Magician Reacts to The Greatest Fool Us Act in History!!

Magician Reacts to The Greatest Fool Us Act in History!!

Magician Reacts to The Greatest Fool Us Act in History!!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back today, what you’re about to see is possibly no without a doubt, the best card magic you’ve ever seen in your life, let alone the best fool us performance, we’re talking about Danny De Ortiz. I would highly encourage you to leave a like And subscribe to this channel if you do enjoy magic things, it was also in New York recently and posted a magic Vlog with a whole bunch of performances. If you want to check that out uh you can it’s the video we posted on Tuesday. Now I’ve never done one of these for a fool us performance. Until today I felt it necessary to call Danny day Ortiz, if you’re a muggle.

If you’re not a magician, you probably have never heard of Danny and if you’re a magician, if you haven’t heard of them, you haven’t been doing magic long enough. Now I’ve been a magician for close to 20 years and there are a few things that I want to point out to you during the performance, so I will be stopping here and there to talk about it. I’M looking forward to this. Let’S go here. We went when I was 10 years old.

My mother takes me in the past every week from Malaga to Seville. Only for me to have two hours lesson from magicians. This is five hour going and five hours back every week. This is unbelievable. Juantamarit was the first magician I Met Juan is not only.

My teacher is also my friend. I can’t believe you, because Juan is a genius in the magic Art when you are 10 years old. You don’t know how big this Quantum Juan is. Like my other father, if I can do magic to Juan, I can do money to everybody in the world. Magic is mine.

My life magician is my family. I am a very lucky man. I love magic. I love a few things in life. First of all, how do you not love this guy?

Already dude he’s got such a lovable character and energy of presence. His laughter, everything around him is just magic. I love this man so much. Secondly, an interesting point: Juan Tamaris is the best card magician that has ever lived and he was Danny De Ortiz’s teacher. Now, arguably, I think Danny has surpassed the master.

That’S my personal opinion. That being said, imagine the only person you tried to fool is the best card magician in the world. Of course, you’re going to be goaded from the start. Dude, that’s crazy! All right here we go.

If you don’t mind, I got ta make sure this is not a trick. Deck uh, nervous laughter ensues. Do anything you want, it’s normal, it’s a normal deck: okay, okay! First of all, Donny Osmond had no business touching his deck of cards. There was a forum on Facebook or a Facebook group of magicians talking about this in a sort of secret group uh and apparently that was not scripted.

That was not rehearsed. That was an unrehearsed dick move by Donny Osmond to grab the magician’s cards. It surprised the heck out of me when I found that out, because Donny Osmond being in the entertainment industry for decades should know by now. Like don’t mess with this, have you never met a magician like? Would you take a guitar out of a guitarist’s hands?

Of course, not that’s completely disrespectful, Danny da Ortiz handled it like a champ, obviously playing it off, and everybody thinks it’s part of the show right off the bat. I do not like Tony Osmond, one bit I’m just trying to steal the show. I get that he’s. Trying to be entertaining – and they said his name – he doesn’t want to just be a spectator. He thinks he’s there to be like the star of the show, but dude get your grubby mitts off this man’s deck of cards and by the way, if this were uh.

Some type of completely tricked out deck that performance is over. Penn was looking right at it. That would have been done. That would have been curtains, so not a cool move whatsoever. Listen to me.

I understand from Spain. My English is very bad, but I try my magic. Will be better, I try. I try, because if I tell you, for example, tell me stop how many cars one two three or four four four cards and now for the magic dude. I do nothing ideal cards on you again, you tell me stop what’s up.

Are you sure, yeah okay? Can you count with your finger? How many cars know the deck on the table? One two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Nine ten!

I don’t know how! But if there are 10 cars, do these four cars exactly one time? Okay, what first of all what dude, if okay, ah there’s uh, he likes how name number one two three or four he says four, he said if he would have said three or two: what would that? What would that have looked like? It wouldn’t have looked good. It wouldn’t have been impressive.

