Love Letter & Coup: Fine Brothers and Felicia Day Join Wil Wheaton

Love Letter & Coup: Fine Brothers and Felicia Day Join Wil Wheaton

Love Letter & Coup

We are in the midst of a micro game Renaissance, and it is amazing. Designers, are crafting elegant and wonderful games that literally fit in your pocket and play in less than 15 minutes. These games are perfect for playing while you’re waiting for your dinner or drinks to arrive or between some of the bigger games. We typically play on a game day today on tabletop been fine, Rafi, fine and Felicia Day are here to test our deduction and deception skills and a pair of micro games that are is fast, paced as they are challenging. We will attempt to be the first to have a princess, read our love letter, and then we will return to the world of the resistance to see who among us can have a successful coup.

Love letter is a wonderful little deduction game designed by Seiji cannae and is widely credited for pushing forward the micro game movement in love letter where all Nobles at court and someone is secretly trying to pass a love letter to the princess. How romantic it is an intimate confession of true love, but because everyone in the court is so nosy, we all want to get the gossip and find out who is having an affair with the princess. At the start of the turn, a player will have two cards. Each with a nobility rating, and also with a special power players choose which of these two powers to deduce who the other players are, while keeping the other card as their temporary disguise guards. Let you guess who is trying to deliver the love letter, hand maidens, protect the princess’s privacy.

This priest always seems to know the dirtiest secrets for some reason, but imagine the scandal if we caught the princess writing the letters to herself. Oh, my the game ends when one player has knocked out all of the others. Otherwise the player who ends with the highest ranked card in hand wins. Will our lover have the Wits to sneak past the courts gossips or will our princess be in another castle? Let’S find out in love level, I’m Benny fine, one half of the fine brothers.

You can follow and watch all the content that our production company creates over at, slash thefinebros. I am Rafi fine, the other half of fine brothers, entertainment can Felicia Day and I’m an actor a writer producer and tweeter instead of one. This is love letter. I have been shuffling these cards for roughly the last 15 minutes, but you don’t know that so I’m going to shuffle them a couple of times cut them.

We’Re gon na burn a card and put it in the bag and then we’ll play we’re burning this card to make card counting more difficult. I will now deal a single card to each player in the game begins. We forgot to decide who goes first, so um who’s the real princess here. Oh it’s super duper me all right. I mean I have no protests.

What about you all right? I’M gon na take a card here and I’ve got this card and I’ve got this card. I am going to play a guard you and I am going to say Felicia. Are you the baron? I am NOT the baron.

Well, alright, then you’re very excited about that. No, I’m Lauren, I’m no dirty Baron! Okay! Well, I’m going to play the guard mm-hmm lots of guards, lots of guards Colin wowsie with guards this happening. I know I miss.

I just look. We locking in tell everybody. I think that you Benny have a baron, no well damn. I was home-schooled, so I never received love letters passed to me, but I did receive them in the mail from one boyfriend when I was 14 and he would just hand right yes lyrics to me, not hot okay. I am playing handmade.

Oh all, right you. I will just chill I’ll sit back. Okay, grey one touches me: okay, cool! I like that. There’S the progressive female guard, but the handmaiden is still well.

Would you like a mail him in yes, a little? Is it? Is it too hard to ask he ever? I wouldn’t master hand mister, I was a hand master and then I got married, hey we kind of gave that to you. It was like he’s right there.

It was so Circle seriously when that Kurt has no brake on it, and it’s just sitting there in the zone, I’ve got a swing uh. What you had to do, sir? I currently I’m a guard. Oh goodness, why? Okay and you sir, yes Christmas, madam press unsure at this point.

Yes, I’m really confident about playing love letter today, but I have an older brother: that’s a master manipulator, so I’m probably gon na lose and I think that you are actually yes a priest. Let’S find out nope overthrows, no one has any abilities to read minds here, though, it’s really not not going away with the guessing we’re all terrible as it turns out. I am a guard. What this is Keys, having all our one guard left in the dirt one card left, uh well known fact about castles – is that they are only as secure as the number of guards in them and, as it turns out, five is all the guards you need for Any castle ever I can’t yeah, you can’t touch me the only one that nobody’s again. No one touches the hand me on traffic.

