Betrayal at House on the Hill: Ashly Burch, Keahu Kahuanui, Michael Swaim join Wil on TableTop pt1

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Ashly Burch, Keahu Kahuanui, Michael Swaim join Wil on TableTop pt1

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Ashly Burch, Keahu Kahuanui, Michael Swaim join Wil on TableTop pt1

I love a good B horror movie and by good I mean bad, which is actually good because it is so bad. It makes it good. Please note that in this case, I refer to bad, not in the Run, DMC style of bad meaning, good, but bad, meaning bad, which, for our purposes in this discussion, is good today on tabletop, Michael Swain, Ashly, Burch and Kia hookah, who annuity are here to join Me in a terrifying B, horror movie: we will all work together to explore a creepy old mansion gather, magical, omens and useful items right up until someone turns against the rest of us and the real fun starts, and by fun I mean murder, which is bad in The actual sense of being bad, which once again in this case, would be good unless you are a murder victim which is also bad, got it good, let’s find out who will survive to be trail at house on the go: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ], a trailer house on the hill, is a super thematic cooperative game with a defector designed by Bruce Glasco in betrayal. We are a group of friends in a B horror movie and we find a creepy abandoned house on the hill, so naturally go inside to explore it and look for adventure. What could possibly go wrong?

There are three levels to the house: the creepy ground floor. The super creepy upper floor and the oh, my god, why did I even come down here basement below? As we move around the house, we will move through doors like this, then we’ll flip a random tile to fill out the house. This means that every time we play this game, the house is different and the encounters occur in totally different sequence. This adds a ton of replayability to this game on each turn, you will move your character around the house and explore any new rooms that you discover.

If a room has a symbol on it, you will draw the corresponding card. Some of these are gon na, be scary, encounters, others will be useful items and others will be scary items called omens. We will explore the house and level up our characters until something very special happens about halfway through the game called the haunt. When the haunt is revealed. The game changes dramatically.

One member of the team is revealed to be a traitor who has lured us into the house to do unspeakable things to us like make us watch ghostwriter. This is when the game changes from a purely cooperative game to us, the loyal, plucky heroes, vs

Them the horrible horrible others trying to kill us. The traitor now has his own agenda and this encounter book will tell them what he needs to do to win the heroes likewise have their own objectives described in this separate. Oh, my god, please let me survive. I don’t want to die in this house.

Every time you play betrayal, you will play one of 50 different encounters. Remember what I said about massive replayability. This 50 encounter haunt book sends it to the roof. Betrayal is a fan, favorite and is essentially a small role-playing game in a box, and that’s why I love it. So why are we exploring this creepy house whose sudden but inevitable betrayal will we curse?

Let’S find out in betrayal at house on the hill I’m Keauhou Cahoon Nui, I’m known for our Teen Wolf. When I play Danny on the show, my name is Ashley birch. I am half of the sibling duo what you playing – I’m Michael Swain from crack calm and I’m here as part of the Wil Wheaton look like contest. I believe I came in ninth. This is betrayal at house on the hill.

It has a fantastic mechanic to determine who starts the game. Each character has a birthday and whichever characters birthday is closest to the day on which you are playing, the game will go first, so all of our characters – birthdays have already happened, so actually Ash’s character, madam’s Ostra. It is her birthday next, so you will be the first player in this game. Congratulations you’re already already winning a little bit yeah, so Madame’s Ostra. What would you like to do on your own?

Let’S see my speed free um. You know, I think I’m gon na go upstairs [ Music ], all right, so you’re gon na go one two, and that takes you to the upper landing, and that is as much as you can do. This turn because you’ve run out of movement sighting. First turn for you very exciting, all right: father Reinhardt, yes, Father Reinhardt’s, I’m a priest who chose to take a gypsy and a child into a haunted house. That’S this guy!

My faith has instructed me to take an immediate right. Oh, this way, all right so you’re gon na go this, which means you’re gon na open the door. So we’ve got a ground floor tile here. Let’S see what it is, it is the dining room and there’s gon na be an omen in the dining room. I think it’s a little odd to have a door shooting out the front of the house.

