The Resistance: Felicia Day, Allison Scagliotti, Ashley Clements, and Amy Okuda on TableTop SE2E02

The Resistance: Felicia Day, Allison Scagliotti, Ashley Clements, and Amy Okuda on TableTop SE2E02

The Resistance: Felicia Day, Allison Scagliotti, Ashley Clements, and Amy Okuda on TableTop

Long before I piloted a starship around the galaxy and reversed the polarity seven times a day, before breakfast, rookies, I was a huge fan of science fiction. From the escapist space operas of the pulp era to the dystopian tales of the post-nuclear 20th century, science fiction captured my imagination and inspired my life. Spoiler alert, I love games set in a science fiction universe. So today, on “Table Top”, Ashley Clements, Allison Scagliotti, Felicia Day, and Amy Okuda are here to join me in a dystopian world where a corrupt government has made life miserable for its citizens, so miserable some of us are trying to take that government down.

But some of us are actually loyal government agents in disguise.

We are about to find out who is a spy and who is a loyal member of The Resistance. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Resistance is a deception game designed by Don Eskridge, set in the distant future, where corporations have subverted democracy and taken over the world. Yes, the distant future. [TING] We are all members of a highly trained espionage team attempting to bring down the machine. Unfortunately, two loyal government agents have infiltrated our ranks.

Now these spies will know who the other is, but the loyal members of the resistance do not. And that’s the game. We’re trying to ferret out those spies, so we can be successful.

The game is played in five rounds. Each round will start with a new leader.

At the beginning of the turn, the leader will nominate players to go on a mission. If we like the composition of the team, we will vote to approve the team. We use these markers to represent our vote. Once a team has been assembled, those players vote in secret for the mission to succeed or for the mission to fail. Now, if you are a resistance member, you must vote for the mission to succeed.

But if you’re a spy, you can vote for the mission to succeed or fail, as suits your nefarious ends. For the resistance to win the game, they must successfully complete three of the five missions. Otherwise the spies prevail. Which one of us is a filthy, vile, awful betrayer? Who is loyal?

Let’s find out. It is time to play The Resistance. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I’m Ashley Clements. And I’m an actor, best known on the web for playing Lizzie Bennet in “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”.

AMY OKUDA: I’m Amy Okuda.

And I’m an actress. And I think most people on the internet will know me as Tinkerbella from “The Guild”. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: My name is Alison Scagliotti. I’m an actor and a Virgo. Right now, I play Claudia Donovan on “Warehouse 13.

” FELICIA DAY: I am Felicia Day. And I do a variety of things with acting, writing, and producing.

And they are mostly on the internet. WIL WHEATON: Welcome to The Resistance. You will be able to identify me as we play, because I am the dude.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Ah, yes. WIL WHEATON: Amy is going to be the leader in the first round. And now we will find out who is loyal and who is a spy, as I mix the cards up.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Better get my game face on. WIL WHEATON: Ready?

There you go, Felicia, Ashley, Amy, Scaggs. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I’m talking about. WIL WHEATON: Wil. All right, everybody look at your card, find out if you are loyal or a spy. Everybody knows who they are now.

OK, so everyone close your eyes. Now spies open your eyes and make eye contact with each other. FELICIA DAY: So I’m a spy. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Finding out that I’m a spy, I’m a little bummed out. That makes my job a little harder.

My job is to now throw people off my scent. But I think I’m up for the challenge. WIL WHEATON: Spies, you all know who you are. Close your eyes, please. Now everyone, open your eyes.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Her eyes didn’t dilate. This one’s a spy. WIL WHEATON: Wow, look at that. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Wow, that was really quick. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Your eyes were exactly the same.

FELICIA DAY: So easy. So easy. It’s so easy. I told you.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: The ladies doth protest too much, methinks.

WIL WHEATON: Yeah. FELICIA DAY: Oh, no, no, look at her face. AMY OKUDA: It’s not. No. I’m.

No. WIL WHEATON: OK. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: This is not convincing. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I made eye contact with this one as soon as she open her eyes, and there was no dilation. They were exactly the same.

