I don’t I know I know I hear you um. He really. He really hurt me you’re too good yeah, I’m gonna build. I’M gonna build a house just a regular old house.


Okay right here: okay, it’s not a bad move. Actually, you could put a house there for me: that’s going to cost me 400 000, and that is my turn. It’s your turn. I’M going to consult again for another 800 000, and actually, if you want to give me um a million and I’ll give you two back, it can be easy. Okay and my wallet easier on your wallet all right.


So that’s it for you, third action. He is going to sell, sell, so it is above 700, so he’s absolutely going to sell and he’s going to sell whatever’s in the furthest left good. Okay, 2d um selling that house so 2d is going to get sold. Let’s do this one for the house. One for the tenant one for the tenant two bonuses, one two, five times, eight times five is forty: four million dollars, four million; that’s a good price for that house; that’s great um, so that goes out into his cell spot.


This token gets removed from the game. These all slide over yeah, that’s how that works. Okay, um you’re up what a jerk, what nature uh, I don’t like where I’m at right now, um. Actually, I do like where I’m this is my third action yeah. If I go one two, three four all right, I’m going to sell the house, I just built okay with no tenants in it with no chance.


No problem with that. No tenants, no problem, no tens! No problem! We could still sell it. You’ll be selling it to the people that just came through.


Let’s do the math right, so one for the property one for the house, the building. I don’t get anything for the tenants because there’s no tenants right and then you get one two bonuses, one two. So I get a multiplier four times. Eight is 32 3.2 million okay – and this comes off I’ll, take it.


I guess you’ve like thematically sold it to somebody who’s moved in yeah, some somebody who’s, not his head, wants to buy it, so that actually goes up here, because the second property sold this round great. That was the third action, my turn um. So for me and then it’s your turn. So don’t skip me again, please um, okay! So for three million dollars, I’m gonna build an apartment, complex, oh okay, one two!


Three! There we go copying off of the A.I. He copied off of me here’s my plans, see this like nice little fountain a pool, I think that’s like a little pool thing um here we go all right. So now you have an apartment complex and that’s the end of the round. Yes, this is gray field property – it’s taken over here.


Yes, apparently so uh. Here we go so now we still have all full tenants. So that’s good um land value is yellow, so we are pulling our first risk card okay and we get crash track. Minus three so um: this is going to go down one two three spots, but we’re still we’re still good yeah we’re all right, we’re all right. Um over here advertising we’ve got a ton, so we’ve got more than three.


So we go up one yeah up to 900 000 Um and finally, we go to here – the farthest left is up two, so we’re going to go up to 1.1 million okay, these get returned. That’s for brain, that’s mine, um, and then we go to here where we bring out three new tenants. So we’re going to bring out a tech company, a small factory and two law firms interesting. So we have our tech company and our law firm coming out here.


Okay and then we have actually two law firms are coming up, which are tough, because they’re really hard to fill the law firms are really hard. What do we have? Three of them? A small factory yeah? That’s crazy, they’re, really for law firm.


You need six yeah sevens. Five, five sevens. That’s insane! It’s not going to happen all right, so we’re bringing out three more properties. 5I.


5. I, yes, that’s one! Okay, three d! Three is no good. No three decimal three d is here yeah.


It’s two one f. One f is no good, no good, six, a six, no good! 3I. 3. I it’s good all right on to the next round to turn order.


This guy goes to me um. I have just one building to fill. What do I want to spend I’ll start, the bidding at a hundred thousand to keep playing player? One yep? What are you feeling my factory?


Oh, you must want land um, I’m not gonna, be anything okay. You can keep that. I just don’t feel like going last yeah honestly, because it’s like I get less slicks on everything yeah. In any case, I just have to fill my thing. I’ll do one advertising, so I don’t run into this.


We have to do tenants, oh yeah, what I’m doing sorry! I was like. No that’s exactly what I’m doing. Can I have the dice please. I haven’t eaten yet: okay uh!


Here you go all right, so we are getting um, the lesser of factories or houses. So it’s gonna be lesser of factories, so I’m gonna do six dice same as before. I just need to roll at least four fours to get something all right, so I’ve got and I’m gonna get plus one bonus. So that’s I’ll turn. One of these into a five with my advertising.


Okay. So if I can get four fives – and I can’t I can only get four fours, so I’m stuck with a warehouse – that’s the lowest I can get, but at least I’m getting something yeah true um. So I’ll bring in the warehouse which actually is a lot of what I wanted. So that’s worth 500 in rent. I don’t own any other buildings right now.


I don’t believe. No, I don’t think so. So I click my rent and that’s it okay. So it’s your turn. What do you do?


I have a couple of things to recruit for actually to attract I’ll start with my apartment complex. So I’m looking for the lowest of um retail or offices right for my homes, yeah retailer offices, so we’ve got one three. Four: six: seven, eight nine um versus, one, two, three, four, five, six, so it’ll be six dollars for me for my for my apartments right, but I get to mitigate one two, three yeah so plus three to all your dice rolls wow and I needed It so that’s not so bad, so this will be that’s a family right, two fives or two sixes yeah. So let’s, let’s do them all. So you got one two three, four, four five sixes really because you get plus three right.


So it’s five sixes and a five, so you can get it! You can bring in a family a professional couple. There’s no two families out there! So a profess, a family, a professional couple. How many can you bring in uh?


