Abus Bike Lock VISUALLY Decoded!!! (Model 410C)

[1527] Abus Bike Lock VISUALLY Decoded!!! (Model 410C)

Abus Bike Lock VISUALLY Decoded!!! (Model 410C)

The Abus Model 410C Ultra Combo bike lock is a popular choice for cyclists, but a recent discovery by a viewer in Germany exposes a significant security flaw. Christian, the concerned viewer, noticed that the large gaps around the code wheels of the lock make it possible for an attacker to visually decode at least the second, third, and fourth digits of the combination. The first digit can be obtained by trial and error or by feel.

Despite bringing this issue to Abus’s attention, Christian received an unsatisfactory response, prompting further investigation into the vulnerability. To demonstrate the weakness, the lock’s combination is changed to an unknown sequence, and the code wheels are zoomed in on to highlight the gaps. A light is shone in the gap, revealing a small notch that can be aligned with the center of the gap. This allows the correct digit to be identified as slightly spring-loaded.

Repeating the process, it becomes clear that this security flaw is not a fluke. The ease with which someone can walk up to a bike lock and visually decode it in seconds without any tools, aside from a flashlight in low light conditions, is a significant problem. This vulnerability renders the Abus Model 410C Ultra Combo bike lock unreliable in protecting your bike from theft.

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