Let’S bring it in all right here you go, and here is your omen. What is it let’s find out what it is spear, a weapon pulsing with power whoa, and if I wield this, I get to roll two additional dice huh. Whenever I make a mite attack with this weapon, so I’m I’m stabbing you basically my good friend. Okay, that’s great, oh, and I have to make a hot room yeah. I guess you could make a long, [, Music, ], there’s an omen card already the first card we pulled, I’m pretty sure the hunts gon na happen, like five seconds from now.

Thanks Obama, incredibly unlikely, so no hunt, five, we’re good, we’re fine, we’re super okay, except we have a priest of the spear. I don’t know really good I’ll. Have the ladies out? There know that my card specifically said it was a spear pulsing with power. So I think I’m gon na be alright.

Yeah. Let’S see it’s uh, let’s go upstairs, go for it all right! One! Two three uh! I think I’m gon na go yeah straight straight, yeah, all right, we’re gon na open this door here.

Why don’t you go ahead? Open cool: what’s the chart room and there’s another omen, they told me before the show if the hot hits really early you’re, basically all just screwed, so that could very well happen. Okay, let’s go ahead. What’S gon na happen, medallion imma dyin inscribed with the pentagram, always a good sign. All right, I make a hot Chuck.

Oh I’m fairly sure that that means the heart will not ever happen again. I just came on. It turns out that we’re so tell all right. I’M Peter Okimoto Peter speed is four, so I’m gon na go ahead and send Peter upstairs. Also he’s gon na go one two three into this: he’s gon na open up this door and it’s an upper floor.

So, let’s see what we have here, the tower the tower is awesome. You can attempt a might roll of three plus two to cross this to get to this store. But if you fail, then you have to stop moving and then event is going to occur now. So let me draw my event and I’ll tell you what it is. Jonah’S turn two boys are playing with a wooden table.

Would you like a turn Jonah one asks no says Joe and I Oh Oh, turns Jonah takes the top and hits the other boy in the face, because Jonah is a dick. The boy falls. Jonah keeps hitting him as they fade from view. If an explorer has the puzzle box that explored discards, that item and draws a replacement item for it, if this happens, you gain one sanity. Otherwise, you take one die of mental damage.

Anybody all right! Okay, all right! Here we go: let’s roll a zero. Let’S roll! A zero: let’s roll, a zero, we roll the zero Ashley.

It is your turn all right. Madam’S little star wants to move here. All right. Look at that! I don’t have a problem with gypsies.

Okay, I just think that you know their demonic people worshiping demons and that she’s probably definitely the traitor. That’S all! That’S all I’m saying, of course it’s an omen. Why? Wouldn’T it be junk room when exiting you must attempt a might roll of three plus?

If you fail, I lose one speed but continue moving. Here’S your omen. Oh good girl, companion, a girl, trapped alone. You freak her in one sanity and when she’s your companion, I really don’t know how she ended up in this house, although she’s covered in blood. So that’s not great, pretty sure she’s had hasn’t had the best life so far um, but I’m a protector and worst case scenario.

She can be a tiny human shield. Now you make a haunt role so platoon or six. So let’s see there are one two three omens on the board: Oh more than three you tied it. You tied it. So the hunt does not begin great, blended sort of been the fastest game.

The house on the hill ever usually the first couple of hot rolls, are like haha: let’s make a hot roll that was really tense. Yes, okay, my speed is still what it was before yeah. Oh, you know what before I move, I’m actually gon na go. Kick aside those skeletons okay and see, if there’s anything in there, so to do that, just I have to make a sanity roll this you’re sad, it’s crazy! It’S like six right and I just have to get five okay.

So here’s hoping all right! Good luck! Mm-Hmm! You hear all like the power of my boot. Compels you exactly, and indeed it does yeah item card and the skeletons are stricken from the gasps nice there you go.

What did you get? What was hidden inside that skeleton a blood dagger? This is a message yeah now I can only use one weapon. Can I hold your can carrying it? You want to give that blood dagger to flash, because the blood dagger works because it affects, I think it takes speed away and you’ve got speed to burn yeah.

All right Keauhou: what are you doing? Huh, let’s go to the right this way, all right, upper ground or basement so go ahead and flip it all right. Oh the creaky, low, okay, it’s a hallway that creaks and I don’t think, there’s any events in that room. So you can continue moving since you have additional movements so uh, then let’s go. Let’S go this way.