I can bring in five right three parts, but you only have enough for three rolls worth yeah exactly and you’re gonna bring in students. That’s all that’s left family and the professional couple are not gonna be happy. They’re, not gonna be happy. Maybe they’re like doctoral students, yeah, maybe or something they still don’t only pay a hundred thousand dollars, so it’s 900 in rent for that one, okay, so 900 and then um. But I have to do my call center.


Okay, let’s do that. First, okay, so call center is housing, three, six, nine. So it’s nine dice. Yes, that’s why I wanted to do my housing first, nine dice, okay and I would advertise, but I don’t have any tokens which one are you calling doing now. My call center or my industrial park I can they can only hold one.


Sorry, oh no, really yeah! You can’t bring into that. I was like wondering what you were trying to pull off. There stinks um, that’s your only other building yep. So that’s it!


No! I have this one too, that’s full yeah, but I get I’m saying as far as attracting yeah. I was thinking that holds two. No, no, no. No all the small buildings hold one except for the retail yeah small office building only holds one yep.


So that’s five, six, seven, eight nine about that plus. So you get eight, which is two point. Four plus one is two point: five, so two and a half million okay, just rolling for more, like I’m going for my call center, I’m like, but it’s already it’s going to move them in. Yes, sorry, that’s not how this game works. Okay, so he’s got a bunch of plots built.


So if we look at 4g 123 4g is that what are we looking at? I’M looking at him making sure he doesn’t have to attract anybody? Oh got you right, so yeah. You know he does get a turn too. You know you’re, not the only one who gets to attract you know.


Attendance in this round, 2a is full he’s got an apartment. 6H is not full he’s going to bring in these two students. I don’t even have to roll dice for him. That’s why I wanted. I wanted to make sure everything was bringing in two students, but you already were taking player one so um 6d he’s also uh, but he’s full so and he doesn’t collect rent.


So that’s fine. First action goes to me, so it’s like all right. Do I want to buy land for 1.1 million yeah, probably not, but what I am going to do is I’m going to build one two, three: four million dollars: I’m gonna build an industrial park. One two.


Three: four: four million: that’s like so much money, but I’m building an industrial park right here in hales town nice because they need it all right. If you give me a park, please that’s not! That’s an actual! Oh, the actual park the four-million-dollar park here it goes like this yeah. This is like real deal.


Industrial quarter right here, yeah all right. So that’s my turn. It’s my turn. Oh yeah. What I want to do, I don’t love buying land right now.


Um, let’s see count your money in secret. I have enough to really do what I’d like to do and I don’t want to waste money just by like buying extra stuff. Do you know what I mean that’s going to be small potatoes anyway um I I’ll just consult this round. It’s 1 1 million big money all right, so he’s gonna go and he’s gonna build. What’s he gonna build he’s gonna build on nothing, so he’s gonna buy land because he doesn’t have any more property to build.


So if we look at the available lands he’s got, this has got one two bonuses. This has got one bonus, so this is a potential over here. He’s got no bonuses, so he’s not buying that, and over here has got one two different three different bonuses. So he’s going to buy in that corner yeah he really likes that plot, for whatever reason the jerk all right. So he’s done.


Second action: I’m going to consult and take 1.1 million dollars. Your turn I’m going to consult again, wow 1.1 million dollars to you and he is going to sell, sell, sell. Okay, uh wow he’s gonna sell 4g one two three four g, this one he’s gonna sell this house.


Okay. So, let’s count up it’s in one, two: three, no four, four five, five times: 1.1 5.5 million is yeah and if you ever don’t want to do the math, you just look at where we are 1 1 times the factor of 5 5.5 million, so he’s going to get 5.


million dollars. Yes, um he goes up there. The property he sold is right here. This goes away and these all slide over. He really is a magnate he’s becoming a magnet.


It’s annoying he’s very cheap he’s driving our market up is what he’s doing it’s your turn. Third action ouch. This is where it gets ugly. It’s like do I want to do. I want to bring more in it’s very it’s what very, very, very difficult.


I know it’s tough, it is, it is um. I do have more property. I also build all right: I’m going to spend 2 million or 1.9 million okay and you’re building. Where I’m going to build out here, an office complex right there, okay, a small office.


Okay, try to snag one of those law firms. Potentially it’s hard. I try to get them every game. I know – and I don’t know if I’ve gotten one yet your go. Um.


Third action: oh you’ve consulted twice. Now I have, I sure, have um I’ve been doing a lot of consulting in preparation for my development, your big purchase, yeah, my big purchase. So what I’m going to actually do is I’m going to spend four points? Five, oh million dollars. That sounds like shopping.


Mall to me: well, Francis, you don’t have any land that you can develop on, I know, but what I’m going to do is actually take my small strip mall and because it has those tenons in it, I’m going to be able to keep those tenants. In my shopping, mall you’re only going to get rid of them if they are like the wrong. If I was going to change my call center to a shopping mall, then I would lose the call center, but because they are the same, I get to we’re. Just renovating you have to put down yeah put down my new plot, my new plots um, but we’re kind of renovating things here. So I told my people like guys we’re getting a new building.


It’s gonna be a giant mall and it’s gonna be great. Okay – and they are so happy – they’re – happy, okay, okay, so then it is off to no oh yeah Ryan. You always try to take him out of his turns. No brain doesn’t get to go again. No brain does get to go all right.