No um are you a priest? No, not oh nope, lot of slow rolling in this particular game of love. Wait. Why are there so? Many guards in this castle they seem to be paranoid about these love letters.

Luckily, none of them seem to have any idea what’s going on, because nobody is guessing right ever there you are miss Felicia. Hmm. Are you looking at me like that? It’S your turn. It’S your turn.

You know you all look at the person you’re glaring at me, like you’re, in a cologne, commercial, okay, um, I’m going to I’m gon na use the Baron I’m gon na Baron. Who are you bearing? I can’t I can’t bear in you you’re barren. I’M barren, let me you’re not fair, I’m even gon na barren one of you, I’m gon na, bury you, oh okay, so we compare secretly compare card secretly. Maybe we saw that your car and who, whoever of you, has the lower card?

Oh so he could be out of the game is out ski and that would be you you’re out of the game. I’M sorry! I have you have yeah now you reveal Prince pretty high, oh yeah, very interesting. The risk for playing a baron with a higher card is that the other person um might see that you have a really high card. So it’s not.

I don’t really know how to play the Baron, I’m so sorry, your lung, sorry edit, I’m sorry. I was really there was someone early. You have waited to play a baron. Oh, I really do this will be over soon. A pain will be over.

I got a knock her out faces on the best once again enjoy yourself handmaiden. What Wow? I will douse plot for my very high ranked character. You have a card he’s been ferreting, I’m the priest and I’m looking at your hand. Oh, I don’t like the priest going through my goods interesting.

Please reveal something to me. I need some information right can’t do anything to me. Those can’t do anything to me, though I’m playing the priest so um, I’m going. I wouldn’t you can’t you can’t like him. I have to see what turn it I was trying to cut it.

Sorry interesting! Yes, Gary so this is Christine gave you all the information to mean none of them. None of it all right, give me the handmaiden. Yes, okay, I play the last card. Oh Alicia you’re, the king.

Oh yes, yeah, don’t you get mad. I’Ve been writing illicit love. Shudders to my own daughter, the King could totally write a platonic love letter to his daughter, just not in a weird way and we’re talking about the Middle Ages here. So you know I draw and now oh boy, I’m the prince. I choose you to discard your hand.

Oh it’s finished. Oh, you were not the pretty pretty princess hue. I was a princess the whole time. You are, as it turns out everyone. It was.

I the baron, writing, love letters all along uh. The Barons. True love is his reflection. Where he’s like a griddle of litter to me, I’m so hot. I brought a love letter me all right.

That’S the end of round. One will pour out and show you. The burn card was the countess and were you just guessing between your prince was knocked out and I had the princess she had to be the king good point yeah all right here we go so shuffled new round uh in my house. We play that the player who won the last round goes first, so that’ll, be me again. I will claim protection on the handmaiden.

Oh yeah, you go under her hair. Okay, I’m going to play the guard and I think you have a priest. No all right there. You go baby, you should have trained more for this psychic abilities. I didn’t get that training before the no.

It’S a video tutorial, the other tutorials that I did to train for this are Corsa tree falconry and deception. I will play the guard. Okay, Oh Felicia, mm-hmm Baron wrong, ah good about that.

Okay guard guard guard. No, I am also seeking the protection of the hell. Oh, how very interesting well they’re done, there’s no more, no more protection anymore. What we have here, I am the priest which allows me to look at another player’s hand, he’s got something look at his little face. Is she doesn’t want you to see her card she’s like just it’s him he’s deflecting he’s very good.

Remember when we played resistance. Yeah remember when I beat you Oh remember: when we played Lords of Waterdeep now, I’m looking at your hand, you’re gon na be disappointed. Oh, how interesting told you Oh interest colony all right. I here you go, I’m honest 100 % yeah! Oh sure you are I’m gon na play a guard.