Two hey two there’s two tens like who cares isn’t that insane? That is the type of magic that Danny De Ortiz does. It is risky. It is out there. It is risk without risk, but it is risk with great reward.

Also there might be some of you thinking, oh maybe he’s in on it, for that portion of the trick. I can tell you for a fact. I have a lot of friends. Who’Ve been foolish, who have fooled Penn and Teller, there are strict guidelines for magicians, one of them being. There is no pre-show and what pre-show is there’s no funny business with the spectators.

There are no instructions that you can give to The Spectator other than have this person stand here when the show starts. There is nothing of the sort. What you’re seeing right now is Donny Osmond’s, genuine reaction and pen on pen. Uh he’s got his own podcast called pen Sunday school, and he comments on how Donny Osmond goes from being a fake spectator to a genuine real person. Donny asked to be on a show watching magic. He’s prepared to be impressed, he’s prepared to be effusive.

Yeah he’s prepared to react. You can see that all on his well-tanned face. Yes, he’s ready to do all that right, then Danny starts working and Donnie. My favorite thing you see in Show Business, which is what a guy who is this happens to me all the time when a guy who is pretending to do something all of a sudden really does it so he’s pretending to be impressed for the first trip And then he really is he. He acts like he’s impressed at first and then you can tell he gets really impressed because he just acts like everyone else would with magic, and it’s so beautiful to watch the seasoned Entertainer who’s a professional, become a child.

So keep an eye on Donnie. For that, let me tell you very quickly. This is very, very fast, very, very it’s your life. I don’t care because I don’t know what to do, but now nothing comes. Can you count with your finger one two.

Three. Four: five: six seven, I don’t know how, but if there are seven cars, what before was 10? No, no, no welcome to my world no welcome to my world one serving another saving another setting. Another seven few things to note here. First of all, I did not see that switch.

I don’t think anyone in the entire world saw that switch, including the people that were right there. Secondly, he handled that so well dude, this guy’s such a pro. You see him when he’s dealing and he’s like uh say, stop very fast and they say stop and, and for those of you in the know, for those of you who know what’s going on how he handled that specific situation is truly brilliant. You could tell he’s done this a thousand times. Thirdly, lastly uh before I have to interject I’m sorry, this is my job, his style of magic, if you haven’t noticed by now, there’s some really really beautiful things going on.

First of all, there’s an amazing sense of contrast. There is his apparent skill level and his apparent manipulation, which is Zero versus the impossibility and improbability of the effect. So you have someone who appears to have absolutely no influence on the cards. Who even says this is my life? I don’t know how it happens.

It’S just magic, I’m not in control. There’S this chaotic sort of yes, say whatever you want, name whatever you want to do, whatever you want. The magic still happens. The magic happens because they’re all together, it doesn’t happen because the magician is good with cards, because as soon as you’re good with cards a trick like that, the contrast begins to to shrink when the contrast shrinks, the Wonder, also shrinks. So if you can make that contrast between how you’re handling the cards and what’s going on, make everything seem fair and free of choice, but then this miracle happens.

You know that’s going to be an amazing moment of astonishment for The Spectator. Now you don’t want to break it, you don’t want to be like hey, uh and also the cards are vampires and like to come up with some weird stuff. No, this guy’s saying magic just happens, I don’t know how, but it just does. It’s a beautiful thing to watch anything. Okay. Now I like to improvise. I like to improvise, you will tell me, stop, I try.

I I hope you understand my English. You will tell me, stop and take through your heart. Okay, stop! My English is very popular, but you know you know what you know. What I listen to you, but the trick is no!

You turn me stop and the three appear. I say the trick is that the three appear on the Box. Come on. Dude watch that back dude, I’m not gon na rewind it. You can go ahead and watch that back. Everything was smooth, the misdirection was so beautiful or anything.

I forgot one car in the Box. Sorry, sorry! Yes, it’s my life to come here. Do you see how he got up out of his chair? This is the moment that he begins to lose his freaking mind, and it is a beautiful thing to watch.