You need to let brain take his turn he’s taking him. I know, but all right he’s going to build 2a he’s going to build in two uh. He only has one plot on built: six g, the one he just bought. Oh this one yeah. So what is he building there um looks like more housing because he’s got housing bonus, housing bonus no, but he wouldn’t build housing, not housing bonuses he’s going to do he’s going to build retail because there are no more tenants for housing.


So why would he? Oh? That’s shield housing and he hasn’t even filled up his apartment complex. So to me, if I were him, I’d build right and he’s got a budget of three million, so he can still only build a single retail outlet, yeah all right, good um. But that’s it!


What he’s gonna do yeah, so he’s done that he’s actually level three now so his budget just went up to four and a half million, so he can build big now, yeah, all right, all right! So he’s done we’re gonna go to property market. We are missing one right and if you have any three, you are going to pull risk. We’ve got one on the track, so that’s not too bad. Uh number two: are we in the yellow?


Yes, we pull another risk card: zero, okay, clear all right um over to here. We have one token, so nothing gets drawn um and down to the sail track. This is going to go up twice to 1.3 million. Now we’re in the orange yeah.


This is ouch. Okay, so we are in, we are in shaky ground right now. I think we’re in trouble. So we have a tech company. A tech company is coming out.


We have a small factory coming out, wow, so much industry ready to just take off and three boutiques. That’s Paul’s, boutique and they’re in Brooklyn, all right, there’s one two and three boutiques wow, there’s still three of them: wow. That’s, really good crazy and we’re bringing out three more plots. So we’ve got 5g network g is open. One h, one h and one eye: no good.


Oh yes, yeah wow, one h and I are out – looks like there’s some industry happening up here: okay and your turn. Okay, all right! So you’re! Well, you’re, not your turn! Yet you have to bid!


Oh, I don’t know you’re not going to bed I’m going to not bid interesting, okay, uh I’ll pass too and he’s going to pass so we’ll. Let you go first. So, even if you bid, I still get to bid back right. No, you pass. I never bid.


So, okay, um okay, so I am going to. I have a lot of things to attract for well just retail, actually retail on this, because I have two more people. There are no people coming in oh son of a gun, so hence just retail henceforth, so henceforth it will be just retail. The retail is just housing, so how many people so you’ve got one. Two, three, four: nine!


That’s like nine dice. It is exactly nine days. Actually that’s what you should have five six: seven: eight, nine! Okay! Oh that’s kind of a bummer.


I was really hoping to bring some people in. Do we even have any people left yeah, but they just didn’t? They just didn’t come out in the tenant straw. No, no. They were like.


I heard, there’s students in that apartment. Yeah. Sorry not for me, they’re, like when vector properties decide to build an apartment, complex then we’ll probably consider coming in all right. So I get a bonus of one to my dice rolls because of that and this guy the boutique doesn’t give me anything. Oh yeah and you don’t actually get bonuses for tenants in your buildings anyway, so um.


So these are sixes. That’s a six! That’s a five! These are nothing, and these are fours. Okay, all right.


So it looks like – and I can take like four more yeah. So six, you can have six ten, that’s in a shopping mall. So I can. I get a boutique. So six, then your first three days, you’re gonna, go to a boutique yep.


So your next three dice and then I could do all right. Two for a convenience store two for convenience, store uh. I can’t because I don’t have enough dice power. Okay, so then what about? I can get a restaurant.


So I can get one restaurant one, restaurant and that’s it! That’s it! Okay! There you go so how much money are you bringing in? Did you ruin that house?


I know it’s just these little tokens all over the board. Are they start to get very like there’s a lot of them? That’s what I’m trying to say there’s just so many stuff: okay, oh my goodness, all right, okay, um! So that’s gonna be five! This is a million one point three here, um eight hundred, so that’s two point one and then another five, six, seven, eight, nine!


Three minutes so three million, even there you go. Thank you. Three million in Russia all right, focusing my attention. He doesn’t collect rent, but he will bring in tenants and the only tenants he has are in that apartment, building that he needs to fill. But he also has a retail so he’s going to bring in two tenants down there.


We know that he’s going to get uh the number of housing. So that’s one, two, three, seven, eight four, five, six, seven, eight nine he’s gonna get nine sixes. So basically, he’s gonna fill it up with boutiques two boutiques for him. There you go yeah, okay, um, so he’s all full awful. He is awful, he is pretty awful um and then me, I still have to bring in to my industrial complex and that’s going to get based on other industrial, complex or housing, the lowest stuff.


So I’ve got three six nine versus three six seven. So I’m gonna roll seven dice, yeah seven dice and I’m gonna do so. He also puts in one advertising because that I’m gonna put in my last remaining advertising. Okay, I’m gonna do one advertising for this and I’m recruiting for that. That behemoth, so I’ve got I’m going to get plus one two to attract in so I’ve got two sixes um I’ll turn this to a five from my advertising and I get plus two.


So that’s four sixes and a five and a three and a one. Four six is a five three and one, and if I look at this, four fives will bring in a small factory. That’s the best. I can do yes right, yeah, four fives small factory. Okay, so we have ourselves a small.


Actually, that’s supposed to go on a very tippy top of this yeah, not in the parking lot, so we got ourselves a small factory now, so that’s 7 plus 5 is 1 2 million in rent we got on here, 1.3 yep, so first action is to you, as you can see, vector is um is a very industrial, apparently industrial company – oh, I forgot. I also have to uh recruit, for that. Didn’t didn’t even see that there hiding behind your dice tray so um wow, I’m gonna bring in what housing one two three four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven dice yeah! It’s a lot!