I’M gon na played on you, okay, and I think you have a king. No sorry! So you don’t have a baron, a doughnut King, I’m going to play Prince and make you change your hand. So I had a baron I’ll take it. I will discard fine, fine I’ll, draw a new car.

I shall get about that and I forget about that. Oh it’s good barons are terrible. I hereby decree by order of the king, oh ma, I’m the king. Yes right, I think you’re right that there is some high card over here, I’m going to trade with you, okay, looking for reaction, I’m not sure what reaction you’re looking for. I don’t know just a reaction.

Okay, all right so run to me. One card left to serve the dishes: oh man, it’s winding down you just talk about how much rich guy looks like Brad Pitt. I really can old Joffrey. I was thinking you know which actually makes him sorta kind of looks like uh me Arthur. I don’t know if Bea, Arthur and Brad Pitt have a lot of facial similarities, but they do have attitudes, though they’re similar, you know get it done right.

I am discarding the contestant, oh whoa, why would you discard the Contessa or the countess discard have caught with King of France you’re saying you have a prince because he just played the king there’s only one kid buddy or he’s bluffing or I’m bluffing. You can play the countess as a bluff. You have to discard her. If you have the king or either of the princes, if you have neither, then you can fool some of the other players into wasting guard cards on you and it works really. Well, as a super, double secret probation, double bluff, Bluff, Bluff, backsies Bluff, when you actually have one of the cards he’s bluffing well you’re in control.

Here at the moment, if you’ve got a baby got one of those guards, you can try to take him out. I’M gon na play guard and I think that you have I’m a baron moment. No, you have a princess, he has the princess. You should have just guessed Prince to find out for sure I know I should have okay fine. Why did Felicia not play the guard to guess that will was the prince he’s?

Obviously, the prince well we’ve drawn through all the card, then whoever’s what happens now? Oh, whoever has the highest valued card, then wins the round, oh yeah, so whoever feels first up. It doesn’t matter we do simultaneously. I I screwed up, I’m good up your own turn. I screwed up my own.

Basically, he lost me just I just want. I just I just lost by being an idiot, just want to say that when Rafi made the switch, I gave him a guard and he gave me the princess and I won because of this. There are you for the trade. Why would you? Oh then?

I don’t know I don’t care that I said okay, I was gon na. Take him out. I forgot about this whole idea that we’re done I was gon na use. My garbage is basically this side of the table just got we let got hit with a case of the stupids, but that’s fine. We around we got a relay and we’re round Barry card was second look at you.

I feel like you’re plotting. Something is oh wait. Benny is never to be trusted outside of games very trustworthy. An amazing, older brother inside a game. You’Ll think he’s there for you.

He is not. Ah look I’m an older brother and there’s no such thing. Yeah there you go there, you go there, you go Benny, you will go firm. This is great. Oh, this is a moment for me.

Okay, guard Silesia. You have hemming, no, you don’t know I don’t. That is not helping. I don’t know in that all right. Ah, such such distress – yes, I am just a simple Prince, oh really!

No, that is an early play and I will make yourself. Can you do that? Yeah? If you like it, these cards are crap, you can. You can discard your hand and start all over it.

Make some interesting decision? Yeah yeah? I will not listen to my brother cuz he’s, obviously not helping me. Never you will never be. However, I can tell you that right, right, Felicia, I’m gon na.

Have you discard this card? Actually I don’t like the Bears, the Baron. I get a new cards, so thank you you hand. Here’S me. I wouldn’t have done that.

Why not that’s all you’re gon na say him Benny. Are you the princess? No, oh. He wishes you didn’t want to give up that card. No, he didn’t it’s a very good point.

He could have discarded himself once it came up that we need your help. You’Re, like a little devil, I’m an older and I’m like. I’M really ruin your decision. Okay, listen! I’M gon na guard and I think you have a very high fart value card, so high valued, that you, sir, have the princess, you’re wrong.

Huh put that head she’s a Tori babe. Oh, he said good day, sir learned from Benny because he worked at Disney World and he always tell you to point with two fingers to be polite. So I don’t appreciate Felicia sticking that one finger in my face: woo Wow ting. He wants us to believe that he has a prince or a king mm-hmm. It was just into the car very interesting there you go.

