I Spent Time With The World’s GREATEST Magicians!!

I Spent Time With The World's GREATEST Magicians!!

I Spent Time With The World’s GREATEST Magicians!

Few weeks back, I had a life-changing experience when I met some Spanish magicians at a convention. I knew then that I immediately had to go to Spain.  Welcome back, I just landed in Spain. Last night I had an amazing trip. It was long, but we finally got here we’re in the beautiful town of beniolas.


We rented this dope Airbnb in the mountains. There are goats here uh, which is always nice and speaking of goats, Tobias, docile another goat, yeah, we’re gon na be chilling here, doing some magic and stuff, and then hopefully later on go to the convention. The convention’s called Throw bomb. it’s been going on for about 12 years, super dope and low-key, and very underground, like we got there last night, just a bunch of people sitting in the Town Square, like one in the morning till like three four in the morning, just hanging out drinking beers doing Magic, it felt more like a magic Jam than an actual convention, and that, I think, is my favorite thing in the world so really stoked to see more tonight. We’Re gon na talk about this gentleman over here in a second once he he’s getting things ready, he’s completely zoned in look at this.


Look at his own Denny is ready, but John actually brought this mirror from inside the house, and they just brought it outside. So they can practice some magic and have a mirror in front of them, which I thought was kind of cool. Oh only something a magician would do or John he likes mirrors this way, the fastest way to put on a ring, oh All, Right, Toby. What? What is this liquid here?


I don’t have to show you this one doesn’t smell anything about doing it, just a little bit. Yes, oh no yeah, look at that! Still soft, but it takes just a second and then it’s good to go. What else can this thing do? No, that’s just needed a little bit.


Whoa. Look at that! Oh yeah! I have to get everything. That’S good, hey little cat.


What do you want Toby you’re, a bit of a mad scientist? I would say what have you got here? Wait, it comes out. You can’t do this with yourself . Thank you.


After a few hours of jamming at the Airbnb, it was time to check out the convention. This place is pretty dope super chill Castle Vibes like a Spanish Harry Potter. Have you learned any Spanish Doug? You realize that it’s [ __ ], it’s really good! Oh my God!


Yes, yes, he’s a good one. Yes, yes! Yes, it’s like your logo. Yes, same thing! All right, like my name, do you do magic?


Yes, magician? Yes, very cool! Nice to meet you too, yoga YouTuber, see. Oh [, __ ] he’s a good YouTuber. I said yes, he goes.

Oh [, __ ] yeah a little beer in these little cappuccino cups we’re going into a magic Caravan. There’S all these dope little places where people perform yo what  he puts his face in his hands through there, what I’m not exactly sure if it was the weather or the people or maybe even the drinks, but this place was magic  such a tiny space Held some of magic’s greatest performers sharing ideas is, though, through a collective magic Consciousness, sleight of hand, secrets and a whole lot of laughs. There was just something about it. We then headed into a church where we saw performers perfect their craft, but the greatest part of the evening was yet to come. We got to play a game where you lose in front of a live audience in the middle of a church, so stay tuned for that video .


It was officially time to relax, seeing the Oceanside every day and taking in the beautiful sights. This country had an amazing experience.  got to see some rocks, which apparently inspired Salvador Dali to create some of his work. A Cass is where he lived after all and Toby also felt inspired. it’s so funny because we’re here next to the house of Dali and I love the elite, so we love to draw stuff and the most important.


What you have to do is to take a lot of drugs. Oh wait! The best part is this one where you come here and you just get the spec on the Gap like this, because, oh my God and um, watching some of the greatest magic I’ve ever seen be performed for people who haven’t yet seen. It was such a joy. This feeling never gets old .


This is Mark by the way Mark got into a motorcycle accident a while ago and as a result, he lost his thumb but like a true magician, he spent days with all of us and was able to hide that fact. Here’S how he showed us back. You got one you got to see this trick. He wants to show you something: okay, all right, , oh okay, again, oh yeah man. What a trip  man we had such a good time – jamming magic, as you guys saw so many cool things, such cool people, such a cool Vibe.


Here I could stay here forever um, but to commemorate this Juan colas is going to uh. Tattoo me he’s got a stick and poke tattoo, so I’m gon na get a little tattoo to commemorate my time here in Spain: hey not bad yeah! That was good. it’s good, yep  schizophrenic, saying after you had sex what and who was. I have time for one final magic Jam before we all head back to reality .


Thankfully,   I felt like I entered a secret portal, one that no one except a select few knew about, into a place where time, money and responsibilities had no place in only friends, memories and Magic.




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