Why crazy, dice eleven dice and I’m out of advertising? So we just have to hope for the best hope for the best wow. Now I get any bonuses here. I don’t think so. One yeah so plus one so seven, seven, six, six, six um four sixes will give me a text startup and I’ll.


Go for that. Okay, right yeah! That’s a pretty good role! Actually, I will take a text tech company, so I get another seven hundred thousand dollars for that tech, company and yes, office buildings only get one tenant, that’s the psa. What did I do for my first turn?


You didn’t we’re doing that now, but I’m first player right and we just finished the attract tenants. Oh yeah, that’s right! This is my first turn now. What is your first time? Uh, I’m just so in my head about what to do, because I don’t like.


I don’t really want to buy anything else. It’s so expensive. You know um I mean I could here’s. What I’ll do I’ll buy? I’M gonna buy some land.


What is it 1.3 right now yeah holy moly? That’s not what I like, which land are you taking? Take this up here get out of my industrial park. What are you doing greenfield says that it looks like there’s some good opportunity up there.


Well, there’s like the signs land for sale. It’s like an old farm on 320 sector properties is like. I see how. Well, all the other warehouses are doing so uh so he’s he can’t build so he’s gonna buy land okay. So where is the bonus um?


This one here has got like four yeah. I think he’d go there, probably okay, just based on what I’m seeing yeah. Most likely one two three he’s got most options here. It tells me that that’s probably where he wants to go um. My turn all right.


What do I have? I have some property left right, but I haven’t built on yet where here oh vector properties, I’m going to build something. Oh man, I need money to build, though don’t I you sure, do um all right. I’M gonna sell my warehouse, okay, the small one, just the warehouse okay, just because why not? Why not so land property building land building tenants, one two, three right, plus bonuses!


I get one for the warehouse bonus right, my own personal bonus and one wA.I.t. WA.I.t! What your own, what bonus look at the warehouse tenant yeah see the up the plus two um. I don’t know that you get that bonus. I think you just get neighbor bonuses, meaning not in your own spot.


That would still be six yeah six times 1.3 selling. This property would net me 7.8 million dollars, that’s pretty good, even if I don’t get that bonus, it’s still worth it I’ll. Take the 7 8 million – yes, all right done cool.


Thank you nicely done. Warehouse we’re good all right. It is now your second action. My second action, I’m going to buy an industrial unit for one million dollars, wow, look at you coming in small potatoes! There we go ready to accept new tenants, that’s good uh, he’s gonna go for his second action.


He’s gonna build or buy land. He just bought land here so now he’s to build and his bonus. He can do one of anything actually yeah. He could really actually two for retail two for reason, because this is the retail on that office and retail yeah retail um, so he’s actually going to build retail and his bet he’s got a 4.5 million which is a shopping mall wow he’s just crushing it.


There’s the shopping, mall yeah he’s there, we go evil, dr evil, all right, so his shopping mall is built. My turn for my second action and I have no more plots of land unbuilt huh. No, I do this one. What do I want to build there? I want to build an apartment complex.


No, I don’t want to do that because there’s no more people. No, you definitely don’t want to ew. You know what I’ll build I’ll build a call center there a small office building, or do I want to build a superior office block? I think I might do that for 6 million wow there. No, I’m gonna convert my existing, oh okay, to a superior office block for six million dollars.


Okay, like you did like I did with the shopping mall. I did that right. So we’re going to take this out we’re going to replace it with a superior office. Building which looks like this, which looks like that, I’m going to put my tech company stays there. So it’s no longer a startup.


I think it’s probably a more mature tech company. Well, it’s like the same tech company you’re, just upgrading their buildings, yeah, that’s they’re! Just one of many tenants, one of many, oh, that I have well now. I can fit three tenants in here. You sure: can it’s an office block and it’s right next to the Airport so who wouldn’t want to be working in this building?


I know um. So that’s my turn and now it is the third action and you will um. This is my third action. I went to um I’m looking at this guy and I’m like. Am I ever going to upgrade this or not?


You know what I mean because he’s just kind of sitting there not doing anything for me. You could sell them. That’s what I’m thinking I’m like do I want to sell him or do I want to stick around pay? The 6 million upgrade him maybe get more stuff in here. I just don’t know that it’s worth the 6 million, like I don’t know if I’m gonna get that back.


Basically, I’d have to the two extra people that I bring in. I guess over time. I would hope to make the money back right um, but I don’t know that’s tough, I kind of want to I just kind of want to hold on to it for now um. How much is land still 1.3 yikes.


I love that um. I’M gonna buy land one more time. One point: wow there you go enjoy your new land. I can’t find new lands um and I’m just gonna buy probably this guy down here: okay, okay, so he’s gonna do his final turn. Brian is gonna sell.


Is he yep, oh yeah, it’s over 900 Okay, so he is selling plot2a to a hey, he’s going to sell this little retail outlet. Okay, that’s very nice, so you can get one for the property one for the building, one two for the tenants, yeah and one for this bonus and one for that bonus. Seven wow six, actually six times 1.3, which is 7 8 was what we did before right. I don’t know.


