This Puzzle Almost Gave Me A HEART ATTACK!!

This Puzzle Almost Gave Me A HEART ATTACK!!

This Puzzle Almost Gave Me A HEART ATTACK!

What’S up and welcome back uh today we got a really cool puzzle, as you can see uh by the way you know you receive something like this in the mail it’s um. It arouses some suspicion from the ups guy uh. I actually had to assemble this because, when it’s all put together, as you can see it, it legit looks like a real bomb. So when he, when this guy ships it out like he has to uh, you have to kind of uh kind of assemble it yourself, because otherwise it’s too sus the creator of this puzzle is named andy gilker. You may be familiar with his work from the tesla coil puzzle that we did so.

This is his second um. By the way i left the link below where you can purchase this. If you’re uh running an escape room and you want to rent it, there’s also options. There. Andy uh sent me this little letter.

Real quick took me more than 240 hours to find a concept, create a story and find the right components, create new components, prototyping and testing. The difficulty of this puzzle is hard and it takes about 90 minutes to solve. Please read the introduction paper carefully and enjoy yourself. You don’t have to read the black text in the journal to solve the bomb squad. You don’t have to okay, good okay for the viewers of this channel.

He has a newsletter and he shows how he makes his puzzle and he asks you to choose a theme or a certain part in the next puzzle so consider subscribing to I left that link below there we go so this is it. It comes with an introductory letter before we get into this a quick word from our sponsors. This video is sponsored by vessy, [, Music, ], sick of stepping and sopping socks.

Are your sneakers soaking, so much slush that you stopped to swap out your sloppy stockings? Oh, my god nailed it. I’M actually quite proud of that. Well, vessy’s sneakers are actually 100 waterproof, not water resistant as most you know, things would have you believe. They’Re, waterproof, meaning anything from puddle jumping to hiking or even just walking through misty grass, will no longer drench your feet.

So obviously we had to test this out all right, so we’re out here on a trail after a few days of rain, we’re going to test out the sneakers to see if they can withstand a hike uh on the one foot. I have an old sneaker which isn’t waterproof or resistant and on the other foot i have a vessy sneaker, which is 100 waterproof. So we’ll see what happens on this hike. You know i kind of enjoy hiking, but i don’t like wearing those big billy boots or those hiking boots. They kind of hold me back.

You know so it’s nice to wear a sneaker out here, but i never wear normal sneakers because they end up getting soaked. This is a simulation of a hike right now, i’m hiking okay, so, as you can see, there’s clearly a dark shade of gray over here. That was much lighter before. Let’S have a look at the sock inside this shoe yeah, as you can see, that is uh. That’S pretty wet and completely dry.

There’S not like that is look at this. That is dry same terrain same time. That is the difference with these shoes, they’re surprisingly incredibly comfortable and made from dymatex dual climate knit which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Just basically sits in front of your door. All year round, they’re also sustainably made less material waste, less water waste and no animal byproducts, making it vegan.

Vesti’S are my go-to shoes by my door, when i don’t want to worry about my socks check them out in the link below For a pair of your vessy shoes, i’m going to read this note that came along with this puzzle. It says you are emily: a 37 year old woman, okay, who lives alone in her home. You have a stable job, close friends, but you have some misfortunes in your love life.

Your first boyfriend liam been trying to get back in touch with you for years, even though you left him almost 20 years ago. Your second boyfriend left for no reason. You’Ve been looking for him for years without success, and this has left a deep emotional mark on you. Your third boyfriend just disappeared. You were exhausted by incomprehension and on the verge of depression.

Okay, you answer the door at your house. Nobody is there, you look down and see a nice aluminum case at your house when you look up trying to see from who that gift was a man is walking back to his car. You don’t remember who it is kind of weird you bring the case in you open it and see this memo. So, okay, as it mentions, i don’t have to read the text in the black box, so i will omit that and it says at the end. Maybe there is something to understand open the case, plug the bomb squad and start solving no force necessary.

This is sequential discovery where some steps are not available until another step is solved. So, ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, let’s get into solving the bomb squad. Puzzle register your fingerprint hole for 15 seconds: [, Music ], so [, Music, ] foreign emily – is that you great whoa, okay, we’ve got uh 30 minutes. We’Ve got switches here, nope! Oh boy, okay, that makes time go fast.

