Hi-Tech Lock w/ Lo-Tech Flaw: Laxre Smart Padlock

[1532] Hi-Tech Lock w/ Lo-Tech Flaw: Laxre Smart Padlock

Hi-Tech Lock w/ Lo-Tech Flaw: Laxre Smart Padlock

Welcome back, lock enthusiasts! Today, we’re taking a look at the Laxre Smart Padlock, a $70 electronic lock available on Amazon. This lock boasts four different opening methods: smartphone, RFID card, numeric code via a barely visible keypad, and an unusual magnetic key. We’ll even add two more ways to unlock it before this post is over.

Since the first step in setting up the electronic features involves downloading the Laxre app, I decided not to compromise my personal information and instead focus on the magnetic key. Using magnetic viewing film, we can see the arrangement of magnets inside the key, which have varying polarities. This gives us an idea of what’s inside the lock and what tool would be needed to open it if this style of lock were more common.

However, as there are two low-skill ways to open the lock, it’s not worth the time to create such a tool. Let’s dive into these methods. First, by pulling on the shackle and tapping the lock on the side with a urethane mallet, the lock opens quickly. Repeating the process confirms it’s not a fluke, and the lock is easily defeated.

The second method involves pulling back the small rubber boot on the lock, inserting a padlock shim, and pushing aside the locking lug. Once again, the lock is opened effortlessly.

Despite its hi-tech appearance, the Laxre Smart Padlock falls short in terms of security. A simple tap with a plastic mallet is enough to bypass the lock, rendering the inclusion of a magnetic cylinder irrelevant. If you have any questions or comments about this lock, please leave them below. Don’t forget to subscribe for more lock reviews and insights, and as always, have a nice day and happy picking!


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