1.36 is 7.8 yeah, okay, yeah, nice, five, six, seven point: five, six, seven, seven point: eight million dollars to brain brian’s, killing it out there just killing it and me for the final action of the round. What are you gonna? Do I’m gonna build a retail outlet for 1.


million dollars, a small one or a big one, a small one, okay and that’s gonna go where and the only available plot. I have oh here we go okay; I hope all those tenons don’t get eaten up. Oh they won’t. Are you sure, positive, okay, absolutely positive um, that is, that property market all right, so we’re still missing we’re missing it. So we’re going to take a risk card again and it is three one, two three yeah boo boy price orange.


So it’s two cards yeah two! Well that sucks! Okay! I wasn’t prepared for that. No, I don’t think any of us were, but once the market gets high enough, it gets pretty ugly, okay, all right.


So now we have to deal with the market crash. Okay, all right! So now we have to prepare to sell off everything yeah. So we can’t the game’s over. So this is end game like that ends the game right.


So we’re gonna take all of the risk cards that came out during the game and add this up. So we’ve got one at the bottom right: post-crash price drop, yep. So one two, three four, so it’s only gonna drop four yeah, so we’re gonna go down one two, three: four: nine hundred thousand, that is our base price. Now, that’s our land price, now the land price, to sell off all properties and we’re gonna go around the board and just sell off everything we own okay, so you go ahead and just start we’ll go through each grid. Okay, we actually just do all of us just go grid at a time.


Yeah just go one great time. So let’s sell you off gray field that way. We know what everything should be yeah. I didn’t get a tenant in there, that’s okay! So one two for the building um three, three four for bonuses, so four, four, so four multiplier times nine times: four is 3.


million for that building. So you can remove your marker yeah. I was hoping to get a couple tenants in there, but 3 6 for that building, so now we’ll do mine one for the land, one for the building, one two: three for the tenants, one for the warehouse bonus, one property building, one two three tenants warehouse bonus and then parking lot bonus right whatever that is that’s seven, seven Times, nine is 6.3 million; that’s big money, all right cool! So it’s yours so that that’s it!


That plot is done. Let’s move over to this one, no nobody’s got it! No owner no honor boom clear here. Your tech goes so we’ve got lan building. One two three tenants, one for the Airport yep and that’s it yeah, oh plus, one for that for your value, bonus, yeah, building bonus just because it’s a beautiful all the big buildings, some of them get back so another six point: three, seven, six point: three Million all right so that one’s done now we do him yeah his here, so he’s gonna get one two for the building.


No tenants, one two for one bonus right for his building bonus, um, plus one here, one. There yeah plus oh check how many yeah gets a bonus for that five. Five nine times, five four point: five minute million um I’ll, give him a five and take five out. Okay, so that’s sold and gone done all right next, one all right, so I’ve got a bunch of stuff here, um all right. So let’s do we’ll do this.


Excuse me this guy first, so one for the land, one for the building, one two three for the tenant and then I’ve got one bonus. I think that’s the only one. So just no! No, no! No one two whole lot.


Are they the same? No they’re not the same ones, a convenience store and one’s a thing; okay, so it’s seven yeah, 6.3, yeah, okay, okay and then um. For this guys off my shopping, mall is gonna, be one for the land one for the building. One two three four tenants right: one for the bonus and one for the thanks: that’s eight times, nine, seven point: two million okay and then finally, my apartment is gonna, be um one for the land, one for the building.


One two three for the tenants and then I’ve got one two three that one doesn’t count. Yes, it does. It’s not adjacent! It’s here. Oh it’s!


The mall, okay, yeah um, okay. So how much is that? So I lost count on the land, one for the building. One um, two three for my tenants, one for the family here bonus one for this bonus and one for that business. That’s eight seven point two, two, all right: yeah, okay, that’s done okay and then my land.


So I just get a flat 900 for my land. You have 100 yeah and that’s gone all right up here. Okay, it’s all him and me well, you’ve got yeah. You’ve got this guy right, so him yeah, you want to do his first yeah, okay, so one there one for the land, two for the tenants, tenants, two um and then a bonus here and that’s it. Three.


I’ve got five yeah 4.5 million yep okay, and then this one, I think, will be this exact same another 4.5. Okay and then his apartment is gonna, be one for the land, one for the building. Two for the tenants and one two bonuses, two so one’s the land, with the building two for the tenants and then one two so six times to be five point: four: okay, that’s all for him yep and then it’s me.


I’ve got one for the land, one for the building and then one for them. One bonus, that’s three yeah 2 7. 2.567, and that is it that’s it now we just count up our money. Got money, all your life.


Let’s see what he’s got. I bet you he’s got to kill us. Yeah he’s got so much money. It’s ridiculous! Yeah!


This guy’s, like a mogul, he’s mag. Somebody say he’s that so in some circles, one two one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight nine ten, two one of these six, all right, that’s his wallet. I just cashed him out. Next, we’ve got one two. Is this enjoyable for you to watch me?


No, I’m asking the people – oh the viewers, I don’t think they can they’re like forward no skipping forward yeah. This is like the most important part of the whole game. This is like I mean, I guess if you like, suspense right yeah, if you haven’t been keeping track for some of you, do 10 there’s another million, I’m just trying to catch myself, two three, four: five! Just to get it back to like normal bills! All right!


That’s mine, so how much do you have? I keep forgetting. 24. 15. 16.