We only have four cards left just FYI, so I have been secretly very much paying attention has a guard. Yes, a whole entire time, yep and – and I actually think that you have not been lying to us, even though that’s all you do, I’m trusting him, and I think that you are a prince, no he’s either a king or not a king right, exactly Wow that Neurotics of elimination a little bit, I’m just gon na, take a round off. Ah, while I wait for you guys straight out here, each other apart last two turns okay, I’m going to play whether Brad Pitt uh-huh and I’m going to do it all myself, I’m going to all right, strategizing to potentially have a better car at the end. Yeah. Okay, so discard that, okay, what do we have turn turn over your card?

It, the priest, yeah good choice, a very good position, positioning yourself! That’S right! Okay! Well, it’s worth it! Yes, this is it up?

Well it an Maiden. Oh, what was so now we’re back to the end again. Oh so get out, it looks like a victory is coming my way again, don’t gloat. Here I am friends. Oh you had a guard.

What did you have? Oh there, the princess for the guards in there darn it Benny. You win love letter, Russians, let’s move on to cook, who is a great Micro deception game designed by Ricky Tata in cou. We all play power-hungry billionaires trying to own and control everything in a fictional world set in the distant future, where corporations have subverted democracy and completely taken over the world installing themselves as a new uber-rich ruling class. Yes, the distant future of a fictional world.

Now our only competition comes from the other / rich, who are meddling in our affairs and trying to take us down. So we have to fight them, not with blood and metal like the peasants do, but instead using deception, treachery and buying out influence with our vast fortunes, a small deck of 15 cards represents the five shadowy agents we can call upon to do our bidding. There are three copies of each card in the deck, and each player will have two cards to represent their starting influence over this fictional world. But what is awesome about ku is that you can pretend to be any or all of these powers at any time, even though you really only have to because ku is a deception game. The only way to stop someone is to have the guts to actually call them out on their lies or better, yet you can counter their lie with a lie of your own.

What’S that you claim to be an assassin. Well now I’m the Contessa and assassins. Don’T work, sorry, eventually we’re all going to get caught up in our lies. The game ends when one player destroys all the others who will get to roast diamonds by the campfire in total victory and who will have their manservant roast diamonds for them. Instead, let’s find out in coop all right everybody, this is Koo as with love-letter.

I’Ve been shuffling these cards for an hour, but I’m just going to shuffle them a couple more times. So everyone knows this is all SuperDuper, legit and real all right. So we’re going to deal these out, the official rules for ku allow for us to select any player to go first, so we’re going to choose Bendigo first, because he was victorious in love-letter. We can say so: let’s go ahead and begin, sir, who are you and what would you like to do? I would just like to take one one.

One coin, please! Oh so you’re not a Duke you’re, not well, it’s a very bold move, very grace, yeah. Okay, sure say sure: okay has an assassin all right when your first action is to take one megabuck. It is basically telegraphing two experienced players. I have an assassin so you’re either setting that up as a bluff, you’re, throwing it into their head or you’re, making it possible for you to do an assassination.

Your move, be. I am going to take some foreign aid coordinating two coins. Now, if anyone is a do, would anyone choose to blog luck? She says that she’s, a new renting. Are you calling her out Jared or are you letting go your foreign aid?

You know what I won’t block you again after this yeah. I did it. I’M done. Okay, that’s like somewhat of an alliance, yeah yeah, okay, very odd, to see an alliance exist in this game, I’ll, let it go. I need to align myself with Felicia’s Dukes so that, hopefully I can get some more coins more money and I like Felicia, I don’t want to make an alliance with my brother um, I kind of like the cut of your jib and I’ll just take a single Coin, Wow, nothing wrong with that.

Well, you know what you do assassins so dude you’re gon na take money right, I’m going to take money because I’m the Duke I would three coins. Everybody take three coins lying by claiming that she is the Duke. Would anyone like to block this? Obviously I anyone anyone, no, I believe I’m gon na. Let it go.

