Libertalia: Seth Green, Karen Gillan, and Clare Grant Join Wil on TableTop

Libertalia: Seth Green, Karen Gillan, and Clare Grant Join Wil on TableTop

Libertalia: Seth Green, Karen Gillan, and Clare Grant Join Wil on TableTop

Everybody loves a good pirate story. Right thing is, it turns out. Actual piracy was really pretty bloody and terrible, and the romanticized stories that we have read about in books and seen on TV and in movies aren’t exactly connected to reality in any meaningful way. Today, we’re going to imagine that piracy was all in good fun. Nobody was ever actually hurt and plundering villages and settlements was really super great for everyone involved, especially the victims.

I mean pirates are just harmless rock stars who ride around on tall ships right right right today on tabletop Karen Gillan Seth Green Clare grant, and I will assume the roles of various friendly pirates who will plunder together, hurting no one and then find out. Who comes out ahead when we divide up all of the booty in liberty’, Lea liber Thalia is a pirate-themed bluffing game designed by pal amore er pop quiz? What’S a pirate’s favorite letter wrong, a pirate’s. True love is the sea. Okay, we’re pirate captains and we’re going to go on three epic expeditions to raid these companies of all their loot and redistribute that into our own pockets because we’re pirates and that’s what we do.

All the players have the same potential crew but which characters show up is randomized before we start each leg of our expedition. This randomized selection of crew and randomized setup of treasure really adds a metric boatload of replayability to Liber Thalia. If I’m looking at these cards, I can play the mutineer or I can play the bosun now. Both of them are good for me, but I don’t know which one’s going to be best for me, because I don’t know what my opponents are going to play. Luckily, they don’t know what I’m going to play, and this is how we have to out Bluff each other to get down the card.

That’S most advantageous to ourselves. Once we’ve made our decisions, we reveal our cards and now we place them on the board in their initiative order going from lowest to highest like this. In the case of a tie, there are these secondary numbers down. Here we resolve in order and also according to the cards timing. Some crewmen have day time powers that happen before the raids.

Others have special rating abilities and others have powers that activate after the raids. So timing and predicting your rivals behavior, is crucial to victory at the end of each expedition. We set anchor and divvy up the booty scoring points for our loot. We do this three times and the pirate captain, with the most booty at the end, wins who will best a Sicilian in a test of wits to become the new Dread. Pirate Roberts, let’s find out in Libertad.

My name is Seth Green and I’m an actor and I make stuff hi. I’M Claire grant – and I am an actress and the co-founder of Team Unicorn hello. I am Karen Gillan. I am an actress and I have been in TV shows like Doctor Who and a film called guardians of the galaxy sorry, I can’t do this seriously. Everybody welcome to Liberty, Lea, there’s not!

Nobody goes first in Liberty, we all kind of go at the same time, we’ll go ahead and figure out what we are going to do. Confident where you make me so freaking nervous, Wow. Okay, I think it’s gon na be this guy: hey, grandma! Okay! That’S mr

Grandma today, mr.

grandma, thank you. Okay, let’s go ahead and reveal our cards all right. Let’S see here, we’ll put them out in order. Okay, it looks like I don’t have any Tyco on flix here. So it’s our daytime power, so we’re gon na go ahead and start here and head on this way care to play.

The waitress no daytime power is the carpenter loses half their doubloons, but gains 10 doubloons. If that player survives at the end of the game mm-hmm, I think it’s going kur power. It is an anchor puff. Yes, it’s that’s true, but that’s playing at home yeah all right. Okay, then we have the merchants here who I still think looks like the teacher from the wall discard two identical: booty, doubloons, etc and sand.

No booty sing, Yeah right and then we’ve got the gambler. I pay one for each of my booty. I don’t have anything but my anchor powers that I gained eight doubloons, which is very fancy. So having done our daytime powers, let’s go raiding everyone, I’m gon na go first and as much as I’m tempted to take that sword to kill your guy. So it costs you 10.

I’M not gon na pick a fight with you this early in the game, because I know what you are like Claire is unbelievably aggressive and Seth is super slide all right, the merchant. What will you take that base other jewelry jewelry yeah, which is I’m gon na leave? I’Ma, leave the sword inevitably for her about? Oh all, right so now this is a thing that happens. I know you’re gon na take the sword.

Now you can kill your husband, which I recommend, or you can kill me, which I don’t know why you would why. Why would you do that? I had to come straight out of the gate. Didn’T kill wills men because it seemed like the right thing to do. Okay, terrific, well, things could have gone much better for me in that particular round wow.

