The COOLEST Escape Puzzle I’ve EVER Solved!! (Yo-ho-ho Chest)

The COOLEST Escape Puzzle I've EVER Solved!! (Yo-ho-ho Chest)

The COOLEST Escape Puzzle I’ve EVER Solved!

Do you feel this? Do you feel like dark Ares? Are your deeds an escape Wesley barker this is my friend was. You should subscribe to him first and foremost. I got what I needed thanks.

Uh we’re gonna solve a puzzle. Today this Escape Puzzle from Eco design. So it’s a Russian company that does like escape room stuff. They built that heist, one that i did uh before, but this one looks so dope just didn’t want to do it alone. I think this. This feels like something we should do uh together thanks for inviting man.

This is a problem. We’Re gonna we’re gonna see, if you’re a hindrance to the solve process or um or a catalyst. I’M really afraid of me stepping all over your uh, because i’m gonna have all these good ideas. Yeah, you don’t you don’t know me. When i get into the groove, i start getting angry dude um.

You need to watch out um, so yeah, there’s uh. There’S nothing to know about this puzzle, except that it’s electronic, lots of stuff going on inside lots of locks. Lots of drawers leverage things that pop out. It’S a really really dope puzzle and we’re gonna try to solve it. So without any further ado like subscribe and get ready start all right so over here we got this okay, so there’s like a hint here, we can grab a hint.

If we want no need, no need, no need. Why is it counting down uh that that’s for the hint? That’S how much time you have left for the hints. Oh, I see, I see we got a button here. Oh we got it.

We got a bunch of lights here, oh that one blue! Okay, are there other buttons? Are there other buttons, there’s something on the back side there over here? It’S got a hinge here, but it doesn’t do that? Oh no!

What do you get? Oh, oh, this moves. What did you get over there? I don’t know what that is. Oh, that’s just i’ll take a little drawer on the inside or something oh here yeah.

I think this might pop out, maybe yeah. That’S later. I think it’s gonna be probably later. Okay, we got a lock here. We got a padlock on the front of it um.

You know we can turn this so you guys can see what’s going on over here. So we got this little screen. We hit that button. That screen came up. We hit this button and it turned all these lights here, blue for some reason, and it went all the way up – all right, oh and there, okay, blue, blue, blue, blue and then it goes back to red and goes bp ha.

Okay. What’S here, maintenance only not for play okay? Well, we won’t touch that that’s just a decoy it is for. Should we look at that? Should we look underneath?

I don’t think that you need to do it. What’S that? Oh hello, dude! Oh, it’s stuck, it’s a coin like gum, we’ve got a coin all right. What made you want to pick this up, I mean you got to look at all sides.

Take all the things into consideration, so we’ve got a little doubloon here. Is there a slot somewhere that we can put this in anything on your side? This thing just opens eh. Oh, it does yeah, oh no, never mind what well it does, but there’s oh, but this is locked yeah, okay, my bad okay, all right, um, uh! Nothing over here for a coin to go in, oh yeah.

That’s right there! Oh, that is the move hundred percent! Oh yeah! These are the only screws that have like uh they’re, not actually like bolts or anything or nails. All right, I’m secretly hoping for this music.

Isn’T copyright friendly. You know what’s worth it regardless. I do this for the fans. I know I know not for the money. Awkward silence, you’d be surprised.

A lot of these puzzles are like thousands of dollars. How do you know how much I make off these videos? You want to do this side you’d be surprised to find out the amount of times we barely break. Even oh, you tell me all about it. Oh buddy, lift it up and we got cogwheels. Oh buddy.

This is sick. Okay, wait. We got those cogwheels! Oh look the lighthouse yeah okay uh, so this should mean just got. Ta go on the big one, arrow arrow to arrow.

There’S an arrow here! This one goes in the middle for sure, because it’s going to connect the two right, uh so arrow to arrow. Maybe I guess like this yeah and then this arrow on this one sounds like that. Try it all right! Oh no!

It has to. Oh yeah whoa. Are you trying to spell lighthouse here? Oh yeah, okay, oh you know what we got this backwards. We do.