We don’t want to do that uh. What if we plug these in okay exponentially fast, don’t want to do that either uh. What are we given here? Oh, we’ve got a magnet and we’ve got this book, which has a lock on it. That’S what the back looks like here.

There’S some there’s a lock here this where’s, my magnet so stressful. Let me turn this down. You got a volume button, thank goodness for that. Uh where’s that magnet here there seems to be a small compartment right here: [, Music, ], hmm [, Music ]. I seem to be moving it.

It’S stuck right now, oh, oh, let’s go all right! Put the bomb down carefully carefully place the bomb down all right. This is gon na open the book. Wait is this, maybe maybe this isn’t? Maybe this is the key for this.

Ah, oh, oh my it’s like a rat’s nest in there, but i’ve got the key now, i’m is it okay? If i just take the key out, it’s gon na take the key out of here off this ring, i’m not gon na doesn’t look like. I can untangle these they’re all connected and probably we’ll need that later. Okay, here we go okay. Here we are: let’s get rid of this thing.

25 minutes. 26 minutes there we go okay. Here we are high school together. We’Ve got this. Oh there’s a piece of a post-it note.

Here it’s got a message on it, so let’s keep that aside uh. Finally, i’m in my last year of high school, i’m so excited to finish this. This is this is the this is emily journal? Uh, it doesn’t make sense. It was my first day of school today i was really stressed, plus we have to go to the park for homecoming they’re, going to be lots of activities and games, blah blah blah.

I used to call you at the time now you never answer. Oh my god. You left me: oh there’s a letter, there’s a letter back here and there’s another date. Ah, okay, oh my god. I can’t believe i’m friends with the handsome liam a liam.

That’S probably who this guy is liam in the note before was the only boyfriend she mentioned. It’S a big day. Hurrah my relationship isn’t doing great lately. I have 10 million questions. I don’t know if i should stay with him much longer.

Okay, i mean that’s something. You know it’s something you have to figure out emily uh. He was so perfect in the beginning, but the faster his mood swings and aggression have gotten worse. I always have walk on eggshells. Okay, the wires must be connected.

Zero one, zero, zero equals four equals d. Oh okay! Why is that four? So it’s a binary code. The wires must be connected: zero one, zero zero equals four, which equals d; okay, there’s a zero zero one, one right here: okay, there’s an m here with another date.

So cute from here. Oh my god, it’s a it’s a it’s a picture of like uh. Some creep staring at him in a window and there’s a time on the wall. Maybe that has to do with something i finally managed to move on ha ha wrong. Again.

Look behind three equals three equals greater than one three equals three equals greater than one who the [ __ ]. Is that i don’t know. I have no idea and we got another letter here, honors. Okay, what what time is it note it i hate waiting for. You what time is it there was a there was a clock right here.

It was, it looks to be. It looks to be 5 25

[ Music ] another date. Who is this again? I don’t know some other guy and okay. Oh, why colors are never random.

Colors are never random. You made me do this again: oh no! That’S where you killed the boyfriend. I love you. Oh my god.

Okay, you! Never had timing always late or too early little project for you, oh, this is the other half of this hey liam call me soon. That’S her number, emily okay, calm down for once. Oh here we go. We got all sorts of ciphers here.

Oh my god! Oh these, this has to do with this, because there are numbers here and there are colors which are the colors here. Okay, and then we got this, these also equal numbers, these equal numbers and those in the binary system. Okay is that it looks to be everything, okay, cool, so i think we have all the information we need. First and foremost, there’s this phone number um.

I say we just try dialing the phone number, there’s two nines here by the way. That’S probably a mistake: it’s supposed to be a six, i’m guessing six, one, seven, five, five: five, three one: seven: six: [ Music ]! It’S me liam hi um call me back. Okay. I know you’re just upset that you’re planning on leaving me, but he called me back and we’re so did that together.

You never called me back. It’S important. You just didn’t understand me. You just never understood me. I have to talk to you.