I mean I kind of punished you. It’S a really wait. It’S kind of like a Fifty Shades sort of relationship. We have already I’m like boom, but we’ve just gone for the record. I didn’t read it a liar.

I don’t know why I was yeah, it might be really terrible if you won’t read it cuz. I know what you know. I read it. I read. I read Bigfoot porn, not hard.

Alright, it verges no, no stop. No. I have a romance book club called vaginal fantasy and sometimes I have to do research. It’S it’s purely scholarly assassin, you rough. What here’s my money, whoa?

What fasten on you? You can say: you’re! Contessa, but then you know if you’re lying right in the end bluffing a contested is an incredibly risky move. If you get called you have to discard one of your cards and then the assassin will assassinate your remaining card, and otherwise otherwise you lose it. You lose influence or he’s full of crap and he doesn’t have an assassin.

It was like the otter and fort and force him to show his assassin. I think you are not an assassin, ah commandant brah, what you got. Bro you’ve been called, sir. If you do not have an assassin, you must discard one of your cards. If you have an assassin, then you must discard one of your cards.

I’M discarding, ah I’m alive, and that was magical. I believe you lose your three behavior later, oh well, I shouldn’t have. The mistake: was going after the brothers after you, sir? That’S a mistake can’t see that finally, lass is on you’re, just a blurry snake to me, alright, good um, I’m going to take my foreign aid, have fun Wow, alright, you’re all so easy. Let’S see!

If that happens, I’m not a Duke. He legitimately has an assassin. That’S for suresies I’m using an assassin on you, because I want your Duke out of the game. Well, you’re awful or you can Contessa. Do you have to Tessa oh this card, so she is you’re just gon na do you were lying?

Of course not. I was alive, I know I’m saying, go ahead, please now it’s my turn. I am going to assassin. You Oh, does have an assassin. I have a Contessa.

This is a huge moment for Felicia. This could be the end in multiple different ways. Does she let it go like Elsa, I’m gon na I’m gon na? Let it go that means have to let I believe that you have an assassin right and a Contessa in your hand, I messed the hand. Okay.

Alright, I would like foreign aid. Please two coins. Anyone care to duke this okay, there you go ruff he’s a wizard he’s the one in the back. You don’t cease playing strategy. He’S reading the coin, guys he’s beerus.

I am your little finger. Oh wait! Wait! A second wait hold on you’re gon na ambassador. Here, as I was happening, your ambassador in your cards cuz.

Why would you be showing us anything less than ambassador is in your head. It’S ridiculous! In your head, yeah! I shouldn’t have shown the ambassador. I don’t have to do that and I forgot and it was stupid.

What I hope is that you got promoted to Duke thank you we’ll find out shortly or contessa. Yes, I’ll. Just take income mm-hmm, not taking the risks easier. She was just doesn’t right now or he’s got an assassin in a contestant. That’S what you’re thinking I don’t necessarily buy the Diaz the Contessa.

Well, we don’t know you could just be lying again. You should be getting one too okay playing, I’m really deep in all of your heads. I am living rent-free in your head playing the role of assassin here by getting the one coin, I am okay, all right. I would once again like some foreign aid, all right. No Duke to block that me mmm, maybe no okay, that’s it too late.

Give me the money. I don’t think you get to rush that along. Would you like to Duke this or not you’re, not a Duke you’re, clearly not you’re, just letting gon na live out of it? Oh wow he’s not a Duke. You allow him, so you have a Duke okay Barry.

I think you just got a do. I don’t you what do I think? What is your? What is your action, sir? Your do get your three and get your cou if you’re a Duke uh, Felicia, mm-hmm, you’ve been so kind to me, but oh go goes.

This is where this is where this game turns dark. I sent over here you’re gon na assassinate me fast me after I blocked you early Earth. I bided my time. The time has come. You bit the hand that didn’t really feed you.

It slapped you yeah. How do you like it Felicia doesn’t feel good? Does it I’m gon na call you on it, because I would like to see it. I want to see your servant. Ah all right.