17. 18. 19. 20. 21.


22. 23. 24.5. I’ve got 5, 10, 15, 17.


million and he’s got 5. 10. 15. 20. 25.


30. 35. 36. 37. 38, 38.


million cheater yeah. So he crushed us yeah, I’m sure like, even if I had bought that if I had sold that call center, I think I probably sort of yeah. I was like kind of one round away from getting a big payout yeah me too, and because I was trying to like fill this up so I could sell it fill that up. So I could sell it. You know what I mean or whatever, and but I didn’t – I didn’t hit that apartment or this turn or this last round.


I would have sold that if I’d gotten the people, but that’s okay, so um that would have been a huge multiplier too. Let’s go talk about, okay, all right, so, as expected, brain turned out to be the magnate, the true magnate in all of this real estate, crazy too bad, though no, I think we kind of hung in there, but the A.I. is really tough and you can you Can dial the A.I. down and the way that works Is you pick a level and then you’ll subtract that many points from their multiplier? We play it at the zero level. You can make them harder and add one to the two everything on their multiplier or you can subtract one or two from his multipliers and it’ll make him a lot more right.


It’s adjustable yeah um. The one thing I probably wouldn’t recommend is, if you’re playing with two players playing without the A.I. yeah, because this is this is a game that I mean again anytime, you’re, manipulating a market you’re really driving the end of the game, and I mean our game came Quick because we just happened to draw enough risk cards, but if you’re not drawing risk cards, there’s no other way to end the game right. You know what I mean, so this could be a very, very long game if you’re being very well. The thing is, if you, if you yeah, if you’re doing a lot of buying and not a lot of selling, if you drive the market price up enough, that you’re in the orange and you’re drawing two risk cards per yeah or three just by driving the market Up the land price up enough you’ll get you’re going to draw the risk cards, regardless of whether the tenants are there or not right um. And if you all start selling the same round, you’re going to end up pushing more risk cards.


So there are ways to drive it yeah, even if there and there’s only so much, you can do to prolong it, because I think it will ultimately get to a point where you actually have to start selling property in order to start building buildings right because you’re, not going to have enough money um, it’s the only way to really make a lot of money is by selling yeah, but then that drives the market up and exactly it all kind of like works together, yeah um. So what were your expectations for this one? You know I didn’t think it was here’s the thing what I, when I thought about it, I thought it was going to be more about what a lot of the other sort of property and housing type games are where it’s like all right. You build a park here and that park is going to give bonuses to these three adjacent tiles and then you’re going to build a complex here and that’ll be affected by these other things and more about placement of those types of tiles or buildings, as opposed to More about the economics of the market and determining when to sell versus when to build right, and it’s a completely different game when you do that yeah. So what I was expecting was more of a tile placement, neighborhood building game versus what it is in a buying land building buildings attracting tenants and then selling the property right, which is again more of the economics of very much real estate versus the neighborhood Building, it’s like you, have the synergies like the neighborhood synergies and things, but those are they’re very important to the game, but that’s more secondary to the economics of the game, which is which is key.


The front and center is the economic manipulation of the market. The buildings and just trying to get the most value out of it and then dumping it at the right time. So you don’t get it attached to the particular land tiles that you put out there yeah, which to me. I personally prefer this type of game right over the building of a city type of game. Well, the thing is like there’s just a lot of those building: ace, not builders, but building a city type of games correct.


I guess so. It was kind of refreshing to have something that was different, um, that you know even at least I say even at two with the A.I., I felt the pressure to buy and sell and it kind of goes against your instincts. If you’re somebody who doesn’t usually like to take risks, I guess because the selling we’ve played this many times just kind of getting the rules down and stuff, and it’s like you can go without selling, but you end up not progressing the game. You’re not making enough money and you’re like you, can consult for money, but it’s like well I’d have this house, you know that’s making me what three hundred thousand dollars for rent, but I could be making two million dollars. If I sell it right yeah, you don’t want to get like it’s like, you feel tied to it, because I think a lot of the games we play rely on at the end of the game.


Let’s see where it’s not area control, it’s not about any of that. You know you still get the synergies, even if you don’t own the properties or adjacent to you. So there’s no need to do that. So I think, breaking out of that habit was kind of refreshing yeah in a way yeah. I agree I like I like that um sort of the unknown of when the game’s going to end yeah, because you’re almost like pressing your luck to see.


How long can you outlast the market right and when do you need to invest in a big building versus get out of it? Well, you can see like how quickly the market crashed when we kind of felt like we were okay and like I bought this land that was dumb. I didn’t sell this, which I probably should have. I was kind of holding out to like fill up these buildings before I sold them because I wanted those extra multipliers for the extra favor. But you don’t have you don’t know what tenants are going to come?


You don’t know, what’s going to come out and you don’t have a lot of time and we didn’t get any more residential tenants right. So all of those apartments just froze yeah, and they just stayed where they were when at that point it’s like do you hold on to it or you just get rid of it at this point, yeah right and just because you you’re not going to have Another two to three rounds potentially to uh to fill those apartments up. Yeah – and I would say sometimes you can tell the crash – is happening yeah soon, but in like in this one I thought we had at least one more round, but we it definitely. It didn’t happen right because the market price got up too high too fast yeah, because I think we were, we were making a lot of sales and A.I. was started to do a lot of sales towards the end. Yes, and that pushed the market up too.