Allison’s pupils did not change at all the second she opened them, as if they had just been opened. So she’s a spy. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I’m a resistance. Look, I’m wearing blue. No, I’m totally a spy.

WIL WHEATON: Amy, you’re the leader. Who would you like to have go on this first mission. You need to nominate two players for this mission. Who would you like to nominate? AMY OKUDA: Well, I would like to nominate myself.

WIL WHEATON: Of course you would. AMY OKUDA: Because– WIL WHEATON: Because you’re a spy. AMY OKUDA: No, I’m not a spy.

FELICIA DAY: I think you’re a spy. You’re a spy.

Look at your little face. AMY OKUDA: I’m not– you guys, really. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: It’s exactly what spies do when they’re the leader. You nominate yourself. AMY OKUDA: My game plan is to have someone believe me.

WIL WHEATON: So there, that’s the gun you’re carrying on the mission. Be careful with it. [BANG, BANG] And who else would you like to nominate? AMY OKUDA: I mean, I don’t know. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Look at her closed body language, you guys.

FELICIA DAY: No, I know– AMY OKUDA: It’s so you. FELICIA DAY: I’m just trying to find another one.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: She’s the spy. You’re picking the spy? ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: That’s just mean.

AMY OKUDA: Because I think she’s a spy. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Yeah, but she’s not going to give it away the first round. FELICIA DAY: I think one of these two is a spy, because you’re so easy. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Yeah, exactly, I’m so easy, so you know I’m loyal, because I’m a terrible liar.


WIL WHEATON: I’m suspicious of Amy just because. AMY OKUDA: Everyone’s always suspicious. WIL WHEATON: Right, good, now that we’ve settled that, let’s vote, then. So you’ve got an approve and a reject in front of you. So just flip them over, and we’ll see.

Majority will rule here, reject, approve, approve, reject, approve. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Yay. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, I don’t want Amy on this mission, because I think Amy’s a spy. So here are your cards, your success and fail cards. AMY OKUDA: Thank you.

WIL WHEATON: Here’s your success and fail cards. So now, do this in secret. If you’re loyal, you absolutely must vote blue. And if you are a spy, Amy, you can vote for success or failure. AMY OKUDA: You guys are going to be very sad at the end.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: So if I fail this mission, right out of the gate, the whole table is going to know that one of the two of us is a spy. And it’s better to wait, I think, until there are at least three people on the mission.

WIL WHEATON: So the first thing you’re going to do is give me your discards, the ones you are not using to vote. And make sure that nobody sees it, OK? So there and there.

Now I’m going to take these and shuffle them around, so we do not inadvertently see them. Great. So now take your voting cards– also keep them face down– and put them here, together. And then I’ll just mix them up. Look suspiciously at each other.

All right, let’s find out if this first mission has succeeded.

Ready? Success, success. [HOORAY, APPLAUSE, SHOUTS] WIL WHEATON: That is one mission down, one success. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: We have learned nothing.

FELICIA DAY: Yeah, we learned nothing, because– WIL WHEATON: But, if you’re loyal like I am, you’re one third of the way to victory– ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Go loyalists. WIL WHEATON: Which is really good. Everything you do in this game gives out some kind of information. So there’s the way you behave around the other players. There is the way you vote, whether or not you want the team to go.

And then, of course, there’s the way that you vote once you’re actually on a mission. So there are so many opportunities for obfuscation and deception. Allison, you will be the leader. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I am the leader now. WIL WHEATON: So let’s go ahead and put our guns back in the middle.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: So I am almost positive– WIL WHEATON: Why do you think I’m a spy? FELICIA DAY: Because you’re way too blase.

You’re like under playing it. You’re playing a host versus like being real– WIL WHEATON: I’m not playing a host, dude. I am the host.

FELICIA DAY: You’re being like very not as Wil-like. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Mm hm, it’s because you’re a spy. WIL WHEATON: Like less awesome than normal? FELICIA DAY: I mean, I don’t want to say it, but– ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I’ll say it. You are being less awesome than normal.

WIL WHEATON: Ahh no. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Where’s the Wil I used to know? WIL WHEATON: I don’t know. He’s seen some things. He had– ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Like a red, spy card, is that what he’s seeing?