Well then, I’m out, but you don’t have an assassin anymore. You want to see my card, was it actually yeah? We would. It was a sample, no lies. I did so think that was happening.

So there was a yeah you’re being completely honest. Here’S a new car, hey you! I am in trouble. Well, I guess it’s time for me to go ahead and grab some foreign aid Duke, so he can assassinate someone next time. Okay, I would also like some foreign aid – Oh God, ruff.

What shall you do now with your new card yeah? I don’t think you have an assassin, I think he might so. I probably have to do something against him. If you can captain him away from his money, I’m gon na captain away some of your money. Can you ambassador him or well?

If he admits he has an ambassador, then he does not have. I haven’t decided if I think you’re actually a captain. What do you think I am? It seems we put our beards together, ha, I’m not sure of wills techniques of having a beautiful beard, but I didn’t want to say it, and hopefully he doesn’t watch these afterwards, but I do have a better beard than him. I would like to see your captain card, sir.

Oh wow. Oh I don’t know. If you have a captain, you do, the money is gone and a card is gone. You get. It was my two that uh my turn.

I said yeah gon na get. Is it contesta all Assassin’s are gone, oh, no, more Assassin’s on the board. Well, how was a popcorn all right? You need to replace your captain. Oh yeah!

Thank you such decisions, even though everyone’s gon na steal from me. I would like one coin. Please. What are you doing what’s under there? Okay, I will steal in the name of what from you, in the name of what captain Odin the name of captain, so I’m to believe that, even though you just lost a captain, it was replaced by a captain.

I have another captain, that’s what’s happened, trouble captain, don’t don’t do it could happen. Go ahead. Take my money captain. So you don’t have a Duke or an ambassador to block that. That’S what you’re saying take my money captain.

What do you have now? I would strongly say: I’ve got it even though I don’t even the game, I’m the last thing on this planet. I am interested in at this moment in time. Is anything that’s coming out of your face, sir just but look at it in the game. Here.

Don’T worry, you know why I missed it right away, I’m taking my foreign aid and I will be very happy with it and it is your turn, sir. I will also like to take some foreign aid. Please what you both don’t have Duke’s. Well, what will you with where I’m at and having a captain? Of course you have a captain.

I will steal two again from you: okay, take it captain now you’ve got seven. I got to let Rafi keep stealing from me over and over again, because I believe him otherwise it’s just over. For me. I got seven bucks now I can COO been knocking you out coming for you now we’re in trouble someone’s hesita born to take oil early. One income: I will take my foreign aid whoa thank ya, lows, kill him yeah, so I just get down Joe.

Whoever you want someone’s out of the game may know him. It’S obviously she’s, obviously be it kill him to stop it. It’S over. I’M not sure what I do. Can I throw these at him?

Oh my god, so I revealed there oh okay, uh interest. I couldn’t do anything this whole time I was held. I was helpless. You were very good at distracting people with talking, though Oh foreign aid, only you understood what my life has paid other things death for me, so I I’m gon na be I mean this is gon na, be like a slow game here, but my captain, I want To take two from you, I’m stealing again, okay, I’m calling you on that. What this whole time you’ve been lying, I’m gon na feel really really bad right now, if he doesn’t have a captain after allowing this to Michael it’s true, I see well.

This is the moment of truth, my friends, okay, and knew it so yeah. Ah, ah he’s so key. I had double captain. Oh he has that mustache no and uh a second test. Oh all, right.

Congratulations include the player who won the last round goes first. So that’s you being Duke a dude yeah, of course. I of course would like to take three coins, because I am taking my tax. That’S very odd that you believe yourself to be a Duke. I don’t believe you, so she is calling you out and saying that you are not a Duke.

If you have a Duke, please show it: Oh Felicia trees, water. We shaky right away. She was one nor evil, rappers Kokila, oh I’m! So sorry, who would call me out on first turn for Duke nobody does that I am a Duke, I mean I’ll, be taking my foreign aid, which is my do as a Duke. Would anyone attempt to block me no he’s a Duke, alright, very good?