We must like this is going to be pointing at numbers right, all right. Let’S go: let’s go with your theory, yeah for sure. So where do you start? So you? You start right here.

Is there a volume button on this all right? You start right here and then you’re gonna you’re gonna crank it around. Like spell lighthouse – and it’s gonna move this and show you that okay, okay, okay, so this should probably go here, then yeah right so leg leg, you know about ligma um and then the triangle should go to the triangle: right, yeah, one more yeah like this! Oh buddy, ah so eight! Oh, it’s a combination.

I guess I guess so. Uh eight and then oh hth, right, oh light lights, light! Oh yeah, light; okay, wait! No yeah, yeah uh! So eight three, oh!

You would be five eight, three five and then see eight three five, two, let’s see if it works. Eight three five, two right here, we’ll do this: oh yeah, all right: let’s go uh, eight, three, it better work. I have no other ideas. That’S over here. Okay, eight three five.

No, no, ah, is there another combination somewhere. Is that it? Oh? That’S only one, eight, three, five, two, eight, three, five. Two.

Let’S double check this here. Unless we misspelled the lighthouse, I mean it has to start with this l-i-g-h-t right. Oh, did we get this wrong? No! That’S!

That’S perfect! Yeah! That is perfect. All right, maybe we’re not spelling lighthouse, maybe respond something else.

Oh, never mind. Okay, light a leg! Three, eight! Three! Oh you!

  1. Se, eight! Three, five, two! Oh wait. Eight!

Three, maybe you’re not lined up properly. Well, I mean that’s clearly the right number. The music is copyright, you saying: can we shut it off nice ones like that? Music is definitely copyrighted. That’S definitely it, it’s got what’s on the bottom of that anything, nothing yeah!

No! This is definitely it. We definitely did the right thing, um, eight, three, five, two and it’s on the line here, that’s the line. You need right where the line is. That’S where you line it up.

Maybe there’s an input somewhere on this thing where we have to like oh darn it you can shut off that again. Sorry antoine! Thank you. Eight, three, five, two there’s gotta be something here. We’Re missing, lift it up again: oh whoa yeah dude feet the feet.

This one’s different too this one’s way different. All right can we unscrew them ready yep, i got one i don’t know if we’re supposed to, but we’re definitely unscrewing them. Now this one’s like way different, this one’s black amazing – i have one over here – oh and it’s got another yeah and they got arrows. Underneath you see the arrows yeah, that’s how they unscrew, i guess, but oh wow! Oh sorry, let’s put her down so we got these yeah.

What about this is this, where this goes? That’S where these came out of this one. This probably has to be hooked up to like make another tool or something yeah. It looks like you hook all these together. I don’t know what that’s for, but we’ve taken the legs off successfully we’re just dismantling whatever.

How does this not spell lighthouse, there’s something here, there’s something about this. It’S 100 spells lighthouse, that’s what we’re supposed to spell. Lig l, i g h, t right, yeah l, i g h, t d, eight, three, eight three, five two is that how many times you push the button? Maybe what are these symbols for yeah? Probably for something eh, four, five, six, seven, eight is you three is g.

Five is t? U g t two. Is i? U g t? I is there anything here that gt uh?

No, where do we input this information, i’m at a loss here yeah? This is wild false bottom, so I’m not as used to this as you. This is more frustrating for me. Wait! Oh yeah!

Yes, Chris Ramsey yep! Oh, it’s green! What is that this popped? Open? Oh sick?

Oh, what the hell there’s a blinking red light in there, check this out. Oh creepy, all right, so uh, my guess is fish it out. With that thing, can i look at it yeah it’s just a light, though wait. Can I source code it for the password or how many times it blinks or let me attach these two together here for a sec. I think we might need to oh this side opened.

This is awesome. Sorry, I’m peeking your mic, probably yeah, you’re good you’re good. What’S going on with it, nothing awaits! There’S got to be something in there. Take it out.