WIL WHEATON: No, like he had to sit through a lot of tampon talk before the cameras rolled. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Well, you brought this on yourself. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: You invited the ladies here. WIL WHEATON: I guess I did, right? ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: OK.

WIL WHEATON: So you’re going to put three people on this mission.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: OK. AMY OKUDA: Pick me. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: There’s no way I’m picking you, because I am almost certain you’re a spy. AMY OKUDA: You guys are going to be so upset.

You guys are going to be so upset later. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I am loyal. So I trust myself. I’m on the first mission. These two, I’m not sure about.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Really, you trust Felicia and not me? ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Yeah, I do trust Felicia. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: But she’s all wily, and I’m a terrible liar. FELICIA DAY: But I kind of think you’re a spy. AMY OKUDA: I think she’s a spy, that’s why she keeps telling me that I’m a spy.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I will shown you my card right now. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Which means she’s going to pick two loyalists so that she can tank the mission, if she’s a spy. WIL WHEATON: It’s a pretty good spy move. You take the two people who you know are loyal, then you fail the mission. And then you’re like, ah!

FELICIA DAY: So she’s using me.

I’m your spy beard. AMY OKUDA: Oh, so you two are the spies. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I can’t even deal with this. I cannot believe the level of distrust that is being thrown at me.

Everybody’s turning to me. I think, because I’m wearing a hat, I’m untrustworthy. WIL WHEATON: I trust you. You should put me on the mission, because I’m loyal. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I don’t know about this.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I’m loyal, but I do not trust you. But I will tank your mission. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Why would you tank my– if you’re loyal, why will you tank the mission? ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I won’t fail the mission. I will reject– WIL WHEATON: Oh, you’re going to vote against it if you’re not on the mission?

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I will reject whoever you pick– WIL WHEATON: Just to be spiteful? ASHLEY CLEMENTS: You’re a spy. No, I’m rejecting her, because I think she’s a spy. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I trust you. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I just told you I was going to reject.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I think you’re on my team, because– WIL WHEATON: Oh, she’s making it hard to vote against herself. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I think you’re getting really emotional about this. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, I really think she’s spy. I’m sorry. Her lips are so glossy.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Well, you know what? WIL WHEATON: Her lips are always glossy. AMY OKUDA: Yay! WIL WHEATON: What? ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: If this tanks, I know it’s one of you.

If this tanks, then it’s definitely you. And it might be you. AMY OKUDA: No, if it tanks, it might be you, because you’re just pinning it on us. FELICIA DAY: First of all, I am 100% certain there is at least– WIL WHEATON: This is the worst mission, ever. FELICIA DAY: One spy over there.

I think Wil’s a spy. And there’s one of you.

And I think it’s Amy. AMY OKUDA: It’s not me. FELICIA DAY: So this mission will fail.

AMY OKUDA: We’ve known each other for so long. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I think this mission will fail. I’m rejecting this mission, because I think it will fail. FELICIA DAY: Don’t play that card, chickadee. WIL WHEATON: Let’s vote on the composition of this terrible team.

This is the worst team ever. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Yeah. I’m on it, and I think it’s terrible. WIL WHEATON: Yep, go ahead. No, yes, yes, no, yes.

AMY OKUDA: Yay. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: OK, now I think maybe you are loyal, because I’m loyal, and we both rejected it. WIL WHEATON: Well, because we’re not stupid. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Yeah. Why did you approve that mission?

FELICIA DAY: I don’t know. WIL WHEATON: Because you’re a spy, and you know that Amy is a spy. FELICIA DAY: No, I didn’t, because– ASHLEY CLEMENTS: You just said someone is a spy on this mission. WIL WHEATON: We could have scuttled it.

FELICIA DAY: OK, can I revote?

Can I revote. AMY OKUDA: No. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: No. FELICIA DAY: No, seriously, I didn’t think it through. AMY OKUDA: You’re a spy.

WIL WHEATON: No. FELICIA DAY: No, I am not a spy. AMY OKUDA: You two are the spies. WIL WHEATON: You know what’s going to happen? The baby milk factory is going to get burned to the ground because of you.