That is a thing that does not look especially good so that and then also and down there. Oh, I think we’ll just expects that the editorial team on tabletop is going to make him look like the most efficient player of all time. Okay, okay, I’m not sure, I’m feeling about this. I don’t know what I’ve done. You want a look at your cardigan in me: okay, I’m gon na.

Let you in on a secret. I don’t really know what’s going on in this game, so I’m just I’m leaving it a lot to luck and beginner’s luck, all right and yo the gamble, the brute the gambler, the carpenter, all right. So let’s do some daily powers. You you, carpenter, lose half your doubloons. Oh yes, on that committee for carpenter stays alive.

You gained ten at the end of the trip, but don’t announce that place, which is nice if Karen or Claire doesn’t kill you. Oh, I wish you’d stop giving the rule. That was that would happen all right. The brute who’s, though that’s me, discard the character with the highest rank on the ship to do punch, punch, punch punch, but look the only way to deal with somebody like Claire is to play the Chicago away. She kills one of your guys.

You’Ll kill one of hers, you kind of start out there. You don’t do all the acceleration to that point. It’S pretty much just kill and then kill and then murder, death, okay play one doubloon for each of your booty tiles. So this, even though it kind of stinks as a booty tile, so pay one and then if he survives and you’re gon na gain eight two balloons: great mine’s dead because Claire’s a monster. I’M sorry, thank you all right, gambler!

You get to choose first. What would you like to take a boat, a I’m gon na take this barrel of some all right there you go that’s a barrel of wine, okay and here’s your gambler back to you. So what do you think I take a mask? You take a mask I’ll. Take a mask and you’ll take about hey!

What’S up on this raid, no, like I was this cursed devil man, so this guy just gets discarded, because no one had to draw him and now we’ll go ahead and see we’re going for nearly the same thing as we were last time. So I think that quite sure what accent will was doing I like it. Nonetheless, it’s piratey. It’S got the essence of pirates and that’s all we really need today. Mister grandma, that’s dr

Mister grandma, thank you.

I didn’t spend 25 minutes getting a diploma on line to be called mister, come on and only 20 minutes of that was clicking through flash ads. I’M going to play this person. Yes, yes, that’s not a decision. I will instantly regret. I change my mind: no, no, no, okay, ready, yeah, dr.

Gaines, two two balloons for each of his discarded characters. I have one so ching, ching ching ching, that’s nice! Okay! The brute is gon na punch the highest rain character. Oh I’m sorry yeah!

Then the gambler. Listen guys we’re pirates Savior all right, I’ll, tackle that booty in the galley. Okay, that’s fine for the whole game. Our er um, I’m gon na work on that, and now we be going on our read. The gambler will take what you know.

I want that sword. Yeah you want that sword, Oh murder, death, who are you gon na stab, emic murder, kill? It’S got the highest take away, yes, cuz there gets ten and the gambler is worth eight. Oh an interesting choice, I’m a little nervous because Claire and I are on separate teams which can be dangerous because we we live together. Don’T care yeah, Davy Jones, nothing!

When my husband targets me in the game. It makes me feel like we’re not on the same side and that’s very unhealthy for relationships. I’M definitely going to have to take it out on him later. Let’S select a new crew okay and go out on a bit of an expedition. My o mio mio mio mio mio mio mio, we’re waiting on me again.

Aren’T we okay, I’m gon na just wait. Is that who I wanted to do? No, it’s not who I wanted to do. I want to do this one. Okay, all right, very good.

The waitresses never date Shankar, who is the voodoo witch doctor? You need to the balloons for your dead folks times. 200 re be swarming in booty. Oh Brut, hi, okay, good! What’S going on!

Well, I’m the merchant – and I was just hoping you weren’t gon na punch me. Oh let’s do our nighttime powers. Do you have any maps, no, no Maps. Um. Do you have any maps?

Do you want something to drink? Okay, you saw a man from that for three right: yeah John buy this map. You know. Snow went to school, so Scott, these maps for sale and it’s low profil on the side, gets rise to the balloons uh. I don’t know what to do this time.

I know I know how that feels. This might be the worst all right. I do nothing, you do nothing. You lose half year, two balloons. How many two blues do you have?

Do you still have your starting ten, or do you have nine? I have five. Nine. Nine okay, so ran down so lose lose for. Let’S go rating first mate.