Okay, all right, we got puzzle pieces all right, make some room. Let’S take this thing out of the way for a sec, just like lift it over here yeah all right. Here we go: oh okay, there’s like ciphers on them: okay, they’re, all colors and yep color one side pattern and look: got yeah color one side pattern on the other: okay! Well, let’s put it on the pattern side and then maybe that’ll give us the color. Like once, we figure it out right, it’ll give us some type of right code or something: okay, boom cool.

So now that we have these, what the hell do we do with them? We have this right uh. Should we because i know that in the uh a352 we haven’t used that yet a352 we haven’t used it, we haven’t used yeah, we did on the code all right. I punched it right um, but on the ins like these, let me just try. Let me just try and flip one of these around oh okay hold on it, get, let’s just flip the middle thing around.

I think, for some reason see we got letters here, right yeah we got c. This is like a a c as well. I guess an l or maybe a u, oh, because it has a dot right, so dots need to be on top. Probably so that’s a! U that’s an l right and that’s an o.

Let’S see, yeah, okay, so and here’s a dot here: okay, okay, there’s something interesting here. Oh these aren’t letters. These are like little individual grids right. So th this s. That’s six!

That’S a six yeah! Okay! So that’s four! That’S tough! To say four one right could be one right, probably that’s seven for sure.

That’S seven for sure six, seven one one and then that’s gotta. Be that’s, gotta, be nine yep, six, seven, one! Nine! Not in that order. I think the order is going to be the symbols on the other side, yeah yeah.

They match yeah, okay, awesome. Turning towards the camera, perfect yeah. So like there’s a yeah, we got a pirate. We got a skull, a chest: oh maybe they don’t. No.

I’ve got an anchor and uh yeah, but there’s a ship on here. So maybe that’s the anchor right then, and there’s like a pirate. That’S like the hook, the hook, yep yep right. So wait. What’S the first one? The first one’s like a skull with an eye patch, so that would be this, which would be seven.

You think. Why is that? Why? I think that, because it’s the first one and it’s a pirate there’s a pirate on here as well, doesn’t sit. Oh there’s two there’s a little pirate and a skull.

Oh, what would the skull be? What is that? Even if I don’t know so, let’s figure out the other ones, then uh there’s a treasure, chest yeah and then a ship. So I’m saying the ship’s that – and that makes this six yeah six – the last number six is the last number: okay, okay, okay, um, and then we said the pirate. I think it’s that guy yeah it’s this guy, which is seven yeah, and it’s the second to last one we’re missing.

Just the two numbers yeah, so it’s gonna be one and nine, so just trying both ways: try them both ways: yep yeah. Let’S go nice that worked out good uh, all right, we’re still good on time. Uh yeah! We got 24

Okay, let’s crack this baby open. That was a fun little thing!

Oh god! I love it. Yes, dude! That was really fun. That was intense.

Okay. I should probably turn this around, so we can see it right, table’s getting beat here, all right go pro right, so we got these two more locks here. Uh two combination locks. We got one lock here and then we have this right. That’S all we have right there, there’s all sorts of stuff going on under there, nothing left in there.

Okay, oh boom. Oh that’s a cool little map there yeah. It is what it feels like bar chester, treasure, okay, there’s x’s see the x’s okay, there’s x’s Arkham. Maybe it’s like uh. I don’t know what this is good.

I don’t know why this exists, like why we gotta get numbers out of here. Somehow right, uh, four combinations, three combinations, treasure island, has three x’s right there: okay, one right, should you follow where the ship is and just sort of go around? Maybe two ships, I don’t even know, yeah well, two locks. Oh um, okay come across this mermaid. I mean I don’t there’s a lighthouse huh, trying to hold it up to the light or something oh yeah.

I never even think of that kind of thing. Um, cool cool cool i mean – maybe maybe like this. Maybe you go one one three one is this combination. Then that ship goes around, it was all ones everywhere. Except for that, you can have multiple yeah, but i mean that wouldn’t be it that it seems kinda.

You can try it, but I think we’re gonna look for it. Is there a three or four letter place here, nope huh? What’S this that’s just uh this i was just to lift it. I think yeah, oh oh, hold on. This thing is so cool all right.