I impact him into cos.. Well uh. I would like three, it’s a great Lena face you just I don’t know if camera okay, I am a captain and I am taking two coins from Felicia, oh uh. What can I block that?

Oh, I can’t block Stephen block. It if you’re an ambassador, you can block it. If you are also a captain there, you go alright. Thank you very well, I’m not a cab. You are I’m just gon na.

Take one go an unblockable uncontestable, actually an assassin. Okay, I believe, as I said, I have a Duke and I will be taking some tax so he’s ready to coup here. I sure AM so. If there’s anything you can do, you should attempt to do it. She’S talking um.

I know he is okay. Listen! I’M gon na level with you, I think, if you’re gon na assassin anybody needs to be will, because he has about to coup unless you’re an assassin, though even then you can’t really take his money and I don’t think you have a kid you wouldn’t you do, But even then you might still have enough, I don’t know what you have them, but you do anything else. That is an assassin we know, but we don’t know you just be lying again. So if, if you don’t do that, then he could kill someone and still have two cards, so we know the more.

What else do I know? That’S the problem really weird. All I’m doing is explaining the different things that people could do in the game. What if they don’t know what all the options are, I’m the kind of person who talks too much in life, and I always get kicked out of games like this. So I’m really kind of glad that Benny’s here talking more than me and yeah, I’m like God.

I want that guy to die not in real life, but just as a player. Okay, okay problem, though, is that even if you kill him, he will continue to give us a photo silencer. Hmm! So what’s your move, I’m gon na assassinate you I’m a Contessa. I would talk, but I said I would.

I don’t believe you this time. You say anyone I think you’re lying. I don’t know so you’re saying that you have a Duke and a Contessa, those woods uh-huh. Okay, all right! I’M gon na call you I’m just gon na.

Do it, let’s just be bold. This move. He talked you into this yeah dad you into this. He didn’t talk me into it. What douche bag?

Hey? Listen! If you would, let me speak. I would have been saying these things out loud, but I’m not giving up my assassin, you guys are jerks. I got a new card.

Oh ah, look how good I am going to captain myself cuz, I’m a captain and take two of your coin. I’M gon na block your stealing with what like the captain. I just grew. We also think here captain. I know that I’m a captain because I just drew a captain.

This card is a captain. What’S your call, what’s your play, I believe you come on. No, I believe in the Dukan captain. I do you think, he’s that lucky. Yes, I actually do it’s a big puff gets your turn.

What I believe yes, is that when you coup there’s no way your COO and me that’s what I believe. Okay, so what I’m going to do? One of us dies next turn rough. Okay, just for the record, one of you, if you don’t do something, I am going to just take some foreign aid. Very simply, you want to take four and eight, which is two coins.

As the Duke, I can’t allow that I’m blocking your foreign aid, like your choice, is to call him on a bluff or let him maybe kill you. He totally has the Duke. We don’t never does that. He does I’m kind of like at a point now where I feel like you’re, the type that, since I said to you, wouldn’t kill me you’ll kill him when I said it and you looked at me, I was like, oh my god, he’s gon na kill me Now so I kind of feel like I have to go after you except dying either way. So are you calling ville a calling bull?

You are not, as he’s never gon na do. Ah I told you man all right. Okay and you are dead. Well, I got rid of his Duke guys. It’S true, so you guys are good to go down just what you have ambassador he’s gon na kill me now and find out he’s guising strategy here.

Yeah well he’s just take someone out and go to tutu or knock me down a peg thinking that you’re completely weak and impossible to win. So why kill you whoa? I want to punch your face. I don’t believe that he believes oh yeah. He believed in me.

You left, what are you saying? You are not a prostitute ma’am. It actually feels nice to get knocked out, sometimes because you’re not having to deal with all that pressure, especially with my brother. We’Re like it’s a constant like beating of manipulation, and you just sometimes want to get out of the game and just watch him doing it. To other people, you’re up, I’m going to steal from you captain you’re, just stealing from me, yep what, but I am a captain.