I hate you and you will regret it. Oh, my god, calm down, dude, okay! Oh we got more time. That’S good! Okay!

Let’S figure out these wires that we got here with this little cipher system. We also on the back we’re given this here. So i we got ta like follow the wires through because they have little symbols on each of them right. Oh my god. That’S really difficult!

Okay, this one goes here. What do we? Even? What are we looking for here? Okay, serious time, ladies and gentlemen?

Uh? These are gon na give us numbers. So two is two okay. Should we note this down? Two is two roman numeral, two uh.

So that’s two, eight a is one two, eight one, two eight one and then this one is this one, two, eight one, seven, two, eight one, seven, two, eight one, seven, two, eight one, seven, four, there’s a dice for four. That is morse code. Two, eight one. Seven, that is six two, eight one, seven, four, six, that’s a three four six, three, two, eight one, seven, four, six, two, eight one, seven, four, six, three, five, two, eight one, seven, four, six, three: five that doesn’t work anymore; two, eight one, seven, four, three, six. Five, what does that?

Give us three one. Seven, four, six, three, five, two, eight one, seven, four, six, three five, now on the back here, two eight one, seven, four, six, three: five. What does that mean? And now we have this two so b is two okay. So two goes with: oh okay: okay, so because there’s a letter b here, that’s two and b is connected to.

Oh, my god. This is really it’s connected to v. No six two is connected to six. Two is connected to six, so two, which is the first one here, is connected to six, which is the morse code for six, oh wow, so that goes here. Boom.

Okay, nice uh. There’S three dots here: three dots, three dots, three dots, i’m guessing! Is it three? I’M guessing it’s three three like a dice, and this is going to lead me to this one. So three is going to lead me to the morse code or sorry.

Um three is going to lead me to the binary code of seven okay. So three is gon na lead me to seven, which one was three again: none of them, eight one, seven that can’t be right. Okay, we’ll jump to the next one here jump to the next one. So we’ll the square square is four square. Is four four four?

Is here, okay, yep four is here, which one is that connected to? We got ta find that so square in this y. This is really cool by the way okay hold on square. It’S really hard to focus on the wires boom. Is this one leads me to one one cool, so the four is going to be connected to the one and uh the a is equal one.

So this one goes here boom. Okay, this is cool. This is cool, we’re getting here, um yeah, okay. So, let’s look at the this this this number here, which is seven. This is seven seven, which is the last symbol here.

Will lead me to will leave me to three? Okay: let’s try another one here. What’S this one, this is dash dash, dash dot, dot, dash dash dash dot dot. That’S eight eight is connected to the star which star this star. Eight is connected to five.

Eight is connected to five uh and five was this one? Yes, five is here: this one is connected to eight boom and this one to this one. Let’S go want to tell me to come down again. I won’t let time pass by without doing nothing. My hangar is part of me.

You have no right to blame me. Blame yourself for being too emotional, you always get carried, no creep nothing, so you think you deserve a boyfriend. After what you did to me, i deserve the best boyfriend. Okay, don’t even try to date again: ciao ciao, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] weirdo. I got more time.

Okay, next step is probably the lights, because this is green. This is green. As you can see here, we got it’s very hard to see on camera, but i got a green light here. This was red. Now this is green.

We had a red light here now this is green, and now we got a red light here says not even close, and we got to turn it to probably quite easy, which is that one there – and this has to do with the colors uh. Okay. So with the colors we have colors on here and we also probably have colors here, oh okay, this would be red right. This makes sense, uh like yellowish orange, green and i’m guessing. This is blue.

It’S kind of purple right. So what are the colors in? What order there’s multiple of either of them notice here he’s wearing a watch? You got a clock here, a clock here and a clock here, that’s probably important, so we probably have to put him in order of what time it is. What does that mean?

Maybe earliest to latest there’s only one hand on each of these clocks, so this one has a one. This one has a three. This one has a two. So one two three. This has a five one, two, three five one, two three five.

So it’s like red, yellow purple, green nope, okay, that one didn’t change at all! No stop! Okay! Why [, Music ] have to do the dates? Maybe we don’t need this anymore?

What about? What’S? On the back m y, i t i love you e! Nothing! Nothing!