Insanely fast was that no, at least that’s what I think sure about this one, which is one eight of Hearts, but if Ace of eight, eight or hot this one uh. I know sorry, no, no, no not with the heart, not with the heart uh, because this is another trick who you want. You yeah, unbelievable, listen to me! We don’t use this car.

Okay, I will show you the car, like so completely, very, very open. Only when you want this is true. You can wait, you can only when you want. You tell me, stop. I don’t know how, but now is one serving another serving another.

Seven. Stop it! That’S ridiculous! I don’t understand his ridiculous good work. He’s so funny. This is nothing.

This is only for the trick. This is not a trick. It’S only for winning tricks. He’S like it’s only for waking up. This is only for Wing up.

Okay, now the trick. I I love one trick and the trick is uh. This is uh uh, any kind of number. Look! Oh okay!

No problem with the next trick. I love to shop for the deck. I try but it’s not complete because I turn out. I don’t know how to restore it. Oh yes, there’s only 51 in there, okay shut up because we are.

We are four okay, I give you a few. Maybe the thing is: here’s what I’m actually realizing just now. Maybe the thing is Donny Osmond thinks that it’s his job to try and catch him. Being that the show is called fools, maybe that’s what’s happening right now. Maybe he’s never watched the show and he’s like.

Oh, I got ta, try and figure out how this is done, which makes it even more amazing that Danny controls this uh person the way he does because there’s a lot of crowd management uh. As you know, if you’ve ever performed a magic trick, there’s a lot of crowd management, especially when you’re surrounded at the table and everything when he creates the illusion of everything. Being so fair, you feel like you can just take the cards out of his hands and start shuffling them, because it does, it genuinely doesn’t seem to matter so your crowd control skills have to be. You have to. You know equate your skills in um sleight of hand and manipulation and card Mastery like so or okay.

Shuffle, please, under the table, you take a pocket they take and give the half to him everybody shuffled. So now everybody gets to be a part of it. How beautiful is that under the table uh? Can you take any car and put it in the middle? Don’T look, it’s only for enjoyment, it doesn’t even matter if you catch and complete it.

You know what meow cats are, okay and you put in the middle now thinking any number is between 1 and 20 or 20, something but a very difficult number. Don’T tell me, yes, don’t tell me, and now I try I try. This is true. When I tell you, the deck is not complete. This is this.

Is the truth okay, but doesn’t matter, yes, I mean you have a number. I do what number you want? 21 

Yes, any car is possible, and now I do a special ritual. This is unbelievable. Look.

This is a ritual attack. I need at this moment one of you thinking about a car. You have one card. First of all, a beautiful moment occurs when you just flop these cards on the table in a messy pile. Even right.

Now you can notice that the cards are not squared up, they are in a mess. This is all on purpose. This is all to create that chaos and that feeling of it doesn’t matter when every single person shuffles and the feeling of free choice when he gave Donnie a free choice of any number, and he apparently gave her a free choice of naming any card or looking At any card, there’s a beautiful beautiful thing about that and secondly, when Donnie look at look at Donny’s hand right now, levitating over the deck. That’S because, when Danny grabbed it he knew Danny knew that Donnie was not The Spectator. That’S going to listen to everything!

He does, he’s a guy in control, he’s a guy who wants to be the star of the show. He goes to reach for the deck and Danny holds his hand. Let’S go and now look at who’s in control, Danny’s hand, Donny’s hand is just floating there. Yeah. Okay think in the car, okay: okay, if you want to change, you told me it’s okay today, if you want to change your mind for you, because you are thinking the number do I think in the car, so you have no need to be the ritual.

This is a ritual, take one or two and put to the table, take three or four and put on the table because it’s the ritual, it’s very restrictive, oh and now take like in a pile, take two or seven or eight or one okay, I’m putting the Table takes two or seven or eight okay and put, or maybe six maybe at least maybe maybe I’m put on the table. It’S a ritual. It’S not nine! It’S not mine faster until uh. What you want, for example, until you say a stop!

