Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Britanium Armored Shutter Lock

[1481] Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Britanium Armored Shutter Lock

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Britanium Armored Shutter Lock

This is the Lock Picking Lawyer and what I have for you today is a britannium brand model: BRP 74 armored shutter, lock. I’Ve said several times in the past that I’m generally a fan of the armored shutter lock design, because they usually combine the corrosion resistance of a brass body with the resistance tube brute force of a hardened steel shell. Unfortunately, this one has neither. Instead, we have what seems to be a far cheaper and less corrosion resistant, zinc, alloy, surrounded by an iron or steel shell, which I found Cuts easily with a hacksaw. That means if this was hardened, it was not hardened well.

As for the core, it’s a five pin dimple design, which the Amazon description tells me contains ceramic plates to stop Drilling. I don’t see any evidence of that, but there might be something buried inside though, if so, it would be a very nice surprise. Ceramic inserts are something you usually only seen on Ultra high-end products like what you’d see on the door of a military Armory, but this is not something that’s going to be drilled. At least I wouldn’t, because it can be opened in seconds with a low skill attack. Let me show you how going to take out my covert companion and remove the 40 000 stick Turner, then we’re going to pull out one of the wave rakes.

Let’S, let’s see what it takes to rake this open, I’m going to work the wave rake in next to the dimple pens and just jiggle alongside of them – and you can see very quickly – we got that open. Let’S do it one more time, so you can see it was not a fluke foreign and once again we got it open very quickly. Okay, folks, obviously the level of security this provides against picking is quite low, so it really doesn’t end up mattering if they skimped on build quality. What seems clear is that the maker was going after the aesthetic of a much nicer log, and while they did do that, it’s a clear example of form over substance. In any case, that’s all I have for you today.

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