What do you want? Cursed mask mmm. You know I have one of those yeah, I’m gon na. Take that a box of gold all right, Jewelry jewelry for you thank you and so curse. Mask tags, no one is going for it bleep.

I don’t know why you guys keep letting me get the cursed masks, because you got three obviously they’re, really great yeah and nighttime powers, no Maps, no Maps, no map. Are you gon na sell your map? Boomtown? Okay, ready yeah all righty discard all boo details, but what okay I’ll get rid of all these curse, masks whoa game two doubloons for each of your discarded characters. So you get two two balloons which is great.

Thank you Bruce. What are you gon na? Do a knock either out yeah back to see. We took a vow to love each other and protect each other in honor and all of those things which I don’t actually think that we said in our vows, which is very strange, but you should still still. This is this is not okay, you protect me, murderer, let’s go out and be raiding brute yeah.

What would you like to brute loss for what would you brute that feel like I got ta take that sword? Oh cuz, if I don’t it’s gon na bite me. Oh there, it’s a alright cuz. I feel like it’s, how come you’re gon na kill. So I think it’s your carpenter.

I think it’s your car, mr

Crew, you gain ten two balloons for the carpet or size which would you like a map, or you can turn in your map for three with your waitress or you can turn in a grog for one from the grave I’ve ever heard. I guess I’m gon na take a keg of I’m gon na, take a keg of happy sauce alright. So this is what has happened. We’Ve gone off on an amazing journey. We have done some raids and now we’re back at port.

So, let’s find out what happens when we score our anchor points so looks like you’ve got a guy here. What is that again? It’S to boot sweet, mr

Seth yeah, what in the world is going on over there, so I get one for each character, which is six Wow and then ten for the carpenter, yeah eight for the gambler. I’M sorry! I can’t count that high twenty-five.

Thank you welcome, oh my god. What my anchor powers that I gained five doubloons, which which like felt awesome but the kind of sucks by relative comparison, so the next thing we’re gon na do – is go ahead and total up the value of our booty. I’M feeling pretty excited about the fact that I am second place because I’m new to this, I don’t know this game and I’m not a real pirate, so I feel like I’m doing. Okay so far, um, it’s definitely a good head start. It does feel, like anything.

Can change at any point? Seth has 35 and wow. You haven’t even make it out of the first voyage man. There’S a few games that you can count on to ruin relationships among them, diplomacy, resistance, and I think that you could probably ad-libber Talia to that. We’Ll see how Seth and Claire’s divorce proceedings go guys.

I thought our marriage was stronger than that. Apparently all it took was some Liberty. You should never go to Liberty on your honeymoon. You should always always do I really like those pirate movies. No, my guys can’t.

I don’t like losing well games with you. This is something I’m completely aware. I might be a little aggressive. This is our master deck of cards, and this lets us know who’s going to go into our crew. You’Re gon na do just a little bit of master decking over there, a little bit of master ducky just a little bit I’ll rub a few cards off the top.

It’S funny that we we’ve known each other, since we were about 12 yeah. It’S true. You like right after stand by me, yeah yeah yeah, and it’s every time we get together. We’Re like stupid. Sixth grade boys.

Worse things can happen great all right, so one two three four five six are gon na get added to our hands. You guys, I don’t know where we decided to sail this ship, but we did not sail this ship to a good place like we were like. You know where we could go that place where all the money is or we go to Beaumont. California, Oh sad, they do. Everyone starts out with the exact same cards, but in the second and third rounds.

You end up with some cards that weren’t played and your hands start to get really different, and if a player can remember what another player hasn’t done, then it gives them a little bit of an advantage going into the later rounds of the game. So let’s go ahead and choose the card that we’re going to play. I’M going to do okay, say time, powers, the Spanish spy dermot mulroney, whose daytime powers that you discard all your Spanish officers. So if you have one of those red guys, that’s killed a person. You draw one Booty table from the bag for each discarded Spanish officers and if you draw a Spanish officer or a sabre, it doesn’t do anything so drop them in the bag.

Wait. I know it sucks, but that’s what you have to do. You’Re kidding. I know it sucks, but it’s what you have to do: yeah. Okay, so you can shake up the bag.

All you want, randomizing yeah draw thing go and it is a spy okay dropping and it is a curse. Pissed. Oh that didn’t work out. Well, for you, like the saddest day of my life, my divorce, and decided that in the first round, everybody knows let’s go ahead and make our final play. Oh you did that so quickly, I’m choosing a random Wow.

