You FLASH You LOSE!! (Live audience reacts)

You FLASH You LOSE!! (Live audience reacts)

You FLASH You LOSE!! (Live audience reacts)

Welcome back two things before we get started today, number one: I will be the mc at the very first Card Con, which is a convention held by bicycle playing cards in Irvine California, October 16th, to 18th check out for more information. Secondly, no puzzle video today, I’m still editing footage from my trip to Spain, so you get this instead. Hope you’re not disappointed. Now.

What is this you’re not familiar with uh you flash, you lose it’s a game. I came up with years ago, where a group of magicians would enter a room, perform sleight of hand, miracles to a camera. One angle and the rest of the magicians would see this camera being projected onto a screen and would try and catch the magician and try to see if he flashes. Now, when you flash it, when you see how the trick is done, you see something that you shouldn’t. The only difference is this time we did it in front of a live audience of non-magicians.

So when I was in Spain for the gala, at the end of the convention there’s this big performance gala held inside a church with bleachers surrounded by about 50 to 80 spectators, and we thought it’d be a great idea to hook up a camera. Have our sleight of hand be projected on a giant screen for the audience, a lay audience to react to so it’s the first time we’re doing this in front of a live audience and uh. It turned out pretty darn great as you’ll see um. So, let’s just get into the video, the video starts with Mario Lopez, sort of explaining the rules to the audience and then we get right into it. So guys leave a like subscription, we’ll see on the other side, I’m sorry in advance, wow!

Oh I’m gonna go in, I can go in. I can huh like this. Oh, oh, hmm! Ah, oh, oh, come on! Ah again, again again, you want to see it again, hey come on, give it up.

Ah, what happened? Wow, come on perfect, come on. Oh yep. These people have a different show over here. It’s not the same.

Oh wow. Tell me that I can zoom out. Uh is okay, okay, good job uh, oh uh woo! Oh, oh yeah! I can see it. Oh flashed.

Bravo! Oh! So good that it looks good. Do it again again again whoa what yo? Okay, that’s good!

Oh you see it in eight hours. It goes all right. What what flash flash oh come on! This is so good to hold on and hold on. Do it again wow play us out?

Bravo all right, hey! Thank you to everybody who’s here. For me, this was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in front of people, so thank you. You guys are awesome, enjoy the rest of the night. Thank you guys, so cool


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