FELICIA DAY: No. Can I revote now, seriously. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Wait, what game are we playing? ASHLEY CLEMENTS: We burn down baby milk factories? WIL WHEATON: I’m playing with the game in my head.

FELICIA DAY: Can I revote? WIL WHEATON: We’re trying to stop the government from burning down the baby milk factory. FELICIA DAY: No, I get really confused. Can I just change my vote. AMY OKUDA: No.

WIL WHEATON: No. You can’t. FELICIA DAY: Now I’m really upset. Because I’m not a spy. WIL WHEATON: Who’s on the mission?


ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I’m on the mission. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: This corner of– WIL WHEATON: Amy– ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Ladies over here. WIL WHEATON: Alison, Ashley. So one of the babies who doesn’t get baby milk– FELICIA DAY: No, I should’ve.

WIL WHEATON: His name– FELICIA DAY: I really am sad, because I didn’t think it through. I thought I was being crafty, but then I know– WIL WHEATON: His name is Geoffrey– FELICIA DAY: Stop it. WIL WHEATON: Geoffrey with a G. So take your reject cards and put them out here, please. AMY OKUDA: But this is exciting.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: If this succeeds, I trust all of you. WIL WHEATON: OK, ready? FELICIA DAY: There’s no way this’ll succeed. I messed up. WIL WHEATON: Geoffrey, I’m really sorry.

FELICIA DAY: You’re awful.

WIL WHEATON: I’m sorry. FELICIA DAY: I know you’re a spy, just because you’re being such a [BLEEP]. AMY OKUDA: We’re going to save Geoffrey. WIL WHEATON: Ready?

And fail. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Oh. AMY OKUDA: Ah. WIL WHEATON: And success and success. AMY OKUDA: It’s one of you.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: It’s one of you. AMY OKUDA: No, I swear. I swear. I swear it’s not me. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Because I’m loyal.

This is what I said. This is why I tried to take– this is why I rejected this. AMY OKUDA: It’s you. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Because one of these people is a spy. AMY OKUDA: It’s totally you.

FELICIA DAY: I did the whole charade of wanting to change my vote, because I knew Alison was a spy. So I wanted her to go on the mission and fail it. But I didn’t want everybody else to think that I was helping her. So I made this whole charade about the babies and how I wanted to change my vote, even though I knew that Wil, such a stickler for rules, would not let me revote.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Turn in the pieces.

WIL WHEATON: All right, two players go on this mission. I am the leader. I am nominating myself, because I know that I’m loyal. And I’m nominating Felicia, because I play this enough with you to know that, when you’re a spy, I like to see you lie. If Felicia is not a spy, she really screwed up voting to approve the team for the second mission.

If Felicia is loyal, this round is her opportunity at redemption. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Well there can’t be two spies on one mission team. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I know, amongst the three of us, that there’s only one spy, which means one of you two is a spy. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: One over here. AMY OKUDA: Unless you two are spies.

FELICIA DAY: Because you guys are all together, you can be touching each other and signaling. You could have a hand signal. AMY OKUDA: Unless you two are spies. WIL WHEATON: Oh, there’s like a whole complicated series of foot commands? FELICIA DAY: Exactly.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: How would we have been able to communicate that to each other, though? AMY OKUDA: You guys are both redheads.

I don’t know. You guys probably have your language that you– ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Because that’s kind of weird ginger hate. FELICIA DAY: What just happened?

WIL WHEATON: What was that? ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I can’t work like this. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I didn’t come here to be treated with this kind of ginger-racism. It’s inappropriate. AMY OKUDA: Are all redheads spies? Very much so. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: There’s going to be a redhead uprising by the end of this game.

I can feel it. Ooh, this game is so political.

WIL WHEATON: All right, put out your votes. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: One of them is a spy. It has to be, mathematically.

FELICIA DAY: I’m pretty sure of Wil, but I don’t know anymore. WIL WHEATON: Oh my god, this is the worst. FELICIA DAY: All right, whatever. Whatever guys. WIL WHEATON: Really?

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: One of you is a spy. FELICIA DAY: I think you could be a spy, because you think that we’re both loyal, and you don’t want us to go and to succeed this mission.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: That’s not the case. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. I think that’s going on right now.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: That makes sense. WIL WHEATON: I think that’s going on right now. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I don’t know about Wil. He could be a spy. WIL WHEATON: Ready?