That’S that’s a new technique! Yeah, okay, great I’m feeling good about this technique, because I don’t have to take responsibility for making any mistakes from here on earth: okay, ready and yeah all right, Spanish spy. You can discard your thing and think of things so go ahead and do all that and shake it all up and see if you can draw better than Claire there, but thereby solidifying the velocity. Will divorce merchants discard two identical booty? You don’t have anything to discard.

So that wasn’t happen, surgeon rub bring back up a dead character. Oh that’s! A sweet move dude. That is a really great move using the surgeon on the last raid of a journey is incredibly powerful, because she’s gon na have an additional card that nobody else is going to have and she can go through every single card she has discarded during this trip and Nobody knows what she’s gon na have and then the first mate doesn’t do anything but the first mate bootys first and the first mates like I enjoy stabbing people like, for example, my captain. Oh no, I’m not gon na stop, I’m not gon na stab.

My captain. No nope, I know, but you know what I’m gon na, do I’m gon na stab Karen’s monkey, I’m sad that my monkey was so viciously stabbed. By will I mean it was just it was sadistic and then now all you guys are gon na get cursed relics. So I’ll just pass them in that was a rough journey. You guys did not go to a romantic way to a jewel rich area.

Well, Seth did all right. So now we will do our anchor abilities, so you lose three doubloons for each of your cursed relics. Oh yeah, I thought I liked them, but no, I don’t know you know the captain’s great when you’re dating but like as soon as you get back and it’s like time to meet the parents yeah the Blues, not so good. What is your? I got on one captain over there, okay and Claire.

How are things looking for you? I would not. The captain is going to discard six for you and now my going into port power is losing three doubloons, which I don’t do so I don’t have any cursed relics, but I gain it a balloon for each character, my dad, which is one two three four. Five. Six two balloons: I’m gon na go ahead and call that a good one.

For me, I’m just gon na say that that was that was swell. Okay, you want to tell us what the scores are at the moment. Seth has 49 doubloons will has 14 food. Okay, karen has 33 doubloons 23. Oh, I know now that I’m in last place and Seth is in the lead.

I’M gon na have to destroy him. I haven’t really studied the the cards that are next in sequence. I’M concerned about the way the anchor points will raid out at the end, but I’m gon na try. Oh okay, I’m getting some very subtle throat, slitting action from the missus over there. It’S the last journey.

You guys not looking really Wow check you out, you just never know. I think my strategy is foolproof and I’m probably gon na win this game. My impression was spot-on. I’M feeling really good about it. Ready alrighty, then surgeon Karen, take a discarded character back.

You don’t have any granny water, no daytime powers, Spanish, governor discard everybody in your who dad, Oh nobody that are discard. Let’S go a raiding, a Spanish governor. What do you want? I want the jewels granny water. What do you want I’ll take that map?

I mean, if I take this, there’s hey you take this. You can kill his Spanish governor, doing it right that everything was going. So let’s do nighttime powers. We’Ve done two doubloons on account of you’re. The only guy granny whadda is such a [ __ ], because the second that any other granny water comes out, they have to run and hide and no longer get money for their captains, which is their job.

Okay. Here we go ready. We have here Spanish spies, as I I discovered my bad guys going to the bag. You dick good thing. It has to happen to somebody.

That’S crazy man. The chest is worth the most points of all the booty and no one has drawn any useful booty ever. I feel like a mirror universe version of myself right now. Quartermaster, you gain a doubloon for each of your booty tiles that counts as a bootytime bootytime power for the first mate. Let’S go raiding first mate.

He be first I’ll. Take all right. I want that sword. You do want that sword. This is the first time I’ve ever played this game, and so I feel like I’m making plenty of critical errors along the way in an effort to better understand the game.

I don’t know it’s gon na shake down, then there’s also the additional devastation. The granny card is interesting because you can continue to earn on it, but if two of them exist, then they all kill each other. So I guess my plan is make sure. No one else can use it. I mean who knew that this game would be so testing of marriages.

But you know if you can serve five, this game, you can survive anything. Okay, let’s do some nighttime powers, everybody, no nighttime powers there. Oh, no there’s a granny. Whatta ya must discard that work out the way you’re planning yes card, your granny wha tires. Okay and I don’t have any night time person.