So in here we got a little booklet. It’S gonna go with that map. Maybe oh yeah, probably maybe i don’t know what does it say? We started on the 20th september 1845 at the port of Izola right here. Let’S go uh 30th of december 1846.

We arrived at asgaroth so isola to Esgarov 1948. The coast of port city cleopolis, so we went boom boom down here, one two, three down here: okay and then arkham, which is way up here: wow what a detour? Okay, so izola asgaroth cleopolis arkham. What does this give us a lot of dates in here man? We finally reached our goal moored in the western part of the treasure island, near city will recon here: okay, huh there’s also like these little dudes back here right, there’s like a skull, dude, there’s a hook, dude there’s a beard dude, maybe it’s the dates.

I mean 1985 is when they finally got to the thing, so maybe we try 1985 as a good idea. We started on 20 september 1845, 20 september that’d be that’d, be 2009 or 009 20 20 september yeah. I don’t know, yeah. How are we getting numbers from this? I don’t know.

Okay, maybe work on a three digit number. I said four does never start. I don’t know yeah, because this is like 20 31 one is it? Is that two three one is it that seems kind of weak? It does seem kind of weak and then 14 may 10 and then then halif halifa july, 2nd.

Our next steps are bayport made 10 in halifa july 2nd and at the end of december 1851 our ship was already in the coast of malguti and then kingsport 20th of march and after a little rest, we rushed to search further 1983 1984 1983-84. That seems very recent compared to like 15. You know they’re only going for a while, yeah 1848, that’s 140 years of traveling. Ah man, I wonder if he had a beard. What’S the play here?

Wesley uh, i don’t know blade. Oh it’s gonna write some numbers down. You know what I mean in no way. I won’t do it again: okay, azola azgaroth, wait! Do we have oh yeah dude?

This is gonna make a seven for sure, yeah yeah, cleopolis yep, so that’s a seven no way. Okay, then, then, there’s like a break in the story: yep yeah and then arkham, yeah, bayport, uh and then halifa. That’S why it’s so ridiculous, uh and then the coast of malgudi, oh goody, yep! Now I’ll go! Oh!

Oh sorry! I was reading that wrong. So that went like this: that’s weird, oh yeah and then kingsport. So what do you call it? It oh hold on two: that’s a two uh kingsport!

After a little rest, we searched further. So that’s two! So seven two seven two uh barchester algon citagaz and glimrid bochester organ citadels glimmer and bar chester, yeah, logan, so glass, glimmered and then finally moored here. That’S a 979

And that’s it 729 wow wow, that’s pretty ugh! That’S out there!

That is out there. I like it, yeah me too: let’s go all right, ready ahead, you’re ready for the yoho ho yo. You forget that was in there. We’ve got double-sided tape and what’s this mistake, plexiglas thing there’s nothing else except double-sided tape. Is that double sided tape or is it on one side?

I feel like it’s working, isn’t it this kind of glass you put like tape on, you can read things or something. Is that a thing am i making this up? You can see through it. Oh, you can see through it. Oh, my god, yeah get out of here.

Did you see those frosted windows? That’S a real thing? Yeah I’ve never heard of this. I’ll be on tick-tock tomorrow, dude. That is crazy. So if we put this tape on here, all of a sudden we can see through the glass which is so good, freaking, epic, all right.

We got a lot of numbers: one, two, three, four: five, six, seven, eight, nine zero one, two, three, four: five: seven, eight! Nine zero one, two, four: five: okay, it’s the missing numbers; oh perfect, so one two, three, four: five: six: seven, eight uh eight’s missing! So eight, okay, eight one, two, three, four: five, six, eight, six, eight six, three, eight six, three, two, eight six! That’S awesome! Isn’T that great?

That is really cool. Eight h6 three two yep look at it again, really: eight six yeah! I feel like I’m right, yeah yeah. We did work all right, so Antoine’s brought to our attention that uh, there’s a mistake in the game and 8632 is actually the right number. However, it will not open this padlock uh.