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Listen, because he’s trying to– WIL WHEATON: Success. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: And he’s covering for himself. WIL WHEATON: Success. FELICIA DAY: Oh good. OK, OK, now I feel better.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: You know what, one of them is being sneaky. Because it’s the two-round. FELICIA DAY: So in round three, I’m playing a success card. Because I know, if I don’t, I will automatically be outed as a spy. I don’t think people mistrust Wil enough to think he was a spy.

So if a fail card comes up, they’re going to automatically out me. And I don’t want to do that. Because the best way to be a spy is to hide in the three player missions. AMY OKUDA: Yeah, in the beginning, I thought Felicia was a spy. But I don’t know anymore.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: If Amy and Allison are both spies, they wouldn’t have kept putting each other on the missions, which means that either Felicia or Wil is a spy. And I think they just succeeded that mission to mess with my head. WIL WHEATON: Felicia, you’re the leader. You have to choose three people, dear. FELICIA DAY: So I need to choose three people.

I want this to succeed, because we win– WIL WHEATON: Right. FELICIA DAY: If I choose well. So I’m definitely going to pick me, because I know that. And then we just did the last mission, so I’m going to pick you.


Good choice. FELICIA DAY: Definitely not Amy. AMY OKUDA: No. FELICIA DAY: No, no, no, you are so. No, you are 100% a spy, OK?

AMY OKUDA: No, I’m not. FELICIA DAY: So between these two, I have to pick one who I think is loyal. You were trying too hard earlier. And you are not trying at all I’m trying not to look at Allison very much, but every so often I will feel energy coming off her.

And I’m like, I’m trying to get it.

[MORSE CODE BEEPS] ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I think the fact that both of the spies were gingers definitely gave us a telepathic advantage. FELICIA DAY: I actually think you two– AMY OKUDA: I am not a spy. FELICIA DAY: I think you two are the spies. So I am going to choose you. WIL WHEATON: I’m pretty confident that Felicia is not a spy.

I’ve played this with Felicia a few times. And she’s not a very good liar. Either Felicia has become the best liar ever, in the last 18 hours, or she is also loyal.

FELICIA DAY: He is going to be very surprised when it turns out that I’m a spy. Because I actually gained his confidence, which blows my mind.

WIL WHEATON: OK, let’s vote. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: In that case, I guess? I don’t know. You guys are good actors. WIL WHEATON: Ready?

Yes. FELICIA DAY: Amy you’re– WIL WHEATON: Ah [BLEEP]. FELICIA DAY: See, that’s actually good, because– WIL WHEATON: No, it’s not. FELICIA DAY: She vote against it, because she– WIL WHEATON: No, it’s not good. It’s not good.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Yeah, because one of the spies approved it. WIL WHEATON: It’s not good. One of the spies said yes.

I think this is bad news for us. OK, success.

AMY OKUDA: Told you. I hope you’re happy. WIL WHEATON: Success, success, fail. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I absolutely have to divert attention from Felicia at this point. Everyone suspects me, so fine, I will take the heat.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: This game has destroyed my ability to trust. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I got this. WIL WHEATON: Go, how do you got it? ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. WIL WHEATON: I’m not a spy.

FELICIA DAY: I’m sweating right now. Wil, please tell me you’re not a spy. WIL WHEATON: I’m not a spy.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: It’s one of you two. God.

AMY OKUDA: It’s one of these two. WIL WHEATON: I have never been more disappointed to not be a spy in a game of Resistance in my life. I am loyal. I’m not a spy. I am not a spy.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Put your trustworthy puppy-dog eyes away. AMY OKUDA: I think she’s a spy. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I don’t know who to believe. AMY OKUDA: She’s a spy. WIL WHEATON: Put your discard on the table.

Make sure no one can see it. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Discard. WIL WHEATON: Discard. FELICIA DAY: This is this card, right? WIL WHEATON: This is not what you want to happen.

FELICIA DAY: I’m sweating right now. Hopefully this is three fail cards.