Now we are going to go in all right, I’m not a very competitive person, and but I like it when other people get really competitive and angry about stuff, and I just get to be all passive and watch, I’m ready to go. Let’S just be doing our daytime powers, they be discarding everyone in me. Deck and ye be discarding everyone in ye deck in EB, discard ol and there be known, and now we go to read: don’t we have the night night same powers, yeah, which would G be getting a single W or pirates, and I donate team powers for ye. Okay, I’m just gon na send two myself all right, everybody, it’s the final round of the fine voyage. I’Ve got a fantastic move, lined up right here, I’m playing the quartermaster because I’m going to get a mountain of points for all the booty tiles I have.

But I’ve got the mutineer already in my den the mutineers gon na kill the quartermaster, and I will not lose eight points at the end, which is the very next turn it all comes down ready. Yes, mr

Seth as the gunner who would G be payin doubloons to be assassinated if Seth Gunners, my mutineer, I lose 10 points, the only choice I have the only option I have to try and get up to winning this game is to somehow trick confused, manipulate or all Of the above Seth into killing Claire, you can go ahead and kill him. Hey woody would gain it for each of my sabers just saying what will is stroking his beard like he’s pulling off some villainous move, and I think the most frustrating thing is that I’m not clear on what he’s doing, because he’s not really altering my intention. But he’s making it seem as if what I’m doing is valuable for him and I really feel like I should have studied these cards harder. Yeah that got kill your armor.

That’S all I can do I’m sorry, that’s great! It’S gon na be a long drive home, guys. Okay, I did, and then I talked your husband into killing you instead of my mutineers, so that I can use my mutineer to kill my quartermaster and not have to take one card, and you saw that my card that I was gon na have to kill all Of the people in my hand, because I was already going to put my guy into the well the way that I figured it was that his mutineers gon na kill, I played the Spanish governor, which means I had to this. I had to discard the things from my den anyway, so you basically just wasted a anyway. It’S I’m really scared of Claire’s death stare.

It’S really powerful, I’m just hoping that they survive this pass this game, it’s cute! So how are you I’m good? Is it going to be held on a pirate ship? First, let’s go raiding. What would you be raise is what I’m going to raid.

Why would I rate something that gave me one to bloom when I had these three doubloons to take for myself all right, I am going to raid in an effort to protect my mutineer from Karen, who now knows why it’s so important for my mutineer to be Murdered I’m going to take this sword. You also could have killed my mutineer because you could have taken a sword and killed my mutineer. Oh, I was so I had my eyes on the money. No, as I said earlier, I felt like maybe a mirror universe. Version of myself was playing in this game today and, as we all know, the mirror universe is evil, so I’m sorry dude, I know I got ta, kill him and gunner yeah.

I just assumed this guy was a suicide. That was another way, I’m not that was dead so that guy’s dead. I don’t know how it went from feeling like I had planned that round out well to be feeling like. I wasn’t taken advantage, manipulation yeah, but I don’t think I was actually manipulated. You were manipulated.

I think I I think. Maybe you didn’t count on how evil I am. You didn’t adjust my intention. I was just dumb and intending the wrong thing. Okay, let’s go ahead and do our nighttime powers there’s nobody in your den no night times what happens for you, you get a gazillion.

I get the balloon for these two Sabres yeah and then a doubloon cuz. The barking does not work EEP. Okay, so there you go, my nighttime power is that my mutineer murders, my quartermaster and I gained two doubloons and now I don’t lose eight two balloons. When we dock, I don’t think anyone has an anchor situation. Oh you do.

What’S your anchor situation haven’t lose eight. So let’s go ahead and we’ll final scores here: what’s your lucky jack slack ejack was 43 Dameon, 47 after Stanley, Rackham, 56 and Ignatius bell with the Furious. I don’t even mind losing I just hate, I’m going to take you all to. I just want to say that I think that in a way this is all kind of Claire’s fault for killing me in the beginning and creating a murderous. No I’m not actually, no, okay, I’m let it go.

Oh I see it. I see it. Okay, so just wanted to say that I would not have played as evilly on the last round if you weren’t all my friends yeah, oh well, yeah now meow yeah, yum-yum-yum enough yeah yeah all right! Well, please don’t shred the furniture! So, congratulations on your evilly played victory.

It got really weird in the losers. Couch. Oh really, bro. Okay, I’m gon na give you a trophy I’m gon na put your name on it. Yeah, okay, okay, settle down!

You want to make a victory speech, yeah yep! All right, I think you speak for everyone. Congratulations on your victory. I guess I’m gon na hold on to this, for you and well give it to you in the car, okay, okay, yeah sure, okay, thank you for watching. Thank you for subscribing, and until we see you next time play more games.

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