All right. Add new ground, no basement no basement no ground. No, I think chef, Lee’s, title suit upper or ground floor go ahead, bloody room, oh boy, the bloody room. This does not bode well. You’Re gon na get an item in the bloody room items are good yeah.

What is it? It is an angel feather. Okay, that’s just a bad, immediate death for all players. Everyone loses good bye, punch yourself in the face in a perfect, feather flooding. Fluttering in your hand, when you attempt a roll of any kind, you can call out a number from 0 to 8 use that number.

Instead of rolling the dice wait what yeah? That is, how many times you try to discard this guy item after you use pretty good item yeah all right, so Peter Okimoto is like. I need some stuff, you guys and he’s gon na walk through the statuary corridor. Here and that’s like these, statuaries are boring and stupid and homework. Alright, he’s gon na come here and it’s the master bedroom a excellent at long last.

The master bedroom happened. That’S great there’s an omen in the master bedroom and it is a madman, a companion, a raving frothing madman, game game, too, might takes me to five might and lose one sanity now. Oh you guys. My companion is a madman. That’S amazing, Peter Okimoto is like.

Oh finally, the truth is he’s uh, no he’s buddied up with Don Draper. Now I have to make a haunt roll, that’s three four five and up there and I’m rolling six dice it wills a trader. I have I mean he’s like he’s a kid with a madman, so I’m pretty sure we’re gon na be okay, one, two, three, four: five, no, no questions. Okay, that’s really good news! I thought that I was gon na end up being the traitor and I am so worthless and weak.

If, if I became the traitor cuz, I failed that Hunt role, I’m dead, I’m an explorer by nature, so I’m gon na just go right over there. This way, yes, all right ground floor, nope upper floor. I want to flip that and see what it got. Storeroom. The starters great just has items that as they play and open it’s a dead end.

So we’ll just have it end that way: dude it to dead. Thank you now. This has become a hanna-barbera cartoon. Okay. So now I’m a priest wielding a sphere with a pentagram medallion yep in honor.

If Mike becomes the traitor, we are screwed, I’m feeling good right. What are you gon na do where’s flash going? I want to get some wrench armors. What I want to do it right: let’s go through the bloody room, again the bloody room. So there you go it’s another floor time, the vault awesome.

You can attempt a knowledge role of six-plus to open an empty. The balls [ Music ] – well, I’m not very smart, so well before you get into the vault you have to be in here happen, go ahead and event: okay, lights out, your flashlight goes out. Huh, that’s not good! Bro! Don’T worry!

Someone else has batteries. That scares me every morning: um keep this card. You can move only one space each turn until you enter your turn in the same room as another Explorer. Oh, that’s! Not that bad!

We’Ll help you! Okay, oh, how the speedy have slowed. Where’S, everybody! No flashlight! I have an angel feather yeah and I should you have anything you want right.

That was a seriously clutch move by Keauhou. We can’t go anywhere use your items when you can opening the vault is difficult and you’re guaranteed to good things. One burner two birds, I’d rather trade. The one take my chances with the two. I also kind of love the idea that he had that angel feather.

So he was sort of like tickling the vault door until it opened and the vault door was all no. No stop stop. What did you find in the vault? I got a revolver, Oh God, oh, my god, you can use the revolver to attack the speed instead of might oh, that’s actually good. For me, probably just one drop, you know, I hope, we’re on the same side.

Your opponent then defends with speed and takes physical damage. Roll one additional die on your speed attack roll maximum of eight dice. With with the revolver, you can attack anyone in the same room or within line of sight through an uninterrupted straight line of doors. If you attack someone in another room and lose you don’t take damage, I think I’ll use this woman, yeah, okay, dark, dark dice! That’S once per turn, you can roll three dice.

Six is moved to the location of any Explorer, not revealed as a traitor. Five is moved one other Explorer in the same room into an adjacent room for is gained one and a physical trait three is immediately moving to an adjacent room. Two is gained one in a mental trait one is draw an event card and zero is reduced. All your traits to the lowest value above the skull symbol, discarding practice whoa that starts at the gambling man. That’S like one use once per turn, you can walk.