This padlock has been set wrongfully uh, so that kind of sucks. So now we got the right code and we opened it, but we were on the right track. Oh we did it right, buddy, oh okay, there’s a key and there’s little switches switches and these things switches. Oh these things go. They probably go here or something right.

Maybe this one’s got stuff on it: hey, oh, like a magnet or like what is that it’s like a little huh. Oh there’s a number in here, zero, three: two, where, on the side, zero, three, two all right! Well, let’s! Okay! So one more time we got this thing: let’s open the key, all right, yo, ho ho.

Here we go. Ah, you know we got a beard pirate map – these go here somehow right, oh yeah uh, but we gotta, find the right one and they all have directions right, uh, okay, oh! This is great because look there’s this little uh the crab, which is here yeah. The octopus, which is here, there’s the steering wheel, which is here and then a hook which is here, okay right and this is north east south west right yeah, so the crab would be south right crab would be south yeah and since that’s north, no, i think you Just maybe you pointed north, oh yeah, okay crab would be south yeah, but how do we know which one goes? Where is the hookup over there?

Oh, we just point it south right, so the crab would be south like this right sure. I’M not sure why the crab would be on that one. However right so maybe you’re supposed to go and point it at the item. Oh that’s interesting! No because then how do you know where they’re gonna lie yeah right, crab, south yeah?

Let’S try this right, because there are directions like the south northeast right, um, so that’s the hook would be. The east is oh, what’s that wheel would be southeast yep and the octopus would be west. Well, that didn’t work and we have this. Oh, that’s gonna help us for sure wait. Yet I love switches, yeah.

What do they do? Let’S try to spin it for you, I think. Are there lights in here? There are lights in here.

Oh, I didn’t even notice the lights. I don’t think that’s meant to be played with yet right. Okay, what’s with these guys’s faces, then they’re obviously faces for a reason: yeah eye patch mustache beard pipe. Oh, so these guys also had a look. He had a wow dude, that’s the symbol right, they did it Chris, that’s that’s it.

So the wheel goes on this guy because he’s here and the wheel is southeast southeast right yep. Do we turn it this way, this right, this way, probably right. Probably that way yeah southeast boom – it probably doesn’t matter uh mustache guy – is the hook. Oh, this is brilliant. Mustache guy’s a hook, and that is the hook, is east beard, guys, octopus and that’s west.

I remember from last time that the beard guy was an octopus, and that is west. So then this guy’s, the crab for south. I guess how does it know, but what does it do? Oh the lights are on. Oh okay, we have this.

It’S all good. This I’m sure this turns on. There’s like a light in here or something. I’m sure to put on the boat and trace it. Oh okay, so hold on. This is one two good, not two, not two. Three things here: yep four yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

What does it know? We did it? That’S it. This is the finale held on wes before we started this. I had Antoine put a special prize there in here yeah.

That’S the only thing I knew about this puzzle: okay, read it out loud. If you solve this puzzle in under 60 minutes, wes get a thousand dollars Canadian, like hey special yeah. I put Canadian money. You give me a thousand bucks yeah 51 minutes 51.

Yeah you got it done.

It actually says here on the side. I think it has your yeah 40 minutes, so you’re good, sweet thanks man. This is crazy, but you have to put everything back together, see ya, uh. That was a lot of fun that was awful, so many fun things. This is probably oh man.

This is one of the funnest little escape things. I’Ve done in a while um i’m blown away, how it always knows, yeah how it always knows when the yo ho ho guy shows up this map thing is super dope. This was super smart with the book. Everything was really smart aside from this little hiccup yeah, which is here, which i guess you just need to change the lock there yeah everything is phenomenal. This is really smart and anytime something shoots open.

I’M happy yeah when it’s just open, you’re like oh, it’s open. That’S fine, but it’s like clicking. I know like oh clicking everywhere. I love it, uh guys. If you like this video drop, like, don’t forget to subscribe, check out wes channel as well.

We hope you enjoyed our little fun. Little treasure hunt that we had today made quite a mess, but I thought it was well worth it um, we’ll see in the next video peace. That was great. That was a great thousand bucks.


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