[, Music, ], timey, tiny. It has something to do with the time and why is it when i switch this one? It doesn’t do anything. So maybe it’s like an order, so i go here here nope this this. Oh, that’s!

Good! Nope! Okay! So it’s this one! This one nope wait what this one this one, what is going on?

[, Music ]? What is happening? Let’S take a look at the book. Again we got the colors here. [, Music, ] colors are never random.

It says here in the book. Colors are never random. Look behind three is three t. T is three so three. These is three look behind, so we had numbers this one, this one, not this one, not this one.

This is him like killing another person. Again, this guy’s got some problems. These ones all have clocks. This one doesn’t so it’s important that four of them have clocks and they’re four colors, and if you look at the order, it goes red and i can’t because it makes it go quick. What if i do it really quick it’d, be red, yellow, blue, green?

Ah, okay, that’s i just like lost like a minute of my life, easy wait! Why is it going fast now [, Music ]? I was allowed to hit this one and now it’s slow, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], oh nope! What this makes no sense. Maybe it has something to do with the time.

Obviously it has something to do with the time here. So hear me out. This is on two got it at 20 minutes. I could flip this one right and it wouldn’t wouldn’t make it go fast. Why?

Because there’s a two on yellow, which means there has to be a two on the clock: ready come on. Okay, so green has a five there’s, a five: let’s wait for the next five ooh. If this is true, i really hope this is the solution. Blue is three: oh, just missed it, and red is one one we can do because we got a one here and then what are we looking at five? Three, two one wait.

What, ah, all right start again start again, which one’s okay one we can do red because we got a one blue is three green, is five? Okay, blue, we can do green is five and then we need two for yellow. You really do. Do you even know what i had to do to get you to understand? You know i was thinking of us.

I realized that you will never understand you don’t understand what it is to be always angry to feel a constant rage inside it’s your turn now. Try to stay calm for a minute. You’Ll see it’s not that easy. If you survive, i will let go. Never call you again sure buddy stop watching you from a distance.

Stop taking pictures of you. Let you have friends. Can you stay calm for a minute? Can i stay calm for a minute stay calm for one minute, what stay calm for one minute, [, Music, ] bpm! That’S!

Oh! Wait! What [, Music ] bpm has to be this real heart rate monitor like what, if i get super excited like? Oh my god. Oh, my god, oh my god, it’s doing right, [, Music, ], [, Music ]!

I was literally trying to bring my heart rate down i’m staring at this thing. Oh my god. I’Ve got goosebumps all over my body right now. That is wild no way. [ Music.

], that is wild, that has got to be man. Okay, let me turn this down here. Just i might maybe he’s gon na say an extra message. What was this for then, maybe just like a clue for the time all right. I think we turn this down.

Well, hot dang um! First of all, i want to acknowledge right now how lucky i am to be able to do this for a living. This is so much fun. So thank you to each and every one of you out there who watches these videos and allow me to put myself through stressful, yet highly entertaining moments such as this, and i’m glad that you guys are here for the ride. So, first of all, shout out to you guys, thank you so much for watching these videos, if you like these videos, definitely give it a like subscribe for more of these and, secondly, holy crap dude.

The like this is like this was hard. There were some really really hard parts in here, especially the uh. The code to decipher wasn’t so hard, but it was just hard enough. The maze in the back was cool. The pictures, i think, is what stumped me the longest but having to stop them at the time.

That’S indicated on the screen. First of all, is super genius. Andy shout out to you like, very smart, but not only that is this real is this heart rate monitor? Actually real, because if so, the only way to solve this puzzle, which is crazy, is to lower your heartbeat lower your bpm. The problem is that the timer is going is counting down, so you saw my bpm being lowered and then, as the timer counted down it started going up again, so i had to like shut up and concentrate for a second that was wild.

Wow highly recommend this. For you and your friends or if you’re running an escape room or if you want to check out andy’s other puzzle, which is the tesla box, which is equally as entertaining check that out guys thanks so much for watching and uh, i’m i’m gon na go. Take a walk, maybe and uh go to the doctors, and you know, take some heart, medicine and we’ll see you on the next video peace.

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