Oh, my god, you guys it’s kion, who just got a bunch of really awesome items that are all related to his speed and he has really high speed. So if he’s the traitor, I’m pretty sure we’re all screwed. I think I’m gon na come here because I have nothing and if the haunt starts I’m effed in the B. So okay, this is the a bedroom. You know Peter Okimoto really likes snooping around and I’m just sort of wondering whether it’s like hey normal puberty kicking in or you know this kid had early access to you porn and we really should be monitoring his family filters, because the thing is, he went into A bedroom and found a madman a raving madman, and he was basically fine with it.

It seems weird to me the walls. This room is warm flesh, like walls pulse with a steady heartbeat. Your own heart beats with the rhythm of the house. You are drawn into the walls and he merged somewhere else. You must draw the next room tile and put it in the house put your Explorer in that room.

So this is an upper or ground floor, which means that I can go to the upper or ground floor and this is the chapel and I’m going to put the chapel on the ground floor. So I can stay in it and then go gain knowledge in the library. I’M an extern, sorry flash you’re on your own was here anything might turn here and a gate of sanity. If you would, please attach that to the library that would be great dude all I was asking for some batters and you go to the law library kind of Boy Scout. Are you a collapsed room?

You just sort of hobbles on his shattered limbs, rabbit’s foot. Once during my turn, I can re-roll one died. I must keep the second I’m gon na go to the library, I’m gon na end my turn in the library. That’S all I’m gon na. Do it.

I’M gon na gain in all of it. I like to read: reading books is cool guys. You have found the coal chute there’s a one way. One way one way slide to the basement landing going to see the way there you go come on in sir vine is delicious. Oh dog, and I so the dog is great sure.

The dog chilling in the pentagram chamber is gon na, be a great companion that I can trust crypt. If you end your turn here, take one fundamental damage: oh, but you get an event secret stairs a horrible creaking, sound echoes all around you. You’Ve discovered a secret stairwell, put 1 secret stairs token in this room and a second secret stairs token an existing room on another floor. Well, you put them in the game room, so I can come down to the basement. I feel like.

I should save you y’all. You want to put them in the bloody room in the basement to the Attic. That’S on another floor, yeah! Ok! So there there!

Ok, alright! So I’m gon na move there ok see how it’s coming Fran. I seem to be immune to most things in the basement. So I’m gon na keep pressing my luck with God and t2 right around this little half here in the end of that, okay, alright, there you go what happened right that the furnace room, oh man, cold. Can you turn here take a point of physical damage.

It’S hot a point, but I got ta take a point of physical damage. I don’t you fun good, but what happen I like this one, a badger: No! Thank God. If I an attack an opponent that has a sanity trait, I can attack with sanity. Instead of might whenever I want, and my sanity is 7, so I’m gon na be doing that all the time as soon as the hot start.

There are a lot of omen cards out on the table. I’M pretty sure the hunts gon na happen soon and I’m pretty nervous about it, especially if Keauhou or Michael or the trader. I think we’re in we’re in some deep. If I find out on the trader, the wolf will be unleashed, so we got four. I think I think that I think we have seven out now for mine, my bag, sorry jerk, that’s the room is shaking all right.

Let me grab the hot book mm the traders down the hot chart. We are in the furnace room and the item is the ring, so we will be playing hot number 28, and that means that the traitor is the player with the highest knowledge, except for the hunt. Revealer. What’S your knowledge actually for what’s yours for, but I revealed right what’s yours, 3! Definitely not me!

It’S the child! Don’T go to the library right. My knowledge is 5. I’M the trader! You were reading the Anarchist Cookbook in that library I was.

I was all right after you guys look forward to saying fu as well. All right, you guys need to get this survivors book. I’M gon na open up the hot number – 28. Okay – and you guys can do that in here – and I’m gon na go to another secret place and find out what all my crazy trader stuff is holy Christ, [, Laughter, ], welcome to the haunt is revealed. I’M your host Billy Dee tonight on tabletop will be playing haunt 28, the ring of King Solomon.

When you found pentagrams under the floor in your bedroom as a child, you also found the source the nightly blood soaked dreams of pain, streams, his sickly sweet terror. Then the voices told you how to prepare for the arrival [ Music ] at first, you promised to make preparations only if the dreams would stop later, when you were awakened alone night after night, with only the drab comfort of your own pale imagination for company. You promised to finish the preparations only if the dreams returned now the arrival is at hand. You’Re done with dreaming hell has come and I’m the traitor, [ Music, ], [, Music, ]

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