Put your success cards out. Please be success cards. Please be success cards.

Please be success cards. I’m going to vomit. I might vomit. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: This guy’s a spy. FELICIA DAY: You’re accusing a lot of people, right now, OK?

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I know. WIL WHEATON: I’m not a spy, not a spy. All right, here we go. Here we go. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I can’t help you here.

You just touched my arm, and your hand is so clammy. You are so nervous. AMY OKUDA: Oh my gosh, my stress level is like way higher than I could ever tolerate. WIL WHEATON: OK, here we go. Ready?


It’s Ashley. It’s Ashley. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: No, I think it’s Wil. WIL WHEATON: Got you. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: He’s accusing me.

WIL WHEATON: It’s Ashley. I promise you, it’s not me.

It’s Ashley. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: It’s not me. It’s Wil.

AMY OKUDA: It’s both of them, hello? ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I think she’s a spy, and I think one of you two are spies. WIL WHEATON: Now what do we do? ASHLEY CLEMENTS: And I don’t know who to trust. And I have to be leader.

And I don’t know who to pick. I think it’s Wil. WIL WHEATON: God damn it, I lose this game. Why do I always lose on “Table Top”? ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Well, obviously, I’m going to put myself in, because I’m loyal.

And I really am so confused about who to trust at this point. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: What are you hiding? Your hands are under the table. AMY OKUDA: I’m not a spy. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: They’re clammy.

AMY OKUDA: I’m very clammy, because I’m very nervous. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I actually think I trust Amy right now, which maybe I’m a crazy person. AMY OKUDA: She’s the only one.

And you’re probably a spy. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I think, between Felicia and Wil, I’m going to trust Felicia.

There’s your gun. I don’t know if I’m right. I really don’t. FELICIA DAY: What is this old man look? Oo-er?

WIL WHEATON: Because I know that one of you is a spy. And it is going to be the worst day of my life if it’s you, and you’ve completely fooled me. FELICIA DAY: No, no, listen. WIL WHEATON: That’ll be worse than losing this game. If you’ve successfully played me into thinking you’re loyal, like– FELICIA DAY: No, listen, I’m sweating under the arms, because I am worried now.

WIL WHEATON: I have to come to your house and do your laundry. There is a spy on this mission. I don’t know who it is, but I know that there’s a spy on this mission. And if this mission is approved, the resistance loses. And I lose.

Again! The only way that we can do this is get the leadership away from Ashley and Amy and hope that Allison is loyal.

And then we put the three of us on the final mission, and we win. AMY OKUDA: He’s a spy. No, he’s a spy, that’s why he wants– WIL WHEATON: That is the only– ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I think he’s a spy.

WIL WHEATON: That is the only way. I promise you I’m not a spy. It only takes one to take it. That’s why this mission– this team can’t go. This team can’t go.

We have to stop this team from going. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Because he’s a spy, and he knows we’re all not spies? I don’t know. I really don’t know anymore. WIL WHEATON: If you’re loyal, you want to vote no.

FELICIA DAY: He’s working so hard to tank this mission. WIL WHEATON: No, I don’t want this mission to go, because I want to win the game! FELICIA DAY: Let’s vote. Let’s just vote. Can we vote?


I think he’s a spy. FELICIA DAY: Let’s just vote. Let’s do it. AMY OKUDA: I don’t know.

FELICIA DAY: Let’s just do it. Let’s vote. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Wow. WIL WHEATON: Resistance loses. FELICIA DAY: No.

Why don’t you pass out the cards, and we’ll find out. WIL WHEATON: Resistance loses. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: You guys don’t know yet. WIL WHEATON: I don’t need to pass the cards out. I know that the resistance loses.

FELICIA DAY: Oh, come on. You’re sad, because the spies are losing. WIL WHEATON: That’s the one you need. That’s the one you need. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Give me my success card.

FELICIA DAY: Oh come on, dude. WIL WHEATON: Oh, all right, OK. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Is this the rejects? WIL WHEATON: Put your reject cards out. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Oh, I hope I was right.

And we’ll just shuffle them up, just for fun. Now put out your– FELICIA DAY: Wil, you talk way too much. I’m sorry, I think we actually win the game right now. WIL WHEATON: This is the last turn of the game. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Oh my God!