I know, and you cannot steal from the captain – no you’re – really confident that your captain’s yes, I’m a captain captain captain are you sure, when you have a coup that you’re not going to just take, kill me or kill her. He is so confused. This doesn’t make sense to me, but fine if you want to go down this path, let’s go down this path, we’ll come on, I’m obviously the captain. I’Ve been doing this for rounds and no one has called me out on this. So I guess the question now is: are you going to risk one of your cards because you think I’ve been bluffing as the captain?

Yes, I’m bluffing, no captain, okay, Wow you’re wrong, which one gets to start I’ll. Take two from you. There’S two captains. Perhaps it’s the story: York yeah oho. I know this makes me sound like a douche, but there are times where you read the other players so well that you don’t even have to look at your cards and I kind of feel that way right now, Wow, no contestants and all the assassins still exist.

Hi well yeah I mean he has so many coins right now he’s gon na have to coup. I mean he just took two more Z’s leave. I have ten yeah you have to play for the next round. There’S not much you can do. He doesn’t have a Duke so get three and your assassin just stay.

You know Duke. I only have one person left, assassin yeah get three, and then you can kill three right now. Well, you can say you’re Duke, even though we all think you’re assassin, they’re setting you up dude you’re, safe, move, I’m gon na help, I’m gon na I’m gon na how it three really your dude, I’m a Duke okay, I’m letting it happen. Okay, thank you. All right, I have 10 well, I I my turn all right.

Sorry, sorry, if I yeah an ambassador – and I would like another card or swap out about they know yeah sure, okay, great okay, whose whose game is over here, have a feeling. It’S me. It’S me. Well, because if you have the three and have the assassin and there’s no contestants, it does make sense to kill Felicia better you’re done. Oh, I finally became a captain.

We actually got a captain. Oh um, oh yeah. If you had the assassin you got to play it, I know I’m not gon na attack him, I mean. If I don’t, then it’s gon na go around. I can get some money per tuning to be a Duke and then well.

No, I should Ted tack him. I’M going to assassinate you, this was fun, though the Duke thing I had a Duke earlier, just to remind you, I don’t believe you you’re, not an assassin, really sure proven, kill him really show me and kill me or let me take my heart or just let Your assassination attempt to go just prove your. I was away. Oh you slower. I don’t want to kill your passenger or not I’m calling you on it.

Oh, oh, you really are. What did you have double assassin? I can’t matter. No, oh, oh you’re. The worst.

Can we see one? Oh, I want to nope I’ve been living in your head so long, I’m repainting the inside of your skull. So as we’re shuffling the cards and getting ready to go into the third round, producers were not in there like we’re out of time. We have to stop playing so um uh, you and I are gon na go to the winners wall, which I don’t know. I don’t feel it doesn’t feel right at all.

I don’t feel good about. It is very Shambo. Could you say that I won because I was the clear Victor of love letter? No just happened. I’M not gon na.

Do that it’s a cleaner couch than the other words. Really it’s nice! Well, it’s one more! Oh hi um! So I’ve been thinking that, while I got cheated out of my chance to like actually win uh, you guys your losses, legit, your lack of winning is legit.

Like you weren’t good enough really Victor. I think you’re trying to take it out on us and try to be a little bit. Yeah, I’m gon na go stand in front of the winners, while you guys hang out here and don’t get our sadness uh. No. What did you tell story?

Okay, fine, here’s! The story of people who know how to lose with dignity and people who win are stinky faces horrible human beings yeah, who I don’t want to be friends with, and I don’t want to be a brother Wow. You hate your brother. Tell me about this. Just lean back tell me a little bit more about you and Benny’s child.

Well, it all started back when I came out of my mother’s vagina. Allow me to present you with your very own, extraordinarily expensive, tabletop trophy of Awesome. Oh my god, okay yeah yeah! Now I’m going to engrave your name on it right here, Ben yeah, look at that that doesn’t look like a first grader wrote it at all. No, would you like to make any any victory speeches or proclamations?

I mean I completely did win love letter? Okay, that’s good! I’M glad you were able to talk about that. Thank you so much for coming to play with us even wrapped up today. Until we see you next time here play more games, we’ll see you next time on tabletop you

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