So um, but either way I think, and did we um did we miss leveling him once we might have? Actually you know what, when he sold his property, he might have, he should have been like he sold more than two buildings, so I feel like. But then he would have beat us even faster, so I don’t feel bad about that yeah. It’s really I mean you could even I mean I guess, like house rule this and just play for like all right winner is the human player yeah and he’s just kind of there picking up space he’s buying things he’s you know doing that. Well, he’s helping moving move the market track, yeah the land price track.


You know it’s sort of in a neutral way in that he’s kind of pushing the other, the two human players yeah um to do their own thing. Yeah. It’s like, I would say it shouldn’t, be two against the A.I. yeah. It should be the two players against each other, with the A.I. just kind of being a sort of a neutral player, that’s just taking up property and taking tenants and taking tenants taking property. Taking tenants and just pushing the market tracker right, but I think as long as you keep him in that aspect, right he’s more fun, yeah and you’re, not going to sort of feel like you’re competing against a cheating A.I. that doesn’t – and I just think the Bookkeeping part of it I was saying like if you did, that you wouldn’t even have don’t even collect money.


I honestly, I think, to speed up the game with the A.I. I wouldn’t even I would not even use the A.I.’s money, not even give them a wallet at this point, and just have them be a builder, a seller and they’re just applying pressure to the market. Right as a competitor and they’re, but at the end of the day you don’t even care what they make, especially because he doesn’t pay any money like it can be different if you had to check his wallet yeah before you bought something, but exactly if he’s gonna buy land he’s gonna buy land. Does it matter, so it doesn’t matter. So I think I think don’t like unless I think it really matters when solo and trying to really crack the nut, solo, yeah, um and try to beat the A.I. that way. But with two players and you’re playing against each other right yeah, it doesn’t really matter as far as how much money do they have right.


So I would play it that way. That’s just personal opinion yeah. I agree with that completely. I think let’s go, let’s go through some pros and cons right, okay, okay. I think we should definitely start sharing that type of stuff yeah um.


I think uh pros are it’s a fresh take on absolutely uh city building? If you will uh, I think that’s a pro yeah uh component wise is pro. I think these little really cool 3d miniatures I’ll show you how this works like. If this were my building that I just stole from Anthony yeah like you, do get to do this, stick them in the spot, so you get the impression that that’s like your building on the skyline. You know with your giant sign, I think, that’s which is really cool.


It is definitely really cool um. I think that’s a pro. I think the iconography is pretty good. I think the flow of the game is pretty good. I think it’s cool, like pro, is like this whole market track.


It’s very intuitive. It just tells you what to do yeah exactly, then you just follow it at the end of every round. This board tells you what to do. The A.I. does his thing. I wish there was a better way to so we’ll go into some cons now.


I wish it was a better way for the A.I. to pick which plot he’s buying, instead of the players having to make that decision, because I know it’s hard because the boards are the way are, are modular right, but it’s a pain to have to stop and Think about what the A.I. wants to do when I’m worried about what I want to do exactly yeah, because you can’t spend time thinking about your move because you’re worried about what’s the best move for him right um. So I think yeah like if there were like the thing is like the A.I. board is really nice, how it tracks his bought and sold properties. But it would be nice if there was like another board or maybe another way to track, what’s actually for sale. For all of our all of our purpose, exactly you know what I mean, because it’s hard to track what properties I have yeah and what properties are for sale right, because you can see them on the board. That’s a con.


You kind of get lost. You lose your tokens on the board right, so it’s hard, not that you can fix that, but it’s just right: it’s tough to spot this stuff, and so there’s no way to like really track it. On the side, I want to say like, along the same lines, my biggest my biggest complaint. I guess is these tokens that I it they work for what you need them to do, but it’s a mess and I’m like if we were playing with even more people and this game went a little bit longer and we had so much conjunction she’s talking about The tenant token, the tenant tokens you have a shopping mall with six tenant tokens on it. Um next to you, know an office building with three and then next to an apartment complex with five of these tokens.


Yes, you can tell the tokens apart because they have different color and all of that kind of thing, but it’s like every turn. Basically, you can stack them and actually that’s, I think, how they are in the book is like stacked. We laid these out for you so that you could see kind of what’s there, but also kind of for us, because otherwise you’re going okay, how many people do I have? Okay, I’ve got four wA.I.t a minute. What bonuses do I have and those bonuses, if you stock them, aren’t visible?


Yes, you’re building stuff, so it’s just it’s very um from a tactile standpoint. I wish that there was a better way to track that stuff. Um I mean I don’t know if I could come up with one like right now, right yeah, not that we have a solution for it. It’s just something that something just to keep in mind: yeah, because it takes up the board and it’s hard to keep track of, and that’s really it, and so that’s a con right. There’s definitely pros and cons here, um, but that I think there’s not too many cons.


Yeah there is a lot of bookkeeping. Bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is like um, it’s a lot, so I mean I tried in the in the primer before we started the game. I tried to kind of just lay it out for you, because it doesn’t it’s not terribly complex, but it is. It is bookkeeping, so you are until you get familiar with the game and what kind of tenants you’re bringing in and what’s around you and what your options are, if you’re again, if you’re playing with somebody who’s very ap prone, and they have to kind of think About every possible option, you could be sitting there for a while waiting for somebody to like do math about what property they want to buy, to think about what they want to do.