[SHOUTING] WIL WHEATON: Oh, who’s not on the mission? Oh no, what happened? AMY OKUDA: You’re a spy.

ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Don’t leave me hanging. FELICIA DAY: Ahh!

Booh-yah. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Yeah, boy! WIL WHEATON: Are you the spy? ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Yeah! WIL WHEATON: Shut the [BLEEP] up!

You’re a spy? [ECHOING SCREAM] AMY OKUDA: I knew she was a spy. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Felicia, I feel so betrayed. WIL WHEATON: [ECHOING SCREAM] ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Don’t trust the redheads. We’re all spies.

WIL WHEATON: [ECHOING SCREAM] ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: She owned you. WIL WHEATON: You owned me. I will come to your house. I will do your laundry. You are amazing.

Turn your card over. You are phenomenal. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Look at that, she’s the hot spy and everything. WIL WHEATON: You are incredible. FELICIA DAY: That’s why I’m winning.

WIL WHEATON: The bad news is, we are on the loser’s couch. The good news is, if we were actually members of a resistance, we’d probably be in front of a firing squad, right now, instead of a camera crew, so– ASHLEY CLEMENTS: We’re alive.

AMY OKUDA: I would’ve rather won. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, me too. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Yeah, me too.

WIL WHEATON: I know. I sort of blame myself. I blame myself a little bit. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I blame you a little bit, too. AMY OKUDA: I blame you a lot.

ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I mean, I think we can blame Felicia– WIL WHEATON: I’m sorry. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: Honestly. AMY OKUDA: She was the best liar in the history of the world.

WIL WHEATON: Felicia, you’ve changed. You used to be an honest person who was bad at lying.

Hollywood has changed you. I’m going to go downstairs to the wall of victory. AMY OKUDA: Have fun. WIL WHEATON: Probably not. ASHLEY CLEMENTS: I believed you.

WIL WHEATON: Oh, all right, let’s do this. Fetch me the wall of victory. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: What? FELICIA DAY: What is this? ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Oho.

FELICIA DAY: This is a lot to take in. WIL WHEATON: Last season we had this amazing, expensive, gorgeous trophy that we always had to take back, because it was so amazing and gorgeous. So this year, rather than taking a trophy back, we wanted to give you something that you can keep, like this beautiful Certificate of Awesome.


Oh, wow, look how official this is, World’s Best Second Cousin. WIL WHEATON: I’ll fix that. I have a fancy pen, so you know it’s official. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Use my back. WIL WHEATON: Watch this.

FELICIA DAY: That’s convenient. WIL WHEATON: Da-da duh duh da duh. FELICIA DAY: Nice quill there. WIL WHEATON: “Table Top”– FELICIA DAY: This is going to be awkward– WIL WHEATON: Winner. Now I’m going to sign it, so that it’s all official and worth at least $5 on eBay.

Ladies? FELICIA DAY: Yes. WIL WHEATON: This is your certificate, congratulations. Make your speech.

FELICIA DAY: I’d like to thank you for being such a fall guy.

WIL WHEATON: You’re welcome. And you? ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: Thanks for trusting Felicia so much. She really led us down here, to the winners wall. And thank you guys for having me.

This was awesome. WIL WHEATON: I’m glad you had fun. It was great for us to have you on the show. Oh, one last little bit of business before you go. This is actually real gold, so I just got to take that back.

But don’t worry. Look, you’re all set. FELICIA DAY: Oh, that’s beautiful. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: It’s so indie. WIL WHEATON: Until next time, play more games.

And we’ll see you right back here on “Table Top.” FELICIA DAY: Who gets to keep this? WIL WHEATON: Maybe you’re going to have to tear it in half or something or do a photocopy. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: I think you need it, because you won. FELICIA DAY: No, no, no, no.

WIL WHEATON: You know, I’d say, trust her with it, and then you can share custody. But she’s a liar. ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI: It’s OK. But yeah, well, we worked together. FELICIA DAY: Yeah, we worked together.

I’m going to give this to you, because my victory is every time I– [MUSIC PLAYING].

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