Stop! Okay! In this moment, this car you take and put in the middle, no, no in the middle of the okay. Do anything you want, but here in the middle of here and Shuffle and Shuffle or not complete, meow and complete. Okay, now take a few cars from the top, put them on the bottom, complete, so good, okay, take one or two or put them in the deck.

Take everything you want and put it there . That’s unbelievable. Ladies and gentlemen, that was the ritual here’s the thing only Danny dare Ortiz can get um an Applause for a spectator, just apparently shuffling at that, like messy shuffling, and that is something for you guys to note. If you’re out there performing is that Danny isn’t making the magic about himself, he is not making the magic about The Spectator, the magic just exists, and it happens because they’re all there together, it’s like he says this effect is a ritual and it’s just a beautifully Designed routine, where everything is out of everyone’s hands and they’re all just there to have a good time, everybody at the table is smiling everyone’s having a great time. Everyone at home, everyone in the audience, myself, it’s just a joy to watch. Sorry, I’m just so!

Enamored by this man, okay, don’t believe me because it’s very very difficult to understand, but if you do exactly what I tell you to take care of, your thinking will be in the position. You told me that you are welcome to my work. Welcome to my world tell me: you’ve been a very strange World. 21. 21 21.

Say it’s okay for you! Yes, okay, um! I didn’t. I don’t ask you for the card. Look I swear, but I do nothing.

I do nothing. I count until this is your Shuffle. This is what you do. This is your life in these five minutes. Okay.

  1. 21. Are you sure I am positive? It’S okay, okay, 21. Okay, tell her you already know you want to change my mind.

Tell her already now, two three four five: six: seven: eight: nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen. Sixteen Seventeen eighteen nineteen, twenty Twenty One hear me for the first time what color you want Jack, I tell you anything is possible. This is true jack of hearts, Jack of Hearts. I don’t know how to thank you very much, grand master. You did such a long trick.

It went so long. We don’t have time to go to the Sea. We don’t have time to talk. We just have to give you the trophy now. First of all, Danny knew he would fool them.

He knew going in there that he would fool them a because the magic is his magic. Isn’T about fooling you or not. His magic is just actual magic. Dude, he knows it’s gon na fool. You it’ll fool the pants off every human being alive because of his way of interweaving, the illusion of free choice with actual free choice.

That is a really really strong and powerful thing to do as a magician when you can introduce a free option, but also intermingle, some type of force or some type of uh, some type of choice that isn’t so free, we’ll say. Well, then, all the rules are broken in the spectator’s mind, you’ve superseded any pre-existing notion of magic that you’ve ever seen before and you’re left with this chaotic sequence of seemingly random events, and that is impossible to retrace. It is impossible to reverse engineer, and it is so freaking beautiful how this man has mastered, that part of magic, and especially Spanish magicians under the tutelage of Juan Tamaris, have all sort of adopted the same outlook on Magic, and it is so inspiring as a magician When you see another performing magician, be able to break out of the magic tropes that we’re all used to and to just make it about the magic so refreshing, I mean again, I’m inspired either to up my game and and learn more magic and connect with people And travel, and part of me is inspired to give up. Just like I don’t know, take photos or something like that because he’s that good, but he is an absolute genius, he’s a beautiful kind soul, amazing to watch. I hope you get to see uh.

I hope you get to see him live one day. I personally got to see him live and I was equally as fooled. If not I mean the stuff I saw. I was literally out of my chair like about to leave the building. It was insane but I appreciate you guys sticking around with me.

Let me know if you like this video and if you like this type of commentary to magic tricks. I will not do this for every fool us winner. I don’t even think I’ll. Maybe ever do it again, for it really takes something special for me to do. One of these because I feel, like normally the magic sort of speaks for itself, and you don’t need my stupid voice chiming in uh.

But if you did enjoy that and you want to see more, let me know in the comments leave a like subscribe guys and we’ll see you on the next video peace out. 


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