Five steps ahead. So um, I would say, if you’re playing this game, just kind of go with it, but expect if you were to purchase this game and actually have it something you guys are going to play, I would say: give it a couple of games. We’ve played this game. More than we’ve played a lot of games before we filmed just because we did want to get really comfortable with it and um, and it felt like I mean the first couple games we played. It was like we played and then we’re like.


Okay: okay: we did something wrong because we weren’t it wasn’t as intuitive and used to go back um. The one thing I want your take on because I feel like we might. We might have a different opinion on this – is when you actually crack into this game. The rule book, do you have it, it says: do not read this rulebook yeah, so this game actually comes with a deck. Yeah do not open this rulebook.


It comes like a deck of cards that walks you through sort of like a tutorial setup, um and card by card. It kind of tells you okay now place this here. Okay now place that there, okay, now here’s! Why we’re doing this and then it sets up the game for like four fake players, and it tells you why each player is gonna. Do the things that they’re gonna do you did that and I stood by cringing yeah um, but you liked it.


But I thought it was fantastic. Yes and you, I think I’ll, tell you why it’s just amazing really well done it walks you through um, exactly how to play the game right. Um it lets you it makes you take turns for each of the players. It explains why you’re doing things and it definitely cleared up a lot and it was able allowed us to get it to the table. I think a lot faster than we would have normally.


Okay um, my I just don’t learn that way. So, like I like to just read the rule book myself and to be honest, the game was a lot clearer after I read the rule book than it was when we went through like the cards and played it. Oh, do you know what I mean um? This is my opinion yeah. This is her between her and me right.


So this is why I said for me: it’s a pro for her. It’s a con and but I wouldn’t say it’s a con it because you have the rule book. It’s not like. They didn’t include a rule book and they’re like your rule book. Is this deck um?


It’s just that for me, I think it’s. It is a great learning mechanism for people that learn that way right, and that is a pro I’m not even saying this is a con. I’M just saying that for me, like, as a rule follower, I would open this up and say: don’t open this rulebook. Yet, okay and I’m gonna go do the tutorial and I would be kind of painstakingly going through the tutorial not wanting to miss something, but also like the pace of this is so slow for me, because I’m much better at just reading it I get it. It makes sense, let’s play let’s figure it out, but I think the combination of both uh-huh is good.


It’s better than just one yeah, there’s no doubt like yeah. I definitely say just the tutorial is not going to teach you how to play the game right. It’s going to get you familiar with the concept, I think yes, that was kind of my point yeah it’s going to give you the intent and then you take the rule book and you clarify all the things that you’re not clear on right. I think the combination of both like even after we played the game two or three times we were still getting rules. Yes, even after doing both of these because of the complexities and a lot of the decisions you have to make and a lot of the way, the game flows.


So it’s definitely a tough game to learn for sure um, but once you learn it you’re like oh well, that does that makes sense and that’s actually pretty easy, but hindsight’s always easy right. Just like when you guys watch our videos and you point out all the little mistakes yeah, it’s like sure in hindsight. It’s easy to spot that stuff right. But when you’re. But I challenge any of you yeah to sit down and play it.


The first two or three times to get it all right, yeah, I promise you, you won’t do that um, but we that’s why we played so many times until we are pretty confident, we’ve gotten it right, yeah, absolutely so um. But overall I mean I was very impressed with it. Yeah it’s an impressive game like there’s. No doubt when it showed up, I was like the box is huge, so I was kind of like a little bit judgy and like what are you compensating for something yeah giant box, but pretty much. Every board game comes in a giant box nowadays because stuff right, yeah everybody needs it’s not that big.


Well, I think any Kickstarter now has so much bling and added stuff to it, but I was going to say: is that it does it? You know you have all your components, you have all your things um and uh, and overall I was, I was really happy with it. This is one that we played a lot of times and I was absolutely fine playing it. Every single time yeah – and I wasn’t sure, she’d like this one to be quite honest, just because it is there’s math’s and she doesn’t like games where there’s lots of math’s as much as I do exactly. I mean I don’t mind them, but it’s that you do math very differently than I do and you do my math for me sometimes and I’m like, I want to know yeah what’s going on, so it takes me a little bit longer to do my math and Understand what’s going on which actually, I think is frustrating for you.


So really it comes back to you so actually, because about a game that you actually want to play with me or not so true, yeah, true, true yeah um, but I do enjoy. I don’t. I enjoy economic mathy games um and because it’s just I don’t know; I don’t know why. That’s just where my head is and that’s what I do for a living and that’s just how I’ve been the last 20 years of my life so um, but I enjoy that so, but either way um. So obviously we both enjoy this game quite a bit.


Um not expecting to fully – and I mean I thought I’d like it, because I do like city builders, but I think I liked it even more because it’s an economic city builder and that’s not so much focus on the builder side but more on the economic Side which, again, I appreciate more as well yeah, so absolutely that is all I agree um, so there you have it. I hope we rambled on enough to give you guys an idea of what you know what the game was all about. What worked for us and what didn’t work for us and if it’s something that would work for you in your collection, yeah, and this is again, this is a very unique one um. So we’re interested to see what you think if this is a game that belongs in your collection or if it’s one, that you want to give a shot. So let us know in the comments below if this video helped you make a decision one way or the other about whether this belongs on your shelf all right, so we hope you enjoyed the video thanks for watching we’ll see you next time you


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